Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 1/27 – 2/2/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Rainbow Foods will be having its regular Double Daze on Wednesday and Saturday this week.  If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?

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  1. Last night at Pick n Save I got a print out for a Capri Sun catalina that will run 1/28/13-2/17/13. It is buy 3 get $2 OYNO, buy 4 get $3 OYNO, buy 5 or more get $4 OYNO. I'm going to stock up!

  2. Has anyone had any luck finding the "specially marked packages" for the Totinos deal. I've looked several times for the pizza rolls with no luck.

  3. Pringles Super Stack Potato Crisps $1.25

    $1/4 Pringles Full Size from 1/27 Red Plum insert

    $1/4 Pringles Super Stack Cans 180g+ from 12/9 Red Plum insert (limit 4 like coupons per household per day) (exp 1/31)

    Final price: $0.75 each after doubled coupon

    There is a different Pringles coupon out for the snack ones- 50 cents off 1-making it 25 cents each!

    I wish there was DDD or unlimited this week, such good deals with doubling coupons. Not enough to hit the $25 minimum and only double 5 coupons though.

  4. Del Monte Tomato coupon if petite cuts included. BOGO


  5. Thanks, Kari! I'll add that to the list tomorrow.

  6. Plymouth Rainbow had a tear pad on the freezer door for 5.00 MIR when you buy 2 Palermo's pizzas.

  7. Does anyone know if axe body spray is included in the axe deal? Or is it just deodorant?

  8. I did 2 Tresemme BOGO and 2 $2/1 Dove body wash and it worked well. So it does appear the $20 is before coupons.

  9. There is a $0.75/3 on the Totino's pizza rolls in 1/27 Smart Source making them 50 cents a box.

  10. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew 4/$10 (Must Buy 4; With Separate $10 Purchase)

    $1/3 Pepsi 12 pk. printable

    Final price: $2.00 each after doubled coupon ($0.17/can)

    The coupon that prints out here is a manufacturer coupon but says "good only at Food Lion" in the fine print at the bottom. The store coupon policy doesn't say anything about this in the printable or manufacturer section, but in the catalina section it says:

    "Roundy's will accept competitor Catalina coupons provided the coupon states "manufacturer coupon" and does not state" Reedemable only at (competitor name here)"."

    So… do you think they'd still take it since it's not a Catalina? or regardless of what type it is would they not accept if it says it's only redeemable at a certain place?

  11. Thanks for this weeks list, it's going to be a great shopping


  12. I have seen them at Target and Cub.

  13.  Nabisco Newtons Fruit Thins Cookies $1.99 (Rainbow only)

    $1/1 Newton’s Fruit Thins Crispy Cookies printable

    Final price: Free after doubled coupon

    When I was at Rainbow on Saturday there was a Cutback sign be these for $1.99 through 1/27. The regular price Wwas like $4.63 I believe.

  14. Lindsay Olives $1.50

    $1/1 Lindsay Olives printable

    $1/2 Lindsay Olives printable

    Final price: As low as free after doubled coupon

    I don't see the $1/1 coupon when I go to facebook.

  15. I don't see the Birds Eye deal on this list. $1 each and there is a coupon for .50 off 1 in the 1/13 SS making them free after doubled coupon.

    Jennifer – I don't think I've ever gotten a facebook coupon offer to work. I've stopped wasting my time even going there to look for them.

    I have a question, too. Last week when I printed out my list, about half of the coupons listed didn't exist in my RP and SS inserts. This is a little higher than usual, but I often have about a third of them that I can't find. Is this typical for others? I get the St Paul paper, so I don't know if that's the reason or not.

    • That does seem like a high percentage but the Pioneer Press does have fewer and lower value coupons as compared to the Star Trib.

    • JD – I don't think the Chef's Favorites varieties are included in the sale for $1.00.

    • The Minneapolis paper has better coupons-I get both and am often amazed at the difference in thickness of the coupon inserts.

    • The Pioneer Press had less coupons and different values at times, I only get the Star Tribune and I look at the Pioneer Press coupons because every once in a whole they have a coupon that the Stay Tribune doesn't. Don't let the Pioneer Press sales people try to talk you into getting there paper they will tell you they have more coupons but they don't. If you are lucky you can pick up the early Sunday addition on Saturdays for much less than the Sunday addition, I pay .50 for the early addition papers and others pay 1.00 it depends where you live.

