The Rules for Rainbow Foods’ Unlimited Coupon Doubling

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

You heard me correctly in that headline. This coming Saturday, December 8, and again on Wednesday, December 19, Rainbow Foods stores will double an unlimited number of coupons per customer (Copps and Pick N Save are not participating – sorry, don’t kill the messenger).

These Unlimited Double Daze are not advertised in the weekly sales flyer. However, there are signs up in-store that confirm that all Rainbow Foods stores are participating in this promotion on 12/8 and 12/19.

Rainbow Foods Unlimited Doubles Coupon Policy

Besides temporarily removing the 5-doubled-coupons-per-transaction limit, Rainbow Foods is enforcing some other changes in their coupon policy on 12/8 and 12/19. These changes have been provided to us by Roundy’s corporate. I outline them below and give a little commentary about each one.

  1. $25 threshold.Your transaction must be $25 before tax and after all store coupons and Roundy’s club card discounts are applied.
    • (Carrie here: Last time I personally checked, which was a few weeks back, their registers don’t work like this policy says. As long as the total value of your groceries is $25+, based on the highest price listed on the shelf tag where the product was found [that is usually full price, but not always], and after store coupons, then the register will double your coupons. Your experience with an individual cashier may vary.
  2. “Do Not Double” Excluded.Coupons that say “do not double” are not eligible
    • (Carrie here: As always.)
  3. $1 or Less.Manufacturer’s coupons worth $1 or less will be doubled in value
    • (Carrie here: As always.)
  4. Unlimited Total Number.Coupons that may be doubled are unlimited.
    • (Carrie here: Translation “a customer may double an unlimited total number of coupons as long as all the other terms and conditions of the promotion are met.”)
  5. 5-Per-Item Limit.There is a limit of 5 coupons for the same item.
    • (Carrie here: I might say it like this, “you can only buy 5-coupons-worth of any individual product”. If you have 5 coupons worth $1 off when you buy 4 cans of soup, then you can buy a maximum of 20 cans of soup. This does not say “5 identical coupons”, but 5 coupons for any single type of product; it doesn’t matter if some of your coupons are from the newspaper and others were printed on the internet. Five coupons for any single type of item, period. And, hallelujah, as that helps keep the best deals on the shelves so everyone can participate.)
    • (PS – Remember that some coupons have fine print on them that limits you to using 2 or 4 in the same transaction. In some cases, then, you won’t even be able to use 5 coupons for a single item. Our shopping list gives you all that detail.)
  6. Limit 1 Transaction.Limit of 1 transaction per customer, per day. No more splitting of orders/multiple transactions.\
    • (Carrie here: This limit says “1 per day”. Not one per trip in the store. Not one per cashier. You can do this one time per day, period.)
  7. Store Gift Cards Excluded.Store gift cards will no longer count toward the “$25 Qualified Minimum Purchase” to double coupons.
    • (Carrie here: Although Rainbow Foods gift cards do not qualify for the $25 spending threshold, gift cards for other retailers do qualify. Each store has a kiosk of gift cards for places like SuperAmerica, Holiday Stationstores, iTunes, Subway, Home Depot, etc. [selection varies by store]. Feel free to purchase one of those to reach your $25 spending threshold if necessary).

Remember, that Rainbow Foods’ standard manufacturer’s coupon policy remains in effect during this promotion.

Did you participate in October when they ran a similar promo? Will you go on the 8th and/or 19th?


  1. Jessica says

    When I went shopping at Pick n Save last weekend, the cashier told me that there's rumors Roundy's may be offering unlimited doubling starting in January. Her words were "won't it be great when you won't have to bother with multiple transactions starting in January?" (I had 3 transactions, and usually do.) I hadn't heard this before, so she outlined many of the same limits you stated above. Has anyone else heard about this?

  2. Katie says

    With the "5 coupons limit" How would you apply that to the GM milk/cereal deal? Five GM cereal coupons total or 5 Cheerios, 5 Chex, 5 Golden Grahams, Etc?

    PS: I totally hope they go to the unlimited doubling. Would save us shoppers and cashiers SO much time, and I think it would really help keep stores from running out of product. Will have to wait and see!

      • Janice Marfiz says

        Could this be 5 coupons per particular item? I ask because I really need to get my hands on some of those Beech Nut items and I need different stages. Would I be able to use 5 coupons for stage 4 and 5 coupons for a different stage?

        • says

          The statement I was given reads "5 coupons per item" NOT "5 identical coupons", but you will be dealing with cashiers who may/may not appreciate the same nuances that you and I do.

          • scat says

            I'm glad to see they are putting this limit in place. Hopefully, this will help keep shelves getting emptied right away. Also, if they do unlimited couponing regularly this would probably cut down on the perceived need to load up on products all at one time.

