Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 1/20 – 1/26/13 (Incl. Unlimited Doubles on Saturday)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Rainbow Foods shoppers: This coming Saturday, 1/26, there is no limit to the number of coupons you can have doubled. The Rainbow Foods coupon policy remains in effect in every way, except that there is no limit to the number that can be doubled. Sorry Copps and Pick N Save shoppers, but your stores are not participating.


If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. Terri says

    If the Kashi Soft N' Chewy bars are included in the deal for $1.98 a box when you buy 5, there is a $1 off 1 coupon on the Coupons.com iPhone/iPad app and the Grocery iQ iPhone/iPad app. You can print 2 per app so a total of 4 coupons per iPhone/ iPad

  2. Toni says

    The Sargento Facebook coupon is gone.

    Also, there's two $1/2 Hershey's coupons in this Sunday's (1/20) SS. One is on Hershey’s packaged candies and Kisses; the other is on stand-up bags of Hershey’s Drops or minis.

    It would make this deal as low as $2.14 each (though I have to agree that it may be best to hold off on buying yet):

    Hershey’s Packaged Candy or Kisses $2.78 (Limit 1; thereafter 2/$7)

    Thanks for the list! :)

  3. Brock says

    Quick question: has anyone else had issues with a coupon that when doubled ends up to be more off than the sale price? A couple weeks back there was an item on sale for $1.99 and my $1 off coupon beeped and the cashier wouldn't take it. It always used to double to whatever amount to make it free, in this case $0.99. Is this part of the new policy?

    • Kristine says

      I had this happen also, put she just entered it for $1.98 as a entered coupon since the $1 doubled coupon was more than the product at $1.98.

      • Katherine says

        I have had the same experience too. It's frustrating. Used to be, on say a $1.89 item and a $1 coupon, it would take off $1 and then $.89.

    • T says

      I think it depends on coupon or other items in your order. I had it happen both ways on different coupons recently. One beeped and the other one took the appropriate amount.

  4. Josh says

    Not much this time for an unlimited doubles day. I think I might just shop on Wednesday instead. (It will depend on the updated finds)

    I think last weeks deals were far superior to this weeks deals.

  5. Sue says

    Nesquik Powdered Chocolate Milk Pouches $1.00 (regular price)

    $0.50/1 Nestle Nesquik Powder from 11/4 Red Plum insert (exp 1/8)

    Final price: $0.50 after coupon

    This can be removed from the on-going deals.

    A new one:

    Frank’s Hot Sauce (5 oz.) $1.29 (regular price)

    With above listed coupons it's as low as $0.29 after doubled coupon.

    • says

      Thanks Alison, I scratched that one off the list. I did find a couple more Bob Evans printables though – if you need them, they've been added to the list above.

  6. jo says

    Barilla promotion (spend $20 on Barilla products & save $5 on a future order). Do I need to spend $20 in a single transaction or can I split it into multiple transaction? Also, is the $20 calculated prior to coupons?

  7. angie says

    I "think" there is a $2.00 off grapefruit juice on coupons.com, which would make it free after doubling, $.88 without doubling, or $.13 after Ibotta. I printed it off last week and I believe it is still available. bling I don't remember the zip I used though. Sorry. :(

  8. Sue says

    Better Oats is on price cut for $1.00 through 2/3/13. There is a $1/3 on Facebook making them $0.33 each after doubled coupon.

  9. Emily says

    I believe Snapware is 25% off this week, so the $3.22 regular price item would be $2.41 after sale and $0.41 after $2 coupon.

  10. Beth says

    Carrie or knowledgable person- : )

    Can you address what happens when a manufacturer's coupon, when doubled, exceeds the price of the item? Who is correct- should the coupon be redeemed at face value or should it be adjusted down to the price of the item?

    If it should be redeemed at face value, that makes quite a few items on the list inaccurately priced as "free".

    • Sue says

      I've never had a problem with the coupon doubling to the price of the item. For example Saturday I used a $0.60/1 Chex Mix coupon. It deducted $0.60 for the coupon and $0.40 for the doubled coupon. Others have commented on having issues with this, but I never have. They have always doubled to the price of the item.

      • Michelle says

        Sue is right. The double amount is adjusted so it ends up being free, but no overage (except in some cases when you combine an in-ad coupon with the Manufacturer Q).