  16. Buy 4 Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup Mix for $1.39 each

    Buy 2 Knorr Homestyle Stock (4 ct.) $2.49

    Buy 4 Wish-Bone or Western Dressing (16 oz.) $1.49

    Use two $0.60/2 Lipton Recipe Secrets Products from 1/27 Red Plum insert (limit 2 identical coupons in the same shopping trip)

    Use two $1/1 Knorr Homestyle Stick from 1/27 Red Plum insert (limit 2 identical coupons in the same shopping trip)

    Use two $0.65/2 Wish-Bone or Western Dressings from 1/27 Red Plum insert (limit 2 identical coupons in the same shopping trip)

    Spend $8.70, save $5 instantly

    Final price: $0.37 each after doubled coupons and instant savings

    How does this deal work if we can use only 5 Q to double?

    • Sarah – The scenario uses six coupons but it only doubles the five highest value coupons to get the final result. So, it doesn't double one of the $0.60/2 coupons.

    • Can you use the $1/2 manufacturer coupon from Cubs ad for an even better deal (Wishbone dressings, Hellman's mayo)?

  17. Really wish this would have been last weeks rainbow ad-so many good deals and unlimited doubling :(

    • I agree. This ad would have been much better for unlimited doubling than last weeks ad.

      This is the kind of week I save my coupons for "FREE" products for so I can use the free product coupons up in order to reach the $25 threshold more than once and split up my trip into multiple transactions so I can double more coupons. I plan on doing at least 2 transactions this week but maybe 3.

      I plan on using the free Purina ONE BeyOnd cat food carton coupons from the inserts, some free Stouffer's and Lean Cuisine coupons from their dinner club loyalty programs, and some free Powerade coupons from mycokerewards so I can do multiple transactions and double more coupons.

  18. I recieved this same print out today at Cub. My question is will this work at rainbow too? I'm assuming it will since it looks as if it is a Kraft deal. Wondering if anyone knows for sure.

  19. How often does Rainbow have their unlimited double coupon days?

    • There is no set schedule(or even a guarantee that Rainbow will do it again)

      Unlimited doubles has come about randomly the past few months but their is no guarantee Rainbow will continue with it.

  20. Jimmy Jam says:

    anyone having problems printing off sweet baby rays coupon? cant find it!!

  21. Thanks for the info about the difference in coupons between the papers. I'm a lifelong St Paulite, so I'll have to find someone who gets the Strib to give me their coupons.

    Thanks for the warning about the Birdseye Chef's Favorites too. I didn't catch that. You guys are great!

    New question – The list says that the Pringles Super Stacks are on sale, but then lists coupons for the snack stacks. Does anyone know if these are on sale as well or is this a mistake?

  22. My Pick n Save had a BOGO deal on Supersoft Pretael bites. $3.09 total for two. Use the $1/1 from Dec All You. $1.09 oop for two

  23. Did anyone in Mpls get the $5 Swiffer coupon? Mine was only $1.

  24. I also had problems, could not find the coupon either.

  25. For the get $7 off instantly Unilever deal, will my total after the $7 is taken off need to be over $25 for my coupons to double? Or will the $7 come off after coupons are taken off?

  26. Hi, fellow couponers. I have a question about the "instant savings", if the instant saving is deducted automatically does this effect my $25 threshold? Would I need to buy more to cover the "instant saving" that will be deducted? Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Jessica and Nancy, It will be before the $7.00 comes off in my expieriences :) You should not have to purchase additional items.

    • Our Pick'n Save stores take off the money instantly and it DOESN'T count towards the $25 minimum purchase, so we DO have to buy enough items to cover the $7.oo.

      • Hmm. That's interesting. I haven't had a problem doing the cereal deals with the instant savings. I shop at PNS too. I usually have a couple transactions planned out pretty darn close to the $25 mark and base the prices loosely on shelf price. Is this a new policy? I haven't done the last couple GM cereal deals so I'm not sure.

  27. It looks like you can print a coupon after uploading a photo.

  28. Connie – The P&G insert from yesterday's paper only had a $1/1 coupon but the previous P&G insert from 12/30 does have the higher value $5/1 coupon.

  29. JD – Good question. The wording in the ad says "Super Stack" but the picture looks just like the Snack Stacks. I think the coupons match up with the item on sale, but if someone finds out differently we can take them off the list.

  30. Wheat Thins Coupon $1.00 of one. I think they are on sale for $1.99

  31. "$0.75 off Pillsbury® Baguette Chips

    Sorry, this coupon program has ended."

  32. also, the $0.50/chex mix Q from Everyday Savers is gone.

  33. and it seems the $0.75/1 kikkoman Q is gone.

