*Updated Again* A New Rainbow Foods, Copps and Pick N Save Coupon Policy

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Roundy’s, the parent company of Rainbow Foods, Copps and Pick N Save has updated their coupon policy for each of the stores. I appreciate Roundy’s corporate sending me a head’s up and a request to help educate customers about the new policies.

In my reading through it, I find it to be more thorough than what existed before. There are some changes (more details below) and a few things that are worded in a fuzzy, not-so-clear-to-me-exactly-what-they-intend sort of way. I’ve sent my feedback back to Roundy’s corporate with a request that they clarify a few of the points of confusion and consider re-wording the policy ever-so-slightly in a few places. As I get more information from Roundy’s, I’ll pass it along.

One Difference

The coupon policy across all three chains is identical with one exception. Rainbow Foods’ coupon policy includes the phrase “Limit of 5 of the same coupon per household per day.” I confirmed with Roundy’s that the phrase is intentionally excluded from the Copps coupon policy and Pick N Save coupon policy. Should Copps and Pick N Save ever introduce an unlimite coupon doubling program, then you’ll see that phrase added into their policies.

New Coupon Policy

Before I introduce you to Rainbow Foods’, Copps and Pick N Save’s  new coupon policies, let me make one observation. Twice within this new policy it says something like, “Roundy’s may change these rules at any time. Rule changes may become effective without advance notice or advertisement.” Hear that customers? These are the rules right now, but they are subject to change and they don’t have to tell you in advance. Just sayin’…

Most notable changes include:

  • Merged existing two policies. They used to have a manufacturer’s coupon policy AND a separate internet coupon policy. They have been combined into one.
  • New coupon types mentioned. Catalina coupons and digital coupons like SavingStar and uPromise are both addressed in this policy.
  • $25 requirement for coupon doubling. This policy clearly, like its predecessor, says that you must spend $25 in a single transaction in order for your coupons to double. Unless they have re-programmed their registers (which is possible), this policy has never been programmed into the registers this way.
  • Store gift cards cannot be used to reach $25. You can no longer purchase a Roundy’s store gift card to reach your $25 spending threshold. Gift cards for other brands sold via the in-store Gift Card Mall kiosk can be used toward the $25 spending threshold.
  • Limit on identical coupons (only applies to Rainbow Foods stores). This is the item that exclusively applies to Rainbow Foods stores. The new policy limits you to using 5 of the same coupon per day. That does not say per transaction, but per day. (I am seeking clarification about whether this should actually read “5 coupons for a single type of item per day” or if it really means same coupon. Couponers know that you can sometimes get coupons for the same product from the newspaper, from Coupons.com, from SmartSource.com, etc. Couponers would not consider those to be the “same coupon”. Stay tuned for a clarification on this point.)
  • Internet coupons must scan. It is now clearly stated that internet coupons must scan in order to be accepted. If your printer ink is low, they may not print dark enough to scan properly (ask me how I know)
  • Acceptance of manufacturer’s catalina coupons. Under this new policy stores will accept catalina coupons issued by other retailers as long as they are manufacturer’s coupons and do not say “redeemable only at {insert store name}.”
  • Inclusion of SavingStar and UPromise coupons. There isn’t much specified here about these, but we know that these digital coupons cannot be doubled or combined with another manufacturer’s coupon.

Your turn: What questions do you have about how this policy works? What changes are you glad to see? Which changes are most disappointing to you and why?


  1. Shelly says

    Thanks, Carrie, for this update. And thanks for particularly pointing out the fact that Rainbow can, at any time, change their policies. It's their right as a store/corporation. So good to remember so that we don't get irritated when something that used to "work" doesn't (i.e., my Rainbow has typically doubled all my coupons regardless of whether or not they say Do Not Double; but I can hardly be annoyed if/when it changes) This is really helpful to see these rules. Thanks for keeping us updated!

      • Amanda says

        My newspaper coupons don't aways scan, just as my internet coupons don't always scan. I drive 19 miles to the nearest Rainbow (one way). I work very hard to make sure I have the right product for the coupon and do 2 transactions in Lakeville on Wednesdays.

        Will the cashier stop manually inputting the coupon code? As an unemployed Mom of 3 boys, this is very important!

