Get 9 Pairs of Men’s Sunglasses or Women’s Sunglasses for $14.98 Shipped (As Low As $1.50/Pair)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Once again, Graveyard Mall is offering a great package deal on sunglasses: get 9 pairs of men’s sunglasses or 9 pairs of women’s sunglasses for just $11.99.

This is a pre-sale and your order will be delivered at the end of January. Shipping is a flat-rate $2.99 per order (even if you order both sets), so if you ordered both sets, your final price would be just $1.50/pair!

These sunglasses are found in most major drug store and big box retail chains and retail from $9.99-$29.99 (most are $14.99-$19.99). Do note that you will not be able to choose which 9 pairs you’ll receive, but you will get a variety of different styles. I (Laura) am still working my way through the package I purchased a couple of years ago and I’ve been really pleased with the styles I’ve used so far.

Now, you may not love all 9 pairs you’ll receive, but with the price as low as $1.50/pair, you can keep a pair or two in the car for emergency sunglasses, give a couple to the kids for dress up (my kids love playing with sunglasses), etc. My husband is always in need of sunglasses when he drives the vehicle I usually drive, so I might purchase the men’s sunglasses deal for him this time around to be sure he has plenty of extras.

Your turn: What style of sunglasses is your favorite?

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  1. I bought these a few months back when they were on sale. One set of women's and one set of men's. I was also happy with the variety of styles. Even teens would like a few. I plan to share them with my twelve family members who are traveling with me to Hawaii this year. Thanks for the post!


  2. I tried to get the sunglasses deal but it says that the page is gone. I think I am too late.

  3. Nicole – Thanks for the heads up! We'll let you know if/when this deal comes around again.

  4. I bought these the first week in January and have still not received them. I've left several voicemails with Graveyard Mall. They have never returned my calls. Has anyone else had this experience?

    • Kari – It looks like they're running a little late with the order since it said they would be delivered at the end of January. Did you try emailing customer service? I've found that that actually works better with Graveyard Mall (usually I'd say call, but not in this case).

  5. My January order arrived 2 days ago, finally! I had e-mailed them but no reply.

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