  34. Hey, Josh– I have had the worse luck using the free Purina ONE BeyOnd cat food carton coupons, every time I have gone in the last 2 weeks to use these Q's, the shelves were cleared of the 16oz size. I have gone 4 different random times. I finally ordered 10 boxes, and will use my coupons then (I'll have to do 2 transactions to use all my Q's but worth it!)

    • Sorry You have had bad luck! I haven't used any of my free BeyOnd coupons yet but did check at 2 Rainbow locations the last 2 weeks since the coupons came out when I was shopping and 1 store had only 1 carton left and the other store had a full shelf.

      I also know from experience that Cub also sells these size cartons…At least they did a year and a half ago:




      Anyway my boyfreind and I did end up finding her 5 kittens and fostered them all for 2 weeks(HELL!) and then we found them a new foster home because we were going on vacation and the no kill shelter(Animal Ark) was full. The lady that fostered them is a vet and was the PERFECT foster and got them all fixed and de-wormed and de-mited.

      We ended up adopting the Mom cat(who is now CHUNKY) and one of her kittens.

      Our friend adopted 2 of of the other kittens. And about 6 months ago the other 2 kittens got adopted as a pair(even though they were not kittens anymore)

      • @Josh, yep I checked Cub, Walmart and Target– all out or don't carry that size. It's all timing, hope you have good luck and find what you need! Love your kitten story– we adopted two abandoned sib kittens this summer, bringing our total to 4—- so LOVE these FREE Purina coupons!

  35. Could you please mark the coupons that are Facebook offers. I do not "facebook" and the Jack's pizza and the Sweet Baby Ray's coupon links take you to Facebook. Thanks.

  36. The cashier had to manually enter in the amount of the coupon.

  37. My guess would be know especially since the coupons state 2/6 or 2/3.

  38. Does anyone know what the size ranges are for the Sugardale Ham portions? Thanks!

  39. mommyfixit says:

    I just got an email today from Del Monte with a BOGO coupon in it for Diced Tomatoes with Chipotle Chilies or Green Chilies. Use it on that "Buy 5 Del Monte Tomatoes in a Single Transaction, Save $2 Off Any Ground Meat Purchase on a Future Shopping Trip (exp 2/13)" and save even more! http://links.mkt2081.com/ctt?kn=17&ms=NTEwNTM

  40. Don't know if this was already posted, but I'm questioning the Pringles Snack-Stacks coupon with the full-sized containers. Does the coupon match the product?

    • Lynn – The wording in the ad says “Super Stack” but the picture looks just like the Snack Stacks. We'll take the coupon off the list if people find that the Snack Stacks are not included in the sale.

  41. How are you guys able to use a B1G1 free manufacture coupon at Rainbow?? I've been told at several different Rainbow's that they do not accept manufacture Buy one get one free coupons and it is in their coupon policy. I've noticed in the grocery/coupon list match up that for the Clear Shampoo and another product that it says to use b1g1 coupons, but for Rainbow you can't. Maybe at Pick n' Save or Copps you can, I don't know. Have you heard this or been told this about Rainbow not accepting those?

    • Heidi – You can use a Buy 1, Get 1 Free manufacturer's coupon at any Roundy's store as long as it is from an insert. They do not accept buy 1, get 1 free *printable* coupons. If we've accidentally listed any Buy 1, Get 1 Free printable coupons, please let us know. Hope this helps!

  42. Michelle – They are both manufacturer's coupons that don't say "redeemable only at" so it's certainly worth a shot. If accepted, they'll take $1/2.

  43. We just bought some at Cashwise….but did not see at Rainbow on Saturday.

  44. We had no luck at Rainbow using the Purina One coupons…Lakeville didn't even appear to carry the 1 lb size?! We have redeemed at both Cashwise asnd HyVee since that time though.

    I agree with all the remarks about the ad this week vs last…sure would have been nice with unlimited!

  45. There is a $1/2 any Johnsonville sausage on coupons.com. This should work for the smoked and cooked that are onsale for $2.50

    There is also a $1/2 any Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce making 2 free! https://www.facebook.com/sbrbbq/app_4292100904822… I did not have to upload anything just clicked on the coupon link below it and it printed!

  46. Wondering if there are any rumors floating out there on when the next double-double daze or unlimited double day may be?

  47. Jill Pearson says:

    the totinos pizza rolls $1/3 are for 40 count bags

  48. On the SugarDale ,99 cents/lb. Does anyone know if the butchers will cut a whole one and take some slices from the center with no charge or would it be extra. thanks.

