Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 10/28 – 11/3/12 (Incl. Unlimited Doubles on Wednesday)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Rainbow Foods shoppers: You read the headline correctly. This Wednesday you can have an unlimited number of coupons doubled. Copps and Pick N Save are not participating. We shared the exact rules about the promotion last week. Highlights include: your total after store coupons, but before manufacturer’s coupons must be $25+; you must present your Roundy’s card at checkout; limit 5 identical coupons per transaction (unless the coupon’d wording is even more restrictive); limit 1 transaction per customer per day.

In addition, Saturday is advertised as a Double Double Daze where 10 coupons can be doubled per $25 transaction.


If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. Sally says

    The Hodgson Mill cereal is not showing up. Also what are the answers on facebook to get the Duncan hines frosting creations coupon?

  2. Shelly says

    Could someone remind me – if one purchases 12 of the G/M cereals in one transaction, does it generate two free milk and egg coupons and does $9 come off twice? I've never purchased 12 at once. Thank you for the very quick list!

      • Melissa W. says

        Yes it should. I normally purchase around 30 boxes when they run this, and I have always gotten 5 sets of the milk and egg Qs.

        • Sandy says

          But I think the trick here is have you done 30 cereal boxes in one transaction? When I did Kellogg's cereal deal last week in one transaction it only printed one free milk when I did enough for 3 milks to print out. I am wondering if it will generate coupons according to the amount you buy or by your Roundy's card limit one?

          • Melissa W. says

            Kellogg's deal might be different because they are the ones paying for the offer. I have never had a problem doing the GM ones all in one order.

          • Melissa W. says

            No, they have always been in one transaction. I just always ask first. They are happy to tell you if it will work or not.

    • Kristi says

      I have the same question since I have always purchased this deal in separate transactions. If I buy 12 boxes in the SAME transaction will you get two free milks…

      Melissa you have purchased 30 boxes in the same transaction but when you could only double 5 coupons?

      • Melissa W. says

        I don't worry about having all the coupons double. The $9 dollars off, free milk, free eggs, and whatever coupons do double are a good enough deal for me. I normally have at least 2 little ones with me so I very rarely do more than one transaction. In fact, I rarely go on a Weds. or Sat.

    • carol says

      I have the same question regarding the P&G deal – is the $40+ total required purchase calculated before or manufacturer qs?

    • Maria says

      It's after. I just got some Neosporin this morning..paid $7.50 after coupons and received the $5 off coupon on the bottom of my receipt!

      • Amanda says

        Wouldn't that mean you had to reach $15 before coupons if you had your total down to $7.50 and then your coupon printed?

      • Amanda says

        Wouldn't that mean you had to reach $15 before coupons if you had your total down to $7.50 and then your coupon printed??

    • says

      I don't see any indication in the ad that the total is calculates *after* manufacturer's coupons. Unless it is specifically stated as "after manufacturer's coupon" then, in my experience, the total is calculated before coupons.

  3. Cookie says

    The Coon Rapids rainbow seems to only have shredded style McCain frozen potatoes. Does anyone recall if their store has other varieties? Thanks!

  4. Paige says

    Does anyone know for Saturdays double double daze are they limiting 5 like coupons? Like they did on Wednesday or no because the limit is only 10? It's been awhile since they have had a dddaze.

  5. Sue says

    If you live in the Crystal or Brookln Center area, there is a MQ in the Almsted's ad for $5 off the purchase of 5 specified Ocsar Mayer products. Combine this with "Oscar Mayer Meat Bologna or Cotto Salami $1.50" and they would be just 50 cents each.

  6. angela says

    Mama Francesca cheese: both last week and this week when I clicked the link there was just a blank gray page (the URL indicates it is a pdf). I went to the website and there was no indication of a coupon. Any clues about this? Thanks, and thanks, too, for the early list Carrie! You help me be able to help young Moms!

    • Merlene says

      Last week I emailed Mama Francesca when it didn't work for me. Customer Service was very fast in responding and said that that was not an official company link. He asked for my address and said he would mail me a coupon which I thought was very generous in those circumstances.

  7. Kristin says

    Can someone tell me what is considered a good "stockpile" price for paper napkins? I don't usually buy them (usually use paper towels) so I don't know what is good. (Specifically the Bounty napkins for this week.) I'm thinking if they are comparable to what it costs me to use paper towels I may try them, but it's not exactly comparing apples to apples towels vs. napkins. Help! :)

    • Sue says

      Marcal Napkins are $1.85 this week and there is a coupon on Facebook for $1/2

      $1 off Marcal Bath Tissue, Paper Towel or Napkins printable

      which I think is a much better deal.

      • Kristin says

        Thanks, Sue. Unfortunately Marcal napkins aren't at my Copp's. I did see Mardi Gras 250 count for $2.59 and I still have that 55¢/1 coupon from Red Plum a few weeks ago. Works out to about 1/2 a cent (0.006) each. Looks like I missed them at $2 last month. I should have been thinking about it during summer cook out sales! I'm on my last 1 1/2 packages of paper towels and haven't seen any good deals in a few weeks, so I was wondering about the napkins to save the towels for cleaning up messes. I read somewhere that napkins were cheaper, but I don't know what a good price is like I do for towels and toilet paper!

  8. Jennifer says

    Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (4.5-6.3 oz.) $2.00

    $1/1 Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste printable

    $1/2 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste printable

    Final price: As low as free after doubled coupon

    Cannot find the $1/1 printable anymore.

    GUM Crayola Toothbrush (2 pk.) $0.99

    $0.55/1 Gum Crayola Toothbrush from September Woman’s Day magazine

    $0.55/1 Gum Crayola Toothbrush from November Parenting magazine

    $0.55/1 Gum Crayola Toothbrush from November Redbook magazine

    Final price: Better than free after doubled coupon

    This is misleading. Since now Rainbow will only double to the sale price. There is no better than free unless there is a rainbow coupon for it.

