Open Mic 10/18/12

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  1. Kristina says

    Has anyone sold clothes to Clothes Mentor? I'm wondering if I would get more for my clothes there vs. Turnstyle? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    • Therese S. says

      Is Clothes Mentor the same store owned by Plato's Closet? If it is, they can be VERY picky on the wear and date of clothes.

      I've brought my teen-aged daughter's clothes at the end of the season and will only receive what I call "garage-sale" payouts.

      I haven't tried Turnstyle…so I can't compare.

    • Lisa says

      I have sold at Clothes Mentor, and I use Plato's Closet too. I have never used Turnstyle, but it seems that CM will pay a little more than PC does. I think both places can sometimes be very picky with my stuff, especially when I compare it to what's on their shelves already. The stuff I sell is usually in flawless condition and is more recent, but whatev… I will continue to use them because I like the immediate satisfaction of having the money right there and having the clothes off my hands.

    • sheepy says

      I've been selling a lot of stuff at both Turnstyle and Clothes Mentor since May, when we had to move my Mom into assisted living.

      First I took stuff to Turnstyle (not only clothes, some locations take household items). I went to the Plymouth location, where they were very picky about labels. They were able to sell everything except 4 pairs of jeans. I picked up the last 2 when I went to get the check (that location will mail you a check if you give them a stamped envelope), but they could not find the other 2 pairs to return to me.

      I took the stuff that Turnstyle wouldn't take to Clothes Mentor and they took all but one blouse, which I put in a Salvation Army collection box. Clothes Mentor gave me an average of $2 per item. The only thing Clothes Mentor has over Turnstyle is that Clothes Mentor pays up front, so you are guaranteed a payout.

      Once my mother moved, I started bringing stuff to the Southdale Square Turnstyle. They took things that weren't big labels, and I think they've only turned away a few things, which I've then taken to Clothes Mentor, who have only turned down one thing.

      We've gotten a total of $180 from Turnstyle so far. I'm still bringing household stuff in there every week. I have gotten more per item from Turnstyle, average about $5 per item (some of that is household stuff, like a vase, wine glasses, etc).

      I used to sell stuff on Ebay, but unless I had something that I thought would start a bidding war, I wouldn't bother with it anymore. There isn't as much money to be made and it can be a hassle to deal with buyers. You might get "garage-sale" payouts, but you also don't have to do anything except bring in your stuff.

      If you are thinking of winter stuff, bring it in now. Some locations will also hold spring/summer stuff for you. Some Clothes Mentors will also take any season all year round.

  2. Kris says

    Does anyone know where I could find burlap? A friend of mine needs it for an upcoming wedding for decorating. Thanks!

  3. Kristina says

    My workplace would like to buy 50-100 Corelle plates and bowls. We are 'going greener'. Does anyone's know where I could get those at a decent price? We do not need the cups and saucers.

    • Terri says

      The Corningware Corelle Revere located at the Albertville Outlet Mall is having a sale on all open stock Corelle Buy 2, Get 1 Free: Corelle Open Stock Dinnerware & Accessories until November 4. I don't know how much the plates and bowls are but worth looking into.


    • Alex's Mom says

      I have seen single pieces at Wal-Mart. Maybe an inquiry on Craig's List to buy those pieces also. I bought about four full sets at an estate sale a couple of years ago for about $10 and am still thrilled with that deal! Corelle is fantastic!

      Good luck with your going green!

    • Lisa says

      I second Craig's List, or maybe Goodwill or Saver's. I donated my grandparents plain white Correlle to Goodwill a couple of years ago.

    • Michele says

      I would second thrift stores. I see it in there all of the time. You don't have to buy sets, just plates or bowls, etc…whatever you need. prices run about .99 each piece.

    • V says

      Kristina I second Lisa's suggestion….if you are really going green get them used and enjoy the variety of the styles…plus that will help if you are wondering who's dish is who's dish from time to time.

  4. Jen A. says

    I'm looking for someone who can do appraisals on art, antiques, etc. Anyone have experience with this? Would love to find someone who would come to my home and look at several things and give me their opinion on them, and, of course need it to be a reputable company. Thanks!

    • Rhonda says

      For a limited time, Starbucks is offering buy one, get one free on all Starbucks K Cups (24 ct). Starbucks K Cups 24 ct are priced at $19.95 each. Apply Starbucks Coupon Code RMNKCUPS at checkout to get one free. In addition, if this is your first order, use apply Starbucks Coupon Code STNPWEKD to save 10% off.

  5. Jo says

    Does anyone know of the cheapest place to pruchase K-cups? I need to purchase about 50 by Saturday. It does not matter what the brand is. Thanks!

    • Christine says

      Hi Jo,

      Since you are looking for so many did you check Sam Club or Costco? Otherwise, you can use the Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons to get a variety of flavors. You can use more than 1 20% off coupon per transaction.

    • Sally says

      I was at the Forest Lake Rainbow last night & they had Green Mountain k-cups for 12/$5.99. If you have some coupons that would dbl makes them $3.99 or $.33 each. Thet are normally $8.99

  6. Aubrey says

    Does anybody know if you don't use the CVS coupons ($4 off $20, 20% off, etc) that you get through e-mail if they stop sending them. I don't often use those coupons but need to buy something "bigger" at CVS so have been waiting for one to come for several weeks now but haven't gotten any. I used to get one a week, but probably haven't gotten any in 3-4 weeks. Is it just me? Or have others observed this also?

