School Supply Deals 7/8 – 7/14/12 (Includes Price Comparison Chart)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Each week through Labor Day we’ll help you find the best school supply deals. In partnership with more than a dozen other bloggers we’ve created a price comparison chart for 40+ items at 10 national stores.

Highlights of this chart include:

  • For reference we’ve listed the lowest price we’ve seen so far this year for each item
  • We’ve also listed the lowest price we saw last year for each item
  • The lowest price for each item this week is highlighted in green

You can view the scrollable school supply price comparison chart below.

For a full screen view click on the button in the upper right-hand corner of the document viewer (it looks like a dark square inside another square).

Download (PDF, 193KB)

For more detailed information on the coupons or deals mentioned, visit the store’s shopping list (Some of these shopping lists are provided by bloggers I’ve partnered with to create the comparison chart).

Your turn: What are your best tips for getting school supply deals?


  1. says

    My tip is to save your receipts, in case the prices drop even further. Also, I learned the hard way last year that a lot of the character stuff (folders, pencil bags, notebooks) is gone by August, so if your kids have their hearts set on a certain item, better to shop sooner instead of later.

  2. says

    My oldest is going into kindergarten this year, so I'm doing this for the first time, but in years past I thought beyond back-to-school. I bought markers, glue and other supplies to use as stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for my kids and to donate to Toys for Tots.

  3. kris t. says


    I usually stock up on a ton of stuff because we end up needing it halfway through the school year and I hate to pay top dollar for highlighters, etc.

    Carrie – you and your team rOcK!!!

  4. Dawn says

    Amazing Job. Thank you. Last year was my first attempt at trying to keep up with the deals. I did ok. I know I will do amazing this your layout. It is a great base to work off of. Thank You.

  5. Sheila says

    This is wonderful. Thanks! At first I couldn't see the database well after making it bigger but I clicked on it and it showed up great.

    I am stocking up on only a few things but am happy to have this database.


  6. Ruth W says

    Thank-you so much!! Love the 2011 comparison feature. It's like you read my mind this morning on that one as I was pulling up charts form last year. I have 4 kids and this is a huge money saver. My list is even bigger this year now that I have a middle schooler so once again THANK-YOU all so much!

  7. Mary Kay says

    Thank you so much Carrie for this chart. It really helps me know what to buy. I just bought the kit last year from School and this year I am doing it on my own.

    Congratulations on having your 1st go to Kindergarten!!! :-)

    Mary Kay

  8. Julie says

    Just a reminder that Glue Stick's are OK but NOT LIQUID GLUE. Liquid glue can't go for a number of reasons. There is a NO LIQUIDS policy!(No shampoo, conditioner, bubbles, liquid paint,nail polish,pop, fruit juice, bottled water,snow globes, bracelets, balls,toys, toothbrushes,or other items that have water or any type of liquid in them). These can break, freeze, get tossed around in transit etc. and then EVERYTHING in the box can be damaged. Also if it's liquid inside plastic or glass(example a snow globe)-if the item breaks the children can hurt themselves and get cut. (I'm one of the staff in the MPLS. PC. I sort and box up all the inappropriate items.(I've seen it all from frozen, spilled, leaked, top pops open, broken, etc. I've even gotten cuts from the broken items. ) I hope you find this helpful. GLUE STICKS ARE GREAT!!! Have fun shopping!!! Blessings. :)

    • Julie says

      This information only applies if you are going to include the items in Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

  9. Julie says

    My third and last is going to be a high school freshman this year (yikes!). I've learned to double (or maybe even a little better) most items on school supply lists, as midway through the year supplies becomes low and prices are high. I store them in a plastic tote and stash it so it doesn't get pillaged. I also try to get a bit extra (now that I can coupon) to help others. My helpful hint to all – label as much as you can. Unfortunately, children sometimes lose things and theft is a common problem – and engraving calculators (especially the graphing calculators (I think there was an engraver was in the Menard's ad for 0.99) – is well-advised – if it becomes lost or stolen, it may have a chance of making it back to your child.

  10. JoAnna says

    Love this :) There are a few items on my daughter's list not on here (water colors, clipboard, baggies, wipes, bandaids) that I will look for on my own (easier than all the items on my own).

  11. Erin says

    1 subject 70 count notebooks are $0.17 at Target this week – not sure if that's a sale price or the regular price, but it seemed like a good deal to me.

  12. says

    This is very impressive!! Since I specialize in super short-cuts my tip is just go to Wal-mart. I don't have time to run around to different stores. Your total generally will be lowest there and they will price match if you have the ad.

  13. Ashley says

    You can actually price match all of these at Wal-Mart even if you don't have the ad with you. As long as the store is within 30 miles of the Wal-Mart you're shopping at then you just tell them the price and it's their responsibility to have the ad if they want to verify the price (that is per their price-matching policy on their website). I'm not like a big Wal-Mart fan or anything, but when you're shopping with kids it's sometimes easier to just price match there rather than run around to 7 or 8 different stores!

      • tag says

        Carrie & Ashley,

        Strangely enough I was just talking to my WM cashier kid this morning about price matching. She says her store price matches Store X generic for Wal-Mart generic. And out here in rural MN, distance to a competitor doesn't apply.

        Is this one of those policies that changes from store to store?

  14. Staci says

    This is so great! Thank you for posting! I would like to add that if anyone has a Sam's Club membership, you can get great deals on supplies and buy in bigger amounts. That way, you do not necessarily have to buy individual items. For example, they sell a pack of the good 3-ring binders..Can't remember the price, but just wanted to share!

  15. says

    It used to be that Walmart allowed generic price matching, but when they changed their corporate policy so that you aren't actually required to show the competitor's ad, that portion of the policy was dropped. In fact, their policy (see it here: specifically says they do NOT match private label brands.

    Certainly an individual store can be more generous than the corporate policy states, which is likely what has happened in that case.

  16. Emily says

    Thanks so much! This is SO helpful, especially as a new teacher! Just FYI, 3 ring binder sale at Walmart 92 cents! Makes it the new winner!


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