Birthday Freebies: Local Offers (Twin Cities and Beyond)

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We’ve dug through the archives to pull together an updated list of freebies that you can get on your actual birthday or the week or month of your special day, and we’re sharing those freebies with you this week.

Today’s birthday freebies list includes local deals for our readers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. It is also a request for input on other local birthday deals in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Please leave a comment if you know of any other local birthday freebies. Thanks!

Birthday Freebies: Local (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

Acme Comedy Co. (Minneapolis): free show admission for you and five guests during the month of your birthday (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights only)

Downtowner Car Wash (St. Paul): free full service gold wash within one week of your birthday

Golf St. Paul: free round of golf during the week of your birthday

Lindey’s Prime Steak House (Arden Hills): free coupon for $25 off your dinner

The Shout House (Minneapolis): various specials on any Tuesday within 7 days of your birth date

Your turn: Do you know of other local-to-your-area businesses that offer a birthday freebie? Please leave comment with details – and a link to the info on their website, if available – and we’ll keep updating this list.

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  1. Noodles and Company gives you a free dinner if you sign up on their website, Red Robin gives you a free burger, you have to go in and ask for a free red robin card and then register it online.

  2. Thanks, Jackie! You can check this list for more restaurant deals like the ones you mentioned:

  3. Hi! Another great way to find freebies in Minneapolis is at

  4. Sara Minnich says:

    Bennihanna you a free thirty dollar certificate for the month of your birthday. Just sign up on their website and they email you the certificate, only valid Monday thru Thursday.

  5. Sara – Yup, thanks! We have that deal (and other restaurant/recreation deals) listed in this birthday freebies post:

  6. Lettuce Entertain You sends a $15 certificate to be used at any of their locations (off the top of my head; Wildfire, Twin Cities Grill, Magic Pan Crepes, Big Bowl. I think there are more).

  7. I heard that Caribou will give you a free drink, but I'm not sure exactly what kind and size? Sorry…

  8. Emily – Yes, they do! The Caribou offer (for a free medium beverage) is listed in this post:

  9. Both Pazzaluna and Tria offer a free bottle of wine within a week either way of your birthday,

    the dollar value equal to your age. Free validated parking at Pazzaluna in the ramp across 5th


  10. Applebees offers a free dessert the week of your birthday.

  11. Thanks, Elly! That offer is listed with our recreation/restaurant birthday freebies:

    Please let us know if you know of any more.

  12. Benihannas gives you 30 dollars off a meal the week of your birthday when you sign up with them:)

  13. Bunny – Yes, isn't that deal fantastic? That's listed with the recreation and restaurant birthday freebies here:

  14. Joey streich says:

    Yes hi Carrie tomorrow is my birthday and I’m trying to find something I can do with my daughter during the day do you know I have anything thanks for everything you do God bless

  15. Can you please update your link? It takes you to a post on kids birthday freebies, and I can’t seem to find the one that includes Caribou, Noodles, etc. Thanks!

  16. Christopher and Banks and CJ Banks clothing stores will give you 250 reward points in your free rewards program. That’s like having spent $25. Plus if you open a rewards account and a store charge account you receive another 250 points each just for opening the accounts.

  17. looked up the Acme Comedy Co link and it says that the offer is good for you and 3 others on your birthday month. I think you have it listed as 5.

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