Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick ‘n Save Shopping List 10/21 – 10/27/12 (Incl. Unlimited Doubles on Wed.)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Rainbow Foods shoppers: You read the headline correctly. This Wednesday you can have an unlimited number of coupons doubled. Copps and Pick N Save are not participating. We shared the exact rules about the promotion last week. HIghlights include: your total after store coupons, but before manufacturer’s coupons must be $25+; you must present your Roundy’s card at checkout; limit 5 identical coupons per transaction (unless the coupon’d wording is even more restrictive); limit 1 transaction per customer per day.


If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week?


  1. Mikey says

    When I click on the Skippy coupon link above, it takes me to the Unilever site and then I click on coupons and it shows a deal of $5 off an $20 purchase of Unilever products. I can't seem to find just the Skippy coupon.

      • Mikey says

        Ugh-tried a couple times. Says I need to update my browsers to get coupon to print. Not sure what that's about as I've not had to do that before. Sure hope I can figure it out before they are all gone. Also, does anyone have an Dunkin Donuts coffee coupons they will not be using? I'd love to have them if you have any. Thanks.

  2. AsUntoTheLord says

    Hum, less disappointed about us PNS shoppers not getting the unlimited doubles, not much this week…but thanks for the quick list! :-)

  3. AsUntoTheLord says

    Also, the coupons for the Pillsbury deal (cookie dough & pie crusts) aren't showing $1/2, all are less than $1/2.

  4. Sue says

    There is a$1/1 coupon for the Reynolds Slow Cooker liners in 10/21 Smart Source to add to the one in the on-going deals.

    Also they have the ElMonterey burritos for $1.49 so using the coupon for a free one from the 10/21 Smart Source they are $0.29.

  5. noemi says

    Snickers, Twix or Milky Way Ice Cream Bars (6 ct.) $1.98 (Limit 1; thereafter $3.00)

    Use Roundy’s coupon from booklet

    Final price: $1.98 after coupon

    Look for the special package of TWIX, I got a $1 coupon (DND) it is printed in the box, makes it .98 cents after coupon

  6. Sue says

    There is a coupon for $1/2 S&W Beans in 10/21 Smart Source making the on-going deal $0.09.

    Also one for $0.35/1 Huggies Wipes to add to on-going deal.

    Also coupons in same insert to go with Roundys coupon booklet for Huggies and Playte tampons.

  7. Merlene says

    For the On-Going Deals there is a $0.75/1 coupon for Healthy Choice Baked Entrees in the 9/23 Smart Source. Not as good as $1 but still less than half price.

  8. Bonnie says

    The V05 listing then shows links for carmex? Love to get free personal care items to donate to food shelf so looking forward to the V05 info!

    • Sue says

      That just looks like a little formatting error. It's also like that for the EOS lip balm below the Carmex. I don't think either of them have coupon match-ups but are good deals anyway.

  9. Val says

    On the Wholly Guacamole, if you buy Hormel Natural Lunch meats, lately there have been $1 off Wholly Guacamole coupons attached to the front of the box of lunch meats. They should double, since they don't specify that you can't. Looks like I might stock up on guac. this week…it freezes ok, so I will do that.

  10. April says

    Kraft American Singles $3.00

    $1/2 Kraft Singles (Target mfr.)

    Final price: $2.00 each after doubled coupon

    Question – When you say Target mfr. – does Rainbow take Target coupons? For a target product? If not, can you explain? I looked at the target website and didn't see a coupon for Kraft American Singles. Thanks so much!

    • says

      A Target mfr. coupon is a manufacturer's coupon that is available for printing from Target.com. Since they are manufacturer's coupons they should be accepted at any store that allows you to use manufacturer's coupons. If the coupon is gone from Target.com, then I'll update our list to reflect that.

  11. Amanda says

    Eggo Waffles or Pancakes $1.98 when you buy 3+…there is a $1/2 Eggo coupon on the Kellogg's rewards website. I was able to print 2. It makes them $0.98 a box. Great price for Eggos.

  12. Rachel says

    Thanks for the great list! Fresh Express link did not work for me yesterday when I signed up (said out of prints).

    I asked the CSR today if there was a limit on total number of coupons allowed, and she said 100.

  13. Sun says


    There is a Franceso Rinaldi pasta sauce coupon for 50 cents, expires 10/27/12. It says do not double. You could still pick up it for about 57 cents. Hub said this was the best tasting commercial pasta sauce!

  14. angela says

    McCain potatoes Q – links to Rachel Ray website but I couldn't find any links to McCain at her website. It's a very annoying site too. Tx!

  15. says

    Lots of new deals added today! Remember you can quickly and easily find deals that are added throughout the week by searching (CTRL+F) for the words **NEW** or **UPDATED**.

    • Michelle says

      What internet browser do you use? When I use Ctrl+F on PYD it only searches the comments and the top text, but not the actual deals.

  16. says

    For you Rainbow shoppers and your unlimited doubles, don't forget to keep an eye out for in-store coupons! – peelies, blinkies, tearpads, etc.

    YMMV, but here's a few I found at my PNS this morning – maybe you'll find them, or other ones, at your Rainbows too.

    Mrs Buttersworth Syrup (24 oz.) $2.00

    $0.55/1 hangtag coupons

    Fisher Trail Mix $1.50

    $1/2 Fisher Nuts 4oz+ blinkie/Smart Source machine coupons (I found these by the regular nuts, but the coupon will work on the one variety of trail mix that's 4 oz.)

    Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake Mixes $1.69

    $1/2 Pillsbury Baking Mixes or Frostings tearpad coupons

    Oreos $2.99

    $1/1 Oreo Fudge Cremes tearpad coupons

    $1/2 Oreo Cookies peelies on package

    Dean’s Heat ‘n Eat Dip – all varieties are on clearance at my store for $1.39 (may vary by store)

    $0.55/1 peelie coupons

    $0.65/1 printable on coupon network

    Misc. 20 oz. Soda – $.89

    $.30/1 Mello Yello, Fanta, Barqs, Minute Maid, Pibb 20 oz bottle tearpad coupons

    Misc. 2 Liter Soda

    $1/3 and $1/4 hangtag coupons

    $1/1 WYB a Pumpkin hangtag coupons

  17. opie says

    How come there wasn't an announcement on Rainbow's website or in the ad regarding the unlimited doubles this Wed? or was there and I missed it?

  18. Lynn says

    I didn't read all the posts, so I don't know if this was covered, but the Nivea lotions aren't shown on any of the 3 sites that said they were available. :(


  19. Christy says

    Has anybody tried using the Green Giant Seasoned Steamers coupon for the Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers products that are on sale this week? They look like different products, so I suspect the coupons listed won't work for the products that are on sale, but I'd be happy to learn that I'm wrong!

    • says

      Hi Christy – Yes they are included in the sale. It took me a while to find them, but they are listed on the store's website. You can find them by searching for "Green Giant SSND STM". Hope that helps!

    • JoAnna says

      If the coupon states it is for seasoned steamers it should only be used for seasoned steamers (even if the register would allow otherwise). But, it sounds like the seasoned steamers are also on sale so you should be good to go if you buy those. FYI–there is a lot of seasoning on the veggies–great to mix with rice or pasta to make the veggies go farther.

  20. Paige says

    I was wondering if anyone else here has had any problems with using more than one suave coupon in one transaction?

    • Sharon says

      I used two in one transaction and the cashier had to manually enter them. The coupon stated 2 like coupons per shopping trip.

  21. Mary says

    I had a cashier at the AV store tell me yesterday about the Wed, unlimited doubles. Super excited to get some great deals to help stock the cupboard between paychecks.

    • Sbart13 says

      I called Rainbow this morning to ask for some of the details on Unlimited Double Daze. There are a few things everyone should know…

      1. limit of 5 identical doubling coupons per transaction

      2. limit of 1 transaction per person per family

      The manager that I talked to said that Roundys is trying out these methods and we should expect more to come if things go well.

  22. Mindy says

    Thanks for getting a list up so quickly Carrie! I am attempting the Rainbow unlimited doubles this week and am very excited! Hope to score some great deals!! Now, on to coupon searching..

  23. Jen says

    This may seem like a remedial question, but can you have more than one Roundy's Rewards card per household? My husband wondered about that and said that if I needed him to, he could stop by and pick up anything I forgot and I didn't know if you could have more than one card per household.

  24. Patty says

    A big "THANK YOU" to you Carrie for making it so easy for us to scout out the good deals with coupon match-ups. You're the best-est!!!

  25. Therese S. says

    I've recently moved to Eagan and not too familar with the Rainbow store. Does it get pretty crowded on Wednesday's? Are the shelfs pretty much cleared out by evening?

    I miss the West End (SLP) store…it has friendly cashiers and stocked shelves!!!