  9. Sue says

    Some deals I noticed today while picking up a few things today at Rainbow:

    POM 16 oz, juice $2.50 this week – there are $1/1 printables making them $0.50

    Fisher Trail Mix 4 oz. regular price $1.49 so you should be able to use the the $1/2 in 10/28 SS. There were also blinkies by the nuts for $1/2 any Fisher 4 oz. and up

    Luden's cough drops are $0.99 this week so free after coupon in 10/21 SS

    Purex with Zout $3.17 this week, use $1/1 from Oct. All You

    Purina Tidy Cats 3.15 lb. $2.39 regular price, use $1/1 from 10/28 RP

    Buddig lunch meat are $0.55 or $0.49 when you buy 5+ through 1/6/13, use $1/4 from 10/28 SS or $0.75/4 from 8/12 SS

    There's also a new $0.75/1 coupon in 10/28 P&G for the Oral B Floss Picks making them a better deal.

  10. sarah says

    Just a heads up to anyone looking for the neosporin lip Q. The midway rainbow does not carry that particular variety. Very frustrating to wander the store and then be told that they don't keep that.

  11. JoannaV says

    Just a reminder (or if you are new), you cannot copy coupons. Someone who checked out before me last Wednesday at the Oakdale store used some copied coupons and the cashier did not catch it, but the customer service lady did. They were talking about it and I asked if I could see the coupons. It was easy to see they were copied, no watermark or web site. So PLEASE don't copy coupons, this will jeopardize Rainbow offering doubles in the future.

  12. says

    Our coupon group here in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin is wondering about this:

    ** Buy $35 in P&G Products in One Transaction Using Your Roundy’s Rewards Card, Get a $10 Prepaid Mastercard via Mail-In Rebate. Rebate Form Prints at Checkout (exp 11/30)

    Our local ads do not indicate that this deal is working here, can someone point me in the right direction for checking/confirming whether or not it will work at our local Pick'n Save stores? I can't find anything on picknsave.com or Google. :/

    Thanks in advance and thanks again for all you do here on Pocket Your Dollars! Our group uses your matchups RELIGIOUSLY for planning our Pick'n Save shopping trips. We even teach it in our classes – yours is the ONLY matchup site we recommend for Pick'n Save. :)

  13. hajra says

    Thanks a lot for the list Carrie,I have a question for P&G deal for Buy $35 get $10 GC,can we do the deal more than one if I have already send in the rebate form in past.


  14. Shelly B says

    Just an FYI, The Mario Olive coupon says "Do Not Double" and might not be taken because it does not have a watermark on it!!!

  15. says

    That is frustrating. I wish it were easier for the cashiers to catch them. I imagine seeing so many coupons they just all look the same. :-( Don't most cashiers get some training as to HOW to spot that? I messed up this morning and felt horrid. Glad the cashier caught it though!

    • Amanda says

      Each time you print a coupon there is a specific code assigned to each one. I do the two print limit and underneath the expiration date is a barcode with different numbers associated to each coupon printed (even if it is for the same product).

      I would think it would be obvious since printed coupons are all unique!

  16. says

    It's not in this week's or last week's PNS flyers. But I'm almost certain that I saw it in our regular flyer a few weeks ago, when the promotion started (maybe you have an older flyer to confirm? – it would have been the first week or two in October).

    Otherwise, there's a phone number above to call P&G customer service to check/confirm details of the promotion 1-866-512-8933.

    • says

      Thanks Chris! I contemplated calling the P&G number, but just wasn't sure how much they'd know about each local store, but I think I'll give it a try now. I did email my contact at corporate Roundy's and am waiting for their reply.

      Since our group has a great relationship with Store Managers at both Sheboygan locations, one of our members was able to "test" the deal today with their permission. She bought 10 Febreeze products totaling $40 and did receive the $10 CAT but not the rebate. Of course, I don't know for sure if she used manufacturer coupons, but if she did and her coupons brought her total before $40, then would the rebate form print? Hmmmm….

      I will make that call right now…

  17. Shelly says

    The PYD coupon database shows a Caribou Coffee coupon $2/one printable. But I went through that coupons.com list twice and can't find it. Anyone else find it? It would make a decent deal this week. The couponmom website isn't showing any Caribou coupons available right now.

  18. Stephanie says

    Does anyone know where I would find the Hodgson Mill Hot or Cold Cereals? I have looked in Brooklyn Park and Columbia Heights and can't find it. I thought maybe someone else had…. Thanks!

  19. Janine says

    I am confused – if I have a mfg coupon for $1.50 off an item and Rainbow doubles up to $1.00, will I get $2.50 off the item ($1.50 coupon + $1.00 for doubling up to $1.00)

    • Heather says

      Nope, sorry Rainbow will only double the coupons that are up to $1 in value… so

      50 cents —- doubles to $1

      $1 —- doubles to $2

      but $1.50 stays $1.50 since its over the $1 limit

    • Melissa says

      No the only dbl up to $1.00 off so any coupons more then that will stay same price. So the coupon u have will only be for $1.50 off

  20. Josh says

    Old Orchard Frozen Concentrate $1.25-$1.65 (regular price)

    $1/4 Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate (Facebook) printable

    Final price: As low as $0.75 each after doubled coupon


    There is a new BOGO printable that will probably run out of prints fast:


  21. says

    Hajra – If the dates (expiration date, items purchased between dates, etc.) on this rebate form are different from the dates on the rebate form you sent in the past, you should be fine to submit another rebate.

  22. Amber says

    Does anyone know where the Kiwi products are? I looked last week and could not find them. Relating to the shoe laces for free after coupon.

