10 Rechargeable AA Batteries + Charger For $15.49 Shipped (Exp 11/26)

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Truth #183 about Christmastime: it is a black hole for batteries. We’ve got your back with this rechargeable battery deal.

Right now you can get this Maxell Charger with 10 AA Batteries for $11.99 + $3.50 shipping ($15.49 total, you’re welcome that I did the math for you). Don’t believe this is a through-the-roof stellar deal? I’ll prove it. This same charger with just two batteries (versus the ten you get here) is $13.53 shipped on Amazon.

This is similar to a deal we mentioned in October, but today’s price is even better than what we saw in the fall. I’m thrilled that this is back, because I didn’t buy this charger in October and have kicked myself numerous times since. We have 4 rechargeable AA batteries right now, but have introduced a couple new wireless mouses (mice?) for the our computers and could use a few more.

PS – If you aren’t familiar with Tanga.com, they are a great small company. I’ve referred thousands of Pocketeers to their deals over the years and don’t remember hearing a single complaint. In my opinion, they are a great site and a really great group of folks (I think there’s 5 or 8 employees).

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Your turn: What Christmas gifts are you giving that will require extra batteries? Personally, I try to avoid buying battery-operated toys for my kids. They’re little – 3 and 5 – so it’s been easier than it might be if they were teenagers. But, it does limit the kinds and types of things we get them.


  1. shorne says

    Sometimes more batteries is not more in terms of value. You should be looking for battery life not the number of batteries you can get for the lowest price.

    If you have been taken in with recharbela batteries that boast 3000 mah but only deliver 500 mah at best check out these genuine deals on eBay. No sales tax and no charge for shipping

    Electronic USB/Main battery charger and power bank for $15

    2800 mah AA batteries rechargeable 1000 times – genuine Fujicell $5.75

    1100 mah AAA batteries rechareable 1000 times $5.24

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