Free Magazine Subscriptions: Good Housekeeping, Parenting, Field & Stream + More

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We’ve rounded up an extensive list of free magazine subscriptions available right now from various websites. No credit card information is required for any of these, and you’ll never receive a bill (although you’ll probably receive renewal offers near the end of your subscription term).

If you currently subscribe to any of these magazines, just use the e-x-a-c-t same name and mailing address you currently use to subscribe and your subscription will be extended for free. (If you do happen to receive multiple copies, a quick phone call to customer service will take care of that.)

Also note that you’ll most likely be introduced to “special offers” after signing up for some of these subscriptions, but you do not need to accept any of these in order to get your free subscriptions.

On to the list!

– free subscription to Better Homes & Gardens (click “Special Deals,” then scroll down to the offer)

– free subscription to Good Housekeeping + free tote from My Coke Rewards (must redeem 73 points, exp 2/27)

– free subscription to Parenting School Years

– free subscription to Martha Stewart Living (also here - I’m not sure if these are separate offers or the same)

– free subscription to The Economist

– free subscription to Field & Stream

– free subscription to Forbes

– free subscription to Marie Claire

– free subscription to Afar

– free subscription to Bass Player (click “Special Deals,” then scroll down to the offer)

– free subscription to Golf Week

– free subscription to Guitar Player (click “Special Deals,” then scroll down to the offer)

– free subscription to Latina

– free subscription to Outside

– free subscription to Practical Horseman (click “Special Deals,” then scroll down to the offer)

– free subscription to Surfing (click “Special Deals,” then scroll down to the offer)

– free subscription to Truckin’

Your turn: Which of these free magazine subscriptions did you sign up for today? (If any do not work, please let us know so we can update the list.)

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I am passionate about helping people live within their means so they can get out and stay out of debt. I live in Minneapolis, MN with my husband and two little girls.


  1. Hey this rocks! Thanks Carrie. LOVE IT!!

  2. Field and Stream is out of stock. Thanks though

  3. Wow! Thank you SO much. My wife is gonna be thrilled at this.

  4. Thank you!!!!

  5. I got 4 Wheeler magazine for my husband – thank you!

  6. I can't get the Better Homes & Gardens to click through once you select it (after entering your "business" information.)

  7. Amy – I just got it to work. It's possible that particular offer is only valid for people in certain job fields.

  8. Thanks a ton PYD. I was able to get a couple for myself and get one for my Mom and Husband!

    You girls/guys always ROCK :-)

  9. Hi! I just got both the Better Homes and Garden (it worked for me!) and also one of the Martha Magazines after jumping through several hoops for that one. Great stuff. It appears that Good Housekeeping is gone. That would have been fun, too, but this is great! Thanks so much.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Marie Claire magazine e is out of stock. Martha Stewart Forbes are still available. Not sure about the others.

  11. Thanks, Kathleen!

  12. Martha Stewart no longer available.

  13. I took the necessary time to fill out those surveys required to get these free magazines at the end of Feb. I got confirmation emails that they received my request from one of the 2. I never heard anything else, and have been patiently waiting an answer. Today I got a letter for a ” savings offer” subscription to This Old House for $10 for a year. I requested free Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. Does anyone know what this means? I would be soooo frustrated if I wasted all that time if this offer was just a joke.

  14. truckin is expired,surfing i couldnt get to work,outside wouldnt come up

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