  3. Elizabeth says


    Thank you for keeping us informed!

    I just love your site, I also live in Mpls, MN.

    Love the double daze and will absolutely do the

    Unlimited. I have two children so with a small

    Amount of time this saves me BIG $.

    So Thank You!


  4. Grace says

    Unlimited doubling is great news. The Forest Lake Rainbow, where I shop, is closing in January. This is unfortunate, I live farther north.

    Keep up the great work. I saw you on TV and looked up your site

  5. Sue says

    I have found at the three different rainbows I do go to, they double the coupons that say DO NOT DOUBLE. Only one cashier at the Eagan store won't so I don't go there anymore. But otherwise, I ask before I shop there.

  6. Janice Marfiz says

    I read on a previous post that you needed to have your rainbow card in hand to get the deals, is this still true or can you still enter your phone number in to get the deals? I ask because I think I lost my bigger card and the barcode rubbed off on the one on my keys.

    • says

      I didn't even have a roundy's card until a couple of weeks ago, and the deals always worked for me. I even asked when they did unlimited doubles in October if I needed to have a roundy's card to get unlimited double coupons and the CS said no, it's just for a gas discount. Even now that I have one I don't always use it.

  7. Mrsci says

    I wonder if this varies by store? I was at the Woodbury Rainbow location and asked the cashier about the details and she told me that instead of doubling only 5 coupons, they would be doubling 10? I asked, "how is that considered 'unlimited'?" and she couldn't tell me and I didn't go and seek out the manager.

    • sarah says

      Is it confirmed for all the stores? I did not see any signs at the Midway rainbow, but I could have just missed it.

      • mary says

        Sarah – It is on Rainbow's website now and is advertised in today's paper as unlimited doubling on Sat. Dec. 8th and Wed. Dec. 19th.

  8. Justine says

    Thank you for sharing that Mrsci! I think I will call ahead. We typically go to the one in Woodbury because Maplewood tends to run out of things! Perhaps I will go really early!

  9. shirley says

    When I called corporate the woman told me certain stores are in the test market. Unfortuantely at my Pick N Save we were never offered unlimited doubling. It would be great if all the Roundys stores would eventually changed their systems so unlimited would just be the norm. It would be great not having to do separate transactions everytime. I usually only do 2 but still it would be nice…

  10. nancy says

    Does the store policy on ONLINE COUPONS vary from store to store? I was told at my local Rainbow that they don't accept online coupons period.

    • says

      If they do indeed require you to scan your Roundy's card they can track it that way. Otherwise, it is the honor system where we follow the rules simply because it's the right thing to do and breaking them will ultimately lead to more restrictions and/or higher costs.

      • Thao says

        I was wondering how they kept track too because I have always been told that in order for our coupons to double we needed to scan our Roundy's card. Because of that I was under the assumption that by scanning our Roundy's card that was how they would keep track. But when the last unlimited occurred I heard some people saying they did more than one transaction. Not only am I a rule follower but I just couldn't imagine buying more than what I was already able to pick up in my one unlimited transaction!! I really hope they continue to do unlimited… this would really help with my busy schedule and couponing.

  11. Beth says

    The last time the had "unlimited doubles", there actually was a limit of 100 coupons. (Not that I even came close to that number, but perhaps some did.)

      • says

        Carrie can you and your team check the limit cause some other couponer told me limit is also 100! They also said the computer can only handle a dollar amount and so many scanned items any truth to that?

  12. lisa says

    Question My husband and I usually did 4 transaction but one at a time take one to the car and come back in and usually try to get a different cashier if we could. So we will not be able to do that anymore am I reading that right????

    • Jennifer says

      I think you can still do that when it isn't unlimited doubling?! That's when you can only use your card once in a day.

  13. Jennifer says

    I think they mean 5 General Mills cereal coupons…regardless of type. We went unlimited on Saturday, and used Post, Kellogg's and General Mills cereals coupons.

    Also used several different kinds of Christmas candy coupons for baking….

    The unlimited was awesome! We totally took advantage of as many deals as we could, lots of items that we use on a regualr basis, spent $150.00, but saved $350.00 in manufacturer coupons and Rainbow coupons!!! YAY!!!

  14. Jennifer says

    Well, we went Saturday, and we had over 100 coupons, and no issues. (They did an over ride at the end of the rtansaction to allow for the coupons). We are definately rule followers, and stuck to 5 of less coupons (depending on what we use in a reasonable amount of time), and hope that they continue the unlimited double coupons.

    The Lakeville store was well staffed, and it was really nice (and fun tosave all that $$).

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