Star Tribune: $26 for 26 Weeks of Sunday Delivery + $25 to Spend at

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Star Tribune is offering an brand-new deal for Sunday paper delivery in the Twin Cities Metro Area:

$26 for 26 weeks of Sunday delivery or $62.40 for 26 weeks of 7-Day delivery

This offer is good for new customers only.

$1/Week Sunday Only Star Tribune Deal + Free Gift Certificate (New Customers)

If you’ve been wanting a home-delivered Star Tribune subscription, now might be the time to act. $26 buys 26 weeks of the Star Tribune Sunday delivery, plus a free $25 gift certificate.

You will receive a paper $25 gift certificate via USPS 4-6 weeks after the initial start of the subscription. This gift certificate is good toward your purchase of dining coupons at It cannot be combined with any promo codes.

$2.40/Week 7-Day Star Tribune Deal + Free Gift Certificate (New Customers)

If you’d rather purchase a 7-day subscription, $62.40 buys 26 weeks of the Star Tribune 7-day delivery, plus a free $50 gift certificate.

You will receive a paper $50 gift certificate via USPS 4-6 weeks after the initial start of the subscription. This gift certificate is good toward your purchase of dining coupons at It cannot be combined with any promo codes. Details

This offer is different from’s typical “gift certificates” (which we here at Pocket Your Dollars have renamed “dining coupons”) in that the entire value does not need to be redeemed in one transaction. You can use $10 toward your purchase of two $25 dining coupons and $5 toward your purchase of a $10 dining coupon (for example), and you don’t need to use it all at once.

I got a $100 gift certificate a while back from a deal on a daily deal site and really like it. One of my family’s favorite pizza places has coupons on so we are able to use $10 from our gift certificate to get a $10 off $20 coupon. If we were going out with a larger group, we’d get a $25 off $35 coupon, but we love saving half on a large pizza and cheese bread.

This offer is only good for new Star Tribune subscribers (those who have not had Star Tribune delivered in the last 30 days). The long list of qualifying zip codes can be found on the subscription form. Also know that this is an auto-renewing subscription. Renewal will be at the then-current Sunday subscription rates.

Residents of Ramsey County, Dakota County or Washington County still qualify for the regular, on-going Star Tribune specials for those areas – which are even better. Like the new deal, these are auto-renewing subscriptions. Renewal will be at the then-current Sunday subscription rates. For more details, go to the Ramsey County order form or the Dakota/Washington County order form.

Your turn: Where do you plan to use your gift certificate?



  1. Sarah Greene says

    Is anyone else having a problem with the StarTrib deal? I enter all the info and press submit and it keeps telling me that I need to select an answer with regards to whether I live in the metro or not. I already have chosen yes. Grrr!

  2. Ann-Marie Davis says

    Yes! I am having tons of problems–i cant get this deal to work at all and I really want it!!!!! I live in the metro and an not a Star Trib subcriber but it wont let me buy!

  3. Becky (PYD team) says

    Hi Sarah and Ann-Marie,

    I'm sorry you experienced problems filling out the form! I think I fixed the minor glitch, please try it again and email me at: if you continue to have issues. Thanks for your patience!


  4. Amy says

    I signed up for a new STAR TRIBUNE Sunday subscription on 8/5. We didn't get the paper last week and there is no record of this when I call. I've emailed PYD but haven't received a response from them. Please help if you can, I gave my CC number thru the link too.

  5. says

    Amy – I've passed your comment on to the person on our staff who handles these subscriptions. We'll make sure this gets resolved ASAP. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Amy C says

    Signed up for this deal and haven't received my newspaper. Called the Star Trib and they had a New Prague address which is different than what I had entered. Can you please contact me to verify the address for the gift certificate will be mailed?

  7. Kris says

    Is there somewhere where I can sign up for multiple copies of the Star Tribune for a discounted price? I currently do not get the paper, so I would be considered a "new" customer, but I want to order more than 1 copy. How do I go about this? Do I have to pay full price for the additional copies?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Becky (PYD team) says

      Hi Kris! Thank you for your interest, yes you would have to pay full price for any additional copies. The Star Tribune only allows one special offer per household. Please email me at if I can be of further assistance. Thank you!