  49. I thought the snack stack coupon is for the ones that have 8 little ones inside. I don't think that coupon will work…

  50. The $1 birdseye coupon says it is out of prints.

  51. If you get Family Fun mag, there's a 0.75/1 Johnsonville cooked sausage in March issue.

  52. I went to the BP store tonight to buy the Clear Shampoo and Conditioner however the store only had the shampoo in stock …..drats! Anyway regarding the Pringles at the BP store the super stacks are on sale for 2/$3 and the snack stacks are 4/$5. By the way the snack stacks are gone at the BP as of tonight not sure when they are going to be stocking the shelf.

    • Was able to use Pringles snack coupons on the snack ones that are $1.25 each, but was limited to only 4 coupons per transaction per day per household.

      Midway is also out on a lot of things that are part of the buy $20 get $7 off instantly. There were no clear conditioner-I am starting to wonder if Rainbow even carries the item since no one has seen them?

      BP has been out of the Pringles snacks for a while now. Those things are are hard to find!

  53. Laura, Thank you so much! I've misunderstood and have passed up using so many manufacture B1G1 coupons because I thought they would not take them! I must have been using printed ones when they told me no. Thanks for clearing that up for me!! :)

  54. Consider getting a facebook account and only use it for Coupons. There are so many high value coupons through Facebook.

  55. In the ad for the spend $20 save $7 instantly deal, it says limit one per transaction. So should I be okay do it two transactions and two deals? One deal in each transaction?

  56. I got it at Rainbow on Saturday.

  57. I actually have a Facebook account just for couponing and "liking" stuff. I just stay logged into that account permanently, and whenever something is a Facebook offer, I am just automatically taken to that Facebook page and get my coupons no problem and without delay.

  58. I think the earl y Sunday paper cost $1 each in Minneapolis and its suburbs and it is $0.50 each in St Paul and its suburbs.

  59. Pick N Save seems to accept those in Milwaukee, I have never had issues with the BOGO coupons there.

  60. Head cashier told me today it will be the 9th.

  61. i just got back from rainbow in west st. paul. I had to spend 20 after coupons to get my $7 so I had to go get more products to make the 20

    • I had no problem yesterday doing the deal using coupons. Were you trying to double coupons with the transaction?

    • Was West St Paul stocked really well?

      • For the tresseme and stuff?

      • yes they were stocked well and I was trying to double coupons but as I got home and added everything up it still only came to $19 after coupons and it took my $7 off so I am not sure what the lady was talking about saying I need to hit $20 before. I am going to take back two of the tresseme I bought at full price I didn't have a coupon for sine it really should be fine since I had over 20 before coupons.

  62. $1 dove soap won't scan at rainbow. They won't manually key it in. There are no clear conditioners in stock. Heads up

    my coupons doubled even if i didn't reach $25 after the instant deduction.

    There were no Clear conditioners to be found. Looks like they dont sell them.

    No dove men soap.

    • Same issue with Dove soap coupon and no Clear conditioners. Doesn't look like my Scotties tissues or Pam coupons doubled either. Did anyone else have a problem with those?

      • There was no Clear conditioners at the BP store but they did have Dove Soap for $7.00 for a 6 pack. I was able to double my Scotties coupons this morning and the cashier looked over the coupon to make sure it did not say "DND" and could not find it anywhere and she manually doubled the coupon after the coupon did not automatically double.

  63. Buy 10 Unilever and Save $5 Instantly deal:

    4 Ragu @ $1.49

    4 Recipe Soup Secrets @ $1.39

    2 Wishbone/Western Dressings @ $1.49

    Total $14.50 – $5.00 Instantly for $9.50 total before coupons

    Used 2 – $0.40/2 Ragu Coupons

    Used 2 – $0.60/2 Lipton Recipe Soup Secret Coupons

    Used 1 – $0.65/2 Wish-Bone/Western Coupon

    Total $5.30 in coupons

    $9.50 – $5.30 (Coupons) = $4.20 Total or $0.42/item

  64. Jill Pearson says:

    iused 2 .65 cents of coupons and let one not double for $3.55 :)

  65. Are all the Kellogg's cereals included in the buy 6 deal? If not, does anyone know which are included? Thanks!

  66. Yes, Saturday the 9th will be double double day.

  67. Purchase $15 in Snyder's of Hanover pretzels in multiple transactions thru 2/20 and receive $5 at Savingstar.

  68. I was able to use the Cub's ad manufactures q today for Wishbone.

  69. I did the Capri Sun deal and did get a $3 cat with buying 4 boxes.

  70. I printed the Food Lion Tostito coupon when I was on the Cub page. I don't see anywhere that it states has to be at Food Lion. Think i will ask when I stop at Rainbow today!