  2. jo says

    So clarification on the internet coupon MUST scan. Is this going to be a case of what your particular cashier wants to do? For example they try a few swipes and it doesn't scan then key in the numbers and it accepts- does this eliminate the manual number entry option? I realize some scanners are more sensitive than others and the print quality can vary from print to print.

    • steve says

      This is the exact reason I will not be shopping at Rainbow. I would rather go to Walmart were they will NOT give me a problem and do price matches. It should not be my problem if their scanner is not sensitive enough

      • Rachel says

        I've had issues at Wal-Mart with coupons that don't scan. They've told me (as well as a manager), that if they don't scan they don't accept them.

    • Melanie says

      I am going to be very annoyed by this part. 9 times out of 10 my cashier doesn't even try to scan the printed coupons. Sorry, I have an inkjet, can't afford a laser. Even (or especially) with brand new ink they still won't scan easily.

      • Sue says

        I don't think Rainbow has the best scanners or they are dirty or something. Often times the newspaper coupons don't scan either. It happens quite often, but all the cashiers just manually enter them. That will be a tough change to take. Hopefully they get new scanners!

      • Michelle R. says

        This is unfortunate, because I have noticed that some cashiers have better luck getting the coupons to scan. I think it's their method of waving it over the scanners. So I don't think this policy is as black and white as they would like it to be.

      • Mel says

        I have always thought this phrase about internet coupons that do not scan referred to whether or not the bar code accepted the items in your list as though fake internet coupons could be printed with random barcodes or something. Most times when the coupon isn't read automatically by the guns or beep after being read, the cashiers just type in some code for an open coupon code based on the department. I'm sure they could type in the UPC to have the computer still count the coupon as what it specifically is. The only reason I could see for not taking internet coupons that don't actually get read by their scanner guns is if they eventually sort the coupons by their UPCs for redemption, so coupons that don't scan properly either can't be redeemed or take a lot more labor to be redeemed. Actually the computer probably knows how much money the store can redeem from each manufacturer as soon as the coupon is scanned and put into the POS system.

  3. Kathy says

    For double coupon rules, the policy reads, "$25 requirement is after paper store coupons." Is that referring to Roundy's store coupons?

  4. Sheryl says

    Carrie, under manufacturer coupons it says

    "Coupons will not be accepted for product received FREE." Does this mean the ones like the free burrito coupons from the newspaper or a few months ago I had one mailed to me from Gillette for a free razor would not be accepted? Or is that meaning a coupon cannot be used on the free item if another coupon is being used as a bogof?

    Also, Catalina coupons that say 'may be used at…' Can be used from what I read, just not if it says 'only at' as long as it says manufacturer?

    • Kristi says

      I did not read the Free limitation in Carrie's notes. What that in the whole policy? And if that is the new policy does that mean we are done with the General Mills cereal deals where you get a coupon for free milk and free eggs? That would be a big bummer.

      • says

        It means you can not use a coupon that does not say (buy such and such, get this free). It can not be a printed coupon for just a free item. If the coupon is included in a (buy this get that free) it is redeemable.

        Example: – Buy 4 GM cereals recieve 1 free gallon of milk acceptable.

        – This coupon is good for 1 free snickers bar not acceptable

  5. sarah says

    That watermark one is going to be a pain. I just got one for a birthday and when I printed it out-it printed really small and then when I retried it was huge. Got it to print on another computer-and see that it has no watermark. everything else is there, Sheesh, hopefully I don't get any grief about it.

  6. Theresa says

    The cashiers at the Rainbow in Chaska told me over a month ago that if the printed coupon does not scan, they will not take it….they will not manualy type it in. However, they couldn't tell me why. Does anyone know??? I've been there once in about 2 months b/c most of my coupons are printed and some do not scan…there goes my great buys if they won't take my coupons. It's not worth it to me to get a list and coupons together when I won't even know if they'll take my coupons…..so frustrating :(

  7. Julie says

    I guess I'll match their scanning policy by only buying what their scanners will scan and the cashier will have to pull those items and manually delete the ones that don't and take those coupons elsewhere!

    • sarah says

      I thought about that too. You would only find out when you are checking out if the coupon will scan or not-and I'm not sure what I'd do then-hold up the line while the cashier eliminates those items and then pull them out of the bags. Or just not use the coupon. I really don't like either options.