    • Cassie says

      I found them at the end of an aisle (I believe it was a paper product aisle, but it was by the household stuff) on their own rack at the Northtown store. HTH!

  23. kat says

    just wondering if a coupon says limited one coupon per transaction. Can i still use the same one 4x n the same transaction or i can't? It does not state up to 4 like.

    • Kristin says

      No, you can't reuse a coupon 4 times nor can you use 4 of the same coupon in a single transaction if the coupon specifically says you can't. It's basically the same premise as 4-like bit they are only allowing 1-like.

  24. says

    Just curious about the unlimited coupons tomorrow. I can't find anywhere on their website that says this and our ad just lists it as a Coupon Daze with November 3rd as Double Double Daze. Is this confirmed for tomorrow?

  25. Andrea F says

    Just checking to be sure that the Tampax Radiance products are included in the p and g sale? It looks to me like it is only 20 ct for the Tampax and the Radiance are packaged as 16's. Just want to verify before I add these to my list. Thanks!

  26. Mindy says

    So first the total is rang up, before manufacture coupons are? So, technically, my whole transaction could be free? Am I understanding that right?

  27. Amber says

    Can anyone who shops at the Chaska Rainbow tell me how it is? Is it busy in the morning? I've never been to that Rainbow and am thinking about giving it a try, but I don't want to make the drive there to have it be super crowded.

    • Jess says

      It's been a while since I went to Chaska, but usually you want to get there around 9 to 11 (or even before). You want to get there as early as possible before a lot of people are out since some products might be out of stock and the checkout lines can get long. I know that one time we went around 1, and you can still get some good deals, but some of the stuff I really wanted were already out of stock and the crowds were coming out full force.

    • Theresa says

      Amber –

      That's the Rainbow I shop at. It seems to me that they're always restocking around 9-10 and not too crowded after 11. I've also go around 1 and it's pretty empty then. However – I have no idea what tomorrow will bring :)

  28. Amy J says

    El Monterey Burritos $1.39-$1.49 (regular price)

    Free El Monterey All Natural or Supreme Burrito or Chimichanga (max value $1.29) from 10/21 Smart Source insert (coupon says “Do Not Double”) (exp 11/4)

    Final price: As low as $0.10 after coupon

    Did anyone else notice that the coupon also states "one coupon, per customer, per purchase"??

  29. TBabs says

    Last Weds at the Forest Lake store I used the Barber Foods coupon $1/1 on the chicken kiev. It did not double at the register. I told the cashier. He got the head cashier and she stated that if it would not automatically double, there was nothing they could do about. They would not double it for me. The coupon DOES NOT state do not double. Just a heads up in case you have that one on your list.

  30. Drew says

    I often gift napkins at Aldi or sometimes Menards.

    Honestly, spending $10 a year or $20 on napkins is low on my priority list, so I focus more effort on higher value deals.

  31. corina says

    just an FYI if your looking for the hidden valley everything it is by the ketchup well, at least at the apple valley rainbow

  32. Kris L says

    Getting my coupons ready for tomorrow….two things I noticed. There are $1/1 coupons for Advil in 10/28 red plum and the Hunt's diced tomatoes coupon has expired. Happy couponing!

  33. pam says

    The hodgson mill hot or cold cereal was not available in Bloomington either. I looked for quite a while and found that brand of pancake mix and flour, but no cereal anywhere.

  34. Jen says

    Yes, if your store is open you can go in and shop up until 12:00am, as long as you check out after that you are fine :)

  35. sarah says

    I checked that Q and even though it does not say DND. it starts with a 9. Which means it will not double. Kind of strange that it did not say DND though,

  36. Katie says

    Just a heads up, I went at midnight to one of the stores that was open. Just a heads up- if you are going to do lots of the cereal, check with your cashier to make sure all the catalinas will print. I purchased several boxes of cereal in one transaction and NONE of my milk/egg coupons printed. I asked one of the cashiers on duty about it, since the actual customer service counter was closed, and she told me that it was one per transaction no mater how many boxes you buy, so she let me go get one gallon of milk and one carton of eggs w/o coupons. I personally think the catalina was just not working since it didn't print anything (not even the other random stuff it always prints) and she didn't know what else to tell me at 1am. I am going to call this morning and see if possibly they'll still fix it. Other than that it was a still a good trip. Watched my bill go down nearly $75 after my coupons, so I really can't complain!

    • TBabs says

      Katie- I bought 12 boxes this morning and 2 catalinas printed for milk and 2 catalinas for eggs. The cashier was probably misinformed about the policy and for some reason the printer did not print them.

        • Kevin says

          I had a successful trip this morning. I bought 12 boxes of General Mills, with 12 coupons of course. I did get the $9 off times 2. And also the 2 free gallons of milk and 2 free eggs coupons. This was done in Chaska.

          • Amanda says

            I bought 18 boxes of cereal, $9 came off 3 times, and 3 sets of milk and eggs catalinas printed, Savage location.

          • Katie says

            The $9 came off for each set I bought (I got 7 sets- won't need cereal for quite some time!)but no catalinas. Not even the kind for other stuff like an oil change or other random stuff that usually print. When I called the store this morning the lady that answered the phone told me the same thing the over night person did- one milk and egg coupon per transaction. After seeing all the posts here, I knew that wasn't accurate (and it doesn't say anything in the ad either about a limit) so I called Roundy's customer service line. They told me to call Catalina directly, so I did that. They took all my info, including my roundy's card number and all the numbers from my receipt. They will contact me in within two business days, and if the determine that there was an error and I should have gotten the coupons, then they will mail me the coupons. Will have to see what happens. At least now I know what to do when a catalina doesn't print :)

  37. Shelly says

    Easy trip to Rainbow this morning. I got 12 boxes of G/M cereals and it did print out 2 milk and 2 egg coupons (and took the $9 off twice).