    • Nancy – You're right. The Tostito coupon does not say it's valid only at Food Lion like the Pepsi 12 pk. coupon does. However, since the Tostito coupon is a printable coupon for a free item, they won't take that at Rainbow.

      • I was able to get the free dip at Savage! I asked at customer service before I even put it in my cart. She scanned it to see if it would work and it seemed to be no problem. She said it was no different than if it said Cub or anywhere else. No mention that it was for a free item. Cashier didn't seem to blink either when I went through with it. Pays to ask because you never know what will happen.

  71. Just an FYI the GoGo squeeze coupons from facebook say do not double

  72. Wholly salsa would be as low as free after doubled coupon.

    FYI, those coupons renew pretty often, I print them all the time and I raraly get the 'you already printed this coupon' message.

  73. The BP store has the 1 lb Purina One and was able to use the Free coupon. Not sure exactly where you live but just a thought if you are in the area.

  74. Vlasic Farmers Garden pickles are not included in the sale. They are $3.99.

    Yoplait Simplait is on cutback for $0.50 thru 2/2.

    Newton Fruit Thins are not $1.99. They are on cutback for $3.49 thru 2/24.

    Tidy Cats Cat Litter 10 lb. bag is $2.59. Use $1/1 from 1/27 Red Plum. $0.59 after doubled coupon.

  75. Just got home from PNS and bought 5 bags of Tostitos. There were jars of the Tostitos dips (salsa, salsa con queso, bean dip, etc.) with peelies on them. For every 2 bags of Tostitos you bought you got a jar free! So that made it a pretty good deal in my book. I usually buy my chips at Aldi, but don't think I'm heading there this week. The dips are on sale for $2.99. So seven items for $9.95 is not too bad of a deal. The ones in the chip aisle didn't have peelies, but right when you walked in the store did. So if you don't see them try looking elsewhere. Also, no Clear conditioner exists at my store :( My store was absolutely dead at 9pm. I went because it was blizzarding during the day. I wasn't worried that stock would be low because of this :) The buy 5 Crystal Light worked nice too. Got the $5 cat. Really handy that whole milk is included with the in ad milk coupon.

  76. Buy $20+ Save $7 instantly Unilever deal:

    2 Suave Antipersperant/Deodorant @ $1.75

    2 Suave Lotions @ $2.50

    1 Suave Body Wash @ $1.75

    2 Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Products @ $5

    Total: $20.25 – $7 instantly = $13.25 before coupons

    Double 2 – $0.75/1 Suave Antipersperant/Deodorant coupons

    Double 2 – $1/1 Suave Lotion coupons

    Double 1 – $0.50/1 Body Wash coupon

    Use 1 – BOGO Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Product coupon

    Total $13.00 in coupons (assuming the BOGO would take off $5, which in my experience, it would, not factoring in the instant $7 savings)

    $13.50 – $13.00 (Coupons) = $0.25 for all 7 items!

  77. Go Go squeeze coupon isn't available any more.

  78. Where can you buy the early edition?

    • Any where that sells papers, make sure to check

      for the coupons inserts before you buy them. I am in Hudson so it's hit or miss if we get the coupons in the early addition but I know folks who are closer to MPLS always seem to get them.

  79. Any advice on when to try the wheat thins coupon? It's kind of early in the morning for them to have reached the limit for the day.

  80. Palermos pizza is actually on sale for $4.29 not $4.99 at Copps so you save even MORE!! $2.29 each after doubled coupon!!

  81. I noticed that yesterday they were out of prints in the morning, but I was able to print it later in the day ( can't remember what time, sorry).

  82. Brock:

    I just printed it twice, so it must have re-set. Try again.

  83. Is this Sat a double coupon day? (2/2/13)

  84. Where does everybody get multiple inserts? Just buying multiple Sunday papers?

    • i never buy a single newspaper. I have a gas station that lets me come in late sunday nights and gather the coupon inserts. but even better, I have a contact with a newspaper delivery person who picks up all the sunday newspapers and in exchange for product – he gives me the inserts.

      • I buy all of my papers a minimun of 10 a week, if the early addition Star Tribune has all the coupons inserts in them on Saturdays I get more depending upon the coupons. Last weekend i bought 20 papers because of the MIO coupon.

