Cub Foods: Add eCoupons to Your My Cub Rewards Card for In-Store Savings

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Sure, we’ve mentioned Cub Foods’ new My Cub Rewards card before. This card allows you to accumulate savings to save on gas. For every $50 you spend at Cub Foods (even across multiple transactions), you’ll save 5¢ per gallon at any Holiday Stationstore.

eCoupons on Your My Cub Rewards Card

But now, Cub Foods has taken their My Cub Rewards card a step further by offering manufacturer’s eCoupons that you can add to your card online to save at the register later. These eCoupons work just like regular manufacturer’s coupons – just load them to your card online, then present your My Cub Rewards card at checkout for the discount to be taken off at the register.

These coupons can be combined with paper store coupons and store sales. However, since they are manufacturer’s coupons, they cannot be combined with additional paper manufacturer’s coupons.

How it Works

Here’s a step-by-step process explaining how to add these new eCoupons to your card:

1. Sign in. Create or sign in to your online account at

2. Link your card. Be sure that your My Cub Rewards card information is linked to your online account. (If you don’t already have a My Cub Rewards card yet, you can register for one online. It’ll arrive via postal mail in 1-3 weeks, but you can print a temporary card to use in the meantime.)

3. Add coupons. Click “Coupons” on the left-hand side of the page, then click “Add to Card” by the coupons you’d like to add to your card. Examples of potential coupons include:

  • $1/1 Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes Canister or Singles
  • $0.50/1 Skippy Product 15 oz.+
  • $1/2 Ragu Products
  • $1/1 Caress Body Wash 12 oz.+ or 6-bar pack+
  • $0.70/1 Bear Naked Cereal

PS – You should be able to double check the coupons that are loaded to your card. Click “view eCoupons saved to card” to see the full list of coupons on your card (Note: This did not work for me just now, but when I went back to the list of coupons, I saw that the coupons I had added still stated that they had been added to my card so it must be a temporary glitch.)

4. Save money. Swipe your card at the register and save – no scissors necessary!

You can also download the Cub Foods app for Android or iPhone to view these eCoupons and keep track of your gas savings on your smartphone.

As we find out more about this new program, we’ll share our tips and tricks and help you work through this new way of doing things.

Your turn: What questions do you have about Cub Foods’ new eCoupons? Have you tried using these at the register yet?


  1. JoAnna says

    If I loaded a $0.50/1 coupon but since doing that found a $1/1 coupon for the same product I hope I can either remove the $0.50/1 coupon or tell the cashier I don't want to use the lower value coupon.

  2. maria says

    Does anyone know how to link a card to your nonlinear account? When I got my card they did not link it to my email. Thanks

    • says

      Maria – Do you have an online account? There should be an option to link your card to your online account/email address. I didn't get my card in-store so I wasn't able to try it myself.

  3. Therese S. says

    It's nice to see Cub joining the 21st century like other big chain stores in the US. My wish is that Rainbow will follow suit.

    I really like the iPhone app so you can see what coupons you have and keep tabs on your gas discounts.

  4. Jessica says

    How about if i have 1 coupon loaded to i only get to redeem that off from 1 product? Or can i buy 3 items? Also can i load the same coupon multiple times?

  5. says

    Jessica – I believe the coupon is limited to 1 usage per account, and if the coupon is only good off of 1 item then it won't work for multiple items.

    You should, however, be able to use a paper manufacturer's coupon in addition to the ecoupon if you're purchasing more items than the ecoupon covers.

  6. Sue says

    Create or Sign in link isn't working above for me. I will look on the official site but was wondering if the coupons are automatically taken off the card if not used and expire? If so, will they leave them on till 30 days past the expiration as my store still accepts paper with such dates. Is there a limit to the number of coupons the card will hold? Thanks so much for all the information you provide in one spot! Really helps!

  7. Carol L. says

    I have never signed up for a gas rewards card, but am considering doing so with Cub. With this card, can I pay for my gas at the pump? If I have to go inside to pay, I probably won't use it.

  8. Kristen Kirby says

    I would just like to add that the eCoupons might not be added instantly to the rewards card. I put together a grocery list for my hubby yesterday & added items to the list that corresponded with the eCoupons I had loaded that morning. My hubby went shopping 3 hours later & the discounts weren't taken off for those items, although the eCoupons I had added from the previous evening were taken off. It was a bit disappointing that we missed about $3 in savings because of that delay.

  9. Amy says

    I just signed up for My Cub Rewards card and I spend $60 on my first trip. I already have 10 cents off for the gas reward. I believe its 5 cents for $50 or less and then over $50 you get 10 cents, so on… I am excited not to have to take my gas coupons into the store.

  10. Jennifer says

    Does anyone know if SavingStar will be adding on Cub Foods as one of their stores you can shop at to earn savings?

  11. Paul says

    When I go into the Cub Foods app on my phone, it will not let me add any eCoupons to my card, the error reads “eCoupons are not available at this location.” Is there any way for me to check which Cub locations accept eCoupons and when do you think all stores will be accepting them?

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