    A couple of things I got that weren't on the list. Nutella is on sale for $3.50 and there was a $1/1 coupon a couple of weeks ago in inserts. $1.50 is a good price if you happen to be almost out like me. I was also glad to find .75 peelie coupons on the Sara Lee Deli lunch meat. It's much more expensive than most brands, but nicer quality. It was still expensive, but it was on on my list and I was glad to get $1.50 off (in the deli section).

    West End Rainbow has a very limited selection of Hodgson Mill hot cereal, but it's all included in the $1/1 coupon mentioned in this list. It's with the other hot cereals, and it's on the top row or two.

    I got Land of Lakes 1/2 and 1/2 with a recent coupon. It's $1.59, and the coupon makes it 49 cents. And thanks again, Sue, for the adding POM to the list. Always thrilled to be able to get it for 50 cents instead of $4.99!! I got two of them this morning at West End.

  38. Kari says

    The Carl Budding meat double the coupon at the Northtown mall Rainbow…if you use 2 coupons you get 8 of them for free. (5 or more at .49) Save a 1.00 off of four. Just a heads up. Also I'm not sure if this was posted already but the sercet deoradant is 2.39 and in the P&G this week was save a dollar making it .39 once the coupon doubles. Northtown Rainbow I was in and out within 45 mins. I spent 106.00 on 154 items and saved 255.00 I think I did well. Good luck to everyone!!!

  39. Stephanie says

    I went when the store opened at 6am in Columbia Heights. Almost only couponers there and I heard more than once "do you use Pocket your dollars?" It seemed like everyone said "yes". I had 1 hr to shop, pay, bag, and get to work! How did I do? 93 coupons doubled! That means I got $272 worth of food our family (or requested by friends) for $78.30! And when I go back, I have coupons for 3 dozen free eggs, 2 gallons of milk, and $2 off anything! Not a bad morning, not a bad morning. The $2 off anything was from buying 4 carnation instant breakfast. Not sure why I got it, but if you have that on your list hopefully you will get a kickback too!

  40. melissa says

    Around 30 people waiting outside CR store at 6 this morning. The shelves were stocked and there were plenty of cashiers. I saved $122 and spent $20. Lets hope the unlimited doubles continue!

  41. Elizabeth says

    Did anyone else have an issue with the P&G gift card form printing? I got the 10 dollar off roundy's one, so obviously I got the 35 dollars of P&G for the gift card.

    • Bea says

      I did not get one either, and I spent way over $35???? Did you contact customer service? I did not see anything in the Rainbow ad about the mail in offer, so I don't know if there is any recourse…

    • Jenn says

      I didn't get the P&G rebate print out, either, even though I got the $10 OYNO printable… is there a form we can print out online and submit w/ our receipt or do I need to go back to the store to get one printed?? TIA!!

    • abby says

      My pns store has tearpads by a lot of p&g products for this rebate. As long as you have the receipt from the store that has all the products on one transaction you can mail it in and get your rebate. You would have to find one of the tearpads to get the form but hopefully this helps some of you get your rebate.

  42. Kelly says

    Awesome morning at the Bloomington Rainbow. I was there at 6 when they opened and there were a few other couponers waiting as well. The cashier working was really nice and fast!

    The only thing that I remember them being out of were the S&W beans and the Hungry Jack Hashbrowns. Overall I spent $68 and saved $193.

  43. Jenny says

    I got 226.73 worth of groceries for 36.76 thats a 83.785 % savings, yesterday I got my gas for .109 cents a gallon I paid $1.82 for 16.69 gallons of gas :)

  44. Tami says

    To sweeten the deal on the Mio and free Roundy's water–I did this this morning and got a catalina printed for $1 off my next shopping trip! :)

    • Jenny says

      The Mio catalina will be printing 1.00 for every 2 you buy for the next few weeks, and if you buy 3 its 2.00 and if you buy 4 or more its a 3.00 catalina. I have been doing this deal all week and used my 1.00 cats to buy other product that I did not have coupons for this morning.

  45. Jackie says

    Something a little funky happened with my cereal deal this morning…perhaps I didn’t read the fine print and didn’t know if you could only do one of the cereal deals per transaction. I purchased 12 boxes of cereal, but only got one $9 off and only of the milk/egg coupons. But I also noticed on the receipt that the 9oz box of Multigrain Cheerios rang up $1.27 per box! The shelf price was $3.52 – so I don’t know if I didn’t get the second deal on that because those boxes weren’t full price or whatnot. But here was my total cereal deal for 12 boxes:

    (4) Multi-Grain Cheerios – $1.27 x 4 = $5.08

    (4) Coco Puffs – $3.13 x 4 = $12.52

    (2) Honey Nut Clusters – $4.13 x 2 = $8.26

    (2) Honey Nut Cheerios – $7.34

    TOTAL FOR 12 BOXES = $33.20

    Minus $9 for buying 6 boxes, and $23.40 worth of doubled coupons.

    TOTAL – $9.80, or $.81 per box, not including the future savings on milk and eggs.

      • Kevin says

        I had the same experience this morning. How it worked is the second $9.00 off came directly out of your Multi-grain cheerios price. $3.52-1.27= $2.25x 4= $9.00 then the other $9.00 came off as a $9 also.

        • Jackie says

          But if it did the GM cereal deal, I would have gotten another set of milk/egg cats and it would have showed up on my receipt like the other one did – labled 'GM CEREAL DISCOUNT -$9', which it did not.

  46. Jackie says

    Oh, and I got $155.90 worth of groceries for $61 dollars this morning. I was in a hurry – only had about a half hour to shop before taking the kids to school and getting to work. But luckily, I have Saturday :)

  47. TBabs says

    FYI…The Bear Creek coupons are not doubling at the register. Make sure you catch it so the cashier can automatically take it off. I had a raincheck from last week and I didn't catch it until after I left the store. With unlimited doubling it is much harder to watch everything at the register because the belt gets so full! Not complaining though…I love it!