  26. Heather says

    The first link for the stage one beechnut baby food is tied together to the one below it. I also noticed that there is a $1 off one beechnut rice cereal. Last time I checked rice cereal was $1.99 so when double that should make it free.

  27. Kathy says


    If Rainbow offers the same coupon in both the weekly ad and the coupon book, is it considered the same coupon? In other words, are you able to use both of those coupons in the same transaction? For example, the candy coupons currently offered in both the weekly ad and the coupon book.

    Thank you.

  28. Val says

    Does anyone buy the Bailey's coffee creamers and know the regular price? I found a coupon for $1 on a tearpad at Holiday and thought maybe it would be a good time to try it, with the $1 doubling on Wed. Thanks….

  29. rebecca says

    I was wondering or if anyone else is having problems with redplums website coupons.. It says have your printer on and there printer is starting up… Something like that and i havent been able to print from them for months…any Ideas thanks rebecca

  30. angela says

    Duracell batteries: there is a $.75 Q in 9/30 P&G which includes "Ultra Power". The Rainbow ad Q says "Ultra Advanced", but the pic of the battery on the ad Q shows "Ultra Power". It seems like a 'legal' Q to use and makes the batteries $3.98.

    Wholly Guacamole: $1 Q in 9/23 (exp 10/31) on a page for Grilling, so it's easy to overlook as it's tiny.

  31. Kim says

    Twas the Monday before unlimited coupons at Rainbow, I sat at my laptop perusing the list of excitement to begin…could I join…would it be a success? Alas, I shall never know.

    As I sat in my easy chair contemplating taking a vacation day to drive from Wisconsin to Minnesota to partake in the fun – my son reminds me of my other responsibilities – school, scouts and choir galore. Alas, I must stay and live vicariously through comments from our friends in the north – have fun, enjoy and PLEASE come back with reports.

    Leave their shelves bare, give cashiers a hearty smile and continue supporting the economy – for every item bought with a doubled coupon another one must be made, shipped and stocked again for another day. From those not able to attend, we THANK YOU for doing your part in supporting the economy – supplying jobs, supporting our famers and spreading good cheer!

  32. Jennifer says

    I stopped at Midway Rainbow tonight to get some basics and check prices. The Organic Valley milk half gallon is on sale for $4.74 (I think) and has a $1 off blinkie near it. Doubled that is a good price for organic milk.

  33. Sue says

    Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant regular price is $2.49 and up. Use $1/1 from 10/21 SS.

    Wholly Guacamole Salsa regular price is $2.49. $1/1 from 10/21 SS, 9/23 SS or printable on Facebook.

    • Katie says

      Yeah I was at Blaine tonight and heard a commercial for regular double days on the loud speaker so I asked the cashier if it was unlimited on Wednesday she said yes and explained the same rules that we see on here. I was a little scared that I was being punked! But it is still on!

  34. Paige says

    I went into rainbow today and I was reading their sign, and it said paper coupons, I was wondering if anyone knew what this meant? If it meant no internet coupons? Or what?

    • Jill Pearson says

      no smart phone coupons like ones you don't print. They have to be printed. Like Target has there own smart phone coupons they scan off your phone

  35. Jill Pearson says

    question say i have 5 coupons from the paper and 5 coupons from internet for same product can i use both sets? being there from different sources, or no? Don't want to be a cheater lol

      • Julie says

        I agree. It would defeat the whole purpose of limiting the amount of items a person is alowed to get. I just hope things aren't cleared out when I get there :(

      • Amy says

        Thanks for the clarification. I'll stick to 5 of any same item coupon even if they are different values. I'm just happy to be able to do this at all… hopefully everyone will play nice and we can all benefit from it. That being said I'm still heading out at the crack of dawn to increase my odds of success ;)

  36. Stacy says

    Is it here in all mn rainbow stores, I wonder what would happened if I had everything ready to go and picked up all the things I wanted just to find out that the rainbow I went to doesn't have the unlimited coupons that day.

  37. AsUntoTheLord says

    If any PNS shoppers see this before they shop tomorrow, I'm seeing the Barilla pasta on sale for us for $1.09, and our reg price shows $1.59…so ya might wanna clip those $1/2 from this last Sunday's Smart Source out before tomorrow. :-)

  38. says

    Kathy – That has been a question we've gotten recently. My thought is that you *should* be able to use both since they come from different sources and you could potentially have already used the coupon book coupon before the weekly ad coupon comes out.

    However, readers have run into problems with having both coupons scan properly at checkout in the same transaction.

    • Kathy says

      Laura – I was thinking the same thing, that I should be able to use both as they are from different sources (I think there is even a third coupon out there for the candy with a different expiration date, from this weeks Sunday ad). I wonder if they can make it anymore confusing?!

  39. Val says

    I don't need anything too badly this week, so I will wait to hear from the PYDers that go this week, how everything went for them. I'm interested in hearing how well Rainbow prepared for this, if they had plenty of cashiers working (that always seems to be an issue on Wednesdays at my closest Rainbow) and if the shelves were well stocked or getting meager.

    I really appreciate this blog and everyone who participates!

    Have a great week everyone.

    • scat says

      Val — I plan on going, but very little on my list is a "must have". So if the shelves are bare, it won't be a big deal. I am interested to see how Rainbow handles things. Are they going to leave the shelves bare or will they replenish "hot" items throughout the day? If they just leave the shelves bare, then it's not worth doing unless you can get there at the crack of dawn. Sort of like "black friday".

      • Val says

        I agree! It will be interesting to hear back from the folks who do go forth boldly into the uncharted "unlimited doubles" territory! I can't go at the crack of dawn, as I have a son w ho is severely autistic, and can't be left alone. To be honest, shopping at crack of dawn doesn't appeal to me much anyhow–even if I had the wherewithal to do so. Also, I am not young anymore, so waiting in long lines to check out doesn't appeal to me much either. But let's wish everyone who goes,success and happy adventures!

        • scat says

          Val — I agree. I hope those of you who go early have a great shopping day and get what you need. There is hardly anything I need so if the shelves are not restocked, so be it. I can wait a week or more. The one and only time I got up early to go to a Black Friday sale — in line at Best Buy at 4am — the item I wanted was of no interest to anyone else. IT was mostly teens in line and they were after computer stuff. I got in, bought my tv and was out in about 10 minutes. I could have waited til noon and still have gotten the same tv. But it's kind of an adventure and I hope all have a good time.

          • says

            I went to the Maple Grove Rainbow last night to get props I needed for a TV segment this morning. They were out of the $2 Suave lotion and said they wouldn't have more until Friday.

  40. MelissaS says

    Just stopped at Rainbow over lunch to check some prices and only found a few things that interest me. It might be my imagination but it seems like they have jacked up the prices on alot of things that aren't on sale. I refuse to buy things just because there is unlimited double coupons or buy things I wouldn't normally buy just for the sake of participating. Disappointing week in my opinion.

  41. says

    In case anyone is worried about empty shelves, they are still doing rain-checks as usual. You could always get a rain check for those items and see if they have them on 10/31, since that day is unlimited doubles too. That is my plan anyway if they are out of items tomorrow.

  42. sarah says

    Went today to check and see what the midway rainbow had in stock and where it was located-that store is so muddled! Discovered that several items on my list were actually not even in stock today or they don't carry it. Couldn't get a straight answer on when it would be back-so I'm not planning on rushing there first thing in the morning-will go later and see if I can find the other stuff I am looking for. And I did notice too that the prices on some things were higher.

  43. Melissa says

    I was told no because even though the coupons are in 2 different places they have the same code and the register will only recognize one.

  44. scat says

    Stopped at Cub and found a good deal on Orville Redenbackers popcorn. Buy one box popcorn at $3.28 and get one box free (1.74 each) and then get two 2 liter bottles of pop free — A&W, 7UP and Sunkist. You have to use the coupon from the Cub flyer. Be sure to watch the receipt because the check-out I used did not originally take off the price of the pop. The manager had to do some readjusting. It's a manufacturer's coupon so could be used elsewhere, although sometimes this confuses cashiers.

  45. Beth says

    I have almost 100 coupons to use, nothing over 5 same like coupons. Will I be able to use over 100 in my 1 transaction since it's unlimited? Will the register stop my transaction at 100??? TIA.

    • BillsBeloved says

      I was told that the registers will only stop after 900 items (product plus coupons) in one order. Let us know if you use over 100 coupons and how it goes. :)

    • Lisa says

      One time the computer beeped with the note, "Too many coupons for this order." I'm assuming they are going to fix that for this event.

    • scat says

      Beth — you are brave. I have nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to do just a handful of coupons on double double days. Please share with us after you get home.

