Walgreens: Free $25 Gift Card with Online Transferred Prescription

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Prescription offers seem rare these days, so you may be excited to find that you can currently get a free $25 Walgreens gift card when you transfer a prescription online to Walgreens Pharmacy. Offer ends 5/30/12 8/1/12 and your coupon must be redeemed by 8/31/12.

To transfer your prescription, login or register for a Walgreens account, enter your prescription information, then check out. You’ll receive a printable coupon after you check out that you’ll need to present when you go to pick up your prescription in order to receive your free $25 gift card.

There is a limit of 1 card per transaction, which leads me to believe that you can get multiple gift cards if you transfer multiple prescriptions. (I – Laura – would try this myself, but I already have three prescriptions on file at Walgreens and no other recurring prescriptions to transfer.)

Your gift card can be used for retail merchandise at Walgreens; it’s not valid for prescription co-pays, prescriptions, membership fees, stamps, phone or gift cards, dairy, etc. (basically any of the restrictions that are on the Register Rewards also apply to gift cards).

Your turn: Are you pharmacy-loyal, or did you transfer your prescription to Walgreens? Were you able to get more than one gift card?


  1. lisa says

    Of course I just got 2 new prescriptions filled at Target last week. But they will both need refills before the end of May, so I'm going to give this a try. Thanks!

      • Alex's Mom says

        From the Walgreen's the transfer offer expires on 4/30/12 – not sure about the coupon date.

        *Purchase of transferred prescription is required and coupon must be presented at prescription payment. Limit one card per Transaction. Offer is not available on shipped prescriptions. Prescriptions cannot be transferred from another Walgreens or Duane Reade. Some card restrictions apply. Transfer offer expires 4/30/12.

    • says

      Thanks for the info. It looks the transfer offer expires 4/30 but you can use the coupon until 5/30…? Weird. In any case, I'll fix the post because I'd rather find out that it wasn't yet expired than find out that it was already expired, if you know what I mean. :)

  2. Laura says

    Awesome! I've been missing the pharmacy coupons, we used to do so well with them. If this can be used multiple times, we'll be doing quite a bit of shopping at Walgreens in the next couple of months. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  3. Lisa says

    I have been with Walgreens for many years. As of last night I will be looking for a new pharmacy. I picked up a prescription last night. When I looked at the label, I noticed it was over another label. So I peeled my label back to find someone else's name, address, etc. I would assume this is a violation of HIPAA. I contacted the location I picked it up from and they said the info should have been blocked out and that person must not have picked up the prescription within 10 days so it goes back onto the shelf. My thoughts are why not remove the label or pour into a new bottle before giving it out. I also filed a complaint with Walgreens, but have not heard back.

    Please be aware of Walgreens!!

  4. cynthia says

    Just used one yesterday with no problems. The staff had not seen it and did not know the promo was out so I just explained it to them and had no issues.

  5. Kim says

    Just a note for Laura …. you could use this coupon and transfer your scripts to CVS… they take competitor coupons so that should work.

  6. Kathleen says

    I just clicked on the link above, which takes you to Walgreens.com prescription transfer page, and it says that "This offer valid for transfers submitted online between 3/28/2012 through 5/30/12." So I do believe it's good until 5/30. Funny just the other day I was hoping for a prescription transfer coupon, & here it is! :-)

  7. jthomas says

    Just a heads up… I encountered a very rude Tech when I asked if I could transfer more than one prescription since the coupon said "One coupon per Transaction". (I had 2 coupons from the 2 Sunday papers that I buy for couponing). She dug in her heels and said no, one transfer per customer. I went home and called corporate to ask if I misunderstood something, and the rep said: of course you can benefit from multiple transfers…the tech could have just rung them up separately to get more than one Gift card. So stand your ground!

  8. Julie says

    Do you have to transfer it online first or can you just go in to the store and have them call the old pharmacy? Does that downloaded coupon work? It looks like something is overprinted on it. Walgreens is always so strict about coupons, I thought I'd ask you all first! Thanks!

  9. says

    Julie – The past few weeks, Walgreens has been including the coupon in their ad, so if you're more comfortable using that than this printed coupon, I'd do that.