        • Brock says

          My experience lately is that the register no longer recognizes these situations to lessen the doubled amount to make the item free. I'm not sure of the official policy though I guess if the coupon doesn't automatically work it is then up to the cashier to either make it work or not. I had a cashier tell me I couldn't double a $1 coupon for an item on sale for $1.99.

        • T says

          Mine did double only extra 40 cents. I didn't get 20 cents overage on chex mix. However, my simplait coupon doubled full 40 cents even though it was on sale for 65 cents.

    • says

      Beth – Since readers are having varied experiences and there is no official word in the coupon policy, I don't think we can say for certain either way.

      All the coupon policy states is this:

      — "The total coupon value cannot exceed the price of the product."

      — "The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, cannot exceed the price of the product."

      The policy doesn't state anything about adjusting the coupon value down (whether OK or not).

  11. Terri says

    It looks like the Colgate toothpaste is on sale all week for $1 because it is in the personal care section of my ad and does not say it is only part of the 2 day sale. The ad says there are bonus 4oz sizes available while while supplies last so the $.75 off 1 coupon from the 1/6 SS should double to make it make it free.

    Also the Frozen Dole fruit cups at my Rainbow in Roseville are on price cut for $2.38 not $1.75.

    • Paige says

      In the ad the Kashi bars are under $1.98 when you buy 5, and aren't the fiber protein bars also part of the $1.98 when you buy 5?

      • says

        The Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars are included in the deal, not the General Mills Fiber One protein bars. I fixed this in the list, and also grouped all the participating products together. Thanks Paige!

  12. Josh says

    **UPDATED** Kashi Granola or Cereal Bars $1.98 (Must Buy 5+, Mix & Match; All Others $2.98)

    $1/1 Kashi Soft N’ Chewy Bars printable

    $1/2 Kashi Soft N’ Chewy Bars printable

    Final price: Free after doubled coupon

    (Thanks, Terri!)


    So do we know if these are for sure included? Terri said IF they are included. I would like to know for sure before I print.

  13. Emily says

    For the Fiber one bars and Kashi bars. Is it 5 with a limit 5 or can we do 10 in one transaction and still get the sale price? Or are we stricly limited to 5 total.

  14. Paige says

    For the dannon 4 pack yogurt can you buy more then 3 and still get the $1.66 price? Cause in the ad it says 3 for $4.98.

  15. carol says

    Re: the Stouffer's meal deal – There's a "Buy 3 Stouffer's meals, get 1 free" q in the Feb AY, making that a better deal.

  16. Jennifer says

    **NEW** Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage Rolls $2.00

    $1/1 Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage Roll (Facebook) printable

    Final price: Free after doubled coupon

    That coupon take forever to print. And then only to tell me there is problem. I have never been able to print Java coupon on firefox. Now I updated Java, I will see if it will work. It is still taking forever to print. I gave up.

    • Josh says

      It's ridiculous! Trying to print the smart source coupon I was informed my Java is unstable because I have a NEWER version of Java than smartsource likes. If I downgrade LIKE THEY WANT ME TO I will end up with a lower grade of Java and "pogo.com" will demand me to upgrade to the latest version of Java…

      It's such a catch 22!

      • JoAnna says

        There have been Java updates lately after they needed to fix a security issue with Java–glad it is secure but it won't work on my computer anymore. Need to figure it out so I can print coupons again.

    • Shannon B. says

      I find that I eliminate SOME of that JAVA issue if I switch to Internet Explorer for printing SmartSource coupons.

  17. TripletMom says

    Heinz Gravy is $1.59 each- use $1.00 coupon off 2 which doubles to $2.00- making 2 jars of gravy $1.18 – or $.59 each

  18. Melissa says

    There was no circular in this past w/e's newspaper for Rainbow. I live north of Elk River so I don't get one mailed to me either. Is there a different day that they are putting the circular (with the good store coupons) in the paper during the week?

    • Cookie says

      I have never missed getting the Rainbow Ad in the Sunday Star Tribune. Sometimes I will also get one midweek usually when there is a holiday. Its probably done different depending on your location.

    • Jennifer says

      I just tried to print the coupon again. But it has been 20 minutes and still nothing coming out from my printer. I wonder what would happen if my computer is on Vista which take so much memory. It is simply ridiculous.

  19. Lydia says

    I tried to print the new Beechnut coupons for 4 & 5 products, but it says that I have already printed them. The last time I printed these was back in November 2012…when will they reset??? Any help would be great~my 3 year old loves the fruities!!!

