Open Mic 12/20/12

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  1. Therese S. says

    Need guidence on tips during the holidays. How much should I tip people such as mail carrier, dog walker, house cleaner? just to name a few.

    Would it be more appropriate to give snack gifts (like truffles or cookies) than monetary gifts.

  2. Sally says

    The first thing I want to say to everyone is Happy Holidays to all. I hope you all found the deals and saved lots of money. I know I did.

    The second thing is, I spent all morning yesterday getting my coupons ready for the unlimited coupon day at Rainbow. Well I went to the Forest Lake Rainbow and what a disapointment. They have already started to take shelves down and are out of almost everything on my list. I only used 5 coupons. I wish I would have known that they were starting the process of shutting down the store. I would have gone to Shoreview.

    • sarah says

      Wonder if they worked out a way to allow only 2 prints per account. I tried to print just 1 more on another computer and it said that I had allowed printed the Qs. Interesting if that's the case-this is the first time I've come across that. It's usually 2 per computer.

      • JoAnna says

        A few weeks ago I printed a similar offer and was able to print the coupon two times but I am at work and can't print coupons to test it out.

        • Michele says

          I have never been able to print a second set of coupons from an e-mail even though I tried on a different computer.

  3. Diane says

    Carrie-Loved seeing you on Fox 9 this week promoting your book-but best of all I got my order from Amazon. Thanks for writing the book for us-you are such an inspiration for all of us!!!

    • says

      Diane – How very sweet of you! I wish I could have seen you back through the TV (ha ha, just teasing!). If you enjoy the book I'd be DEEPLY grateful if you'd write a review on Amazon. Merry Christmas, Diane!

  4. Heidi says

    I am looking for ballet shoes for my daughter for Xmas. It is a short notice as she recently decided to really be into ballet. I have researched online and I can't seem to find her shoe size: 13 or 1. Does anyone know of a place that carries them? Target? Walmart? They don't need to be fancy as it is just for playtime etc. I don't want to order online and pay extra shipping to get them here in time either. TIA

    • Lori says

      I was in that candy store too! The only problem I have is coming back to reality and paying normal prices for items other than groceries!

    • Michele says

      I agree! I almost stopped breathing when I saw the register go over $500 but ended up spending just under $200 – gotta love that! The lady in line behind me said she was too embarrassed to use coupons but maybe she would reconsider after seeing my savings. I gave her this website, I hope she tries it.

    • Michele says

      Google that…a while pack I needed to do that and was able to download software. I cannot give you anymore information…new computer…and I don't remember. It worked really well though!!

  5. Sally says

    Don't know if this is right or not. But I copied this from another site. Chachaching

    If you got one of the recent deals on a Keurig, did you know that you can score a sweet deal on K-Cups when you register it? After coupon code, you can order 96 K-cups for only $0.30 each!

    Here’s how:

    Step 1: Register your Keurig Brewer online at You will need your serial number, which is likely on the bottom of your brewer.

    Step 2: In your welcome email you’ll receive a unique coupon code for Buy Two Boxes, Get Two Boxes FREE + FREE SHIPPING and the 10% Coffee Club discount on all K-cups you purchase.

    Step 3: Go pick out your K-cups. Add four of the large boxes to your shopping cart. You can mix and match brands and flavors, but add the more expensive of the boxes to your cart first. The large boxes will have either 22, 24 or 25 cups per package, depending upon brand. The Buy Two, Get Two FREE offer is not eligible for the 80-count value-size boxes.

    Step 4: Proceed to checkout and enter your unique code. The 10% club discount and FREE shipping should automatically apply

    • sue k says

      What has happened to all the good deals on coffee at this time of the year ? I have been holding off and now there have not been any deals.

      • Shelly says

        What kind of coffee, Sue? Byerly's had the best recent on Caribou – $5.99 per bag. (and there was a $2/2 coupon in the inserts) I thought there had been a good Starbucks deal as well, but I forgot to pursue it. Target, maybe? For Christmas gifts, I was happy to get on Caribou Coffee shops annual 2 for $22 sale. Some of those varieties of coffee cost $15 and over, so getting those pounds for $11 was helpful (varieties not available in the Caribou bags sold at grocery stores). Not sure if they'll be more of these deals for awhile.

  6. tag says

    HELP! from the woods. Our in-laws just informed us that we are having a grandkids gift exchange on Monday. Seriously. Our nearly empty emergency gift box has bubbles, a personal fan, and a Cars board book in it.

    We got the 3 nice teenagers from the 'living like we have a very high income' family. The gifts are supposed to be $10 or less. We have Wal-Mart, Target, Menards and a couple of grocery stores within a reasonable distance. (Notice: 'super' does not appear in front of any of these store names for a very good reason.)

    Has anyone seen ANYTHING out there that might fit the bill? (Per parent request: No gift cards, especially the Visa, iTunes, etc.)

    • Ajk says

      For teen girls look for a scarf (Target and Walmart usually have some fun fairly inexpensive ones.) My teen students love acessorizing with them! Funky, patterned socks are another big thing now as well. Check the clearance racks for graphic tees or comic book hero tees. Comfy pants–fleece or flannel are usually pretty reasonable and teens wear them everywhere!

    • sharon says

      Try this: Buy the ugliest thing you can possibly find. (Something you KNOW the recipient will hate.) Wrap it up all nice and pretty. But also wrap up the gift receipt – since that will be the real gift – they can return it! Technically, it's not a gift card, but they still get to choose a gift they will like.

    • says

      Are any of the teenagers Packers fans? The Sports Illustrated Packers Dynasty book is on sale at Menards for $3, plus you get a $3 rebate. If any are older – like driving a car age – I've seen lots of teenagers at coffee shops on the way to school. Makes me think that hot chocolate is cool. Maybe a nice travel mug with a pair of mittens that have flip-open fingers and some hot chocolate.

    • Kari Mc says

      Too bad that gift cards aren't an option – the teens in our family LOVE that them, especially if they shop after Christmas for clearance. Just wanted to share my thoughts, sadly I have no other suggestions.

    • tag says

      Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you! Pocketeers you're creativity has yanked us firmly out of our panic. Kudos to you! We took your ideas, went hunting last night and found 2 of 3 gifts. Yeah! We plan on spending this eve. getting the rest of our act togther! Thanks again.

  7. Ajk says

    Make a movie kit: bowl, microwave popcorn, theater size candy, couple of beverages, etc…look in your pantry what snack type things could you add? Maybe throw in an oldie but goody/favorite movie–look at the $5 or less titles (something that you enjoyed or don't think they've seen–there are so many GREAT MOVIES that kids these days don't know…)

  8. Sarah says

    You're probably done, but just in case… Make a gift basket! You could do a theme like movie night (microwave popcorn, movie sized candy, $5 movie from walmart, and soda) or a girl's night (nail polish, brownie mix, hot chocolate, slippers, etc), or hit up the dollar store. :-)

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