  46. angela says

    NIVEA Lip Care – If you buy 6 x $2 ea = $12, minus three $3/2 Qs ($9), plus $3 rebate, doesn't that make 6 free, not three? What am I missing? Thanks! ( I'll see how many are on the shelf before I buy 6.)

  47. Pam says

    Pepperidge Farms Jingos Crackers $2.99 (regular price)

    $1/1 Pepperidge Farm Jingos! Snacks Package from 9/30 Smart Source insert (exp 12/23)

    Final price: $0.99 after doubled coupon

    ***These are at the Dollar Tree for $1 – which would be FREE after using the coupon.

  48. carol says

    For the Orville Reddenbacher popcorn deal, although the CUB manufacturer q's maximum value is $2.50, the regular price for this pop is reported as $1.69 on the RB flyer q (meaning it won't be free), so I'm guessing it's best to combine the $1.28 flyer q with the Cub q to get the pop for (1.28+1.69=2.97-2.50=) 47 cents when purchased with the popcorn.

  49. Elizabeth says

    This might be a silly question but if you have a coupon that is for more than $1 off (i.e. $1.50 off) will they double $1 of it?

    • Cookie says

      Only coupons up to a value of $1.00 are doubled. All coupons over $1.00 stay at what ever value that is stated on them.

  50. sabrina says

    I have nearly 100 coupons I am planning on using (pending everything I would like to get is in stock of course) and I wanted to go as soon as the store opens to get in and get out. Super excited for tomorrow!

    • Kierstien says

      I am so bummed I can't get there right at 7am I know that since I can't go untill around 7pm that most of the items I WANT will be out.

  51. Shelly says

    Just back from a non-stressful trip to Rainbow. If I do a DD at Rainbow on a Wednesday, I always get there right at 6 am. The difference today was that instead of being one of about 3 shoppers, I was one of 10 or 12. That's never happened. I just felt sorry for the cashier, she already looked stressed, and some of the coupons weren't scanning well (the newspaper insert coupons). Hope it's not a high stress day for any of you that are doing Rainbow today!

  52. Katie says

    Awesome trip this morning. I saved 192.07 off retail and spent 62.00! They seemed to have everything this morning. I don't know if they will restock during the day or not as there were a lot of people there at 6am today. It almost felt like black Friday only a lot less stressful!

  53. Stephanie says

    Well I am glad for some it is already going well. My co-worker went to a 24 hr one at 4am and the shelves were already bare. He said the cashiers said it had been like that since so many people came right at midnight. He said he only got 3 bags of grocerys so a big let down that they were not prepared. I guess for some of us that can't make it till tonight we will most likely dream of what it could have been, not what it will be. BUT I have my coupons ready and will hope something is still in stock…………..

  54. Jenny says

    Success I got $282.99 worth of groceries for 46.06, there were 10-15 of us there got in and out and only 15 minutes late for work. On a side note one of the overnight managers said they are going to be doing this for the next 4 Wednesdays.

  55. Melissa S says

    **NEW** Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple (4.5 lb. average) $2.75

    $0.50/1 Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple printable

    Final price: $1.75 after doubled coupon

    Not sure where the price of $2.75 came from. The ad clearly states that is 3.79. I bought one this morning without checking the price (my bad) and am contemplating taking it back. No pineapple is worth $3.79 IMO.

  56. Rachel says

    I went to the Lakeville Rainbow at 7 AM. There were 4-5 other people there. Everything was well stocked except the Bear Creek Pasta. The cashier did have trouble scanning the Suave and Luden's coupons. Overall it went well though. I bought over $100 of groceries for $19, and was out of there by 7:30.

  57. cynthia says

    Glad to hear others had great savings! I have to volunteer at my kids' school so can't get there till lunch time. :-( Plan on canceling the volunteering next week so I can hit the store early..heheh!

  58. Annette says

    I went to the Midway Rainbow and it was quiet and peacful at 6 AM. They did only have one cashier, so once I was checking out, and a couponer behind was in line as well, it started to back up. As I was leaving I heard them call for a back up cashier. Hopefully they were able to keep up. I spent 33.32 and saved 117.32 ~78% off! Most things were in stock, and some things they did not carry (New little debbie snacks, Beech nut rice cereal). They did have the suave lotion restocked, so that was good.

    They had chinet paper plates on sale for 50% off. That paried with a Chinet $1/$2 would be good.

  59. Karla Hecht says

    Just came back and saved a ton from multiple coupons

    big deal—on quaker life cereal boxes is a pull off coupon for 1.00 off two boxes. plus they are 1.69 (half off)

  60. Stephanie says

    Had a pretty successful trip at the Cottage Grove Rainbow – Spent $18 for $84 worth of product, and saved about 78%. They were out of Jif, the Suave products, and some of the yogurt. Running low on the Old Ben's rice and slow cooker bags. The cashier told me that it had been pretty busy in the morning, and that he knew pretty quickly what the "hot" coupons were. I noticed that some of the coupons were ringing up double to allow an overage – the Yoplait Simplait comes to mind. Others were adjusting down properly.

  61. sean says

    I went this morning and tried that popcorn deal and the coupons would not scan or manually I asked for a manager and she said she was the only person here!!

    What is wrong with rainbow having one person working today!

  62. sean says


    I bought 10 pop tarts and 10 Kellogg s cereal.. I only received 1 gallon of milk!

    Shouldn't I have gotten 5?? The cashier said it was limited to one, I don't know where it says that and it does not say that on the ad? I know if I did separate transactions like normal I would have gotten 5.

    The cashier was there all by herself this morning and she had a long line. I think she just didnt want to figure it out.

    What Should I do?

    • Rachel says

      The free milk is a coupon that prints on the receipt. Someone else can maybe verify this, but I'm pretty sure they can only print one milk per receipt. Since you had one transaction, one milk, sorry.

  63. Amy says

    $398 worth of items for $80. Wow. It was awesome. No stress. basically stocked shelves. Others were there with their PYD printed lists. Had my favorite cashier (Barb you are wonderful!) There were a few things MIA already, like the Nivea lip, but heck, that's okay. It might be there on a different day this week and doesn't require doubles so it's fine. I stocked up on so much stuff we NEEDED so my total may have been more than usual but like I said it was needed. I hope they do this regularly. Now for coffee, putting it all away and making care packages for my college kids… they will love it!

    • Kate says

      I don't think 100 coupon limit is one of the rules, it was a theory on the discussion board that the cash registers could only handle so many coupons/line items.

      I didn't use over 100 coupons, but read the sign in the store carefully and there was no total coupon limit. There is the limit Carrie posted about, we can only use 5 of the same coupon – I think that is working because the shelves were in pretty good shape at 9am for me.

  64. ella says

    I bought a big pineapple at Aldi yesterday for $1.69 (and no check-out lines : )). It's not extra sweet brand but we've had them before and they are tasty.

    • Chelle says

      Excited Aldi has them for $0.99 here this week. I always buy 3 :) And I think their grapes are really good. I'm a picky grape eater. I like them very firm.

      • anne says

        got aldi produce in appleton,wi today too. got apples for 1.99/bag, pineapple for .99

        and grapes2lbs. for 1.78. they also had white bread on sale for .25 they expire on 10/29 but i will freeze them. bought 8 loaves.

  65. Terri says

    Went to the Brooklyn Park store at 8 a.m., there were only a handful of us couponers in the store not busy at all . Most of the items were stocked only a few items were not such a Suave, Nivea and Ludens otherwise everything else I wanted / needed I got. I bought $128.07 worth of items for only $49.82 and used 39 coupons.

    • Terri says

      Thanks Carrie and the PYD team, I saved alot of money on items I usually purchase and with the extensive list made my trip to Rainbow such a breeze.

  66. Diane says

    I went to the West End location at 9:00. Not busy and only a short wait for a cashier. They were out of S&W beans, yakisoba and slow cooker liners, and running low on cookie dough and Suave. Spent $29.86, saved $90.23

  67. Linda says

    According the manager at my Rainbow, the register locked up( or something like that) at 100 coupons on someone earlier today. I'd mention to the cashier before hand if you have that many.

    In Richfield, I arrived around 8:30 am and the store had few customers. I checked out around 10:15 and they had plenty of cashiers working; the lines were like 2-3 people long and most people only had a small number of items.

    • Beth says

      Thanks everyone. I was able to do my transaction with 120 coupons with no problem. I love this unlimited coupon thing. So much smoother not having to break down transactions. Hope everyones went just as well!!!

  68. Sarah says

    Maple Grove was great. Got there early (7:15am) and most things were still there. They were running low on Bear Creek Pasta, S&W beans, and were out of Suave.

    As a heads up: The Bear Naked cereal had $1/1 peelies on them. $1.99 for the cereal and $1.50 off instantly when you buy 2. I did find this was limit 1 per transaction.