      • says

        I will and would hold up the line and drive that cashier nuts. I would also take on the managers time and suggest all others do the same so that they see it is way more profitable and less time consuming to just enter the dang code in by hand if it does not scan :)

  8. Nicole says

    The part above for "coupons will not be accepted for items received FREE" applies to when Rainbow/Copps/PNS has BOGO items. You can only use a coupon on the 1 item you're paying for, not a coupon on the item they're giving you free.

  9. Ruthy says

    why wouldn't they be able to manually put the coupon code in? I'm thinking that some people must have taken advantage of the system or something. It seems strange that they would be so extreme on that printable coupon rule doesn't it? Does it apply to newpaper insert coupons that don't scan?

    • melanie says

      The reason for them not taking coupons if they do not scan is due to people making photocopies of the printables.

  10. Patti says

    I just got back from rainbow today, and 1 of my printable coupons didn't scan and she put it right threw with no problems. 3 of my newspapers one didn't scan either and she typed it right in no problem

    • Patti says

      And if that's the case with the printable i think there will be alot of people putting the items back. I personally know I won't buy the item if it doesn't scan..

  11. joann says

    I was at Copps on Sat. and the cashier refused to take ANY of my coupons because she said my total wasn't $25. I watched her delete ALL of my coupons, and these weren't doubled, just normal coupons. I ;eft everything there and walked out. Went to another store location and had absolutely no problems using my coupons. Later my husband went to the first store and they did the same thiing to him. I stopped shopping at other stores because I liked Copps coupons policy, but I may have to change again if I continue to not be able to use coupons.

  12. says

    If they will not take my coupons that do not scan, then I will tell them i do not want the item. If everyone did this, I think they would take a few sec to type in code rather than having to put all that stuff back on shelk.

  13. Angie says

    I'm going to leave the Internet coupon policy alone because I think it's been discussed quite enough. Plus I find it a bit sad that instead of giving constructive feedback there was been talk of ways to hold up cashiers and managers. I think that wont be very well received because they last time I checked they do not establish the coupon policy. I feel proud that I can coupon the right way and respectfully ( unlike some people on Tv shows etc.) I believe it's our responsibility to do things the right way so we can be a good example to people who do not coupon.

    Ultimately, I really like how clear they were about their Catalina policy. I find Cub to so unclear and each store interprets it differently. I applaud Roundys for being clear and making those extra coupons (That can be a lot of money!) easily used.

  14. Sarah says

    I cant use my savings star AND a manufacturer coupon combined? How does pick n save even know Im using savings star?? That is just silly. Here I thought they were going to be RELAXING their coupon policy because the rainbow stores were beginning to double unlimited coupons- but this just makes me sad :( !!

  15. Laura says

    Regarding the $25 that you have to spend before doubling coupons, I have come to this conclusion. I once got in a little discussion with the cashier because my total before coupons but after sales was under $25 (but my total with the self price was above $25), so the cashier didn't want to scan my coupons because she was said that they were not going to double. I told her that that was ok, that I didn't care. She kept arguing with me, until she decided to scan the coupons… and voila! They doubled. So my conclusion is that they are not preventing you from using your coupons when you haven't reached the $25 threshold, tough sometimes they almost convince you otherwise.

  16. Jessica says

    I'd print a copy of the coupon policy and take it with you. I might also complain to a manager or even corporate. That's ridiculous that they wouldn't take any coupons. The policy doesn't say we don't take coupons if you don't spend $25

    • Kristin says

      Exactly! The $25 minimum only applies to DOUBLED coupons. That's ignorance on the cashier's part. You should be able to go in with a $1/1 coupon for peanut butter and use it even if you only bought the peanut butter. The only thing is that it won't double to $2 because you didn't spend $25. Go talk to the manager!

  17. Amanda says

    I'd like to say I work at a pick n save store and our computers WILL NOT double your coupons if you do not have the $25 purchase. Our systems are set up for it. As to Lauras comment roundys wants the $25 to be after sales etc, but it IS actually with regular price before card etc. Also we have not been told any of these new policies, so today when I go into work I will ask and find out if we can type the Internet barcodes in if they have one. Paper copies from the paper we can always type in. Thanks for listening :)

  18. Jessica says

    Not a big fan of the Internet policy. I can have brand new ink in my printer and the coupons won't always scan. Some scanners are more sensitive and I think it varies from checkout lane to checkout lane. I've even had Roundy's coupons not scan!

