School Supply Deals 7/29 – 8/4/12 (Includes Price Comparison Chart)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Each week through Labor Day we’ll help you find the best school supply deals. In partnership with more than a dozen other bloggers we’ve created a price comparison chart for 40+ items at 10 national stores.

Highlights of this chart include:

  • For reference we’ve listed the lowest price we’ve seen so far this year for each item
  • We’ve also listed the lowest price we saw last year for each item
  • The lowest price for each item this week is highlighted in green

You can view the scrollable school supply price comparison chart below.

For a full screen view click on the button in the upper right-hand corner of the document viewer (it looks like a dark square inside another square).

Download (PDF, 208KB)

For more detailed information on the coupons or deals mentioned, visit the store’s shopping list (Some of these shopping lists are provided by bloggers I’ve partnered with to create the comparison chart).

Your turn: Have you found any great deals on clothing to go along with these sales on school supplies?


  1. susan says

    Hello. I was wondering how many of each item you stock up on. Do you stock up for a season or for a yr until the same time next yr when the item typically goes on sale again? Just wondering how a pro does it :) Have a wonderful day! Thanks for all the great info you provide!

    • Sheila says

      Susan, I personally stock up for a year on school supplies. I get whatever my family will use and a few extras of markers, reams of papers . . . to have on hand.


  2. Rachel says

    it would be helpful if you put what store had the lowest prices in 2011. if it is a store not in my area it would be helpful information.

  3. barb says

    Just curious where you get these prices. The local ad for instance has Kleenex at Walmart for 3.47, not the 2.97 you advertise in the comp above. I know they say they match ads, if it is anonline price will they match it in the store? Also the Ofice depot ad is always a different one in our area, but when I asked instore they gave me the price I asked for cuz it is in their ad in another area. They were super great about matching up others ads as well. All I do is print your list every week and go there.. Much better customer service thatn Walmart in my opinion…

    • Sheila says


      Walmart had different prices across the country. I have even seen different prices between stores in the same city. Your Walmart prices may be different than those listed here.

      Office Depot has different ads for different regions.


    • says

      Barb – Wal-Mart stores are NOTORIOUS for varying prices. What is advertised in the Sunday paper is typically their regular prices and some rollbacks -w hcih vary greatly by region and by store. As crazy as it sounds, I don't think they'll price match with another Wal-Mart store.

  4. Salome says

    Hi Carrie! I just want to thank you and your team for putting this together and sharing it. I don't have kids to shop for but I do know that there are often drives for school supplies at my workplace (and other places) so this list is quite handy.

  5. Salome says

    One more thing though. Some of the final prices don't compare to the highlighted prices. For example, the scientific calculator says $1.99 while the highlighted prices are $8.44 and $10.88.

  6. Alison says

    I don't know if others have this on their lists, but my kids have 16 ounces of hand sanitizer on their lists so I'd love to know what a rock bottom price is for this. A canister of wet wipes is also on their lists.

  7. cindy says

    I see that there are regular pencils on the chart at office max for $.10 (10ct). Was that in the ad because I did not find it. Or is this based on the store price?

    • says

      I think it is a regional price. This list is created from info a variety of bloggers provide. I think OfficeMax and Walmart are the two with the largest regional differences. Knowing that, I'll double check them against our Minneapolis ad in future weeks.

  8. Joy says

    Susan, I make sure to have enough for an extra year also. For my high schooler that is 2 sets of everything for the year. When kids get into middle school and high school that need new supplies for the new semester.

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