How to Make Keurig K-Cups (Plus Other Ways To Save On K-Cups)

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If only I’d taught my dad how to make Keurig K-Cups himself, he might not have sold his single serve brewer on Craigslist (Sad, sad). Instead of lamenting that, I’ll share these ideas with all of you and my mom, whose wonderful only daughter…ahem…bought her a Keurig for Mother’s Day 2012.

Two Ways to Save Money on K-Cups

Before I explain how you can make your own K-Cups, let me share two other tips that will help you save on your cup of joe.

  1. Know your target price. Between sales and coupons aim to pay no more than $0.50/cup when you buy a box of K-Cups. You might be surprised to find the best deals at non-grocery retailers like Staples, Kohls, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. (A little math tip from this former high school math team member: you’re under $0.50/cup when you double the box’s price and get a number that is equal to or greater than the number of cups in the box [a $10 box should have 20 or more cups in it])
  2. Reuse a single cup. Brew your coffee, then remove and shake the K-Cups to loosen the grounds. Shaking up the grounds will let you brew a second cup from the same single serve K-Cup. If you’ve ever tried to make two cups without shaking it, blech, then you’ve enjoyed brown water with a mild coffee flavor.

How to Make Keurig K-Cups

There are the two ways I know of to make your own K-Cups:

Invest in a reusable filter

For under $11 you can get a hard plastic, refillable, reusable K-Cup complete with built-in coffee filter. This lets you make your own k-cups. Just fill the device with your favorite coffee or tea and brew.

Use My-Kaps to make your own

My-Kaps are round plastic caps that replace the foil-sealed lid on an already-used store-bought K-cup. After putting a coffee filter in the plastic portion of the cup, then filling it with grounds, you’ve got a homemade K-cup. You can get 18 My-Kaps for under $30 shipped, which allows you to make a bunch of K-Cups in advance and preserve the convenience factor of a Keurig.

P.S. – Buy a gasket. If you plan to make your own K-Cups, then invest in an additional rubber gasket for the top needle of your Keurig. Adding an additional gasket to the upper needle of your Keurig machine will give it a tighter seal on your homemade K-Cups and prevent leaking.

Coffee lovers, it’s your turn. What else do you do to enjoy your Keurig (or other single serve coffee machine) while saving money on the individual K-Cups?


  1. Rene S says

    I have the ekobrew reusable cup that's pictured and it's great! I would suggest getting several of these if you have multiple coffee drinkers in the house.

    I watch for clearances on coffee (recently bought some Starbucks Thanksgiving blend 50% off at Target) to reduce my costs while still having a good brand of coffee.

  2. says

    Love love love the ekobrew I got mine at menards around $10! I tried the my k cup brand what a mess! Just started rebrewing my cups it works great!

  3. Patty says

    I have the Ekobrew cup pictured and absolutely love it! It's a much better tasting cup of coffee than the fill your own brewer cup Keurig sells and much easier to clean as it's all one piece. Another nice feature is it fits into the same slot as the k-cups do so no having to remove the k-cup holder. I bought mine and one for my mother-in-law (also loves hers) on Amazon and got it shipped for free., three cups for about $25.00.

  4. Shelly says

    I have a couple other places that I buy my Keurig cups, as I'm always on the look out for deals. I don't like to drink the same flavor all the time so I have a few different types open at the same time.

    Menards has some k-cups from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. I bought a sampling of their k-cups from a Groupon and then found out I could buy them at my local Menards. They have all different types of flavors and for 16 cups you can get it for $8 or when on sale $6 (plus the 11% rebate they had not that long ago).

    Staples is another great place to order k-cups. Online you can buy some of their k-cups in 24 packs instead of the 18. One that I like a lot is Chocolate Glazed Donut $13 (item number 848985). You can have it shipped to the store free! I use my Staples rewards to support my coffee drinking habit too!

    I too have the Ekobrew shown above. I love that also when I want just something else to drink. I've heard from others that you can put a tea bag in it also.

  5. Julie Johnson says

    or you can do like I do…when done with the k-cup…take off top, rinse it out, fill it with your own coffee then use a little piece of foil over the top…works just fine that way…no need to buy any "special" reusable filters for it…I spent $20.00 on the way they suggest…EXTREMELY MESSY! with re-using the k-cup with foil on the op…toss when done or re-use again…the tea k-cup cups work the best…not as much ground in them like with the coffee

    • Jo says

      One question: What measurement of ground coffee do you use for an 8 oz mug? Normal scoops for regular brewed coffee is 1 scoop for every 2 cups…. for the K-cup, would it be a heaping TEASPOON per pod? Great news too for getting a second cup out of the pods.

  6. darcy says

    I have been brewing my own tea mixes in my reusable kcup. I mince fresh ginger, add whole cloves, and empty a oolong tea bag. I also find the fast hot water helps to clean my sponges and rags. I also keep some instant coffee on hand in case my twice run cup is too weak.

  7. JackieP says

    I went to Target and bought the “As Seen on TV” refillable K-cups. The package comes with four for $9.99. I use the Dunkin Donuts coffee, from Sam’s or Costco, in the large bag. I fill the cups with the grounds and have delicious coffee. I believe this comes out to a huge savings. I really like these cups much better than the one I originally bought that was made by Keurig. It would make the water spray out all over, plus you had to remove the inside piece. The “As Seen on TV” ones are awesome :)

  8. Tina says

    WalMart sells single serve coffee bags (like tea bags) for half the price of kcups. I just put one where the kcup goes and get a perfect cup of coffee.