    Well, I'm not going to waste ink or my time so I guess I just won't print out coupons. No need to cause any more problems than I already do at checkout (you wouldn't believe the sighs I get from cashiers and other customers when I have to do multiple transactions: one for each of my WIC checks and then a regular one that I pay for).

  19. Nate says

    I'm going to guess the reason they won't take them is because coupons that don't scan are more likely to fradulent. If you print off an internet coupon, chances are it's a decent print the first time (though not always as we all know). Now try to make a copy of it. It will look poorer. I'm going to guess that they're trying to eliminate copied coupons which are fradulent and Rainbow likely doesn't get reimbursed for them.

  20. Mikey says

    I only print in greyscale to save on ink. Wondering how that will play out as often mine won't scan so they simply enter manually. Will have to wait and see. It's so very sad that a few individuals who use copies, fraudulent coupons,etc. ruin a good thing for the rest of us who do it the honest, right way. Then again, it's that way all over. Why work hard and do things the right way while others cheat? "Cuz my moral compass isn't set to cheat!

  21. Julie says

    I'm not sure what you're getting at. If I'm printing a coupon and take it to Rainbow and their scanner won't read it, then I won't be buying that item at Rainbow. There is no way to know until the end of the transaction. I agree it's not the cashiers fault, but my time and efforts are worth money to me – I'm not going to throw that away because of their new policy. There's nothing wrong with that.

    We'll see what Saturday brings!

    • Amy RS says

      I think she meant the people who plan on purposely trying to make the employees miserable because of the new policy?

  22. says

    I think so too, the code of a copied internet coupon will still work, even if the bar code doesn't scan.

    I understand that Roundy's doesn't want to accept coupons they will not be reimbursed for. I just wish there was an easy way to stop the people who copy internet coupons without hurting the honest couponers.

    • Kristin says

      I would say if it doesn't scan to take 2 seconds and look for the watermark. I think photocopies don't have them?

  23. Jenn says

    Well, I always welcome a thorough/updated coupon policy. It shows the store is paying attention to how we couponers shop. I think most of the changes are reasonable.

    I am with most of you on the internet coupon one, though — most of mine do scan, but every once in a blue moon they won't, and at least 90% of the cashiers I have had at the Roseville Rainbow have been very polite and after checking to see that I have the product(s), manually enter the code for me. I have never copied coupons this whole time I have been couponing and I am down to one computer now, so that means I usually only get two chances at a particular coupon. I hope they can figure out a better way to figure out which ones are fraudulent (like the watermark part, etc.) instead. I can see myself getting frustrated (not with the cashiers, because it is not their fault, they have to follow store policies that are implemented by people above them) about the planning I put into this and then potentially having to take out an item here or there if the coupon doesn't scan for whatever reason. It could be something that put me over the $25 to begin with, so I'm not sure how I will really plan my trips if I have a lot of items that are from internet coupons vs. paper coupons that week.

  24. says

    John – You're right. I read the policy's title, which says "Roundy's Coupon Policy" right on it (as Laura points out) and assumed it was just that – a new policy for Roundy's stores. For whatever reason, that's not true. Copps and Pick N Save are retaining their old policies for now. I think it's a matter of time – whether days, weeks or months we don't know – before this new policy rolls out there. I apologize for the confusion. I'll let my corporate contact know that the policy should be retitled to reflect what it actually is – a RAINBOW FOODS Coupon Policy.

    • sarah says

      Maybe the new policy is for rainbow because of the unlimited doubling. I'm guessing they are trying to reduce fraud because of the sheer number of coupons being used?

  25. Janice Marfiz says

    I have a question, the new policy states that the total value can not exceed the price of the product? How does this work when they double coupon? If I have an item for $0.50 and use a coupon that is a $1 off 1, will I not get the $1.50 remainder anymore to use on other items?

      • Drew says

        Thats simply not true. I have gotten overage before.

