*LAST CHANCE* Star Tribune: 26 Weeks of Sunday Delivery for $26 + Free Gift

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

**Update: This offer will end Wednesday, 5/9 – get your orders in now!

Star Tribune is offering an excellent deal for Sunday paper delivery in the Twin Cities Metro Area: $26 for 26 weeks of Sunday delivery. This offer is good for new customers only and ends Wednesday, May 9.

$1/Week Star Tribune Deal + Free Gift (New Customers)

If you’ve been wanting a home-delivered Star Tribune subscription, then now might be the time to act. $26 buys 26 weeks of the Star Tribune Sunday delivery, plus a free gift. Choose from a single pass to the Water Park of America (a $20-$30 value) or a $5 gift card to places like Walgreens and Kwik Trip. This offer is only good for new Star Tribune subscribers (those who have not had Star Tribune delivered in the last 30 days). The long list of qualifying zip codes can be found on the subscription form.

This offer is good only for those who currently do not get a home-delivered Star Tribune subscription. Sorry to say that you cannot use this offer to get additional copies of the Sunday paper. :(

Also know that this is an auto-renewing subscription. Renewal will be at the then-current Sunday subscription rates.

This is the best Star Tribune deal we’ve seen in a long time, although residents of Ramsey County, Dakota County or Washington County still qualify for the regular, ongoing Star Tribune specials for those areas – which are even better. Like the new deal, these are auto-renewing subscriptions. Renewal will be at the then-current Sunday subscription rates.

Ramsey County Residents

If you live in Ramsey County, you can spend $13 for a 26-week Sunday subscription to the Star Tribune, then choose a $10 gift card from select retailers (it’s like getting 6 months of home-delivered Sunday papers for $3), or choose a single pass to Water Park of America ($20-$30 value). You have to be a new Star Tribune subscriber to qualify (not having received a home-delivered paper in the last 30 days). Complete this online order form if you qualify for this offer.

Dakota and Washington County Residents

If you live in Dakota or Washington County, you can spend $26 for a 52-week Sunday subscription to the Star Tribune, then choose a $25 gift card from select retailers (it’s like getting a year’s worth of home-delivered Sunday papers for $1) or choose 2 passes to the Water Park of America ($40-$60 value). You have to be a new Star Tribune subscriber to qualify (not having received a home-delivered paper in the last 30 days). Complete this online order form if you qualify for this offer.

Your turn: Are you choosing a water park pass or a gift card with this deal?


  1. sally says

    Carrie, I was wondering if you could negotiate a deal for your followers for extra copies of the sunday Star Tribune? I for the life of me cannot figure out why they won't offer a deal to their customers who want extra papers each. Do you know why or could you ask someone? BTW I'm moving to Forest Lake so I will be ordering the Washington County Deal.

    • Melissa W. says

      You would think that they would want to attract someone who wanted multiple copies. I would love if they would do a deal on a bundle of 5 papers.

    • says

      Sally – Here's what I've been told by folks very familiar with with newspaper industry. Newspapers make money selling advertising (including coupons) to publishers. Those publishers want to reach as many different people as possible. So, in all honesty, having one person receive multiple copies is not as advantageous to the paper as having 5 different people each receive a copy. They want to increase the number of eyeballs that see the ads not the number of copies they sell. Make sense?

    • Sandy says

      Jean, I have to know how you got such a great renewal offer. I guess the Star Tribune doesn't want us to renew very badly because I have had to not get the paper for 30 days and hope that I can get one of these new rates for "new" customers and when we ask to do that it is never for a full year it is only for 26 weeks. You are getting a full year (52 weeks) for 26 dollars…that is 50 cents a week which is awesome…I want in on this deal. Let me know how you can get this deal. Thanks!

  2. Kayla says

    If anyone reading this lives in St Cloud, we don't qualify for the special posted, but we can get an outstate special for Sunday only $1.50 an issue if you are a new subscriber. 26 weeks for $39. I called 612-673-4343.

  3. Kathleen says

    When I was at the Renaissance Festival this past fall, there was a guy there offering the Dakota County Special…if I paid $26.00 for 26 weeks, I would get a $25 Visa gift card in the mail in around 4-6 weeks. I had cancelled my Star Tribune subscription about 2 months prior to that so I thought it was a good deal and I paid the $26 in cash…..to this date I have NOT received the Visa gift card. I called their office (Face to Face Solutions) and actually spoke two two different people..both said they would "look into it" and call me back. I've never gotten a return call and never got my gift card, but the Star Tribune did start coming to the house the next week……not sure if I should call the Star Tribune and let them know…Carrie I'm hoping you can give me some guidance.

    • says

      Kathleen – That's disappointing, isn't it? I actually have a contact with Face to Face Solutions and I'd be happy to talk to him on your behalf. I'll email you offline with details after I talk to him (I see the email address you entered in to leave a comment).

  4. Shawnee says

    Last fall I signed up for the Strib $26 with the $25 gc. I then asked the sales guy if I could get a second copy of the Strib at the same rate. He said yes, but I would only get one gc. That worked for me so that's what I ended up doing. (the gc came about 2 months later).

  5. Brenda says

    Any idea how long this is offer will be offered?

    I did one a year ago (the $26 for 52 weeks plus a $25 visa gift card) and haven't gotten the paper for two weeks now… wondering if the offer might be good for another two weeks, so I'd meet the 30-day requirement? Any thoughts?

  6. Kathleen says

    Hi Carrie,

    I just wanted to let you know that Dan from Face to Face called me today, and is sending me out the gift card today….thank you so much for helping me on this! I work so hard to save a dollar, that $25 seems like a small fortune these days :) so finally getting this really helps!

  7. Molly McCloskey says


    I ordered the startribune from your site to get the 4 water park passes and have not received them. It has been about 8 weeks. Please let me know.



  8. Kristina says

    Carrie – Can you get the contact person at Face to Face to look into my gift card as well. I was very disapointed and did not want to get stuck paying $26 another time around.

  9. Flannel Guy says

    "I understand that this offer is for new customers only with the exception to upgrading a current subscription to additional days of delivery or ordering multiple copies of the Star Tribune for home delivery."

    Sure seems to apply to multiple subscriptions.

    • Flannel Guy says

      Followup: First time thru I picked the $5 Rainbow gift card. Second time thru would only work if I did the Waterpark pass…that works for me :)

  10. Sandy says

    I ordered last night and nothing has gone through on my debit card. I didn't receive notification of order complete, it just went back to pocket your dollars website. Is there a way I can check on this?

    • says

      Sandy – Good questions. The payment system is slow and I wouldn't expect your debit card to be charged until early next week. I'll have the person on our team who handles these orders confirm that we did receive your order. She'll comment back here and let you know.

    • Becky says

      Sandy-thanks for your comment. Your card will be charged at the end of this week or early next week. Also, I just checked and we did receive your order form. You should have received a confirmation email, maybe check your Spam folder? Otherwise I'm happy to forward the email to you. You can email me at: becky@pocketyourdollars.com Thank you!

  11. Amy says

    I ordered this deal back in December of 2012 when I was still a resident of Dakota County. I received the paper, but never received the gift card for $25. I moved to Ramsey County and still continued to receive my paper, but the gift certificate never arrived. It has been 5 months since I have been receiving the paper but no gift certificate to date.

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