Get Cash for Candy at Halloween Candy Buy Back Events

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If your kids trick-or-treated on Halloween night, you probably have some candy in your house. Perhaps you have a lot of candy. If so, you may want to consider a Halloween Candy Buy Back event, where businesses purchase candy to send to troops overseas.

Here’s how it works: Have your kids gather the candy they aren’t as thrilled about having. It might work to give parameters, such as sorting apart two pieces to keep for every piece to give away.

Then, head to a Halloween Candy Buy Back Event with the unwanted candy. Many dentist and orthodontist offices are holding events today, 11/1, and tomorrow, 11/2. For a list of nearby participating locations, enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner of the Halloween Candy Buy Back site. If your local site doesn’t have specific event information online, give them a call for times.

Next, get paid. Most of the offices are offering $1 per pound of candy, up to a certain number of pounds. Some offices are also offering additional motivators like prize drawings and other goodies.

And finally, feel happy about doing a good deed – not only are you saving your little ones from some extra sugar and potential cavities, but the candy from the buy back program goes to U.S. military troops stationed around the world.

Your turn: Have you participated in a candy buy back before?

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  1. What a great idea! If I had lots of leftover candy, i'd sell mine. A local dentist to me is paying $2 a lb. Now, to convince my 6yr old that he doesn't need his full bucket!

  2. Great idea, I turned in my extra bags today. I had 8 lbs of candy! Told them to keep the money, a small way to support the troops.

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