*EXTENDED* Best Buy: Earn a Free $15 Gift Card for Recycling Your Small Electronic Devices (Exp 2/2)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

**Update: This offer has been extended through February 2!

If you have any electronics lying around which no longer work or you no longer use, now is a great time to get rid of them and earn some free money for doing so.

For a limited time, Best Buy is offering a free $5 Best Buy Gift Card for every small electronic device you recycle at a participating Best Buy store near you. A maximum of 3 small devices can be recycled per person, per day, meaning you can earn as much as a $15 gift card. Offer ends January 19 February 2.

The following electronics qualify as a small device:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets/e-readers (tablets get a bonus $25 credit)
  • Mobile Phones
  • MP3
  • Gaming Hardware (console and handheld)
  • DSLR and Digital Point-and-Shoot Cameras
  • Digital Camcorders
You may get more than a $5 gift card depending on the trade-in value of your item, but you’ll get at least $5 for each product, working or not.

Your turn: What devices did you recycle? What are you going to use your free gift card toward?

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  1. Do you know if it matters what type of cell phone or even how current the phone is? TIA

  2. Do you think they will take an I pod shuffle that doesn't work anymore?

  3. I read it as "Trade-in" meaning you have to buy something when you trade it in, not just bring it in get a gift card? Am I right or wrong anyone?

  4. I was wondering if anyone had done this… Will they take any cell phone and give you $5?? Or do you have to look on the trade in website to see if they will take it…

  5. Tasha – I'm sure they're able to take virtually every model of cell phone. You're not really trading it in for credit/resale with this offer; you're trading it in to be recycled.

    That being said, you may want to call ahead and ask just to be sure they'll take it so you don't waste a trip.

  6. We received a $5 gift card for my son's old iPhone. It was so far gone that they couldn't even restore it at the Apple Store.

  7. FYI if you live in the Madison WI area (I've seen comments from other Madisonians so I know they're out there! :) – apparently there is a city ordinance that somehow prohibits Madison Best Buys from participating in this deal.

  8. Thanks for the info.

    I have about 6 phones i can get rid of this weekend, great timing….

    I'll probably use the GC-'s on movie's or music cd's !!

  9. Don't do this at the Inver Grove Heights Best Buy!

    I already got rid of all my stuff before this promo was extended but at the IGH Best Buy I got a $15 gift card and then the next week I went back to get another but was instantly shot down because I didn't have the receipts for my 5-7 year old broken devices. She told me that there is some local law there that requires a receipt and that I could do it any any other Best Buy around without a receipt. I then told her I had been there the week earlier and they didn't require receipts then and then she told me I could do it at any other Best Buy in the metro and that the person the week earlier who didn't ask for my receipts was wrong.

    Who keeps 5 year old receipts for old broken devices? And they enter all your information from your driver's license/ID anyway as well as all serial numbers so if something comes up as stolen it can be traced.

    Anyway I did go to a different Best Buy and they didn't ask for receipts.

    To me this just seems like some sort of bait and switch by the Inver Grove Heights location.

    Right now Best Buy country wide is going through a bait and switch fiasco over a Best Buy/Mastercard promotion.


  10. how about an old PDA devise

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