Cub Foods Shopping List 1/6 – 1/12/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

As of April 15, Cub Foods changed their coupon policy. You can read Cub Foods’ new coupon policy, but the most notable change is that they only accept expired coupons up to 30 days past their expiration date.

Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Your turn: What other deals did you spot this week?


  1. Josh says

    Time sensitive off topic question. How many inserts did people get in their Star Tribune today? My paper was delievered with only 2 red plum inserts and 2 smart source inserts and according to the sunday coupon previews we were supossed to get 3 different smart source inserts. I called customer service at star tribune for a re-delivery but was given the runaround and have a feeling I was lied to by the customer service rep when she told me there was not scheduled to be 3 smart source inserts in today's star tribune.

    Did other Star Tribune subscribers get 3 different Smart Source inserts?

    • pbo says

      I picked up the early Sunday Star Trib

      last night and it had 2 rp and 3 ss inserts (but not that special Johnson & Johnson one).

      • Josh says

        Thanks everyone….

        I called back and again was given the runaround but finally they relented and told me they would send out another paper and then they called me back 5 minutes later and told me they ran out and instead I would be getting credit for the week.

        The insert that I am missing is of course the one I wanted most of all too. UGH!

        • ks says

          May not be optimal, but with all the good inserts…just go buy a second paper. People state they have couponers bundles, but i dont remember where they find them. I bought an extra paper yesterday

  2. Amarie says

    Last week when I bought the Great Deal special items for Wed – Sat, I received multiple coupons that printed like Catalinas. One is for $1 off next produce purchase, another $1 off next purchase of any granola bar, and another for $1 off next purchase of any laundry detergent. With items on my list this week, I could use all of these, but there is language printed on the coupon that says, "One coupon per customer per transaction". Anyone used these yet or can verify if that means one of each of these coupons is allowed, or only one of this type of coupon per transaction?

  3. Mikey says

    I got those yesterday as well and then made a trip to Cub for oranges and cereal. (The oranges are super by the way!!!) I was able to use all 3 coupons last night when I stopped but the cashier had trouble with one of them and told me they were the same coupon. I politely explained that the one was for any granola bar and that was the pic on the coupon and the other was for $1 off any great deal item-even though it also had a pic of granola bars on it. Once I politely pointed it out, she had to manually enter it. So, I got a super good deal on cereal and oranges with using these coupons.

    • KJM says

      Our coupon print out from last weeks (Jan 2) says it isn't good until next week – Jan 14th. We too had the dollar off and granola. (Wanted to use it this week with the stock up on chicken.)

  4. Deb says

    I got the Progresso soup starters which are also on the 1 dollar deal until Tuesday and there was a 50 cents off 1 in one of the November coupons sections (I apologize, I do not remember which one) which made them 50 cents. I have tired these and we liked them. Thanks for all your hard work. I love this site and tell everyone i know about it!!

  5. nicole says

    Why aren't the clemintines in produce as a deal?

    I can't remember the exact price but I thought they were reasonable. And there was a 50 cents off a bag a few weeks back, right?

  6. Sandi says

    I've noticed on your list that there are sometimes restrictions on the number of coupons one can use. (For instance, the list might say "Limit 4 coupons." or like the BOGO free Osteo-Flex, "limit one coupon per person." Can you let me know where you obtained that information? I've tried locating the source of this information myself, but I have either not found it or overlooked it. Thanks!

  7. Josh says

    I did end up buying another Star Tribune at the store yesterday and sure enough it did have 3 different Smart Source inserts in it just like I knew it would! The think that makes me super angry is that I have subscribed to the Star Tribune for SIX YEARS now and have only called about getting my paper re-delivered twice before! (once was because I didn't get a paper and the other time was because it had ZERO ads and ZERO inserts)

    I'm very angry about how I was treated by their customer service who treated me like I had no idea what I was talking about and then lied to me.

    Next time I am missing an insert I'm just going to LIE to them and say my paper wasn't delivered the same way THEY LIED TO ME and then I won't have to deal with this crap they put me though.

  8. Merlene says

    Josh, I understand your frustration with customer service but if you tell them that your paper wasn't delivered they charge the carrier like $5. If you let your carrier know they can help without being charged. I don't know how you get the carriers info, I got mine from Christmas greetings left with the paper.

    A couple years ago my PP was missing coupons and I let the carrier know that was all I really cared about . Since then he leaves any extra papers he has for me Mon or Tues morning…some weeks there are 2 or 3! Every month or so I email him a thank you and leave cookies, etc for him. It's so nice to have the extras!

  9. Jmtheiler10 says

    I have subscribed to PYD for awhile now, and I just wanted to say THANKS for such a great service you provide! I also have a question. Do you ever post information about couponing classes?

  10. kelsey says

    So I just purchased two "Gotta Love Great Deals" deals: Special K and Progresso soup after purchase a few catalinas printed one being "$1.00 off your next purchase of any rte cereal or snack crackers." Can anyone tell me what rte cereal or snack crackers are?? I couldn't find them!


  11. sarah says

    Even without the coupon, the clementines are a better deal, per pound, at Lunds. Although, tomorrow is the last day for the sale price ($4.99 for 5lbs).

  12. Thao says

    I don't get it delivered but when I picked up my ST I got the same as most people said, 3 ST and 2 PP. I also got a set of Target coupons too but those weren't in every newspaper I bought. :(

    Good job though that you spoke up. You should get all of them since you use their service!

  13. sandra T says

    Yoplait Yogurt Cups $0.50 is this any yoplait even the Simplait Yogurt as the .40 off printable is off that kind only

  14. DawnB says

    At my Cub I found that the kelloggs crisps had a $1.00/2 peelie on them when you purchased the crisps and chips. With the extra cub coupon making them on sale for $1.88 limit 2.

    two for 3.76 – $1/2 – $1/2 peelie = $1.76 or 88cents a piece

  15. Cheryl says

    The Old Orchard orange and pineapple juice are $2.29 each, so 4 with BOGO deal are $4.58 minus the $1/4 coupon equals $3.58 or 90 cents each.

  16. says

    Nicole – Even with the coupon, clementines are $1.16/lb. this week at Cub. You can get them at a better price (without coupon) at both Aldi ($0.75/lb.) and Byerly's ($1/lb.) this week.

  17. says

    Carrie hasn't taught couponing classes for a while (with the exception of the occasional class at a conference or corporate training). We used to have a gal named Angie teach some classes but she isn't doing that anymore.

  18. Dawn says

    for awhile Chapel Hills church was teaching coupon classes one night a week and they were free & helpful, could try calling them they are in Anoka County.

  19. Josh says

    That's a pretty good price. Wish I had saved my BOGO printables because that would have been FREE orange juice but oh well…

    Does anyone know what the 59 oz. Essential Everyday OJ costs at Cub? There is a $1/1 store coupon for it in one of the SS inserts from Sunday.


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