        I think the computers are set up to check the regular price of an item, and double up to that amount even if the sale price is lower.

        • Shelly says

          Going by the comments over the last 2 years on this site, it seems that Rainbow stores differ store by store on whether or not their registers allow overage. My Rainbow has given me overage countless time which always surprises me. I think recently that has changed, and I wouldn't expect the overage anyway. But it was always kind of a nice bonus!

  26. Amy RS says

    I agree. Sure, it makes things harder for us, but they have to look out for themselves (understandably so) when there are people who photocopy coupons, causing the store to lose out on that reimbursement. A classic case of a few bad apples spoiling it for everyone, but such is life…unfortunately.

    • D says

      Agree as well. I am just thankful and grateful Rainbow allows us to double any coupons and save money. If they are losing alot of money by coupons they are not reimbursed for, I understand why they would make changes. People are increasingly dishonest these days and we all suffer for it.

      • Kristin says

        Except that the way the policy reads, it's not just doubling coupons. You won't be able to use ANY internet coupon if it doesn't scan, whether or not you wanted it to double. Maybe instead of punishing honest couponers they can better train the staff to recognize bad coupons (no watermark, odd size, blurry, etc.) You could feasibly go in with 5 internet coupons and not be allowed to use ANY of them, even for face value.

  27. Sue says

    That is just speculation that the change has to do with people photocopying coupons. I wouldn't be so sure that is even the reason for not accepting them. I would think that people who photocopy coupons have a good enough copier that those coupons scan just fine. I have no idea how big of a problem that is, and how much they loose because of it. I know I don't photocopy coupons.

    Maybe one reason could be that they just don't get reimbursed for them since I'm pretty sure coupons go through scanners at the coupon processing centers. I still think they get reimbursed though, they just have to be processed manually, but I'm not sure how that whole thing works.

    Another reason may be that they just want to speed up the check out lines. I doubt that will happen though because as people have mentioned, they will probably spend more time taking off the items than entering the coupon.

    So who really knows the reason?

    It usually helps to know the reason behind things, but this reason we may not find out. It's a corporate decision and I'm sure there is a good enough reason for it.

    Who knows – maybe they won't enforce it. Cashiers may still be able to use their discretion. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.

  28. joann says

    I would like to think that is true in most cases. I watched as the cashiers supervisor literally, deleted my coupons from my transaction, in front of me. Not a usual experience I hope, but some cashiers are very confused on coupons while others will automatically run all through. I once had a receipt that doubled 15 coupons when only 10 were supossed to double.

  29. TM says

    This unclear revision to their coupon policy further confirms why I will continue to not shop at Rainbow. I think this gives them more ways to figure out how not to take your coupons. I have had so many problems with them refusing to take coupons and/or not following their own policies (most of the time they don't even know their policy) that I will never shop there. Not even for unlimited double coupon day. The hassle and aggravation is just not worth the tiny bit of savings. That's why I shop at Cub.

    • Nate says

      I think the policy is incredibly clear, personally. You may disagree with the internet coupon scanning policy, but the policy is crystal clear. Employees not knowing the policies is a different matter altogether. There's really no excuse for that.

  30. D says

    Unrelated to the copying of coupons, I have also heard of fraudulent coupons being on the internet. Does anyone know how and why that would happen?? Would competitors do that? Wouldn't someone who put a fraudulent coupon on the internet be sued? Just trying to figure out why this even happens…

    • says

      People want to force good deals sometimes, although I have no idea why they would make it available for others. Maybe some people like to feel like they are illegally cheating the system and getting away with it? I don't think we'll ever really get it, the deals can be so great following the rules!

  31. Kristin says

    This scanning issue could be a huge problem if the rule comes to my Copp's store. I have all of my transactions organized sometimes down to the penny to hit $25. If 3 out of my 5 internet coupons don't scan, then I'll also most likely be under the $25 requirement for the remaining 2 coupons to double – because I'm NOT going to buy the item without a coupon! It basically ruins the whole transaction. So now I'll have to make sure the transaction will still qualify even if I can't use all of the coupons. I've seen well-printed (with a new printer cartridge) coupons.com coupons not scan properly. This seems really unfair. Maybe if they would allow us to take the coupon that didn't scan to CS and have them take care of it, it wouldn't be so bad.