  9. Phyllis says

    I am not very functional when I first get up, until I have had my coffee. So with that in mind, I like to have several ‘prepared’ K-Cups ready to brew, without spending so much for the ready-made boxes of them at the supermarket. I tried the refillable basket type but you can’t make them in advance because they aren’t sealed. So after buying a few of the kits that have the cups, filters and lids, and throwing them away after using them, it came to me, how to be able to reuse them over and over. But first, for this method to be used, you must buy a package of the cups, lids and filters I spoke of above, in order to have them AND the necessary cup holder. Some supermarkets carry them. Also, has the package for $8.99. Just do a search for LaMi Products Economy Kitchen Accessory 36 Count Fill N Brew Disposable Cups. After using them, just throw out the grounds, rinse and dry the cup and lid. When you’re ready to refill them you just put a filter into the cup, add the coffee, and top off with the lid. I bought a pack of Avery Round 0.25 Inch Diameter Removable stickers. They come in a pack of 475 for 2 dollars or so. You seal the hole on the top and the bottom with the stickers and it’s ready to be used whenever you want. If you plan to use right away, no need for the stickers. Just make sure you line up the bottom hole with the piercing needle when you put the cup in the holder. I like to take a bunch of the cups and fill them all at once. I like to do all of them while watching TV and then there’s enough of them ready to use for most of the month. You can buy the paper filters if you want, but for me, I used the leftover Mr Coffee paper filters to fit the KCup. You must find an item that is 4.5″ diameter (a jar, glass, et.), trace it onto poster board, then cut it out. In order to make it stronger I cut out 2 of them and spray-glued them together to make a template. Take a small stack of the Mr Coffee filters, lay them down bottom side up on a hard flat surface, flatten them out as much as possible and lay the round template you made on them and trace the template onto the filters. Then, holding the stack of filters VERY tightly in your hand, cut them out. To make inserting one into the KCup easier I found a bottle that the top fit perfectly into the KCup. To mkae it easier for you, I used a Walmart’s brand of Anti-Itch Spray. The removable cap fit’s perfect. I placed a filter on the top and, using one hand, I centered it, and holding my index finger and thumb of the other hand in a circle, I slid them down the bottle top, forming the filter, making it ready to put into the KCup.
    This may sound like an awful lot of trouble, but really, it’s not. The trouble lies in trying to make it clear to you what I’m describing. This is very easy to do. The only cost involved in having a bunch of cups ready to use, over and over, indefinitely, is buying the kit that has the cups, cup holder, filters, and lids. Plus a pack of the Avery stickers. So for around 10 or 15 dollars, you’re all set to make them for as long as the plastic holds up…..

  10. mhspear says

    I love my, well my husbands Keurig as I was a tough sell. I like coffee, but not flavored coffees. we got the elite when it was on sale at Sam’s. it took us a while to get it down to where it works for us. Everyone’s taste is different. We have 3 of the My K-cups, and use them all. One is just for loose tea, the other two are marked with initials and are his and mine. We hacked them as Lifehacker suggested and what a difference. We make our own blend usually with a regular coffee, (Folgers maybe) cause we had a 1/2 of a 3 lb can left in freezer. to the regular we add 2 bags of dark, (Italian, French, Sumatra, you get the idea.) We only keep a pint jar beside the coffee maker, the rest is kept in the can, in a plastic freezer bag in the freezer, we fill as needed. We use 2 bags a month I buy regular every other month, costs us 15.00 for coffee we get a good 200 cups from it. that’s less than 8 cents a cup….yes…8 cents. The best thing? We get the taste we want every time.

  11. emily says

    I live in Canada and you cannot buy the my caps here and they won’t ship them to Canada.
    If they did I would make my own pods.
    I find foil does not work nor does multiple pieces of press and seal so for anyone in the states buy the my caps they would work great.

    • Grace says

      Hi, Emily,

      I live in Canada too (Edmonton, Alberta), and found a pack of three refillable K-cup units with a small scoop at Dollarama for $2. They also sold an individual one for $1…

      • Terri says

        I also live in Canada and have purchased mycaps by mail from the US for several years. I have given the address to several people and they have had no problems, either. I must admit that because the product is so sturdy, I haven’t had to purchase any for quite some time and the company may have changed their policy. I have also used heavy duty foil and it works well. I tear off several strips of foil and make squares. Then I cut the squares into circles that are about a half inch larger than the cup. I cover the filled cup and squish the foil around the cup. It works very well, but I got tired of doing it. I now own 33 mycaps, so \i fill most of them up and keep them in a large container in the fridge. I don’t bother covering the holes with labels. I like Maxwell house Dark Roast and it goes on sale quite often – although coffee has really gone up in price over the past couple of years. At one time it was on sale for about 5.00 for the large tin, so I bought 10 of them. The grind is quite large, so I usually use 2 scoops and I get a cup of coffee that I really enjoy, for about 6 cents a cup – at least the last time that I bothered to price it. I now find myself getting tired of washing the cups (when I need them, I treat myself to real cups or I have friends save them for me. I am thinking of trying the ones from Dollarama that Grace mentioned. The only thing is I shall have to do a thorough check to see where they are made. I want to make certain that the plastic is safe. They are carrying more and more products that come from places that many of us consider to have unsafe manufacturing standards. Anyway, I love my Keurig and couldn’t be without it. The only downer is that I used to drink one or two cups a day and now I often drink at least five. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, so I guess that I need at least one vice. BTW, if you are going to use foil, the heavy duty foil from SuperStore is great. Also, don’t use your very best scissors. Dollarama sells an excellent, very sharp pair – last time I got them, they were actually a dollar Unusual for them these days. I think they should change their name to Toonierama.


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