    Thanks so much,


  20. Heather says

    Whats the rules for unlimeted doubles as far as buying more than 5 of one item? I know they will only take 5 coupons for the same item, but is there actually a limit to how many of the item you can buy? Im curious about the General Mills cereal as I have several coupons!

  21. Jill Pearson says

    depends on store nt usually has buy 5 or more. so if you have 5 coupons, and 5 other coupons for another type of GM cereal you can do that. If your store llets you do more than 5

    • Terri says

      You need to have an HP wireless printer. If you don't have one there is also the option to email them to your computer but I think that counts toward your 2 coupon print limit. Most HP printers are fairly cheap. In the long run you can save a lot of money because you can print up to 4 coupons per device using the 2 apps. It's a lot cheaper than buying a new computer. If you are looking for a new printer ever I would suggest Walmart because they have a large selection of wireless HP printers in store.

      • Tracy says

        Terri, How are you able to print 4 coupons per device? Which 2 apps are you using to be able to print 4 per device??

  22. says

    Does anyone know if Rainbow sells stamps at the registers and if they would count toward 25.00 purchase requirement? It seems that I bought them once long ago but cashier had to go get them. I'd hate to hold up a line for this if they were busy. Aren't stamps going up in price soon?

  23. Nicole says

    I tried to install the Java it wanted me to and now it just says Java not installed correctly. I restarted my computer twice and tried to install it a few times. I'm techically challenged, does anyone have any suggestions?

    • scat says

      Nicole — I have tried unsuccessfully to install Java both using Chrome and IE. I just end up with the same old message that it is not installed even though I just installed it. So, as far as I'm concerned if Java can't provide a program that is usable by those of us who are not techno-geeks, then companies like smartsource need to find a better program. I'm done trying. I can't even remember what coupon I was after at this point.

  24. Michelle Ahrens says

    The $1/1 Crescent rolls is done – says program has ended.

    Also the Hallmark mfg coupon is done – says the link has been deactivated.

  25. Shelly says

    Ricola Cough Drops are not on price cut at West end. I thought maybe they just weren't marked, but they rang up at the shelf price. But, if you need cough drops, it's still a decent price with the doubled $1 off coupon. And maybe other stores have them on sale

  26. Kristina says

    I had this happen at the Savage store. The cashier said that they will no longer take coupons that exceed the cost of the item. So if the item is $1.99, they will not take a $1.00 off coupon and double it on double days. Bummer!

  27. Jennifer says

    Help I need clarification. If I have 5 Total Raisin Bran GM coupons and 5 Mutli Grain Cheerios GM coupons and I use both? Or is the '5' same coupons mean the GM brand? Thanks mucH!!

  28. Jennifer says

    Can someone help me with clarification on the 5 rule. If I have 5 Total Raisin Bran General Mills coupons and 5 Multi Grain Cherrios coupons from General Mills and I use both as the are different brands of cereal? Or is General Mills and brand? Thanks for your assistance.

  29. Sue says

    Campbell’s Skillet Sauces $2.29-$2.39 (regular price)

    $1/1 Campbell’s Skillet Sauces (Facebook) printable

    $0.75/1 Campbell’s Skillet Sauces printable

    $0.75/1 Campbell’s Skillet Sauces printable

    Final price: As low as $0.29 after doubled coupon

    These are on cutback for $2.00 thru 1/27/13, making them free after $1.00 doubled coupon.

    Also, the regular price at Rainbow is $2.49.

  30. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for the info. Now I know I can use the 5 Total Bran, 5 Multi Grain CHerrios and also the 1.00/2 , 5 coupons for lucky charms also. What a great deal.

  31. JoAnn says

    The Dole Fruit smoothies coupon is no longer available at couopons.com Does anyone know where else I can find it? We love this. Also, last week the tuna coupon DID double but instead of doubling to $1.00, it doubled to $1.35. Some worked some didn't. Manager told the cashier to "let it ride" lol, as long as they wee doubling he didn't have a problem with it!

  32. says

    Like Laura said, the policy isn't super clear, but typically the registers double the value of a coupon up to the full price of the item. That means a $1 off coupon for a box of pasta that's $1.59 at regular price, but on sale for $1 will work like this: It takes $1 off (which is the coupon value), but instead of doubling to take off another $1 it takes off $0.59 since that brings the coupon value up to the full price of an item. If an item is on sale for $1, but regularly sells for $2.50, then typically a $1 off coupon would double to $2 off. That is based on my experience with their registers.