  32. Kristin says

    I agree Tammi (not that I'd want to make the cashier nuts, though, lol) or I'll buy the items and then go to CS with my receipt to have them enter it manually and reimburse me for the coupon. If not, I'll return the item, because I'd only be buying it because I had a coupon in the first place. This policy is going to cause a lot of delays at registers as couponers find out the coupon(s) they planned on using and doubling won't be accepted! They may think we'll just say "Oh, well" and still buy it without the coupon, but I find it highly unlikely that is what most couponers would do. It may work on the someone who just occasionally uses coupons, but not people who use them "religiously."

  33. Sally says

    How about Rainbow invest in a scanner or two that the customers can use, kinda like the ones at Target. All Stores should have those. It would save alot of time for the Customer and the cashiers. Also it would help at Rainbow figuring out the $25 threshhold.

  34. Heather says

    I would have to agree with the scanning issue. I seem to have issues every time with my internet coupons at Rainbow where they will never scan, but when I go to Target the coupons ALWAYS scan. This could cause a HUGE issue. I am also on a VERY limited income and this is the only way I can get things I need without having to use a food shelf. There is no way I can afford a new printer and new ink. I am not sure how this is going to work for alot of people who cant afford a high resolution printer.

  35. says

    I really like the cashier Kong at the Robbinsdale Rainbow.

    He doesn't give any fuss about coupons and he's very polite and I've never had a problem with him being my cashier.

  36. Shel says

    Maybe I missed it – but what is there policy on a coupon that reads, "Redeemable at Walmart" – a manufacture coupon and NOT one that says only?

  37. Maryjo says

    Wondering about this section:

    Acceptance of manufacturer’s catalina coupons. Under this new policy stores will accept catalina coupons issued by other retailers as long as they are manufacturer’s coupons and do not say “redeemable only at {insert store name}.”

    I frequently get coupons that say MF coupon at the top, but say "redeemable only at XXXXX " at the bottom right. I have had cashiers not want to take them, but the manager at my Rainbow has always said yes. So what about when it says both.

    • says

      Maryjo – In that case the coupon would not be accepted. Even though it states "manufacturer's coupon," it also states "redeemable ONLY at…"

      It needs to meet BOTH requirements to be accepted.

      • Janice Marfiz says

        If the coupon states redeemable at XXXXX, would that be acceptable? I ask this because the Knorr pasta is on sale for $1.00 and with the $0.50 coupon it would be free after double. The coupon states Redeemable at Dollar General, but doesn't state that it is only redeemable at Dollar General?

  38. Sheryl says


    I am fairly new to the Savings star program but it does state on their site that you cannot use both. It also states that at this time they do not have a way of knowing. With that being said, and being fairly new to how it works I 'activated' some SS coupons I thought I would use and a week or so later went to Rainbow and happened to use a Yoplait paper coupon not thinking twice about it and not paying attention ( since I wasn't used to SS at that point). A week or so later I went to check to see what was available on the SS site and saw I had earned some money into the account. Apparently from the Yoplait purchase. I will be more careful in the future as I get used to it but would not be surprised if at some point the computer on one end or the other will be able to track it better.

    • says

      Sarah and Sheryl –

      Sheryl is correct – SavingStar eCoupons are manufacturer's coupons and are not intended to be used alongside paper manufacturer's coupons: http://savingstar.com/blog/frequently-asked-quest

      "Do SavingStar eCoupons stack with in-store discounts or manufacturer’s coupons?

      SavingStar eCoupons will work whether or not you combine them with other services’ coupons, but they are not intended to be used this way. Generally, manufacturers state that it is against their policies for shoppers to redeem more than one manufacturer’s coupon for the same purchase. Using in-store coupons in combination with SavingStar eCoupons is not a problem.

      In the future, we may implement mechanisms to limit the combination of SavingStar eCoupons with other manufacturer coupons."

      Roundy's is merely stating that you can't use both coupons since they are both manufacturer's coupons, regardless of whether it "works" for now or not.

  39. says

    The computers now double up to the sale price, not the shelf price (as they used to do).

    As far as I know, the only time you can get overage now is when you use both a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon as the manufacturer's coupon doubles up to the full value before the store coupon is applied.

