Teacher Discounts: How to Save with Your School ID

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I (Laura) used to be a high school English teacher, and one of my favorite things about the job (besides teaching the kids, of course) was that I was able to get discounts in many locations just by showing my school ID.

Here’s a list of teacher discounts that I know of or that readers have told us about. Many of these discounts are also available to homeschool teachers and anyone with a school ID. In addition to these deals, you should also check with your school district office to see if they have any discounted tickets available or know of additional ways for you to get discounts.

Remember, it never hurts to ask if there’s an educator discount – the worst they can say is no!

Your turn: What other teacher discounts do you know of?  Please leave more that you know of in the comments so that we can keep this list up-to-date.

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I'm a former English teacher turned avid deal shopper. Learning how to shop the sales and use coupons has given me the ability to work from home while caring for my three young children. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you for the list! Both my husband and I are teachers, and we appreciate these discounts. Yes, the science museum is still offering free admission to teachers–we were there a few days ago. Teachers can also view an omni show there for free (one free show per day), but special exhibits (like the pirate exhibit) are an additional admission charge.

  2. Christopher and Banks gives 10% off!

  3. If you are a union member check out discounts using your login on both the Education Minnesota website (I know the 7$ off 70$ at target.com is within those discounts) and check out the National Education Association (NEA) website for more discounts. I find the best discounts on Education MNs site including everything from appliances, hair cuts, car rental, etc. The NEA site gave us access to an appliance discount program with whirlpool called VIP link and we ended up getting great deals on our appliances. Also this year the Sealife membership was free for teachers if they signed up by March 31st. You can get family members in for a discounted rate.

  4. Verizon wireless does 15% off for state employees.

  5. steve Johnson says:

    I am a teacher. I think you are pushing it if you think you can use the hotel state government discount as a teacher. Teachers are not state government employees. Schools receive tax dollars from local and state taxes. They are school district employees and not government employees.

  6. My district has stopped offering ticket sales as a way to save money. Bummer for us but makes sense as it decreases the secretarial work load for non-essential duties. Then they have more time for what really needs to get done.

  7. Office Depot Star Teachers also get an instant 15% off all copy & print services.

    And for those of you in Orlando, or who plan on visiting — teachers can get a free pass to Sea World as well as LegoLand.

  8. I looked up Sea World (as we will be surprising our daughter over MEA with DW and Sea World). It looks like the free pass is for Florida educators only. Thanks for the idea though :)

  9. I must add, that many of us used to be offered the government discount hotel rate in the past. They would look at our ID upon check-in. However, in the last seven years of going to training and conferences, it no longer works. I agree that it is also not very ethical given that we are not government employees. It did work in the past though! I appreciate all of these ideas!

  10. And for county employees as well.

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