  7. says

    We are looking for a really good house cleaner or cleaning service for the Lino Lakes/Circle Pines area. Does anyone know of a good company or a personal cleaner/cleaners?

    We need a deep clean in our house and would like a reliable and yet affordable person or staff to do the work.

    Thanks in advance for the help :-)

    Mary Kay

  8. Sally says

    My Sister cleans houses and has for over 20 years. She also lives in Lino Lakes. Her name is Judy & you can reach her at 651-780-5086

  9. Tally says

    I shopped at the Cash Wise in St. Cloud today. Lately, the cashiers are scrutinizing my coupons, ( in which I pick right off the PYD website) and have denied or told me they would only use half of the coupon's FREE value or other reasons. When I talked with lead cashier they said "well the cashier should have taken it etc…" Well my point is is that she told me that 50% of the coupons that come through are "counterfeit" ..yet they don't have a written policy I could read, she told me the cashiers are trying to be consistent. My point is is I find it hard to believe that 50% of the coupons that come through are "counterfeit". Does anyone have a statistic of people who abuse coupons?

  10. Sue says

    I live in Wyoming, MN and am looking for someone to repair my dishwasher without breaking the bank. I am also looking for interior painters that do good work and are willing to work on "tall" walls. the kind from the basement to the upper level.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you offer.

  11. Heidi says

    Does anyone know of any McDonalds that are selling the "Treat Sheet" Halloween coupon book for kids in the Twin Cities area?

  12. Todd says

    Is there anything that can be done with the search feature on the site. In the past couple of weeks when you did a search for a product it showed results in date order with newest on top, but now it is randomly putting the posts out there. I always used it to look for a specific product deals for the week. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks and love the site!

  13. Laura says

    Any recommendations on where to take our lawn mower for an affordable tune up this fall? We live in Lakeville so south metro rec's would be great!

  14. betty says

    does anyone know of a air duct cleaning at a reasonable price..I missed out on the groupon deal awhile back. thanks!!

  15. Darrick says

    The other night while my husband was doing a load of laundry our washer seemed to stop working. It came with our house when we bought it a few months ago, we looked up the serial number and it's over 30 years old so I don't think it'd be worth repairing. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of where to get a good but cheap (preferrably under $400) replacement. I'm a little leary of getting one off of craigslist since there's no guarentee to them working.

    • jo says

      Happened to me during a load – emptied the washer and it started working – I had just overloaded the weight -did you try that?

    • scat says

      This a pretty good time of the year to shop for appliances and it's easy to do online. The big box stores all run some pretty good sales and look for free delivery and removal. Last year I bought a freezer from Best Buy on the first day of their holiday free delivery deal and saved myself $70. Also, Home Depot, Menards and Sears usually have some floor models marked down.

  16. says

    This is a little off topic, but make sure to replace washing machine hoses periodically. We had one spring a leak in the middle of the night and it flooded the basement.

    • rhonda says

      I wouldn't be leary of Craigslist, ask them to set it up for demonstration prior to you arriving, if they want to sell it they need to prove it works right?

    • Jennifer says

      I love our washer we got from Menards of all places. We always have rebates from there so its a little less money. I also bought a fridge from there as well.

      • scat says

        My last washer was also from Menards — got a really good deal on a floor model. They delivered the next day and took the old broken one.

  17. kris t. says

    TRYING TO TRACK DOWN LYNN, of this post:


    Lynn says:

    August 28, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    If anyone else needs one, I have two TI83 Plus calculators.


    Lynn, please email me at kristineDOTtrombleyATgmailDOTcom – my kid lost his T84 and needs a new calculator.

    Or, if anyone else has one to sell..have at it. Thanks. :(

  18. Ann says

    My mom needs a new water heater and has asked me to buy one and have it installed for her. I have no idea where to start…any suggestions?

    Also, she has electric now, but the last one was natural gas so I think I could buy either. Any idea which is cheaper up front, installation and monthly cost? I can't see her being in her home more than 5 years, likely much less.

  19. Dana says

    Is anyone a member of SheSpeaks? I got an email from them to sign up for a Crave Box entry, but you have to put a CC number for the shipping before the entries are drawn. I have been a member of SheSpeaks for many years, but I am a little leary about the cc #. Did anyone else recieve the email?

  20. Emily says

    I have a MAC and I have trouble printing coupons from certain sites. One is I always get a message saying that they don't support my something or other. Anyone else have trouble printing coupons and what do you do about it? Thanks!

    • Crystal says

      I have issues with my Mac and java. For the longest time my computer said there were no updates for java either. This mostly affects smartsource for me. My husband has a PC so I end up having to print certain ones on his computer only. Haven't found a better solution yet.

  21. Emily says

    Hi Ann~ my husband and I have a hvac business and work with water heaters. I would be happy to give you my husbands cell # and he could answer your questions and give you a quote on putting in a new one. email me if you are interested. Thanks!

  22. says

    Todd – We fixed this. If you'd be so kind, I'd love for you to search again for something and let me know if it is sorting like you'd expect now. If there are any other issues, feel free to leave a comment and let me know so we can address them.

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