  48. Robyn says

    I went to Savage Rainbow at 7 AM and didn't realize they opened at 6. They were out of the S&W beans, and Lund's cough drops. I checked the stock of most things last night and saw there wasn't huge stock of everything. I did get the Hormel Chili, Yakasoba noodles, 99 cent Marie Callender meals and some other stuff. I prefer the double 10 coupons on Saturday.

    There were plenty of cashiers and they are alway great at this store. Keep your eyes open for peelings esp. in frozen foods section. I got TGIF wings for $2.00 with the peelies. I spent $20.00 and saved 55.00.

  49. Jackie says

    I also talked to one of my two favorite cashiers at the Richfield store this morning about this test run and she said the cashiers really like it. It helps move things along faster for them and for the customer. She is hoping that it sticks.

    • Cookie says

      You get a free 12 pack of roundys water when you buy 2 Mio.

      Mio is on sale for 3.89 each. So with 2 doubled $1.00 coupons and the one dollar Catalina that you get the 12 pack of water and two Mio for $2.78.

  50. Heather says

    Found a great nonsale item this morning.

    Buttoni refrigerated linguini noodles are $2.25

    There is a $1 coupon from the newspaper (not sure which one off the top of my head) doubled that =$0.25

    Great Price for refrigerated pasta!

  51. Carrie says

    I went to Eden Prairie Rainbow this morning. They were out of S&W beans and Aunt Jemima waffles but everything else was well stocked. There were only a few Yakisoba left after I took 3 of them. I got the POM juice and my coupons doubled even though they say DND.

  52. Carrie says

    Also, I noticed that the only coupon that didn't double was the Milano Melts. I'm not sure if the coupon says "do not double" on it.

  53. eapresto says

    I'm definitely enjoying this unlimited doubles on Wed. But, I shop the Rainbow in Oakdale, Woodbury and Maplewood and often there are bare shelves when the day starts. This am I was in Oakdale's store at 6:15 and then went over to Woodbury (it was a gamble) at 7:30. No Suave lotions, no neosporin lip balm and a few other things. Neither store was packed which is nice, but this is very common for me. I do get good deals, but rarely do I get everything on my list. Is there a trick I'm missing? I can get rain checks and of course things like the Suave lotion I don't need a double day for but…rainchecks aren't always the best as coupons are expiring and some deals like money off future order mean you need to make the purchase this week. Of course I have Sat to check but I have no reason to think any of those three stores will have those items, even at 6am. Plus, I did a chunk of shopping this morning, so if I go a second time I need to come up with $25 worth of stuff to make the coupons double. And it's another trip which makes me wonder if even worth my time and gas. Do any of you deal with this? Do you have any suggestions?

    • scat says

      eapresto — I would suggest you email Rainbow about your experience. I don't think the point of this test market is to make shopping more difficult for the customer. When a store does not have product on the shelves that is a management problem that needs attention.

    • Chris says

      I recommend asking someone in-store if they have any product in back. Also, find out when their mid-week deliveries are at each store. If their truck arrives late Tuesday night, there might be product in back that hasn't been shelved yet at 6am. Or, if their truck arrives sometime Wednesday, the shelves at some stores may be better stocked later in the day or at night rather than earlier. I assume my store gets a delivery later on Wednesdays, as I often see palettes and boxes of products stacked in the aisles on Wednesday evenings.

    • eapresto says

      Thanks for the feedback. I have emailed all three stores (Woodbury, Oakdale, and Maplewood). I told them what I wrote above on this website and I asked them when they restock. Hope to hear from them, I would love to make this work!

  54. martha says

    wow spent 11/2 hours getting ready spent 1 hour at store no long lines just out of 25% of my list 23 of 50 Qs came home with me. Out of SW beans out of cornstarch, out of Ykasaba noodles no neo sporine lip care, out of west pack $1 veggies at 8 am that's frustrating but then it wasn't really any diferent then most of my trips where they are out of at least 1 of the 5 items I am planning only I didn't have to shop go to my car and repeat to double more then 5 Qs.

    Cashier was rude to the gentleman in front of me and did the big heavy sigh when he questioned why a Q didn't double at full value and with attitude said I'm not going to argue with you and fixed it. Then slammed her keys on the counter and as she turned away mumbled something about a bunch of cheap bas….

    I may spend a tiny bit more at Cub BUT THEY NEVER WASTE MY TIME!!!!!!!!

    oh and there are Holiday stores every where the BP/Shell thing good luck I'm done

  55. bobbi says

    A nice little added surprise freebie this morning…Sundrop and RC cola (and diet) are priced 4/$5 this week. There were hang tags on the Sundrop with $0.55 coupon attached. Used all four, thereby making all four free–plus 40 cents! Keep your eyes open, not all bottles have them. Yay for free stuff!;)

  56. jennifer says

    Did 3 cereal deals in one transaction and all the millk and egg coupons printed, and took the $9 off 3 times. Cashier said that its been hit and miss as to when milk and egg coupons print. Not sure what's going on with the deal. Must be some cereal not coded in right?

    Also, dairy/frozen manager (Brooklyn Park) inquired about what deals were good this week for his department. So if you give him a heads up, he'll get stuff ordered. Great guy (wish I could remember his name).

    I'm writing Corporate to let them know how great they were today! Hope they continue the unlimited doubles!

    • Mary says

      I was so excited to go at Rainbow this morning, it was such a high :-p I do also want them to continue with unlimited double coupon days. I don't mind waking up at 530am to save more than $50 dollars on my groceries. I say we all write to corporate and thank them for our SAVINGS!!!!

      • Tami says

        I agree! I will be letting them know that if they continue with the unlimited doubles they will be my "go to" store for everything.