    Lots of organic items were still on the shelf. Spent $145 and saved $154. Not the highest savings on the list but we eat mostly organic foods here.

  69. Lisa says

    Same here Shelly. 6 am is my usual Wed Rainbow time. There were only about 6-8 of us at the Blmgtn store at about quarter after. Only one cashier working when I checked out, but no line. I think that some of the items that others have gone for today/this week, like Suave that I've seen mentioned, would've been out or low no matter this unlimited double coupon situation.

  70. Linda says

    Oh, and at the Richfield store, they were only out of Life/Cinnamon Life and S&W beans. Everything else on my list was there. Watch as they scan. A couple of my coupons didn't go through, even though they should have.

  71. Stephanie says

    I went to the Eagan location a little after 6 this morning. It was blissfully quiet. A few other shoppers – but only saw one couponer. I spent $89 on $310 worth of groceries! The shopping trip was so smooth. I didn't have to worry about multiple transactions or reworking my lists for products that were out of stock like I would during the normal Double Days. Taking the day off was well worth the saving!!!

    OK… nap time.

  72. Blia says

    Thank you! My son loves them so I try to keep them in stock for him! You should get them this wk bcuz they are price cut through 10/27 I believe. My local RB is $2.15.

  73. Jill says

    I was at the Rainbow in the Quarry earlier this morning. It was well staffed and not too many shoppers. They were out of quite a few items including S&W light red kidney beans, Kraft caramels, slow cooker liners, Gain dish detergent, V05 shampoo. They were also almost out of the Caramex products.

    Thanks Carrie for posting the long list of Rainbow items this week and for posting so early on Sunday. Your site has helped me save a lot of money at the grocery store.

  74. sarah says

    I was pleasantly surprised. Rainbow was relatively peaceful at around 10 this am. They had several cashiers working. The shelves were stocked-but starting to look thin-hopefully they will restock later. I got everything on my list, but I did not look for the items in hot demand-I did not have the Q for the beans so did not check that. The Yakisoba was out of most flavors, but I bought them anyways. My bill was $255 and I paid $87 after using 70 Qs, so not such a huge % as some folks, but I was excited all the same. The check out was great-I had two wonderful older folks in line behind me and they were so patient and excited to see the total keep going down!.

    The manager also told me that there was someone in the store that morning and bought $423 worth of stuff that she got for completely FREE-so Kudos to you whoever you are. He also said that in another rainbow, someone bought $1600 worth of things and they had so many Qs that the register could not handle it. They had to do some major math works to figure out the total.

  75. Kim says

    I had a $3/3 McCormick spice coupon from one of the inserts that I ended up using on 3 packages of taco and guacamole seasoning in the Mexican food aisle. They are regularly priced at 99 cents so I got 3 packets for free! There is also a .75/1, so when doubled I got a 4th packet for free.

  76. Rachel says

    Went to the Northtown store this am around 9:00 and lots of stuff gone. Green Giant veggies were gone, Nutella was wiped clean as was the Yoplait Simplait Yogurt. I got the last of the Bear Creek Pasta (1 bag). The store was pretty quiet though. I talked to the cashier who said it was a madhouse at 6am.

  77. E says

    I went around 9 this morning and they were already out of S&W beans and baked Healthy Choice meals, but I still had a good trip. I spent $36.xx for $106 worth of groceries!

    When I got home, I noticed my pint of grape tomatoes rang up at $2.49. Is that the 50% off price?

  78. Katie says

    I spent $66 but only saved $87. I was pretty bummed. But hey…this was my first time doing something like this and I had an 8mo old and a squirrely 5yr old with. My coupons were all mixed up, I added stuff to the cart I shouldn't have, and I didn't get the extra coupons from my mom I was hoping to. Oh well. Next week I will be more prepared, will go alone, and shop smarter.

  79. Heather says

    Just a heads up… I had an almost horrible experience at the West St Paul Rainbow. I went in with a handful of printed coupons from my printer and they almost didnt take ANY of them… They told me that the ink was smudged and that these were the "new ones" that dont have the actual UPC barcode. They said they were told not to take these kinds of coupons and she had to get a manager over there who then debated it with the cashier for like 5 minutes before agreeing to take them and they did double when she manually entered them. So it ended up the way it should have but was still a frustrating experience.

  80. Kathi says

    I had a very successful trip to the West St. Paul store. I had to work first so I didn't get there until 11 and the lines were long. They were out of Bear Creek Pasta, Suave Lotion, and the Green Giant Seasoned Steamers – but otherwise I was pleasantly surprised at how well stocked they were. I spent $31.02 and saved $79.32.

    • Amie says

      I as well had an amazing experience at the West St. Paul location. I got there at 7:10 and was out of there by 8:04. There were only a handful of people. There was only one cashier, she said another cashier had called in this morning but they called someone up to help cashier. The line went very quick. The Suave lotion was out when I was there, but since it'll be free no matter what day you go in October it wasn't a big deal. I saved $121.12 and spent $71.39. Very successful trip. Hopefully they will keep Wednesday's like this since most couponer's do multiple transactions, just saves everyone time.

  81. Jennifer says

    Had a successful trip in Lakeville. Picked up some awesome deals for Christmas stocking stuffers, Humane Society donation, Food Shelf donations and also for our March of Dimes silent auction. Spent 149.12 and saved 308.22 WOOHOO. My cashier Lynn was awesome!! Thank you Rainbow for offering such great savings. With PYD and Rainbow I am paying down my debt and loving it!!

  82. Jennifer says

    I don't like this unlimited double days. Because I have 2 Chex Mix coupons so I break up my 1 transaction to do 2 transactions. They wouldn't let me come back from the outside to do the 2nd transaction. And you cannot use any gift card to help you make up to the $25.

    • Rachel says

      The store coupon booklets state "1 per order, per household". I interpret that as only one total per family. Personally, I preferred today because it was less stressful trying to figure out transactions to make sure I reached $25. I had no problem with that today.

  83. Megan says

    Great day at Columbia Heights Rainbow! Most things were in stock – and plenty of them! Tons of extra cashiers on board to help! Honestly it was easier than a normal Wednesday! Used 69 coupons… spent $54.94 and saved $152.59 – savings of 73% – yahoo!

    • Jill Pearson says

      Cool! I usually hate going there because the cashiers are kind of rude. They kind of try and make up there own rules and stuff. I like the men there. I only went there for my sisters stuff later on that day because only a few things.

  84. Lindsay says

    Spent $10.86 and SAVED $169.22 in Roseville!! Went right away in the AM, checkout lady was CRABBY and rude. Not a fan of that but whatever:)

  85. Jen says

    I went to Lakeville around 1:45pm while my son was in school and it was busy but not too crazy. The lines were long. The cashiers didn't hear about all of this until we did this past weekend and the cashier I spoke to said that the Twin Cities was chosen as a test market for this but didn't give them enough time to properly schedule enough people.

    Honestly….meh. I mean, I was happy to not have to figure out my five best coupons and get to $25 but there were some things that were gone of course by 1ish in the afternoon. I can't get there earlier than that. I'd much rather have doubles every day and maybe a limit on the number of coupons you can use (like every day being a double-double or something) so that the lines aren't crazy and we have a week to get the deals instead of racing each other to the deals. But overall it wasn't too bad.

    I may be in the minority here, but I'd just prefer a middle-of-the-road deal where we can use doubles more frequently and moderately but in such a way that we all get better chances at deals throughout the week. I hate Black Friday and that's what this felt like. :(

  86. ellen says

    in eagan, the cashier that i went to limit the items to 5, not just the coupons. I bought 6 ludens so that i can use 3 1/2 coupon. The cashier returned the 1 luden because of the limit. Had to do this on several items. Also the bear creek will nto auto double because it does say DND.

  87. scat says

    AT Midway this morning, it was about like any Wednesday. I got there about 11;30 and got out about an hour later. I like taking my time to find new things and bargains. The only thing gone that I could tell was the Jif. They had lots of Suave, and Green Giant seasoned steamers, beans and skippy. A couple of the cash registers had slowed down, but otherwise, it was a smooth process. Somewhere I heard that they are going to do this for the next four Wednesdays. Has anyone else heard that?

  88. Jessica says

    Loved couponing today! Forest Lake was great! the normal crabby manager must have taken the day off:) Great to hear everyone is saving a ton! Cant wait for next week and crossing my fingers for this to be extended… FOREVER!

    • sean says

      Oh that manager!! I bought 50 palermos pizzas there one day last year when they where almost free! And I did it in like 8 transactions and when my roundys card would not scan anymore she came over and was very very rude! And said oh you are the guy with all of the gift cards! I had no idea then that it only worked for 7 transactions.

      They act like coupons don't make them money or something!

      I have not been back to that one since.