    • AsUntoTheLord says

      Also keep in mind that if you're using a store coupon to get the sale price, if you hand those coupons last, you may not have an issue with overage since the computer will recognise the regular or sale price, not the store coupon price.

    • says

      My experience at the Bloomington Rainbow is that the cash register computers programming changed a few months back and they do not double coupons to shelf price any more. Coupons double to the sale price.

      Shelf price $1.75

      Sale Price $1.25

      Coupon: $1/1

      The coupon will deduct $1.00 for the coupon and $0.25 for the doubled value.

      Most coupons work for me just fine, but sometimes they beep and the cashier will manually double the coupon to get the "free" item.

  33. Amy says

    I spent the better part of two hours trying to figure out the whole Java issue. I have a laptop with windows 8, which does not help matters. at this point I can print smart source but I have no idea how exactly I got it to work. I have both the most recent version and the last update of version 6 installed and enabled, which I don't think is suppose to work. I can only print in IE and only if I DO NOT allow the program to make changes to my hard drive, which it asks me pretty much everytime I open a new tab. it is annoyingn but for me worth it for the coupons I wanted to print.

  34. Kristin says

    Last week at the Copp's store in Antigo my coupons just doubled to the value. This happened with two different items. (ie. 88¢ item with $1/1 doubled to $1.88 instead of $2)

  35. AsUntoTheLord says

    If you buy 21 boxes of the $1 pasta and use 7 $1/3 coupons (5 of which will double), your final price would be $0.19/box.

    So Buy 21 boxes = $21

    Use 5 coupons (doubled) = -$10

    Use 2 coupons (not doubled) = -$2

    Pay: $9.00 get back coupon for $5 off

    Final Cost: $4 (or $.19/box)

    • says

      Except you can't use more than 5 of the same coupon per day. This restriction has been extended to Copps and Pick 'n Save, as well.

      ETA: Scratch that. I read this elsewhere that people were having issues using more than 5 like coupons but it turns out this was probably related to another issue. For now, just stick with the current posted coupon policy. Just know that that change may be coming to make all of the stores the same.

        • says

          Tracy – I read elsewhere that people at Pick 'n Save were having issues redeeming more than 5 like coupons, but it runs out that was probably related to another issue. For now, their coupon policy has not been updated so you can keep on keepin' on. :)

      • Tracy says

        Actually Laura I think it might already be that way >: Last week I tried to use 7 Betty Crocker 75c on 2 coupons and the register would only double 5 of them. Luckily the CSM made the other 2 double for me. I'm hoping it was just a fluke because on the double double days I sometimes need to use more than 5 on a deal I'm doing. That particular deal I was doing the Betty Crocker boxtop deal. It will be a bummer if it changes. That's what I like about the double double days is I could do some of the bigger deals if the coupons themselves didn't have a limit. Like one time I did the Lean Cusine deal and use 10 $1/2 Lean Cuisine because I had to purchase 20 of them to get to the total I needed.

  36. AsUntoTheLord says

    If I may chime in, I'd say it isn't bad but unless you use it a LOT I wouldn't stock up. At least around here, every once in a while you can find it for $1.99/lb or less…that is when I stock up. But really since everything is going up, I'm thinking I might grab some of this too…

  37. AsUntoTheLord says

    They do not have/sell them at the register in my experience, but rather it is done at the CS counter. Unless they have a major issue with it, I'd buy a gift card and let them know you're going to use it to buy stamps. Usually if they have an issue with the whole gift card thing, if you're using it for something you can't buy there they don't buck it as much. Or you could maybe try going to the register closest to the CS counter so it is a quick trip for them. I think an authorized person has to punk something in too. HTH :-)

  38. Tracy says

    I'm just wondering is anyone has had this issue. Yesterday I purchased 20 Barilla Pasta for the deal. I had 10 $1/2 coupons. 5 were to double and 5 were not to double. I was at the uscan and the Barilla insert coupons wouldn't scan at all. The cashier tried over and over. So she finally suspended my order and took me over to the service to finish my coupons. They still wouldn't scan at all. Not even make a noise like they were trying to scan. Then when she entered on in manually it took off $1.00 and then 39c. I said the coupon is for $1/2 so I bought 2 of them for $1 each so it should double t $1 not 39c. They finally just decided to take $15 off my order another way. Which is fine because that is what it was suppose to take off. BUT they almost wouldn't do that. Did anyone have an issue with their Barilla coupons not scanning? It is frustrating dealing with issues like this. >:

  39. Terri says

    I am using the Coupons.com app and the Coupon iQ app. Most of the coupons you can print 2 but I found with the Kashi you can print only 1, so a total of 2 per device for the Kashi. All others you can print 4 per device.

