EcoBonus: Free Rewards Program + Free Chinook Book Coupons

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EcoBonus is a rewards program that gives you points when you buy eco-friendly, natural or socially responsible products. The points can be used on any number of fun items, including coupons, toys, books and more.

EcoBonus codes can be found on lots of green and responsible products from brands like Annie’s, Ecover and Sambazon.

Joining EcoBonus is free, and in addition to earning rewards, members can also use a huge database of products rated by
a third party according to organic, natural, non-GMO, fair-trade and other categories.

Right now is the perfect time to sign up for EcoBonus, as they are currently offering members free access to the full Chinook Book online app. For those of you in the Twin Cities (as well as the Denver area and the Bay area) this means more than 300 discounts and offers at restaurants, bike shops, grocery stores, gift shops, theatres and more. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

To get started, just register at EcoBonus. To get to your free Chinook Book coupons, head to “Offers” and request your code. Install the app on your smartphone, enter the code, and start saving points and saving money around town.

Your turn: Have you joined EcoBonus? What are your favorite Chinook Book coupons?


  1. Sarah Sonnier says

    So is the app only good for the areas you mentioned? I'm in Milwaukee…would it benefit me at all? I see the coupons listed all the time but the grocery type as what I'm interested in.

  2. JoAnna says

    I signed up and went to offers but do not see anything for the Chinook book. I also checked the rewards section with no luck and did a general search using the search box on their main page of the whole site with no luck. I am guessing it is in plain sight but eluding me for some reason!

  3. JoAnna says

    Ok–just saw a banner on their sight that said to go to offers for the Chinook book deal. I clicked the banner and it took me to the offers section–but I did not see a listing for the Chinook book. Odd!

  4. rmdr says

    I don't know about EcoBonus, but Chinook book App does not have any grocery coupons, only for stores in the TC. GREAT coupons, but mostly for restaurants you probably go to already, local stores, and the like.

    • JoAnna says

      There is a coupon for Lakewinds ($5 off of $50) and 3 for Kowalskis (spend $10 get pb free or a reuasable bag free or marinade free).

  5. Amanda says

    I joined, but unfortunately I don't have an Android or iPhone (and they don't have an iPad app) so I can't take advantage of the online coupons. The other issue I'm having with this program is that I'm not sure which products have the codes. The web site shows you a few (for example, some Annie's products). I shop at Mississippi Market and I've checked a few products on the shelf and can't seem to find any codes. Maybe it's just because they are rolling out the promotion but thus far I'm going nowhere with it. Hopefully as the newer-packaged products hit the shelves I'll start seeing them more. Maybe Mississippi Market will also start highlighting which products have the codes. They seemed to be promoting EcoBonus positively.

  6. Amanda says

    Update! I found out that you can use the Chinook Book iPhone app on your IPad! It works great! I used it at Mississippi Market the other day ($5 off!). Still haven't purchased any EcoBonus products though. Haven't really seen them around the co-op.

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