Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Coupon Booklet 11/1 – 11/10/12

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Roundy’s shoppers, check your mailbox for a new coupon book. We’ve matched up all of those store coupons with available manufacturer’s coupons.

Your turn: Which of these deals are you most excited about? What other coupons did you find to go along with these store coupons?


  1. Kendra says

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for having this out before Saturday! I am in a Copp's market with no unlimited doubles so have been looking forward to the double double daze tomorrow. I tried to match some of them myself and caught a few (like the Swanson broth) but not all (like the Kraft shredded cheese printable coupon).

  2. Sally says

    OMG. I just saw on channel 5 news they are CLOSING the Rainbow Store in Forest Lake. I almost had a coronary. They gave no reason. I hope this isn't the start of something worse.

    • Andrea says

      What? I would hate that, they always seem busy, so I wonder why they would do that. It will make my life alot harder for sure!

    • Jennifer says

      I wouldn't be surprise with that. They closed down the closest Rainbow foods from my place right before I move to this address. Back then a lot of people moved to this area (Blaine).

  3. Bonnie says

    I went to Rainbow this am had 5 coupons to double plus the huggies wipes $1 from Oct All You that says DND. ALL 6 DOUBLED!!! Looks like the Southtown Rainbow is doubling more than 5 today!!!

  4. Jackie says

    I only received one page of my coupon book – something must of went wrong with the assembly of the ads this week lol. I only have page 17&18 – bummer! I could really use that puff pastry coupon.

    • ellen says

      usually the cashier has a copy of the coupon book. List what you need and at the end of scanning tellthem which q you need from the book.

  5. says

    Just went to the Forest Lake Rainbow it's true they are closing Jan 9th is the last day bummer

    Now it will make the Shoreview one that much more busy. Sure wish we could get Cub on board with the double coupons

    • JoAnna says

      That would be great if Cub doubled coupons. But Super Value is already suffering economically so guessing they won't do that–but it must work for Rainbow or they wouldn't do that.

  6. AB64 says

    Regarding the DO NOT DOUBLE lingo on the coupons. I have read that it is at the store's discretion as to whether or not they wish to double them . If there is a 9 at the beginning of the bar code it will not automatically double – the cashier would have to manually enter it, and the cashier may choose not to override the coupon lingo. I have found that Pick&Save will double them as long as they scan through.

  7. Jenelle says

    How do i get the coupon booklet? I subscribe to 2 star tribune Sunday papers and have never gotten the booklet. I also have a roundys card and thought that it would be mailed out if I had that but haven't received one yet.

  8. dals says

    So, for this DDD day – I went to two different Rainbows who said limit 5 like qs and only 1 transaction. I was told I couldn't do multiple transactions unless I didn't use my coupons. Can someone clarify this? I thought you can double up to 10 qs and it can be the same coupons.

  9. says

    It sounds as if the Rainbows you went to got their promotions confused. The 5 like coupons and 1 transaction were restrictions for the unlimited doubling events on 10/24 and 10/31. Double Double Daze has different restrictions – 10 doubled coupons per transaction, multiple transactions allowed, and no limits on the number of like coupons redeemed.

  10. Brenda says

    Jenelle, the coupon booklet comes in the mail, not in the newspaper. I'm not sure how they determine who gets and who doesn't. But it's usually stuffed inside those big sets of paper advertisements. I live about 3 miles from a Rainbow, so I assume that's why I get one?

  11. Jennifer says

    Not sure if it's just me but the first International Coffee link is going to the wounded warrior project website – ($0.55/1 International Delight Coffee Creamer printable) – great organization but wanted to mention it

    • JoAnna says

      The Wounded Warrior Project has coupons to print–they receive a kick back for each coupon :) You click on "Download Believe in Heroes Coupons Now".

  12. Jennifer says

    Not sure if this is a great deal but wanted to mention that Prego is in the coupon book $1.48 limit one but there's a coupon in the Smart Source for 40 cents off 2 so it might be something to try (not sure what SS it is but it expires 12/31/12)

  13. Karin says

    A lot of the same coupons are in the store ad and the coupon booklet mailer. Can I use two of the same store coupons if they are from different ads? I'm assuming no since they say limit 1 with coupon, but wondering if anyone tried using both and if it worked or not.

    • Mary says

      During unlimited double days, I could not use 2 in the same transaction, even if the coupon came from a different source, like the newspaper add and the coupon book. I don't remember the exact wording on the coupon, but you may be able to use each in a separate transaction.

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