  89. ? says

    Great experience today. I think my favorite deal was on GE Light Bulbs. Ha! They are B1G1 free and I had four $1/1 coupons. I think it came out to be $1 for all four packs!

  90. andrea says

    just saw on the news that it will be available next wednesday, halloween also, and that is it only a test, so after that, it may be back if rainbow sees it as a success, otherwise, back to regular double coupon days. I dont have a rainbow by me, so I will have to go to coon rapids or maple grove i guess. sounds like most of you got some good deals, though. excited to see what deals there are next week :)

  91. Val says

    If anyone was shopping at the Brooklyn Park Rainbow between 9-3, how were the lines moving along? Did they put on enough cashiers today?

  92. Parsonagemommy says

    I loved it! Istocked up- Spent 180 saved 323.18! You had to watch the register however it was not doubling all coupons (exeption do not doubles), I think I missed some total seemed high. Hope they keep it up:)

  93. mnq says

    i was at raibow in maple grove. i tried to do two transactions, but the cashier said no, and that it was stated clearly in this week's flyer: one transaction per person. so he lumped both my transactions into one. i ended up paying $77 oop for $250 worth of food. the best deals were the silk protein quart ($2.15), pure tea 18oz (4/$5), and yoplait. the pure tea qs ($1.00) did not double to $2.00. it doubled to the price of the bottle ($1.25). the cashier said they don't do overage. there were no eggs. the Vo5 shampoos were gone when i got there. so i left all my qs there for others to use for the conditioner as there were plenty of conditioners left.

    happy shopping!! everyone!!! better deal next time.

  94. Cindy says

    Was at West St Paul at 6:00 a.m. Just a few shoppers and most were other couponers (great company to shop with!) They had almost everything I was looking for, and the lone cashier was TERRIFIC!! I do hope they continue this promo – spent $82, saved $239! 74 – 75% off!!!

  95. carol says

    I don't really care for this style, either, as 1) Since I work days, I would've had to get up at 4 am to attempt shopping before so many things were out, as 2) they were out of Suave lotion, S&W beans, Yoplait Simplait, Yoplait yogurt with granola, Glade plugins scented oil warmers, Maruchan Yakisoba, Luden's drops, & Johnsonville sausage (& who knows what other items I wasn't looking for) when I could shop after work close to 5:30 this evening, plus 3) the Uncle Ben's q only partially doubled when it was supposed to be for 2 items, not 1 (I was too tired & hungry to check the receipt before I left), & 4) since I'm only shopping for myself, purchasing $25 worth of stuff instead of a gas card in order to double the qs will quickly turn me away from RB.

    • Jill Pearson says

      worked for me :/ and I noticed when I got home he took off $1.69. Yipes. I feel like i should go back b/c it says on there $1.49. What will happen? Will rainbow be out that many cents

  96. Jill Pearson says

    I wish people would order ahead instead of clearing all the shelves for people who only want one or 2 of some things. I guess I'll have to start pre ordering all my orders lol

  97. Cookie says

    The Coon Rapids store was out of several items but considering it being the first time for unlimited doubles I thought it went very well. Of course I was able to go fairly early in the day and I am guessing that more items were likely limited as the day went on. I prefer it being unlimited and one transaction is fine with me. I think this is a learning curve for Rainbow and they will probably get better at stocking items as they get more used to it. I guess for me the planning was so much easier……. not having to make sure I reached the $25 dollar limit for each transaction. Rainbow should hire a pocketeer to keep them "in the know" of what deals are coming up and what they should stock. LOL

  98. Ti says


    I have a request: Would it be possible to put a little check box that we could check off to print the store category titles onto our lists? I'm referring to the Meat, Refrig, Freezer catagories. I would appreciate it greatly because it would help me do each catagory at one time rather than do the weekly ad deals and later ending up returning to the produce area to do the coupon booklet deals, then return again to do the ongoing deals. It would help me organize better so I don't backtrack so much and I'm thinking it would be easy for you to make this small change. Please consider it. Thanks so much for all you do.

    • scat says

      Ti — I made my own category list based on the layout of the store and it really makes shopping so much easier. Since each store is a little different, it's best to try to use the same store all the time. Then I put my coupons or ad copies in the same order in a fold out plastic partitioned holder. They have some nice large ones at the Dollar Tree. I use rather large categories — like frozen foods, cold things, personal care, etc. You could do it even by aisle if that is helpful. Having the coupons in the same order as the list really makes it easy. Of course I separate out the coupons I intend to use from the ones I might not use. But I keep them in the same order. So If I see a sale price I didn't anticipate I can quickly check for a coupon. It's really fast and easy once you set up the system and it saves so much running back and forth at the store.

  99. mark says

    Pretty smooth sailing today !!! Left work 1 hour early and shopped the Blaine store at 1:30. The lines were not long and parked right up front. Franks Hot Sauce and the Yoplait Light w/ Granola were gone. But other than that, I got everything on my list. I bought only the items that were on sale. I had some $5 off coupons from the Red Lobster gift card promo from last week. Spent $20 and save $65. That's w/ eggs & bacon that have no manu. coupons. Hopefully, next weeks sales ad is better than this week. Pretty Sweet getting some free gallons of milk today too !!!

  100. betty says

    Great shopping today!! Thank you PYD for making it so easy with the shopping lists!! I got everything I went, except for 3 items, but I got rainchecks for those.

  101. Saver Sara says

    Love this format. Just got home from Lakeville and while they were out of pretty much every free or really cheap item, I still managed to save $218 and only spent $91. I definitely hope they keep this up!

  102. Erin says

    Not a fan of unlimited coupon day, horrible experience at Coon Rapids. Nothing was in stock. I really do not appreciate seeing carts with 10 of the same product in them when I just want to buy 1.

    • Lee says

      Erin I was at Coon Rapids tonight too & noticed a few carts with more than 10 of the same product also. What I thought was interesting was that some of the items were coupon book items that said "limit 1". I was wondering if they were getting the store coupon price for all of the items or just the first one. They were out of a few things, but it was nice to be able to use some of the coupons that I don't normally want to use for doubling, like the lower value ones.

  103. Amy RS says

    I enjoyed today's experience, for the most part. Disappointed that items were out of stock, but that happens even on regular double days. I went to the Northtown store and it wasn't too crowded…a little bit of a wait in line, but not too much more than the normal double days. I loved not having to do more than one transaction, my checkout went faster. Looking forward to next week!! I had to buy some needed things that were not on sale, so spent $108, saved $97…not too bad!

  104. Tracey says

    Went to forest lake at 9:30 am was like normal wed. Bill was 267.00 and paid $100. I picked up some meat and veggies too included in the $100. Great day cashier was friendly. Received a raincheck items that were out. Hope this continues in future love one transaction and limit. Lines went fast.

  105. Heidi says

    Quarry location was less busy than usual around 10:30-11:00 AM today. Products that were out this morning were EOS & Nivea lip balms, Ludens drops, and some flavors of Kraft sliced cheese. My bigger frustration was out-of-stock Roundy's organic products, some of which were also MIA last week (bottled apple juice, raisins, Ritz-style crackers). Check out went smoothly, although cashier looked over some of my coupons very closely. I used only 10 doubled coupons but liked being able to get the choc bar deals without having to split my order into two transactions.

  106. Victoria says

    I love how you guys speak of a bad experience and crabby cashiers, you guys really have no clue what is like to deal with rude customers also….you try getting yelled at for being out of things, long lines, policies, which by the way none of the cashiers control…..try cashiering for a month deal with all that bs AND then lets talk….all them rude and crabby cashiers are probably like your best friends outside of work

  107. scat says

    Erin — if I saw that, I would make a point of mentioning it to the store manager. They put limits on such coupons for the very purpose of trying to make sure everyone has the opportunity to buy the item. If they know that you think that policy is not being enforced, they will likely tighten the reins and make sure the cashiers enforce the policy. I don't get upset if it's just a matter of 2 0r 3 extras as long as there is plenty for everyone else, but when the shelves are being cleared by folks with multiple "one to a customer" items, that is another matter. And if they are doing it with one product, they are probably doing it with more. And I do not think that buying in that kind of volume reflects a family's needs in most cases. LIke the young woman interviewed on channel 4 last night, she had years worth of products she had accumulated. She had more shampoo than she could use in a lifetime. That is not need. IT is hoarding.

    Hopefully,Rainbow will decide to do this on a regular basis and when they do, people will probably act a little more reasonably and we won't have folks clearing off the shelves with every coupon they can get their hands on.

  108. Terri says

    I was at the BP Rainbow this morning, got in at 8:00 am and did not leave until 9:45 pm, when I got to the check out no one was in line, they had 3 cashiers on and none of them were busy during the time I was in the store.

    • Val says


      Am I understanding you correctly? You said you got there at 8 AM and left at 9:45 PM? You were there almost 14 hours? Wowser! I can't imagine. You must have energy beyond most humans!