  40. Tracy says

    Thanks for the info Terri! I just recently got an HP printer at Walmart pretty cheap to print coupons with my ipod and ipad. That's great you can print from both apps!!

    • Tracy says

      Well I guess you can say I'm lucky but I think any store is stupid who wouldn't allow more than 5 coupon if the coupon itself doesn't have a limit. Why would they care? They are in the business to sell products so you would think they would want to take it further than what the limits are on the actual coupons.

      • scat says

        The limitation is a response to situations where customers would come in with dozens of the same coupons and clear off the shelves, leaving nothing for other customers. I once saw a woman fill her cart with at least 50 boxes of plastic hefty bags at a time when there was a very coupon available. That was every last box on the shelf.

        • Tracy says

          scat, Well if I want a large qty of something I have it special ordered. So why should I get punished for others clearing the shelf. I think they should at least bend the rule IF you can show you special ordered the product in. That would be easy enough to prove!

        • scat says

          Tracy — If you are doing a special order, that is a different issue, since those products would not be put on the shelf and hopefully would mean the store ordered more so that the regular stock would be adequate for other customers. This something you might want to discuss with the store manager. I expect they would want you to order enough ahead of time that they could get the extra product in on time for the special offer or coupons.

          The only problem I can imagine is if they are limited in the amount they can order.

      • Julie says

        I disagree. I love the limit of coupons. It allows everyone a chance to get some. I bet anyone that went to get Barilla pasta at your store didn't get a chance to get any.

        • Julie says

          I wonder if Rainbow eats the cost of the doubled coupon? Does anyone know? I think if the rules state 5 like coupons per customer per day, we should honor that, if the coupons double or not.

        • Tracy says

          Julie, I special ordered mine! BUT I did see the shelf was cleared out when I peaked. And nobody would be able to do the deal for the Barilla pasta if they didn't use more than 5 coupons. (unless they just didn't want to use a coupon for each box)

        • Tracy says

          Julie, Yes the store does eat the cost for the doubling. BUT just up to $5 for the order depending on what coupons the customer has. BUT all stores that double coupons do the same!

  41. Sandy says


    I just wanted to give you a heads up on the GM cereals…it is a disappointing selection of what is marked $1.88. Cheerios plain in yellow box, Multigrain Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Trix, and Coco Puffs. and perhaps one other but NOT Total and NOT Cinnamon Toast Peanut Butter like I have high value coupons for. I thought I would load up on these and went Wednesday to shop and also prepare for Saturday and I just bought the Multigrain Cheerios and did not get the others. So on Saturday I am skipping this deal. Just thought you would want to know.

    • Jennifer says

      Thank you so much for the info. Good to know. That changes a few things on the list now:( Still great deals if that is the cereal that is needed though.

  42. Sandy says

    Has anyone found Snapware food storage items at their Rainbow? West End in St. Louis Park does not carry them and I did not see it in the ad. Someone mentioned something about them being 20% off. So if there is a sale where are they in the store? On the same type of subject someone mentioned last week that you could buy one Goody hair elastics and get one free…again it was no where in the flyer and no signage for this and also did not ring up like that. I always feel funny and want to show them my printed "Pocket Your Dollars" Rainbow shopping list and say "see it says right here that you carry these and they are suppose to be sale…" Like PYD and I know more than they do…Funny! Anyhow, has anyone seen Snapware and which store have you seen it at?

    • Brock says

      The ad says "Snapware SmartStore or HomeSoft Goods." Not sure if that is 2 or 3 different types/brands of products. The picture shows some weird shoe organizer and other things (HomeSoft maybe?) and a couple of plastic bin looking things (SmartStore?)

      When I looked at Copps yesterday I saw some food storage items called Snapware in with the Rubbermaid items and other baking things. Not sure if they are part of the sale now, since my store's new ad started today.

    • says

      Sandy – Most of the deals mentioned in the "On-Going Deals" section of the list are not actually in the printed ad; they are deals that readers have found at their stores or that we've found by searching online. Sale prices and available items vary by store. Anything in the "Week-Long Deals" section is something that is actually in the printed ad (or the printed ad found in stores).

