Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save “Party Headquarters” Coupon Booklet 10/11 – 10/24/12

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Roundy’s shoppers, check your mailbox for a new “Party Headquarters” coupon book. We’ve matched up all of those store coupons with available manufacturer’s coupons.

Your turn: Which of these deals are you most excited about? What other coupons did you find to go along with these store coupons?


  1. Jen says

    Once when I was at the Lakeville store I was behind a woman who was using coupons from the coupon book, but was not ripping them out. She was holding her booklet and the cashier was holding another one and she was mentioning which coupons she wanted to use and which page they were on and the cashier scanned them from her own book.

    Does anyone know if this is standard operating procedure at Rainbow for coupon books? ;) Or if you can just show your own book/coupons and get them back for another transaction on another day?

  2. Michele says

    My store does that as well. They don't like us to tear apart a coupon book and take another one. Sometimes I cut the coupons out and just ask for them back. No problems.

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