      Thanks for reporting on the cashier situation. It's good to know they had put enough on. In the past, sometimes, they haven't. It will influence me to POSSIBLY get brave and go next Wed!

      • Terri says

        oppsie…I had dinner with friends last night and a couple of margarita's….I meant to say 9:45 AM….I love shopping in any capacity but not 14 hours in a grocery store. I am going to do this again next Wednesday at the BP store, there were only a few other shoppers in the store and it was a breeze. The cashier I had was great, very friendly and helpful.


        • Val says

          I was hoping you meant 9:45 AM! I have seen Extreme Couponing shows where the customers have actually stayed in the store almost that long, but I thought it wouldn't be necessary with the one transaction rule!

          I feel encouraged to try it next week and I am trying to put my "good" high-value coupons in a special envelope just for Rainbow. I wonder if it being Halloween will make it extra busy? Thanks for letting me know how it went for you. I have a "favorite" friendly cashier at this Rainbow so I will keep my eyes peeled.

  109. Toni says

    I went to Northtown at 6:30AM, and everything I wanted was in stock, but I had to wait in line for over 35 minutes. (Not because of crowds, but because there were only three cashiers that early, and they were busy scanning fifty or sixty coupons for each order while passing the "override key" back and forth to override the system to accept glitches, etc..) My cashier was cheerful, though, and I spent $80 and saved $95.

  110. Deb says

    Went to the Columbia Heights Rainbow at 530 pm. A few things were out of stock,most of the free or really cheap things, but overall it was great. I saved 125.00 and spent 97.00. That did include a few staples that I needed that I did not have a coupon for, but I was thrilled to not have to do more than one transaction. I also liked using some of the coupons that are under 1 dollar. Normally I end up either not doubling them or not using them because I don't want to do another transaction.

    Personally I hope they continue the unlimited days. It works better for me and saves time.

  111. anne says

    I have a question about the P $ G promo ,I bought $51 worth of products,so I qualify for the $15 rebate , but does it also include the $10 mastercard for spending $35?

  112. Kim says

    I don't think you can do both deals, you need receipts for both.

    And I have done the P&G deal several times over the last year, it always counts BEFORE coupons… so maybe someone can confirm that and the info can be changed above? it makes me nervous everytime but is always before coupons.

  113. Kris E says

    I ditto that! I copy/paste the list and then sort by section… takes alot of time. If the list could automatically sort itself by catagory would save everyone tons of time shopping.

    If not, maybe just put the list out there by catagory and do sub-catagories within that catagory?

  114. Jen says

    I worked in retail for 10+ years including management. I've been hit. I've had things thrown at me. I've had people threaten to sue me over a bad store experience. I've been sworn at. I've been called every name in the book.

    However, as a cashier in retail I've never been the aggressor at someone and have done my job with a smile on my face. If someone is having a bad day as a customer, it's not my fault and I certainly didn't accept anything in the first paragraph with a smile but I have never been outwardly rude to a customer just doing their shopping.

    I know how hard it is to cashier. I actually worked at Rainbow in college at the Midway store and dealt with stuff that would freak you out. A drunk guy collapsed in my line. We were robbed minutes after my shift. We had to be walked out to our cars by security every night. I am always respectful to cashiers because I know how hard their job is.

    That said, don't assume that if a cashier is rude that it's the customer's fault. In the grand scheme of things, retail is hard with lots of standing and lots of people you have to deal with, but just as it isn't fair to paint all cashiers with the same brush, it's not fair to assume that a customer deserves poor treatment from a cashier without being there to see for yourself. Cashiers, in general, do a fantastic job and customers, in general tend to be just fine with cashiers. There are always exceptions on both sides. And many of us have been behind the register and DO know.

    Just my two cents. I know there were crabby cashiers yesterday and I know some of it was that Roundy's sprung this on them with little to no warning or time to schedule enough people. Roundy's fault there, not the customers' on that one point.

    • Kettle says

      I have watched how checkers are treated at more than one Rainbow Foods and am shocked at how consumers act! EP has had some of the snottiest couponers I've watched checkout! I try to treat as I would want to be treated, I can't imagine it's worth what they get paid. On that note, my first checkout was almost $12 and I saved $434!, was worth every minute of prep time, reading and lines!!! Don't care for the new way, But we all have to play the game by their rules!

    • Karen O says

      Hear Hear! I was a cashier at a Super Target for 6 months. We had to bag everything ourselves, lifting those heavy bags up and down, or often bagging into someones very dirty bag from home – EEWW! I enjoyed the job anyway. Only one customer ever fazed me – she was talking to her friend behind her and then chewed me out for not asking for coupons. Normally we could fix that at the register, but because of her rudeness, I had her go to customer service. On top of that, she was an employee! As a former corporate Target employee, I think they should have to all cashier for a week. :)

      I am glad to hear most of you had a good experience. I didn't hear about this soon enough and Wednesday is church day so I don't know if I can participate. I am hoping to!

    • scat says

      One time when I was in Cub, the man ahead of me in line started yelling and waving his arms at the cashier, who was just a young girl. Apparently something rang up wrong and the manager had to come and correct it. This guy just kept going on and on. She was in tears and when he finally left I tried to comfort her. I then went to the manager and said that this young girl had done nothing wrong. The manager's response was that they were used to this guy because he comes in and does that all the time. Couldn't believe it. I would have banned him from the store.

      Now when I'm ready to check out, I kind of look for a cashier who looks a little down. A friendly word and smile might just make their day a little better. It's really such an easy thing to do. The person behind the counter is just stuck in the middle between the customer and the person who makes the decisions.

  115. Mary says

    If it was the Uncle bens rice, you could use 5 coupon and the coupons were $1/3 so a person could have 15 boxes in their cart and still be following the rules.

    • alesha h says

      I do not think it is anyone's right to say what may be "needed" by a family and what may not. Some people do shop for their neighborhood or extended family (not myself). Yes, you are able to get more than 5 items by following the rules. You get to use 5 of the same coupons, not items. It is polite to order if you are going to get around 10 of the same item. Perhaps this person had never couponed before and wanted to try out today because of the unlimited test. Again, as carrie has said before, this is a site to help each other out and not put each other down. Happy couponing to all :)

      • Melissa W. says

        Thank you for the positive comment! I never know what someone elses situation is so i try not to judge. As a mom to 6 kids I often get nasty looks from people at the store. We use double what a lot of families do, and when staples are on sale I do "stock up". We are on a crazy tight budget, and coupons make grocery shopping so much better.

      • Sara says

        I think in the end…..it is about following the rules and being respectful of others. We all also need to recognize that there is a difference between clearing the shelves couponing to stay within budget and feed our families.

      • scat says

        Alesha — the original statement was about shoppers with carts full of items that the store had specifically limited to one per customer. The store does that because it is a good deal and they want all of thier customers to have a chance at it. I don't know if we should make exceptions to the rules for people who have large families or are buying for the whole neighborhood. If we do, it is still not fair to the customers who come into the store for that product.

        We all know there are people who overbuy and hoard.. When people start building more shelves and additions to their home to store thier "bargains", that is not meeting the needs of the family, it is a problem.

        I buy bargains with coupons for a food shelf, but I don't think that gives me a special right to be greedy and deprive other customers of the things they came to buy. I only get things for that purpose when the shelves are well stocked. I think some people have turned couponing into a competition. I'm not sure that is healthy. IT's not about judging people, it's about playing by the rules. And it's about respecting other shoppers.

  116. alesha h says

    I shop at the Chaska Rainbow and everything I wanted was still in stock at 8:30am. If you ever see anything out, be sure to ask because they normally have more in back if it is on sale. One of my favorite cashiers helped me check out and while I was bagging up my load, she made sure every coupon was doubling. I love my Chaska store! It went smooth and I thought it saved myself a ton of time not having to sort everything out. Hope this is a go from now on.

  117. Kim says

    I loved unlimited double coupons! :-) I shop at Uptown Rainbow that is open 24 hrs. Got there about 11:30 and spent a good two hours shopping. The store was quiet. I saw two other obvious couponers, one even had a PYD list, and a few regular shoppers. They didn't have any extra cashiers, but the check-out process wasn't too bad. A line did form while they were checking me out though. Most of the people actually seemed interested in seeing how much I saved. (Spent $58, saved $78, but I did buy some stuff that wasn't on sale.) I'm used to this store doubling all coupons, even ones that say DND, so I risked a few. The Bear Creeks were the only ones that didn't double, but I had a few others that said DND that did. My cashier had troubles with the free burrito and the Suave lotion coupons. Those were what was making the transaction take a little longer then I would have liked.

    I really liked being able to double the coupons with less value. I really hope they do this more often. I had gotten kinda lazy about coupons lately, and I wasn't quite ready for this week, but I will be extra ready next week!