  43. says

    Tracy – It was last weekend (the 19th) that people ran into problems with only 5 like coupons doubling at Pick 'n Save, so it could have just been a 1-time thing. Thanks for sharing your experience and please let us know if this happens again.

  44. Rachel says

    Does anyone know the price now for Planter's peanut butter? Our household goes through tons, so planning on getting a couple more if it's a good price.

    I'm also trying to look up items on Rainbow's website if they are on sale, and it seems to be down (I can't find anything on the search button). Is it working for anyone else? Thanks!

  45. Julie says

    Then you shouldn't be able to do the deal. Im not sure what deal you are refering to anyway, but, in my opinion, you should only use 5 like coupons per day, becuase that is what the rules say. If they double or not. So if you need to buy 20 boxes to get the deal, then you can only use 5 coupons, period. But that is just how I feel, everyone's store is different how they handle it I'm sure.

  46. Tracy says

    Julie, That is NOT what Copp's rules say. And when I talked to my store manager he said I could use as many coupons as I wanted that didn't double as long as the coupon itself didn't have a limit. Which this one doesn't. So I'm glad that is how my store handles it!! Especially when I'm special ordering and not clearing the shelves.

  47. sandra T says

    I cant find any coupon for this there & alot people went there & have notes they cant find it**NEW** Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage Rolls $2.00

    $1/1 Jennie-O Turkey Breakfast Sausage Roll (Facebook) printable

    Final price: Free after doubled coupon

  48. SarahBB says

    QUESTION: Because I have so many coupons for the unlimited doubles day, can we do 2 transactions? I would like to split them up so my husband can do half, and hopefully we can get done faster. Is this limited to one transaction? Thanks pocketeers for your help!

  49. Jenny says

    On the back of the Rainbow Foods at it states:

    customers must spend $25 in a single transaction to double paper coupons manufacturers coupons. ($25 is before tax, after store coupons and excludes purchases of store gift cards). Only paper manufacturer coupons with face value of $1.00 and under can be doubled. Only 5 paper manufacturers coupons will be accepted on 5 of the same brand product per household per day. No cash back will be given. Does not apply to manufactures coupons that are not valid for doubling. Does not apply to alcohol and tobacco manufacturer coupons.

  50. ANNIE says

    Chera, the fast fixin chicken coupon is on fastfixin.com, sign up & u get it in your email right away, u can print 2, but only if your browser isnt blocking java, my firefox & IE still has it blocked, but on 1 of my desktops I never upgraded FF nor the java so I'm still printing smartsource coupons thankfully on the 1, but printing on 3 computers would be better

  51. Jenny says

    On the back of the Rainbow Foods ad it states:

    customers must spend $25 in a single transaction to double paper manufacturers coupons. ($25 is before tax, after store coupons and excludes purchases of store gift cards). Only paper manufacturer coupons with face value of $1.00 and under can be doubled. Only 5 paper manufacturers coupons will be accepted on 5 of the same brand product per household per day. No cash back will be given. Does not apply to manufactures coupons that are not valid for doubling. Does not apply to alcohol and tobacco manufacturer coupons.

  52. ANNIE says

    regarding the java issue, Firefox & IE are not yet recognizing the new java update, u can try uninstalling the newest version & go online search for old version Java, I did it on my laptop & was able to print several then it stopped, repeated the process & printed a few more & it stopped again, wish they would get it together, ugh

  53. sue says

    I'm a little confused by Rainbow's add this week – are the items on the last page (crazy 88) done – were only valid sun and mon?

    • Merlene says

      I'm going by the last column with the 2 Day Sale on top is the 2 Day Sale…Roundy's Chicken Entrees, White Bread, Fresh Express Salad and Colgate. The rest of the page is kind of divided off so I'm going by the Crazy 88's Sale. I guess tomorrow will tell for sure…I have taken items back and returned them to Customer Service for a refund when the "deal" didn't work with no problem. Check your receipt before you leave the store to be sure.

    • Paige says

      I am worried/confused about this also. When I was at rainbow yesterday the General Mills fiber one protein chewy bars were marked to $1.88 like they should have been.

  54. Jen A. says

    Really great shopping trip to AV Rainbow this morning – got there when they opened and they had most things I wanted. Used $110 worth of coupons and brought my total from $185 to $75. I'm happy! Thanks PYD Team for the list and all your hard work to help us save! :)

  55. Rachel says

    Heads up, Lakeville store was out of the $1.88,general mills cereal. None of the post cereal was on sale that there are coupons for to get for free. Barilla pasta will probably be gone if not already. Pretty good trip overall though.