  40. Shelly says

    I do not copy internet coupons but have had coupons not scan, both internet and those from the newspaper. Only the crabbie cashiers have a problem with it. I worked at a Rainbow when I was younger and I know it is more the issue with the cashier and the cleanliness of the scanner.

  41. says

    Janice – As far as I know, that would be acceptable. However, know that your cashier/manager may balk at it since it states the other store's name. According to this policy, though, it appears that it would be OK.

  42. Rebecca says

    My Rainbow will not accept Printed coupons for BOGO items, but they will accept those from newspapers or magazines.

  43. Tracy says

    I think the limit of 5 coupons per day is just for Rainbow Foods. And maybe just because of the unlimited coupons.

    You can see this by comparing the 2 coupon policies side by side that were updated on 12/4/12.

    Here is Rainbows:

    Double Coupons

    The following rules apply to all coupon doubling.

     Customer Eligibility Rules: The following prerequisite requirements must be met before doubling

    will occur:

    o Customer’s Roundy’s Rewards Card must be scanned at the beginning of the order

    (where required).

    o Customer must spend $25 in a single transaction:

     $25 requirement is before tax.

     $25 requirement is after paper store coupons.

     $25 requirement is after Roundy’s Rewards Card discounts or store discounts

    (where Rewards Card is not required).

    o A limit of 5 eligible coupons (10 for Double Double Daze) in total can be doubled.

    o Manufacturer coupons with a face value of $1.00 and under are eligible for doubling.

     No cash back will be given

     The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, cannot exceed the price of the product.

     A Roundy’s Banner Gift Card purchase cannot be used toward Double Coupon $25 threshold.

     Manufacturer coupon where the item is FREE will not be doubled.

     Limit of 5 of the same coupon per household per day.

    BUT here is Copp's that WAS also updated on 12/2/12;

    Double Coupons

    The following rules apply to all coupon doubling.

     Customer Eligibility Rules: The following prerequisite requirements must be met before doubling will occur:

    o Customer’s Roundy’s Rewards Card must be scanned at the beginning of the order (where required).

    o Customer must spend $25 in a single transaction:

     $25 requirement is before tax.

     $25 requirement is after paper store coupons.

     $25 requirement is after Roundy’s Rewards Card discounts or store discounts (where Rewards Card is not required).

    o A limit of 5 eligible coupons (10 for Double Double Daze) in total can be doubled.

    o Manufacturer coupons with a face value of $1.00 and under are eligible for doubling.

     No cash back will be given

     The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, cannot exceed the price of the product.

     A Roundy’s Banner Gift Card purchase cannot be used toward Double Coupon $25 threshold.

     Manufacturer coupon where the item is FREE will not be doubled.

    So since they were BOTH updated on 12/4/12 I wouldn't think Copps would turn around and update it a week from now. Wouldn't make sense.

    So I conclude that the Rainbow policy is different because of the unlimited coupons. The Copps policy JUST updated on 12/4/12 does not have this line in the double coupon policy:  Limit of 5 of the same coupon per household per day.

    Go here to compare the 2 policies

    Rainbow: http://images.gsngrocers.com/StaticContent/Upload

    Copps: http://images.gsngrocers.com/StaticContent/Upload

    • says

      We just updated this blog post to reflect the new changes to Copps and PNS's policies. You are right that there is one difference between theirs and Rainbow's and it is the 5 coupons for the same item clause. I explain it in more detail within the once-again-updated blog post.

      • Tracy says

        I'm glad to see the limit 5 of the same coupons isn't for Copps. I sometimes do some catalina deals that require the use of more than 5 of the same coupons in one day. For example a few weeks ago I did 2 transactions with 6 Whiskas Cat treats in each order. I used 3 $1/2 coupons on each order making it a total of 6 of the same coupons used that day. There have also been times on a double double day where I used 8 $1/1 Juicy Juice coupons on a Nestle deal where you needed to spend $20. I would hate to not be able to do deals like that anymore. Those are the deals I look for. I know I also did one recently for Lean Cusine where I used more than 5 in one day.

        I think I would stop shopping at Copps if they limit us to 5 of the same coupon per day.

