Website Maintenance Today (Sat 11/17)

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We are performing some back-end maintenance today to improve the site’s page loading time. The website should be accessible for most of the day with the exception that you are not able to leave comments after any blog post right now. When the maintenance is complete, then we will turn the ability to comment back on.

We are migrating the site to a new web host. After we move the site, then your internet service provider needs to find at its new back-end home. Most internet service providers will find us quickly and you won’t notice any downtime or interruption in website availability. Some others may take up to 48 hours to find us on our new server. Don’t be alarmed if the site seems inaccessible later today.

Feel free to continue conversing with one another and asking questions on the Pocket Your Dollars’ Facebook fan page.

Thanks for your patience this afternoon as we upgrade our back-end server to provide you a better website experience. (If you are wondering, yes we did upgrade our server in August. yes, we are doing it again. Turns out that what we did in August was not sufficient.)