Target Shopping List 8/5 – 8/11/12

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As you get started shopping at Target we’d recommend getting familiar with Target’s price matching policy and Target’s coupon policy. You may want to bring printouts of these with you to the store so that you have them in case you run into issues. If you are new to Pocket Your Dollars, learn how to read this shopping list or troubleshoot problems when printing coupons.

Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Target fanatics should check out the ever-changing supply of Target online coupons, be sure to sign up for Target’s text-messaged coupons and browse Target’s weekly ad online. Plus, if you have a Target card, you can get 5% off your total bill when you use the card to pay.

Your turn: What other great deals did you spot?


  1. Carmen says

    Unadvertised deal on Fancy Feast Mornings Gourmet Cat Food :

    10/$7.00 thru 8/11 or 8/18—cannot remember

    – $2.00/10 Fancy Feast Gourmet Target Printable

    – (3) B3G1F Qs (.90 value each) 8/5 SS

    $2.30 after all Qs or .23 per can

  2. Sheila says

    If you do the P&G deal on Charmin look for a package with a Free Charmin Freshmates offer in the corner. There are a lot of good P&G coupons in there including $1.00 off Bounty, $1.00 off Puffs, .50 off Cascade Action Pacs, $1.00 off Olay plus others. I wish I had known the other coupons were in there as I would have bought the Charmin, went out to the car and removed the coupons and went back in for Puffs and Bounty. Hope this helps someone out.


  3. Jackie says

    Buy 1 RoseArt Markers (10 ct.) or Pencils (12 ct.) for $0.49, Get 1 Free RoseArt Crayons (24 ct.)

    Use $1/3 from 7/29 Red Plum insert

    Final price: Three items free after coupon

    Wouldn't you want to buy 4 of these? Buy 2 at $.49 each, get 2 free plus use $1/3 coupon and end up with 4 free?

  4. Jill Pearson says

    Any one know the best and worst targets to go to. For me northtown is worse they never want to except your coupons so i left a pile of stuff. I had all my school supplies sat and lots of others and they lost out on sale because of a few coupons they wanted to be stinky about. I emailed and complained.

    • Marne says

      Jill, Try Super Target in Fridley. I know what you mean about Target Northtown. I've been denied using a coupon there tried to use it at Super Target, didn't have a problem. It was a coupon that was for more than the product and I told the cashier to just adjust it down per their own policy! She said they don't do that any more?! So I said, nicely, "just take it off. " Used the same coupon at Super Target, no problems!

      • Jill Pearson says

        yea there awful there they didn't want to take any of them the internet ones. The paper ones they were fine with so I said nope took all my coupons and left after shopping for an hour. Now i see why it's always dead there.

        • Amy says


          I have had the same problem at the Northtown Target also. I never go there anymore with coupons. I always go to the Riverdale Target in Coon Rapids and have never had a coupon issue.

  5. rachel says

    Luvs diaper deal…Buy 2 at $16.99 each get a $10 Target GC back

    There is a Target coupon in the 7/29 RP for $1/1

    Good deal on diapers!

  6. Teri says

    Has anyone been able to find the Unstopables 30 load? I checked North St. Paul and Forest Lake stores and neither of them have the 30 load size in stock. I asked at the customer service counter if they could tell me which store had them in stock but they were not able to find them in their system.

  7. Jackie says

    My Target did not have the tape marked with the sale sign…it still said $1. However, it did ring up correctly

    • Carol M says

      I have found that sometimes Target seems to pull their signs on things for sale when there is a coupon out there making them free.

  8. Tonya says

    I agree that the Fridley Super target is great, never had any problems with cashiers and coupons, now that being said….I do watch closely, as the computer often has errors….

  9. Carol M says

    I don't know if this was mentioned anywhere but on the Glade Expressions Mist there are "try me free" tags on some of them.

    • JoAnna says

      On the left side in the Target coupon section you pick the category back to school coupons. I found it on the 2nd page. 10% off Lexar flash drive. Hope this helps :)

  10. says

    Did anyone use the Reach Floss coupons? My coupons said they were specifically for the "Total Care" line of Reach Floss that my Target doesn't carry. I wimped out and didn't try the coupons with the regular ole Reach Floss they had. Just curious if anyone did try?

  11. Nicole says

    Kinda bummed. Bought 3 packs of Hanes underwear for myself today. I went right to the sale sign that said $7 and there were a bunch of them, only 6 packs though. I read on here that it was 6+2 packs so 2 free pairs in each pack. I figured ok, I guess maybe that was a regional thing or someone was mistaken. Now I get home and look at the actual Target ad, and it is advertised in there for the 6+2 packs. So what the heck?!?! I feel cheated, I'm more upset because I already opened and washed all 3 packs. UGH!!!!

  12. sarah says

    Anyone had trouble using the Qs on the $0.49 scotch tape. The register beeped and the cashiers made this huge production on checking each tape and reading the Qs and on and on. They finally gave it to me, but I didn't see anything on the Qs that it could not be used on that size on anything.

    • JoAnna says

      It beeped for me yesterday. I went in a line I prefer to avoid due to the cashier is extra persnickety when it comes to coupons. She asked the cashier next to her (also one I avoid). After inspecting the coupon and seeing no size restrictions and that the tape I purchased was magic tape as described on the coupon they reluctantly accepted it.

  13. Nicole says

    We couldn't find the correct tape! Where can this cheap tape be found in the stores? Is it near the stationary stuff?

    • JoAnna says

      I found it in the back to school section in cardboard bins (along with pens, markers, pencils….). The regular price is $1 and it is possible they didn't have a sale sign up.

  14. Jackie says

    Is anyone finding the Up & Up eye drops for $.97? If so, where are they? I couldn't find them by all of the other eye drops.

  15. Saff says

    The All deal worked for me even better than above. Bought one All @$4.19 used $1 MQ (July?) and bought one Snuggle @ $4.69, which was free with All purchase. So $3.19 for both. Signs were up at Northfield store.

    Also bought Almay make up remover on clearance for $1.69 with $2 off MQ. :) They were not marked but I scanned them and they showed the lower price.

  16. Mikey says

    I would definitely not do that after you opened and washed them. So many people have allergies to soaps, perfumes, etc. If they are opened and washed, I wouldn't return them.

  17. Abby says

    I was at the Brooklyn Park Target a couple of hours ago. They are out of the Scotch tape, but I did see on an endcap in the normal office section that they had 1 subject notebooks for 17 cents each.

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