Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 12/27/12 – 1/1/13

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps or Pick ‘n Save in southern WI, and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. Kierst says

    I heard rumors that the 29th was going to be a unlimited double day is this true? I am planning my trip and want to figure out if tomorrow is double day/double double day/unlimited double or no double,lol. THANKS!

  2. Amy says

    Hey everyone for the sunkist and A&W soda there where some coupons hanging from the bottles for a dollar off 4 so for a double coupon it would 2.00 off 4 it would be .39 per bottle not bad for a 2 liter ha!

  3. Diana says

    So it seems like I have tried looking for the Kraft Naural Slices coupon a couple times and can't find it. Am I just not seeing it or is it not there anymore?

    Kraft Cheese Selected Varieties $2.00 (Must Buy 3+)

    $1/1 Kraft Natural Slices printable

    $1/1 Kraft Fresh Take printable

    $0.75/1 Kraft Fresh Take printable

  4. Kim says

    The Kraft coupon is on page 2 of Coupons.com. About halfway down the page is a blue bar that says show more coupons. Press this. You have to scroll through page 1again but more coupons are added below. Hope this helps!

  5. kim says

    so Ibotta,….. you have to upload your receipt to get the money back? how does one take a picture of the whole receipt? I thought this would be a scanned phone app but it isnt? help! thanks!

    • AsUntoTheLord says

      I did it for the first time a couple days ago and when I went to 'Redeem', after I picked my store and products I wanted to redeem, the Upload a Receipt was the next step (I think)…in any case when you are at that step, it will open a camera of it's own (so you're not taking it outside of the app) and once you take a picture of the top portion of the receipt, you can then select 'Add Section' to open the app camera again. It shows you the bottom of the first pic you took so you can take a pic of the next section. You just keep adding sections until you've captured the whole thing and then select the Submit (or something to that effect). :-)

  6. Sue says

    When I was at Rainbow today I noticed all of their Christmas candy and Christmas General Merchandise was 50% off. They had lots left. Some things I noticed:

    Candy: Hersheys, Reeses, Skittles Storybooks, Kisses , etc.

    Coffee: Dunkin Donuts 11 oz. $4.14, Starbucks Via 6 packs $3.99

    Betty Crocker cookie mix

    Pillsbury canned frosting and cake mixes


    Ziploc containers

    Glade candles

    Febreeze set & refresh

    Kleenex Hand Towels

    If there are coupons, these will be great deals!

  7. Katrina says

    Just wondering if anyone still has a kelloggs product with a spiderman movie ticket code that they haven't used? I ended up buying four boxes today as they didn't have any more but I thought I'd put it out there in case someone has one or two they didn't use. Thanks!

  8. Adam says

    What is the cashback offer with Kelloggs? It says "after doubled coupon and cash back" but makes no mention of how much you get back.

    Please help

    • Sue says

      It is with the Ibotta app which only applies to Pick 'n Save shoppers. It is listed on the last line before the final price line of each deal.

  9. Intchina says

    I bought 1 Kashi entree and 2 boxes of bars (all regular prices, plus coupons), and no $5 coupon off next purchase printed at register. Has anyone had the same issue? Is this deal advertised in the weekly circular?

    • Sue says

      Yes it is in the ad. Did you use your Roundy's card? Did you check the bottom of your receipt? Sometimes it's a coupon, but sometimes it's just a note on your receipt and $5 automatically comes off your next order.That's how the Norpac $5 off a future purchase worked. If none of that, then you should check with customer service.

    • M says

      I bought 3 boxes of Pita Crisps Saturday ($2/box – $1.50Q =$.50) and I got the $5 OYNO coupon on the bottom of my receipt. I wasn't expecting it since the Pita Crisps weren't included in Carrie's list above so I was pleasantly surprised.

        • Intchina says

          Odd, pick n save milwaukee, wi has the same ad through 1/2/2013 (wednesday). I wonder if 1/1/2013 is an error on pocket your dollars and it should have been 1/2/2013 instead. Btw, pocket your dollars, thank you so much for your hard work and happy new year!

          • says

            Does your Pick 'n Save ad normally run Thursday-Wednesday? That may be the difference.

            In any case, our Rainbow Foods ad stated that it was only good through 1/1 (not an error) – we'll put up a new list with the new ad today, so stay tuned! :)

  10. Intchina says

    I have bought expired product in the past and the store let me bring it back and switch it for fresh product at a later date. I guess it just has to be expired as of the date of purchase on the receipt.

  11. Intchina says

    Btw, the as to the Kelloggs deal, if you use the $1 off 2 any cereals coupon, you can combine different cereals to get more Ibotta cash back, since ibotta only gives you cash back once for each item named regardless of the number of boxes you get (e.g. You can get 4 boxes of frosted flakes within that deal (dont forget to get 5 listed items total to get the sales price), but you will still only get the 1.25 cash back, however, if you get 1 box frosted flakes, 1 box mini wheats, 1 box raisin bran, 1 box corn flakes, you can get cash back for each of those from ibotta).

    • AsUntoTheLord says

      I've got an ibotta for Rice Krispies too…not seeing it listed. I wonder if they are somewhat unique to each user???

  12. Jill Pearson says

    well I guess its a little hard to shop at rainbow this week when we have no idea what the sales are! The web site still says the ad for the 1st. on line. weird. So why can people find out early whats on sale every were like target, and cvs, but not rainbow?

    • Drew says

      I am wondering the same thing?!

      Seems strange as usually Roundys is all over getting the weekly ads out in the paper, in the mail, online, etc.

      Maybe they are doing some year end inventorying at the warehouses and need more time to figure out what products to push with sales?

      Or maybe they are doing another unlimited double and dont want to give away the surprise yet?

  13. says

    We just updated the Ibotta offers list we have and the Rice Krispies deal is there. They say that the offers will become specific to each user but I haven't seen that yet.

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