  8. Roger Kamps says

    I signed up for this deal on October 17, 2012 and have not received the paper as of yet. I may have accidentally sent the order throught twice. I hope that would not have created a problem. Thanks in advance for your help

  9. Janel Willemssen says

    I also signed up for this deal about a month ago and have not received a paper or the $25 gift certificate. Star Tribune has not record of my subscription. Can you let me know how I can take advantage of this deal? Thanks!

  10. Skolvikesmn says

    Any idea if this includes access to the online site that is now behind a pay wall except for 10 articles a month?


  11. Roger says

    Thank you! I have been receiving the paper since November 18th, but I am still waiting for my gift certificate.

  12. says

    Roger – Your certificate is in the batch we are sending on Monday. The order form says it'll take 4-6 weeks after the paper starts to get the certificate and yours will be on its way next week.

  13. says

    Want to make sure my order for the Star Trib was received/went thru. I ordered it only last week, and I understand it takes up to 2 weeks, but since I didn't receive an email confirm and it doesn't seem like my order has been received by Star Trib, and other people who posted comments seem to have had delays I didn't want to wait too long. Plus I'm looking forward to getting the paper! Great Deal! Thanks!

    • says

      Carrie: Thanks! Coincidentally, I read the very good article about you and your new book in last Sunday's Star and Trib. Also, I saw your excellent appearance on WCCO yesterday morning! I am getting your book – your ideas really strike a chord and make sense!!

  14. Dennis says

    My new 7 day subscription started yesterday! Curious: should I be expecting a $50 or $25 certificate. The description above first says $50, then $25. Thanks!

  15. Deb says

    My husband and I have been Star Tribune 7-day-a-week subscribers for 18 years. I sure would love to see a fabulous reward for being a faithful customer all these years. Offers such as these really irritate me. I know they are doing it to increase their sales which is great for “new subscribers” but where’s my incentive to remain a faithful customer?
    Carrie, any ideas on who to contact to see how the Star Tribune would like to show their appreciation for my continued business? Just asking.

  16. Kelsey says

    Question: At the end of May I signed up for the Star Tribune for 1 – year – $26 and then I am suppose to receive a $25 giftcard. How long does it usually take for the giftcard?

  17. says

    I signed up for a new STAR TRIBUNE Sunday subscription on 11/15/2013. I haven’t recieved a paper yet and there is no record of this when I call the star and tribune. Did my transaction go through? Was the offer still valid. Please help if you can. I gave my CC number thru the link too I’ve also emailed PYD . Please help if you can,

  18. Pearl says

    I just signed up for the electronic version and got the confirmation in my email. Initially, I thought of going for the delivery option only and so called customer service to inquire on how I would be informed on the confirmation. The lady said that I should be sure to include my email address and phone number after checking on the link which says “Sunday Only Delivery”. Though the email address has a clause which says “Where electronic papers should be sent”, she mentioned that I should still put in my email address, so they can send the confirmation through email. I hope this information helps those who don’t want to opt for the electronic version.
    Thanks Carrie for all your help! I have learnt so much more about couponing from your blog. Keep up the good work!

  19. says

    Where do I find this coupon for new customers as told from customer service? Have had Sunday paper but let lapse as no longer needed with football out of season now, but want to start up again. (per husband) for sports only. Have small amount due and paying it, but where the heck is this coupon to start as a new customer again. Have had many problems with delivery and other issues with them before. I only get the coupons. Could someone help answer my question? Maybe I am getting the wrong paper. Pioneer press??????

  20. Alexis haeg says

    Is this offer still available? A lot of people seem to be commenting saying they aren’t getting the paper or certificate, if this works it would be awesome!!!

    • says

      Alexis – Yes, it’s still available. We’ve had this deal for a while which is why you’re seeing so many comments, but rest assured that we DO follow up with every issue and make sure people are taking care of. It’s 100% legit and still available. :)

  21. Christy Aufderhar says

    I’d like this deal too on the Star Tribune, but does it include Ellsworth Wisconsin? I have never had the Star Tribune before, but have had the Pioneer Press delivered to my home.

  22. Melinda Forrey says

    I have just submitted the order form for this but I never received a confirmation or receipt?? Is there a way to make sure everything went through??

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