Holiday Gift Card Promotions 2012: Get Bonuses for Purchasing Gift Cards

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**Update: We’ve updated this post in time for you to pick up some last-minute gifts this weekend before Christmas. Enjoy!

Now that the dust has settled on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s time to think about those last few people on your gift list that either a) are really picky or b) already seem to have everything. Why not get them a gift card and let them decide for themselves what to buy?

You can also consider purchasing gift cards right now to save at restaurants and retail stores throughout the year. Purchase them now to get special holiday bonuses, then keep them in a safe place (and remember to use them!).

Here is a list of this holiday season’s gift card promotions that we’ve rounded up for you, separated by restaurant offers, retail store offers and other offers. We will do our best to keep this list updated throughout the holiday shopping season.

Your turn: What other restaurant or retail store gift card promotions do you know of? Please leave a comment (with a link, if possible) and we’ll add it to the list.


  1. Alison says

    This was an extremely timely post, as I was about to go buy my brother and SIL a gift card to Crave this morning. Did it online, got the extra bonus, and am now officially done shopping for Christmas! Now I can just enjoy the Christmas season with my family!

  2. Sandi says

    I don't know if this counts, but Stella's Fish Cafe is running their version of the Groupon deal where they offer two Lobster Boil dinners (with wine, salad, bread and dessert) for $83 ($166 value). If you don't like lobster, you can use the $83 gift card as a $83 value toward other stuff. You would have to go in or call them. as there isn't an online option.

  3. Allyson Wonderland says

    Kroger is also doing the 4x gas points for gift cards. We bought new blinds for our house at Lowe's, so we bought the cards through Kroger first. I have 3600 points now, which will allow us to fill up with $2 off once and $1.60 off the second time. Now, to get both cars empty at the same time and fill them up together!

  4. Sheila says

    Ok, Savers! Here are two that I have used in the past few weeks. Arby's had a deal that if you bought a gift card and put $10 onto it, you could get a free peppermint shake right then! The other one to watch for is Cub Foods. Last week the deal was spend $100 and then get a coupon for $20 off groceries this week. This week's deal is spend $100 and get $10 off groceries next week. The giftcard choices are: Nike, Amazon, and a few others I can't remember. Upon checking out and them activating the $100, you get the coupon/catalina for next week!

    Easy way to save some money; if you were planning to spend the money of giftcards anyways!

    • says

      Great list! Thanks Carrie. Last year Holiday Stations gave a free 12 pack of pop with 50.00(?) gift card purchase. Does anyone know if they are doing it again this year?

  5. Nancy says

    Question: If I go to TGIF Fridays and buy a $25 gc and receive the $5 bonus bites card, would I be able to use both the gc and the bonus bites card right then and there? Or they won't allow me to use both cards in one sitting? The gc is used as money not coupon right? Thank you.

  6. says

    Hi, Carrie. Great resource. We have a number of great offers and bonuses on eGift Card purchases at Would love if you could add us to your list or post a review for your readers! Let me know if you'd like some detailed information about our service.


  7. says

    Nancy – The website doesn't specifically state this, but my guess is that the $5 "Bonus Bites" actually works like a coupon with dates valid sometime in January-February (that's how a lot of these offers work). I recommend calling ahead before you get there to see what kinds of restrictions the Bonus Bites card has.

  8. Jen says

    Vally Tap House in Apple Vally, MN-Buy a $50 gift card get $10, buy a $100 dollar gift card get $25. They put it right on another gift card and we used it that night. Great Happy Hour deals!

  9. says

    Another Broken Egg Cafe – Buy a $25.00 gift card and get a card good for one free order of our biscuit beignets (use at any time) and if you purchase a $100 gift card you will receive a "Be Our Guest" card which entitles you to a free breakfast/lunch for two up to $25.00.


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