  56. Jackie says

    I had an okay trip to Rainbow in Richfield this morning. Planters peanut butter was a higher price than other stores reported, couldn't find the Goody and some other stuff I was going to get even after double coupon would be more expensive still than at Target just using the regular coupon. I spent $25, saved $56, so I can't complain too much :)

    • Rach says

      Jackie – I was at the Richfield store, too and the Goody products were down the hair isle. You must've missed them. But, I didn't find the planters peanut butter, either. I didn't think $1.13 was a good enough price to buy it.

  57. EmilyS says

    For those that are still going shopping today. The General Mills protein bars weren't on sale at the Coon Rapids Rainbow. Also they were out of Multi-Grain Cheerios, Activia Yogurt, Dole frozen fruit and dole smoothies, and Nabisco Newtons Fruit Thins (and I was there at 6:08am this morning)….disappointed about not being able to use 1/2 of the coupons I had lined up to use, but still a successful day. Thanks Pocket Your Dollars for this wonderful website.

  58. Rach says

    A coupe things to note:I spent $11.74 and saved over $86! pretty good.

    Carrie – how are we supposed to use the Ibotta app to get cash back when I do not see Rainbow included in the list of stores that I can choose in which I bought products?

    Also, the Fiber one Chewy protein bars are NOT 1.88 each – they are not a part of that deal. They are, however, buy 8, get them for $1.98. I only printed 4 coupons, so was bummed but found .50/1 coupons on the front so still a decent deal WYB 8.

    For the Kashi $1/1 coupon, it is a print limit of one per computer, so you'd need a whopping 5 computers to score that deal.

    Lastly, a nice surpirise on the Newton Fruit crisps (which are free) there were peelies on mine that stated $1 in free fruit WYB them! Cuties are .20/each so are an easy way to get free fruit.

    I didn't see $1 toothpaste but didnt matter- it's only $1.39 AND you can find the larger sizes (get 1.2 oz free) if you just look. The coupon is .75/1 so still FREE!

  59. Rach says

    Oh and I didn't find the planters Peanut Butter marked down to $2.49. I saw a rollback thing ripped off of the shelf and even had them price scan it but it was still full price. bummer!

  60. Terri says

    Today was a very successful trip. I spent $36 and saved $196.99. Everything was in stock except for the Jennie-o breakfast sausage roll. I went at 6:00 and was out by 7:00 because everything was well stocked and I didn't have to ask for anything. It took them about 10 minutes to enter just my Kashi coupons though because they exceeded the value by 2 cents. Thanks PYD! Also my Rainbow had chocolate chip Quaker oatmeal cookies on pricecut for $1.49 and I was able to use the $.55/1 coupon from the 1/13 RP which doubled to make them $$.39.

  61. Mikey says

    Went to SV store about 8:30. Several things already out of stock. Watched as 3 young ladies/relatives used 3 separate carts to empty shelves or almost empty shelves of several items. I finally said something to one of them about not clearing the shelves so that others may buy 1 or 2 of the items. I didn't have that much on my list, but did have a few items I really wanted to get 1 or 2 of to save a little money. Every bit helps when you are paying tuition bills. So very disappointed to see these 3 young women clearing shelves. What does one do with about 2 dozen toothbrushes and 8 or 10 bottles of body wash anyway? There will be another sale, ladies. They make it hard for those of us who just want a couple items when they clear the shelf. A big thank you to the super staff at SV location. Asked about an item not in the freezer case and they promptly brought out more! Always great staff there!

    • Mikey says

      If those young ladies happen to read these posts, I'd highly recommend to them and others that buy in large quantities to please order ahead so that those of us just wanting a few items can actually find them on the shelves. I'm sure most store managers would be happy to assist you.

      • SarahBB says

        I would love to know how we can order ahead. . . do we call ahead and speak to a manager, they set items aside, and then we pick up? I hear about this option, but not sure how it would work. I have been trying to get some of those 16oz boxes of Purina Beyond One that has the free coupon currently. Everywhere we go, the shelves are cleared. . .

        • Amanda says

          Does SV stand for Savage? I love my store but agree, you have to be quick on your feet as people are sometimes pulling shelf fulls of products!