  57. jenni says

    After I was done checking out, I had a coupon that printed out for me to get a FREE 8×8 photo book from Shutterfly!!! Bonus!

  58. Nate says

    Based on all the fantastic deals you all are getting, I'm fully expecting all of the good deals to be gone by the time I get to Rainbow tonight. Hopefully it will still be worth my time.

    • Nate says

      I think I've officially decided to not bother with going tonight and hit up Rainbow on Saturday morning instead. I have about 15 coupons I had hoped ot use, but my guess is that the majority of them will be gone by the time I get there at 8:00 tonight. Hopefully they'll restock by Saturday.

  59. Julie says

    Shopped with coupons for everything on my list except for 2 items. Pre-coupon total – $135 minus $86 in coupons! The lady behind me high-five'd me – and I got the free shutterfly book coupon too!

    oh yeah – I did do a 2nd transaction for the free milk and the cashier gave me 31 cents.

  60. Sarah says

    I found a great deal at the Eden Prairie Rainbow this morning – there are peelies stuck to the Oreo cookies for $1/a bag of Oreos and a gallon of milk. Oreos are on sale for 2/$5.

  61. sarah says

    The store that I went to had most of the items in stock. They had a ton of the GM cereals-all the choices I could possibly want. I only bought the 6-my kids don't eat it, but their school is doing a food drive so I thought it would be good for that.

    I knew they were out of the lip cream-been that way since Sunday. They did not have the S&W beans either. So totally I spent 40ish and saved around $80. I do like this was much better. It's too confusing doing the multiple transaction thing and worrying if I totaled everything correctly to reach the $25 minimum.

    Good deal on the Seagrams ginger-ale, club soda, sparkling water. Pretty much all the 1 lit bottles I saw had a hangtag for $1/3 and they were prices at $0.99 each. So $0.33 each for each.

  62. Terri says

    I went again this morning at the BP Rainbow at 8 am, not a lot of shoppers however they were definitely couponers for sure. In speaking with a gentlemen at the store shopping we had a conversation about the unlimited coupons, he said he read about it in the Star Tribune last week and he did not get in on the deals last Wednesday. I told him about this website and all of the great deals I get such as free magazines, free events, free food, great deals, etc. He was excited about checking out this site for him and his relatives. As I was leaving the store one customer ask me if there were still items on the shelves I said most of the items I came for were on the shelves and we talked about PYD…too funny. Anyway my bill came to $149.28 and I spent only $69.53. Again the employees and cashiers were great as always, thanks BP for making my shopping experience a great one! Got the free shutterfly book coupon as well.

    • Jackie says

      I noticed that too – the ones I printed from Facebook had the 5 on them, but the ones I printed from coupons.com didn't so I don't know what the deal was there.

  63. maryjo says

    If I return to Rainbow today to use the milk/egg coupons, and decide to get more cereal will another coupon print?

  64. Julie6 says

    I think my daughter gets the award for the best transaction. She got 158.00 worth of stuff for .04. You read right. 4 cents. She is amazing.

  65. says

    I decided to check out Rainbow today. I usually do not because the closest one is 38 miles away. I normally do 90% of my shopping at Aldi (23 miles away). Coborns is the only option for me locally in my town and their prices are way too expensive unless they have a double coupon day (limited) or a Penny pincher. Also We do not use much prepackaged food I get 90% of our meats from local farms.

    Today I got $139.70 worth of items. I spent $54.72 saved $84.98. Including 2 free gallons of milk and eggs for $.43. Everything I purchased was less than I would have paid at Aldi for an equivalent product. I figure it cost me an extra $6 in gas to get to Rainbow over what it would cost me to get to Aldi.

    Thanks PYD team! I hope Rainbow keeps up the unlimited double coupons. If they do I will work with friends to carpool for even more savings :)

  66. Paige says

    I have a question about doubling at rainbow. It states that you need to speed at least 25$ to double coupons, now does that mean after coupons you still need to spend $25, or before you double your coupons it needs to be $25?

  67. Sue says

    If I purchase 6 boxes of General Mills cerial and the total is over $25.00, will my coupon still double (after the $9.00 is deducted)? Thank you in advance.

  68. Cassie says

    Has anyone else done the chex mix deal where you buy 3 and get a coupon for free pizza rolls? I purchased 3 of the products that it stated in the ad, but no coupon…did anyone else have this problem?

    • Crystal says

      I didn't get mine either. I'll be sending me husband back there tomorrow with the receipt to see if they'll do anything.

    • says

      Cassie, I did the Chex deal X two and received 2 CATS for "save $2.25 on Totino's pizza's when you buy 2". Nothing on pizza rolls. That makes each pizza only .53. They are $1.65 at our PNS. So, not a bad deal and a good plumper.

    • mary says

      I got mine, was a regular Catalina. It did print out a little later cashier handded it to me after I'd been packaging groceries for a bit

    • Rachel says

      Mine did not print either. I asked customer service about it not printing and she had a hard time getting it to work, actually she didn't get it to work at all. She ended up trying all 3 kinds and none of them would print. She told me to go get a bag of pizza rolls for my inconvenience.

  69. Crystal says

    My second one took off funny too. I did 12 boxes and one had the 9.00 off listed at the bottom and the other 9$ off was hidden in one of the kinds of cereal like your Cheerios and made it look like my 3 boxes of Reese's puffs were 33 cents each instead of 3.33 which would be another 9$ off. Took me and the cashier a while to figure out! I got 2 milks and 2 eggs coupons.

  70. Crystal says

    I was at Savage at 6am and there were quite a few people. There was one customer clearing the shelves with like 10-15 coupons per item on some including the cough drops and chili but I know the manager was stopping her at the register.