    I was pretty happy to stock up on ten peanut butters for around a buck each. I also got 4 bags of sugar for a good price. (I'm always looking for cheap prices for these items since we go through a lot.)

    The only things on my list that were out of stock were salted butter, Yakisoba noodles (couldn't even find where they were originally), and I got the last of the Bear Creek pasta.

    Can't wait for next week! I hope they have good cereal deals! I have some $1 off 1 box of Post cereal that I'd love to use!

  118. Lee says

    One of the things my store was out of was Halloween candy. Do you think the stores will get more for next week? I still need a few more bags to keep all the neighbor kids happy! And the candy coupons in this weeks ad are good next week too, so don't throw them away.

  119. Jen says

    At Lakeville I couldn't find the Wholly Guacamole anywhere….I checked over by the deli and in the middle of the aisle area where the fancy cheeses are and for some reason: nada. Does anyone know where that was?

    • Sara says

      As you walk into the store to your right—-near the mushrooms—In the bottom right of the same case, a few refrigerated salad dressings and such in the same case.

    • Terri says

      I shop a couple of Rainbows in Plymouth and in Brooklyn Park and where they have the Wholly Guacamole is located over in the packaged lettuce and salad dressing area on the bottom shelf. When I went yesterday at the BP store there were only 2 packages left when I got there at 8 a.m.

    • Mary says

      There were $1/1 peelies on the mango Salsa for the wholly Guacomole brand, same refigerated location in the store as the guacomole – shelf price was $2.99 at my store.

  120. Elizabeth says

    I was there at 8 am and the yoplait, bear creek and a few other things were totally out. I talked to the cashier and she said there was a line at 6 am to get in.

  121. Mary says

    I have used "regular" coupons from the paper or a mailer for a free item with no problem. I think the policy is that they don't accept internet printable coupons for b1g1 or other free printable coupons.

  122. Janna says

    I had a great night at Roseville: spent $163, saved $147, plus got register coupons for free gallon of milk and for $5 off next purchase.

    Arrived about 7 PM, and was pleasantly surprised that they still had most of the items I wanted in stock. I did get lucky on one – found the store's last jar of Jif hazelnut spread hiding rolled on its side behind a row of Roundy's PB.

    The cashier was pleasant. She said it entertains her to see how much people bring down their totals with coupons on double days, and I was the second biggest couponer she'd rung up so far that night :-)

    Hope Roundy's continues this, or something similar (i.e. spend $25 double 5, spend $50 double 10…).

  123. Blia Xiong says

    Overall, I was satisfied with my trip to RB! I went later in the evening to check things out; there were a lot more couponers in the evening. I did well as well. I spent $67, saved $249. Haven't 'crazy couponed' in awhile.

  124. Heidi says

    I went to the Plymouth Rainbow off of 55 Ave. The checkers and workers there are always so sweet and nice. I actually froze their computer because I had over 999 lines of code in the computer. I felt so bad! But they were so nice about it. I didn't realize there was a limit. I had 2 carts of groceries and the checkout went very quick. But over halfway through my coupons stack the computer froze and it took an hour to straighten it out and finish so I could pay. They were all so sweet though and now I know for next time what the limit it. I spent about $230 there but saved $380!! I was so excited! I really hope they keep doing this or at least do it once a month. It makes it so much easier than doing a bunch of little transactions! I also like the 5 "like" coupons limit so that everyone gets a chance to buy the product for the most part. I really enjoyed this!! It was fun. :)

  125. Chris says

    It may be a good idea for you Rainbow shoppers to call or write to your store and/or corporate customer service. Thank them for this opportunity, tell them how well it went from the customer perspective, and express that you'd really like to see unlimited doubles continue. I don't have a clue what Roundy's is looking at during this "test"…but I'm pretty sure it would help if they get a lot of positive feedback from their customers :)

  126. sarah says

    You are famous-I heard about the 999 lines from a manger at another store. I think they got a real kick out of it! He definitely did not seem mad but rather happy at the excitement that the coupons were generating.

    • Heidi says

      Haha! Oh my, how funny! Well hopefully it had a possitive outcome! I didn't mind and I really had a good time. :)

      • tracy says

        I thought it was great. My order was huge but I was able to stock up on things I wouldn't normally get and use coupons I wouldn't normally double like .50 ones. I saved $800 and spent $50. I asked the cashier what she thought and she said the orders are busy but they aren't making a bunch of trips so it's great.

        • Mary says

          There was some talk on the message board, that 100 coupons was the limit. But it sounds like you used over 100 coupons if you got to 999 lines of code.

  127. Terri says

    you should go and have fun at it…..I watched extreme couponing myself and thought "wouldn't it be cool to have a store in Minnesota that would double all the coupons or at least 100 of them". I got to experience it and to me it was a lot of fun, the thrill of the chase of watching your grocery bill keep going down and down and down.

  128. Barb says

    Does anyone have any idea if Copps/PNS will try this? I have to admit I have not couponed for sometime since having a new baby and a minor surgery, so much work for 5 coupons pertransaction… but reading all these stories of lucky PPl who live near Rainbow stores is making me a lil jealous here in NEW WI with only our copps/pns stores! ANyone know if this awsome unlimited may come our way?

    • sarah says

      I heard back from the store today. They confirmed that it would be held again next Wednesday and said they would evaluate whether they would continue this, based on how it fit the needs of ALL their customers. Hopefully they don't get any complaints about it.

  129. Jennifer says

    I actually emailed the company and did just that. I praised the cashier Lynn at my Lakeville store and told them a appreciated the promotion. They emailed back and told me they told the cashier and she just smiled.

    • Michelle says

      Some places, like CVS, it is true, but the Copps/Rainbow/PnS policy specifically states that you cannot do this. Here's the exact wording

      "We do not accept coupons for products not purchased.

      —– Items received free through store promotions are not eligible for further discounting by manufacturer’s coupon."

  130. Kari says

    I type all of the coupons I am going to use into ziplist.com and it automatically sorts them by type. Then I can look right at the coupon and it sorted into the section of the grocery store automatically :)

  131. debbie says

    Some carts maybe home child care.I have 12 kids to buy for and my family and we have to buy alot of one item just for one meal. I sure loved having no limit on doubles really helped me out. I spend about 5o0.00 a week wiithout coupon. I save about 50% after coupons and following a food program menu that must be followed even if its not on sale. I hope they will have this wonderful day all the time. :)

    • scat says

      debbie — I have noticed that a lot of people who have many mouths to feed are ordering ahead. It saves them a lot of time and work. Rainbow is happy to do it because they know they will retain your business. If you haven't done that before, this might be worth a try. It sounds like you have enough information that you could plan well ahead of time. It helps everyone because the store knows what they need to stock. Also if you need more coupons, I am sure people here would be happy to send extras to you. I don't have any small children so my coupons for kids stuff just go to recycling.

      • AsUntoTheLord says

        Just my 2 cents…

        I would recommend that unless you KNOW (from others) that the specific store you shop appreciates you ordering, you get to know the management first. I made the mistake of assuming (based on people's experience at other stores) that a certain store I shopped once would also. Honestly, it kinda depended on who you spoke with but I distinctly recall one manager forbidding me from ordering "too much" (I think it was like 20 bags of cheese or something???) and that they can limit me however they want (which I know is true, but still). I just called again when a different manager was on and had NO issues and was even commended for my frugality. I only say this to hopefully avoid anyone else getting discouraged. Some stores may also feel like you're trying to just make less work for yourself and more for them, or that they will loose out if you buy too much (which could be possible in some situations). Hopefully you'll be able to find a good one and build a relationship with the staff. I loved most of the staff at my old store and now that I've moved, felt like crying that I wasn't going to be shopping there as much anymore! :-(

        • scat says

          That is just bizarre. I didn't think anyone working in retail would admonish anyone for ordering too much. When you order ahead you are actually making it easier for the store also. I cannot imagine any scenario in which it would not be beneficial to the store. It takes less work on thier part. They don't have to do any shelving or pay employees to move product out onto the floor. It basically can go from the loading dock to the service desk or whereever they keep special orders. It really just takes a few minutes for them to order from their supplier.

  132. Katie says

    I got my rainbow ad today and it says next Saturday, Nov 3 is a double double. So it looks like we will have a big week ahead of us with unlimited on Wednesday and double double on Saturday. I'm assuming that the double double will be for Copps/ Pick n save too.

    • AsUntoTheLord says

      Yes, this is true…I tried posting the other day but my phone was not ACTING like a *smart* phone. :-) I confirmed with 2 different PNS stores in the Milwaukee area and both said Nov. 3 was going to be DDDaze (one said also there would probably be more in Nov. too but couldn't say for sure).