    Also, since it's printed in the ad, that leads me to believe that you do not need to transfer it online first.

    ETA: They are now specifying that this offer is only for prescriptions transferred online.

  10. Deborah Alman says

    I just transferred a prescription 5/15/12 and I received the coupon for the the gift card. This is part of the language printed on the coupon, just to clarify dates for everyone.

    "This offer valid for transfers submitted online

    5/1/12 through 8/1/12 and coupon must

    be redeemed by 8/31/12. Not valid with

    any other offers. Redeemable in store only.

    Coupon must be surrendered at time of

    purchase. Limit one card per transaction."

  11. Teresa says

    I got 2 of them. The first time the employees didn't know how to process it. They called me back 2 days later to tell me they mailed me a $25 gift card. The second time I submitted the transferred prescription online and brought the print out to the store. They scanned it and gave me the gift card, no problems.

  12. Laura says

    I have received multiple of these gift cards since April, but just this week was denied one by an employee who informed me that even though the coupon does not state it, there IS a limit of one offer per person per promotional period. I'm pretty ticked – I don't much like the customer service at Walgreens, I only transferred my prescriptions there because of this offer, and then I didn't even get it? I guess I should be grateful I got multiples before they changed the rule but I really think they ought to include it in the fine print and they should not be offering up the coupon a second and third time online if this is the case. Grrr.

  13. Michele says

    I asked a Walgreens employee at my store in WI about the limits on this offer and they told me one per family. I had one done in my name. Now I'm going to try one for my son at a different store. All they can say is no. I really don't think the employee's even know the terms.

  14. Holly says

    Just an FYI, I tried to bring this offer into Target to see if they would 'Match' it. There were 3 different pharmacy people telling me they couldn't do it because they had no way of entering it into the register. I ended up telling them to resend my scrip, and I had my doctor send it to walgreens where I got the gift card.

  15. Leanne says

    Walgreen's denied my coupon because my husband is employed by a school district and they said it was not qualified because of the disclaimer of "federal programs" such as Medicare or Medicaid, or Tri-Care (insurance of the US Military). It is a straightforward Healthpartners plan. I have never, ever run into this at any pharmacy for umpteen years I have used coupons to transfer prescriptions. The federal government does not pay our insurance. I guess in some way our insurance is paid by state and local taxes, but it is in exchange for work, it is not a hand out.

  16. Ang says

    Worst time ever getting this. A few reasons. One I had lived somewhere in the last few years that wasn't my current address so it locked my acct. I went to Live chat and one sent me to another and neither of them were any help and wasted about 45 mins of my time. Then I called and they unlocked my acct. After that it wouldn't let me transfer because my prescriptions were for my kids and they can't be transferred online if they have never filled a prescription at Walgreens. So I had to call again and she had to send me the coupon herself. Then I had to call the store and do it all by phone. I will see what happens tonight when I go and try pick them up!! Ugh, we will see if it is all worth it!

  17. C R says

    I have used these a couple of times. Every time is a major hassle, usually involving rude techs who are, understandably, frustrated because Walgreens has not apparently clarified to its employees the terms of these promotions. The coupon/offer says nothing about one per customer/family, so I don't know why they keep trying to insist that is the problem. I've also had them try to deny me for the "government" program. I work for a private consulting firm and have BCBS insurance. There is nothing at all that is government about it, except maybe that the premiums come out of my paycheck before taxes (like almost everyone else's?!)

    I've been transferring scripts to Kroger for years and have NEVER had a problem with getting a $25 credit, without any kind of coupon. I love Kroger. Screw walgreens, I only go because I can't turn down the $25 card.

  18. Barb says

    I Agree 120 percent! Every time I have done this it takes forever and they are not ever apologetic for their ignorance, usually rude… Thought it was only me, but I guess not!

  19. Barb says


    Do you know if this deal is still valid? If you go to their website it is still on the front of their transfer page. I have also had Catalina's print w the off too.

  20. says

    Barb – Yes, it looks like it is still valid. I'll update the post. They previously had an expiration date on it but now it looks like they've extended it indefinitely.

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