  71. scat says

    Katie — Whenever the catalina fails to print coupons that I know should print, I go to the customer service and they have always made good on it. This in particular should have not been a problem, since they have been doing this promotion for years and they are very familiar with it. It's always a good idea to make sure you have a copy of the ad with you so you can show them what the deal is in case they haven't read the ad for the week. The catalina machines seem to go down fairly regularly, so it's not a unique problem.

    • Martha says

      I didn't get mine either. I got the $10.00 off, but not the rebate for the gift card. Can anyone tell us how/where to get this?

  72. Jennifer K says

    I had a successful trip myself today. Went bright and early when the store opened, used some rain checks from last week… and ended with $274 in retailed products for only $47 dollars.

  73. scat says

    Sue — If I understand your question, the answer is yes. You figure the cereal at shelf price — for instance 6 boxes at $2.99 would be $17.93 before the $9 is deducted. So then you need only$7.07 more in purchases to reach $25. Then your coupons are subtracted at double the face value. If you buy 6 larger boxes of cereal that cost for instance $4.59 each, you will reach the $25 limit without having to make any other purchases.

  74. SarahBB says

    We did the Gen Mills deal 2x in one transaction this a.m. and it too $18 off, and generated 2 milk and 2 egg coupons.

    • kettle says

      Katie~~ A good Customer service would be to take one of the boxes you bought and scan it 12 times or however many you bought and see if there machine spit them out. Of course that would be more work for them as they have to close that order as a cash order before the catalinas spit out! I have also called the Catalina Co, but when they finally came in the mail they were very short dated! Good luck!

  75. scat says

    It looks like most if not all the Rainbows were short of S&W beans this week. Hopefully , there is a truckload coming before Saturday.

    Has anyone done a second transaction at the same or another store? I was running out of time today when I was at a fairly busy Rainbow, so didn't get to look for a lot things other than what was on my list. I would like to go back after the trick-or-treaters are done, but not sure if it is allowed. I go to three different Rainbows because some stock some items in greater number than others.

    • Val says

      I recently discovered that only some of the Cubs take the catalinas from Rainbow. I had an expired milk catalina from Rainbow, and asked at customer service at the Cub on W Broadway in Brooklyn Park if I could use it there. The worker said no, only some Cubs will take them. At that one, I couldn't use it, but she said it would be accepted at the Cub on hwy610 in Br. Park, and I tried it there and it was. If in doubt, ask at C.Service first. There is apparently a difference between franchise and non-franchise stores whether they are accepted.

      As for regular, non-store specific mfr coupons that are expired, all the Cubs still take them up to a month expired.

        • Val says

          Isn't it weird? You would think it would be the same at all of them, but no….I was kind of glad I had asked about it first before getting the milk and getting in line, since my coupon would have not been accepted.

          Terri, last week you encouraged me to try unlimited double day at the B Park Rainbow and I did. I didn't make it till about 1:15 since I had obligations in the morning. I spent $26 and saved $49 with coupons so I was happy. They could have had a few more cashiers..they had 2 regular cashiers whose lines had about 5 or 6 customers, one for a 15 item or less with short lines, and 4 cashiers that had their "closed" signs. It was getting backed up when I checked out. One elderly lady came over to me and she was discouraged. "You would think they would have more cashiers on Wed.!" is what she said. It sounds like you have better luck with that when you go in the morning?

        • Val says

          I could be remembering wrong, but I thought she said the "corporate" stores don't take them, but the "franchise" ones did. Don't take my memory as the final word, because I could be remembering wrong. In Brooklyn Park I thought the store on West Broadway was the corporate one and the other one at Zane and 610 is franchise. Could have it all backwards…

  76. Jennifer says

    The Sara Lee Deli cheese also had .75 peelie in the deli cases, next to the meat. It is $3.99 a package at the Midway Rainbow in St. Paul and Roseville. The lunch meat is nicer quality but I felt like I received more bang for my coupon using it on the cheese instead.

  77. Jill says

    I wish I could get in on the good deals, but by 9 am when kids are off at school everything is cleared by then. By the time I get a list together, it's to late to pre order for wed because the order is already out. Is there a way to get the deal list up Saturday nights so I can have my list ready by saturday A.M. to send out an order? Maybe more people then would do orders instead of clearing the shelves bear, so others can get a few things also. I don't buy bulk, just half bulk lol, so very frusterating when you can't even buy some things w/o the shelves being totally wioed out!

    • scat says

      Jill — I never go at 6am, more like 11 am. I have gotten 90% of what I had on my list, sometimes more. Maybe by late morning or early afternoon, they have refilled some of the shelves. You might talk to the manager at the store you generally go to an find out what thier schedule is. I have even gone at night and found what I wanted. If you need to know the coming week's advertised specials on Saturday, maybe you could pick the early Sunday Star and Tribune on Saturday afternoon. The Sunday ads are in there. Sometimes you also get coupons from Smart Source and Red Plum.

      • Terri says

        I have been going at around 8 am and I have found most of the items that I wanted on the shelves, only a few this last time I did not get which were ludens, and slow cooker liners otherwise I got everything else on my list.

  78. Amanda says

    I'm in the same situation–I haven't been able to find one online, but i did find out that it was apparently advertised in the Rainbow ad a few weeks ago.

  79. Jill Pearson says

    yea i asked today if they were restocking anything and they said not till next day . so idk yea i got early addition paper for that reason, and there was no rainbow ad in it lol :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) thats what i get for not look


    • scat says

      Jill – It's a good idea to thumb through that Saturday Strib to make sure the ads you want are included. It's pretty hit and miss.

  80. Paige says

    I would like to try these but I don't know what would go good with them, got any good recipe ideas? Do you know what sauce goes good with these?

    • Kelly says

      I don't think it's too late. I've ordered on Thursday's before for Saturday. The manager will let you know if they don't think they can get your order in on time.