  133. Paige says

    I had a great experience as well on Wednesday, my only problem would be if they continue this I can't keep shopping at 6am! So by the time I get there everything I would want would be gone. Unless they plan on restocking during the day or something.

    • Jen says

      I feel the same way. I know it's popular on this thread, but I just don't see this being a viable long-term way of doing the doubles without alienating some coupon shoppers. It's not realistic that everyone will try to get there early on these days and it's very Black Friday-esque which I personally don't care for. I know others love the thrill of it, but for groceries….eh. I'd rather they just relaxed their rules about doubles and made them more liberal every day (not unlimited, but like 10-15 coupons/transaction) so we could all enjoy it throughout the week. I'd drop Cub altogether. I'd shop less at Target. The drugstores? Probably wouldn't have to go there much either. The sheer volume of my shopping Rainbow would get if they took a moderate approach is pretty staggering when I think about it. Why go elsewhere if I could get guaranteed doubles of 10-15 coupons any day? Cub would probably crumble (not that I want them to, but how could Cub compete?).

      But unlimited is not sustainable and it's not fun for those of us who can't wait outside Rainbow at 6am. =) I'd actually be less inclined to deal with Rainbow if my trips there in the afternoon were a waste because the good stuff is gone already.

      • Kari Mc says

        I agree – the Wednesday unlimited double coupon scenario doesn't work for everyone. I couldn't go before work and risk being "tardy", and couldn't be sure if there would be ample stock later in the day, so I skipped Double day this week.

      • Luba says

        Cub will do fine with those who don't have time for coupons but shop there anyway because Rainbow is "too expensive for them." You can always get rainchecks when you go later on in the day and then probably be able to get those items the next week. :)

    • scat says

      Paige — I think that if they made it a regular thing every Wednesday, we would not see so many people lining up at 6am. People's shopping habits would probaby return to normal, particularly when they find out that the store is not going to run out of hot deals right away. Even this first time, there were many reports of people going later in the day and finding what they wanted. If it is done every week, people will not feel the need to load up on everything for which they have a coupon.

      • Parsonagemommy says

        The reality is the early bird DOES get the worm. I have a 6 month old and a husband who works on the road. Since PYD informed us early enough I was able to make arrangements for a babysitter so I could get the items I wanted. Although my shopping trip was quite large and took some time, I easily could have scaled down and had made it to a job, OR worked with my manager to come in later/work later which I have done in the past. I think this all comes down to how bad you want something and what you are willing to do for it. There are many instances in day to day life do we find this not just as black Friday. JBF Sales, Craigslist, Zulily, Groupon to name a few. All of these you need to get it quick or the "good stuff" will be gone. Does that mean they should stop doing it because we are not getting there in time? It may not work for everyone to do large trips every week, it certainly will not with me. But it is possible to plan ahead and run in and out in the morning to get the specific items you want IF you want them bad enough. BTW although I was able to get the Nivea Lip balm, by the time I got to the Hersheys candy it was gone.

        • Jen says

          My point was that there is a loyal following of the system they already have and if it becomes TOO competitive and too annoying, those loyalists who are already enjoying Rainbow after years of not taking them too seriously (because their regular prices are much higher than most stores) won't stay loyal out of frustration with being disappointed when they get there.

          There's a fine line between making something a good deal and too good to be true. Unfortunately for the people on Black Friday, for example, many people walk away from the stores disgusted that they tried to get there as early as possible, the supply was low (as it is supposed to be…it's a promotion) and then they get put off Black Friday altogether. That's what I am concerned would happen with Rainbow if they tried to make this the regular way of doing doubles.

          I don't want to prep for a shopping trip, kill myself getting there as early as possible, find out there's nothing left (because I have a family who operates on a schedule that I can't change) and then have to start all over at another store just to buy food. ;) What a pain.

          If Rainbow wants to increase their market share (as they are trying to do. Cub is in big trouble right now. Supervalu is not doing well.) they would be wise, in my opinion, to take a moderate approach so the bulk of people available to shop are happy rather than a micro-segment of the population that either has a schedule that allows it, or the abilityto do, the Black Friday-esque type of shopping that could be required if Rainbow made this their new way of doing doubles. It's tough to shop for groceries every week. I hate it. Total pain in the you-know-what, so making it more frustrating and competitive isn't going to win too many new customers which is what Rainbow is trying to do.

          As I mentioned, if Rainbow made doubles (moderate doubles like a double-double every day) the norm, I'd practically not have to shop anywhere else. That's HUGE for a company like Rainbow. Taking market share from Cub is easy. Taking it from Target, Walmart and the even the drug stores is like winning the grocery lottery.

          • Jen says

            Just one more aside: Roundy's is having a conference call on 11/8 to talk about their third-quarter earnings. They are more than 50% off their 52-week high.

            Stock is about $5.50 a share, at highest in the past year it was $12+ a share. This shareholder conference call would be buoyed by having a couple of weeks of good news to share. I don't want to outright say this was a stunt but it's timing is interesting considering that Walmart opened two new stores just near me (Lakeville and Burnsville) in the past month and has plans for a couple more in the TC. That's breakage in how much share of grocery dollars are available. I'm hoping that they take the data from these two weeks, see that couponers want a "coupon-friendly" place to shop and expand the offering of double coupons in a responsible way that brings in long-term, consistent shoppers. It's a win for the consumer and a win for shareholders. Roundy's isn't reimbursed for the double portion of the coupons so it's an expense over the long-term that has to be made up somewhere. I just hope doubles continue in some fashion for the long-term.

            Let your stores know you are loyal to Rainbow on double-days. Make sure they know that you choose a doubling store over another and would do so even more if doubling opportunities were expanded. =)

          • Mary says

            I use rainchecks. If the unlimited coupons was every week, I would use my rainchecks and coupons the next week. In most cases I've found the raincheck items to be in full stock the week following the sale even when I shop in the evening. A few times I've had a coupon expire before I could use the raincheck, but it's been rare.

            I agree about letting Rainbow know I'm loyal to them. I used to shop regularly at Cub for my family of 5, with 3 teenagers who eat so much! I haven't be to Cub in months.

  134. es says

    I couldn't find the wholly salsa and I checked next to the wholly guacamole in produce. Anyone find it some where else. And how about rev wraps? They look like a new product. I don't know how much they cost asks where they are located, but have $1 off coupons.

    • Val says

      I am not sure where Rev wraps are at Rainbow, but I was s hopping at Target today, and there, they were next to the lunch meat. I guess that would make sense since the product is a flour tortilla with meat and cheese, right? I never ate one, but that's what it looked like.

      • Val says


        I forgot to tell you at Target, the Rev Wraps were $1.89. So if price is similar at Rainbow, it would be free, or almost free, with you $1 doubled coupon!

  135. Kim says

    anna… and the spend $50 get $15 is only for certain PG products, while the spend $35 get 10 is for any. did the rebate form print when you bought them all?

  136. Yvonne says

    I'm planning to try the double couponing this week, but have a question — what is the limit on the coupons? i.e. do they double 50 cents to $1 or do they double $1 to $2


  137. Mary says

    They will double both your examples of coupons. If you have a $1.50 coupon, they will not double that coupon at all. Any valid coupon $1.00 or less, they will double.

    Some coupons say Do Not Double (DND) on the coupon. Some stores/cashiers will still double a coupons that says do not double, some store/cashiers will not.

  138. Val says

    They double anything up to $1 (that is, $1 will double to $2) except for coupons that state DO NOT DOUBLE. Those are face value. Anything over $1 face value will be deducted at face value, i.e. a $1.50 coupon will stay $1.50, not double to $3. Hope that helps.

  139. Sue says

    I used to be a die-hard Cub shopper since they closed the RB in Brooklyn Ctr. when Roundy's took over, many years ago. Even though there is a Cub within walking distance of my house, I drive weekly to the BP Rainbow (5 miles each way) for my weekly shopping trip. Double couponing is the reason I do this, and "unlimited" this week was worth taking a vacation day from work, even though I "only" saved 58%. Some like hunting for deer; some like hunting for bargains. Kudos to RB for this experience, and I hope their stock goes up too!

  140. scat says

    I think that if you read the comments of the many people who shopped Wednesday at various times of the day and locations, it went a lot more evenly than many expected. The dreaded "black Friday" scenario just didn't pan out. If they keep doing the unlimited coupons once a week, it is unlikely to be a problem particularly if the stores restock throughout the day. I also heard back from Rainbow after my e-mail of thanks and they do plan to pay more attention to the "hot" so that the shelves are stocked. I would also encourage people who buy in large quantities to order ahead. They are happy to get such orders and it will help ease the problem of empty shelves. If this is to work, both the store management and customers need do thier part.

    One thing I can assure you of is that I will never show up at any grocery store at 6am.


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