        • I live in a building where alot of the people throw out their papers and rarely touches the coupons so we grab them before they go in the trash.

        • I USED to get like 50-60 Smart Source inserts a week because my boyfriend works at an apartment complex that USED to get Smart Source inserts delivered in the mail and most residents would just dump them into the recycling bin below the mailboxes and he would fish them out.

          Unfortunately Smart Source decided to stop sending out inserts through the mail in that area at the beginning of 2012.

          It was good while it lasted though because I was able to donate a TON of stuff I got for free but was also able to trade on another website for massive amounts of coupons from a specific insert that I had but they didn't and vice versa!

          He still brings many inserts home from people who get papers and recycle but some of them are messed up, and already have coupons cut out of them and sometimes they are recycled too late for specific deals.

  85. Glad you made it to the store. i usually go to kimberly pns but too much snow for me to get there with three kids last night.

  86. AsUntoTheLord says:

    There was also a $1/2 for the Chi-Chi's Tortilla's or Salsa and a $1/1 for their tortilla chips in the 1/20 SS. I couldn't find anything but their salsa though at my PNS but another local store that doubles has the tortillas for $1.69, woohoo! :-)

  87. I stopped at my PnS and the super stacks were tagged but the snack stacks were marked 2.99 (regular price).

  88. I think the $2 off grapefruite and $1 off suave lotion are out of print, because I can't find them.

  89. Heidi – You are welcome! :)

  90. nice scenario. thanks for sharing

  91. Yes the snack stacks are on sale for $1.25 each. They have 8 little packs in them.

  92. Pillsbury.com just reset there coupons, there are a few 1.00 off cereal coupons to be printed along with Pillsbury cresent rolls.

  93. anyone else not receiving the rainbow foods coupon booklet in their mailbox? For the past couple of weeks, i am not getting mine :(

  94. Well if you go on Saturday the Tostitos dips with the peelies were right before the produce :) If you need them that is. I'm going back to stock up on toilet paper.

  95. McCormick printable is gone.

  96. Are you referring to Sentry? I didn't see the Chi-Chi's in their ad

  97. Can you do multiple transactions in a row?

  98. The Jack's Pizza coupon offer has ended as per their Facebook page :(

  99. There is a $1 coupon off Johnsonville Italian Sausage on Coupons.com

    Also, a $0.55 off Sargento Cheese

    The aquafresh extreme clean $1 coupon is back on their website, which would allow – with multiple PCs – for better than free toothpaste when buying 6, using 6 coupons (5 doubled and 1 non-doubled) and getting $5 off next order.

  100. My sister in law works at a hotel. She saves the inserts for me and each week I give her a goodie bag for her efforts. I match up the sales and build a stock pile. We have been doing this for a year now and it has been working out great for both of us.

  101. Ugh-I was so not happy with my cashier at the enden prairie rainbow. I had a q for yogurt-that when she scanned it doubled-but then she decides to go through and undouble it because it said do not double. what a bit of nonsense. Why change it if it automatically doubles -they don't get reimbursed for the doubled portion either way. Then on top of that she changed it to $0.50 and doubled that-when the coupon was actually for a $1.00 -seems like she was being particularly vindictive just incase I decide to go to CS and plead my case there. It really bugged me because that was a tearpad coupon that I was given and there was an exact same one in the paper for $0.50 that I could have used instead. So I just wasted that Q.

    • I am sorry to hear that – I hope next time you'll run into a nice cashier. But i know how it feels when you are treated differently because of the coupon thing. It seems to me that an eight hour day is just that, coupons or otherwise, but some cashiers behave like it's extra work for some reason :S

    • She was doing her job, it does not sound like being vindictive. Even though you/we are used to getting away with DND coupons actually doubling, it is still against store policy.

  102. Oh I totally forg0t to mention that there is a $1/1 12 count or higher Angel Soft coupon on coupons.com!! So I got the 12 double rolls for $0.29/roll :) Sorry, didn't scan the comments to see if this was mentioned already. I was so excited to share.

    • Want to say a huge thank you to the lady in line behind me at CR Rainbow tonight who paid for my cheese! I found it under my gloves when I was getting ready to leave the checkout (had already paid for my stuff) and she just added it to her stuff! :)

  103. I got 4 free boxes :) The Zesty Salsa ones are good right out of the box. And oh darn…the hubby doesn't like Wheat Thins. All mine! I was debating which ones were spicier. The Buffalo or Salsa ones. I like me some spicy.

  104. Jill Pearson says:

    That's awesome!


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