  81. MAC says

    I noticed the sign in the store stated "regular price" on the cereals, so if some of your cereals were on cut back, they probably didn't count towards the deal.

  82. Kara says

    I wished that I lived closer to a Rainbow! I just got my PNS ad (our ad is Thursday – Wednesday — always a little behind the Rainbow ad) and I was REALLY excited to do the cereal deal and our sale is if you buy 6 boxes of GM cereal at full price, save THREE dollars. No eggs/milk or anything. :(

  83. Bea says

    Well, in that case I'd have to drive about 180 miles, so I guess it is not worth it. I tried to find something online and had no luck there either :( Oh well, so it goes. At least I got many other great deals :)

  84. eapresto says

    Well, I did get a response back from Rainbow (just one, though I sent it 3 times one for each store). He replied with a couple excuses and a sorry. So no help really. I'll try to ask workers when I'm there next time when they restock. Oh well.

    • Jenny says

      you can get upto 20 gallons of gas using the Roundys discount, you have to pay .109 cents even if you have enough to get the gas for free, but you dont lose the additional cents off your card if you are at or over the price of a gallon of gas which is nice. I walked away with .28 cents still left on my card.

    • kettle says

      I guess that leaves more for others. I'll take my 2.25 a gallon I saved on gas yesterday over that 5 or 10¢ a gallon I would maybe get at Cub! I'm gald people love Cub, without their competition Rainbow may not have these great deals for me!! I spent about 6-7 hours preparing over a couple days, drove over an hour to the cities and got $1873.49 worth of products for ………..$166.40! I can't ask for much more ! (Grinning from Ear to Ear!)

  85. kettle says

    I spoke to a manager at Bloomington who Told me they had lots of beans, but one lady grabbed 50 as soon as the doors were opened! That surprised me!

  86. Jennifer says

    It is so much fun to read everyone's fabulous shopping trips. My goals are more modest with a smaller household. Spent $17 and saved $30 (not counting the free eggsa and milk) with the cereal deal, plus yogurt and a few other deals. I still love the thrill of the saving even if we're not scoring as big! Thanks to everyone on PYD–Carrie and her teams and all those in the community who share. I love seeing someone at the store using the PYD match-ups too!

  87. Kim says

    I wasn't able to go shopping until after trick-or-treating last night, so around 8pm, and I was able to get everything on my list! I even found some beans! So pleased! I was just sure the shelves would be cleared! :-) I spent $34 and saved $109.

    I hope everyone remembers to email Rainbow and tell them that we appreciate the unlimited doubles and hope they do them again!

  88. Cathy says

    I was at Copps yesterday and saw the signs on the shelves, but no tearpads. Also, nothing printed on my receipt. I called the customer service # listed and they gave me the info to mail in the rebate without the form. 866-512-8933

    Please remember the items on the $40 promo are not the same as the buy $35, get $10 card. (For example Tide is included in the rebate, but not the $40 promotion to get $10 OYNO)

    Hope this helps

  89. eapresto says

    Just want to follow up that all three managers have contacted me. The one at the Oakdale store was the best and she informed me that their restock day was Thursday. So that helped a bit. It was nice to get an email response from all of them too.

      • scat says

        Paige — yes. Instead of the usual print at the top of the coupon, it is in very tiny print at the bottom of the coupons that it is only redeemable at Rainbow, making it a store coupon.

  90. Amy RS says

    GUM Crayola Toothbrush (2 pk.) $0.99

    $0.55/1 Gum Crayola Toothbrush from September Woman’s Day magazine

    $0.55/1 Gum Crayola Toothbrush from November Parenting magazine

    $0.55/1 Gum Crayola Toothbrush from November Redbook magazine

    Final price: free after doubled coupon

    There is also a .55/1 in the December Family Circle that I received in the mail yesterday (which I receive free thanks to MyCokeRewards) ;)

  91. GinaG says

    I'm going to be at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI on Saturday. Where would be the closest location to take advantage of the Double 10 coupons deal?

    • ella says

      I think there is also a Copps store just northwest of the Alliant Energy Center, on top of the hill on west side of Park St. South (off of beltline (12/18) an exit or two west of John Nolan Drive exit). It would be closer but it may be a bit smaller store than the Copps at Monona Drive.

      • Tracey says

        There is a Copps on Park Street about 3 miles in if heading towards the downtown. It is a smaller store that will sometime lack the products you are looking for.

  92. Jill Pearson says

    is any one else having issues with coupons not printing an expiration date? I have had three now from ss w/ no expiration, but it has a water mark. Really weird!

    • Sarah says

      It was supposed to print as a catalina but mine didn't print either. Plus I didn't get my $10 off future purchase through Rainbow.

  93. Chelle says

    Buitoni refrigerated pasta was not $2.25 at my Kimberly PNS. Boo. It was over $3. So I passed. I was pleased to see the Tombstone Double Top pizzas were included in the $3.33 sale. A lot of them had peelies for $1/1! Had to dig through some to find them. Better than the $0.75/1 IPs from the FB Tombstone Halloween trick or treat promo I was planning on using. Wowzers were the peppers for $0.25 small. Glad they were only that price or I wouldn't have bought any. And the vine ripened tomatoes were far from lol.

  94. Alicia says


    The Buitoni at $2.25 is for the fett noodles only….all the other ones are $3.87 if I recall correctly.

    • mckinzie says

      My mail in rebate also did not print but I did get the $10 off a future purchase. My coupons for the cereal deal did not print. I had to spend 10 min at the service desk waiting to get them. They were having trouble with them printing but did not mention it. I had to notice it for myself.

  95. GinaG says

    Thank you all for your suggestions! i went to the Copps on Monona Drive. Even though they were out of a few items, I was able to get many on my list and take part in Double Double Days!


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