        • Mikey says

          I've never had the need to order ahead as I don't buy that much at once, but I think you would be able to call the store manager and ask about pre-ordering so as not to clear the shelves for others. I think I've read on here before of others that have done so but I'm not sure if it's an option on unlimited double days. Maybe someone can weigh in on that.

      • Jill Pearson says

        Yes please because I get there to buy stuff, and a lot of it is gone! That's why I don't know if I like unlimited for that reason. But lucidly my sister shops at a different rainbow and was able to pick up a few of the things that weren't there, at her store for me. But not much.

  62. Phaedra V says

    Went to unlimited double coupons today…Just wanted to let y'all know, not sure if they are at every Rainbow, but there were three types of Hamburger Helper 50% off…Spaghetti, Sloppy Joes and one other type…can't remember what the flavor was. I think they may have been $0.75 a box or close to it.

    My friend and I went and he bought them. He had a coupon for $0.75/3 which doubled. It was an awesome deal!!!

  63. Terri G says

    Love the "unlimited coupon daze" I use this to stock up on items that are shelf stable for use in the future. Most of the items I wanted was in stock at the BP store only the Multgrain Cheerios was out. Linnea (cashier) is a wonderful asset to the BP team, I have been in her lane on numerous occasions and she is patient, friendly and just a joy to talk to. Great job Linnea! I am sending Rainbow an email, but I have to say all of the BP employees are terrific! I love to see my grocery bill going down and down. I spent $88 but saved $116. There was a family in front of me checking out and I seen she had the a lot of the same items I had in my cart so I said to her "Pocket Your Dollars" she said yes and we both laughed. We commented on how great the site is. Too funny!

  64. Terri G says

    I only shop the BP store and I have never had an issue with doubling up but they will double up only to the value of the item, today for example the Dannon Yogurt was $1.66 each I had $1.00 off coupons and the system doubled up to the value of the item which was $1.66 so you can't get any overages.

  65. Allison says

    Great Couponing today at Rainbow. My store was out of some of the $1.88 cereal so that was a little disappointing but otherwise, everything on my list was in stock. From leaving the house to putting the groceries away took less than 2 hours! Spent $55 but saved $75. Thanks for your work in maintaining this site.

    Oh, picked up a Saturday edition of the Star Tribune–Has 2 Red Plum inserts in it as well as the coveted P&G Saver insert. Might be worth stopping by to pick up a few extra copies of the paper today at $1 each.

  66. Patrice says

    Hi – I just discovered PocketYourDollars last week (due to the Strib article) and as a newbie, went to Rainbow this afternoon with all my coupons and all the great tips from this website. I saved over 50% on my grocery bill – thanks so much for all the help!

  67. Kim says

    Anyone know if there is a limit on Internet printed coupons? I thought there was last time, but can't find the info anywhere.

  68. scat says

    If they are really organized and in a group like that, there is a good chance that they are part of the "secondary market". In other words, they get stuff really cheap or free and resell it. Sometimes you will see it at garage sales. Others are people who buy to give to charity. Either way, while they may have good reasons to do this, it is extremely unfair to everyone else who is just trying to save some money on things they need. I often buy to donate to a food shelf, but in doing so I make sure there is a plentiful supply left for everyone else. Even when I buy for myself, I never clear off a shelf unless I am in desperate need of the item — which has happened in a long time. The stores have tried to put a damper on the shelf-clearing by limiting the number of coupons they will accept. That's what happens when some people get greedy.

    For those who have asked about doing more than one transaction, I did that yesterday with no problem. I was so tired I actually forgot the one transaction rule for "unlimited" days. The first store I went to after work late in the afternoon was completely out of all the cereals on sale for which I had coupons. So I got the other things I was looking for and went to another Rainbow to see if I could find some cereal and did buy a few boxes only after I found I had a couple of GM coupons for regular Cheerios. I didn't buy anything that I had bought at the previous store and all coupons were doubled. I was so tired I didn't even think about the "one transaction" rule til today.

  69. says

    Rach – Since this list applies to Rainbow Foods, Copps and Pick 'n Save shoppers, we include Ibotta coupons in the list so that readers who use this list for Pick 'n Save know which opportunities are available for them. Hopefully Rainbow Foods and Copps will be added soon!

  70. says

    Kim – No limit to the number of coupons you can use except that you are limited to 5 of the same coupon per day (if you shop at Rainbow Foods).

    All Roundy's stores do not accept printed coupons for free products, including B1G1 printables.


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