  44. Tracy says

    I don't think it's fair that we won't be able to use a coupon if it doesn't scan. There are some coupons (printable, tearpad, or inserts) that just won't scan or are sometimes coded wrong by the manufacturer. Why should we be punished for that? They should look the coupons over and check to make sure we have the right product and still take it.

    Some have mentioned that they will just remove the item from their orders. BUT sometimes that won't work if that item is needed for a deal that I'm doing. It might mess up getting to the amount needed for a deal.

    I'm hoping that this isn't a cut and dry thing and that the csms or manager can use their discretion on it. I don't copy coupons. (any type) Never have and never will. BUT I can prove I purchased the right item for the coupon. That should be what it takes.

  45. Amy J says

    The Chaska Rainbow cashiers also told me they wouldn't be accepting printed coupons that didn't scan with the following exceptions: If the coupon had the UPC code they could type in, they would. OR it's the coupon that has the long code that doesn't scan (which they cannot manually enter in without it being generic — the number is too long), but you had an identical coupon that DID scan, they would scan that one twice. Now, it looks like that may not be a possibility and so I may be putting those questionable coupon items on the belt last – just in case so I can take them off. So far, I have only had one that didn't scan and they generically entered it. However, my stepdaughter had several that didn't scan, luckily I had almost all of them myself and our cashier was SUPER sweet and scanned mine instead.

  46. See says

    My rainbow has doubled my coupons around $21 and up. It does not have to be at or over $25. Sometimes, it's up to the cashier who will allow it or not.

  47. See says

    I was at the Lagoon location last night, and the California pizza coupons did not double. In fact some of my coupons from the internet AND inserts did not double at all or did not even scan. So I took it all out of the bags and asked to take it off my purchase. The cashier called the manager who said that not all manufacture coupons would scan or double even if it does not say. At one point, only 2 of my vanity fair coupons scanned through and the other 3 was not scanning, so the manager explained that sometimes it only allows so many per transaction-but the coupon did not state that.

    I took those coupons and went to my local Rainbow this morning and all scanned and doubled fine. So I am not sure what happened there, but I saved a lot, so I am a happy camper.

  48. Heather says

    I went to the Rainbow in Midway this morning … WAY to early in the day for me but… The things you will do for unlimited coupons!!!


    Midway did take my printed coupons even though they did not scan! He typed in the numbers from the coupon and off they went… Not a single problem..

    • scat says

      Heather — I was also at Rainbow MIdway this morning, with a detailed list, since morning is not my most functional time of the day. It was smooth and only one product missing — Silk fruit protein which has been missing for about a week now. I have never had any serious problems at this store. The cashiers are mostly long time employees and know how to handle various situations.

  49. says

    I went to the Rainbow in Apple Valley this morning (and saw lots of folks from my recent coupon class :) and had absolutely no problems with any coupons. Saved almost two hundred dollars…as always..thanks Carrie and crew!!

  50. rebecca says

    I hope not because I probly wouldnt buy the product then..I have that same issue of my printed coupons dont scan..I just changed my ink so hopefully that fixes it..but the wierd thing is they scan at walgreens and cub..I guess i will have to have them scan them all at customer service to see if they scan or i will have to ..have extra stuff in the cart incase they dont scan just like I have to carry extra coupons for when there out of Items..

  51. Heidi says

    Tracy, I totally agree 100% with you on that one! I went to my favorite Plymouth Rainbow mid morning and there were a couple coupons that wouldn't scan and he manually put them in for me. Also I had a couple that wouldn't double but were supposed to so he entered that in as well. I work long and hard on my coupons to make sure everything is just right. I read every bit of every coupon so I know how many of one to use and for what size product so that it will run smooth at check out. I saved $400 today with coupons and Rainbow sales! I love unlimited day and the 5 like coupon rule is so nice! I enjoyed myself very much. :)

    Carrie thank you so much for all the hard work you do letting us know the sales and what is going on with policies! You make it so easy! Thank you!!

  52. Amy says

    I always assumed that an item 'received free' is an item that Rainbow gives you for free for buying something else. So if Rainbow has a BOGO offer you can't use a Manufacturer

    coupon on the item that Rainbow is giving you for free.

  53. says

    According to the policy, your total after store coupons and discounts has to be $25 before the register will double coupons. However, you can still use coupons if your total is less than that.

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