Cub Foods Shopping List 4/22 – 4/28/12

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

As of April 15, Cub Foods changed their coupon policy. You can read Cub Foods’ new coupon policy, but the most notable change is that they only accept expired coupons up to 30 days past their expiration date.

If you are new to Pocket Your Dollars, then learn to read this shopping list. Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Your turn: What other deals did you spot this week?


  1. Shan says

    Hello everyone!

    So I did my first coupon grocery trip and it looks like they didn't scan my coupons correctly. Anyone know how I go about getting this fixed? I didn't want to hold up the line so I didn't check the receipt until I got home. One other question- anyone know what the "F" and "FT" stand for on the reciept?


    • kathy says

      i work at cub. if you had problem with your coupons not scanning right bring your receipt the next time you shop and stop at the service center and they should be able to help you. F on the receipt stands for foodstamp and the ft stands for foodstamps tax i believe.

  2. Sarah says

    There was a printable manufacturer's Q on the target website for the Nesquick- $1.5/2 not sure if its still available. Also in the section where they had the stella cheese cups, I had seen tearpads for $1/2 Qs. This was last week and there were a ton. I also saw them at rainbow.

  3. Michelle says

    There is a coup exp 5/6 for .50/3 cans in the Allen family. Veg-all is pictured on the coup. There were also printables a while back for the Hormel snack trays (but with the new coup policy I don't know if anyone would still have one that would be valid. The seapak deal…is that.the family size? Thete are $1 off man coup exp 5/30 if that is what is on dale.

  4. Michelle says

    Does anyone know what size the ice mountain water is? There is a man coup for $1/2 700 ml multi packs….great deal if that is the size that is on sale!!

  5. Kathleen says

    If anyone has the$ 0.50/1 from 3/11 Smart Source insert for Maruchan Yakisoba and doesn't need it, I'd love to trade it for something that you do need. Let me know!! Thanks!

  6. Josh says

    Yay for the Maruchan Yakisoba deal!

    I had intended to buy them at Walmart which according the the matchups sell them for $0.64 a piece but the WSP Walmart charges $0.76 a piece so I decided to hang onto my Q's for a better deal and I'm glad I did. Now they are FREE!

    • Dawn N says

      These are great for college kids if need a gift this spring for grad parties. I have made baskets & included these in them. The price is great!!!

  7. Shan says

    Thanks Kathy!

    Do you know of any locations that accept expired cub coupons? The Brooklyn park cub off Colorado said they don't accept expired cub coupons, only manufacturers coupons up to 30 days.

    I appreciate the help! I saved $52 my first time after using this site and actually had fun grocery shopping! This site is a Godsend!

  8. Amy says

    Sweet Onions – price check

    Buy 2+ pounds and use $1/2 lb. Sweet Onions Cub printable (exp 5/4)

    Final price: ?? after coupon

    The sweet onions are $0.99/lb. before coupon.

  9. ellen says

    i bought 2 yakisoba, used 2 mfr but 2nd mq scanned to 0. cashier tried to scan mq many times but it always scans to 0. the free item shows as 0 amount in the receipt. so i think that is why the q can't be scanned.

  10. ellen says

    anybody here would like to trade for the $7 expired allegra q. let me know, i can do paypal or other qs you need.

  11. Gretchen B says

    Just a heads up, but I have not been able to use a coupon on a free item at the Eden Prairie Cub store fore over a month now.

  12. mary says

    I cant find the SeaPak coupon to print Facebook is just saying it will be in the Sunday paper. Am I missing something?

  13. Michelle says

    Buy 2 Powerade or Powerade Zero Sports Drink (8 pk.), Get Free Vitaminwater (6 pk.)

    Buy 2 Powerade 8-packs and a Vitaminwater 6-pack

    Plus, use in-ad Cub coupon to get sale price

    Final price: ?? each after coupon (price check, please)

    The Vitamin Water 6 pk was reg price 4.99—not sure about the Powerade

  14. Leann says

    The Coke deal was not working at Cub on Vicksburg in Plymouth. I went to customer service and as told unless it's on Cubs website or listed in their paper they can't honor it.

    Did anyone else get it to work? And if so, would I be able to bring in my receipt to that Cub and get a refund??

  15. Elsa says

    For the various pepsi 2 liter deal this week…. They are 10/$10, there was the 55/1 Dt. Pepsi coup from the 3/18 SS and there is also a 55/1 coup for Sierra mist products from the 4/22 SS making them 45 cents each also:) Great price for these!!

  16. Phyllis says

    Coupons in the May 25 issue of ALL YOU magazine: $1.00/1 Nestle frozen snack (Drumsticks) and $1.00/2 Stouffer's Farmers' Harvest Steam Perfect Bags.

  17. Nicole says

    The Kraft cheesy Velveeta potatoes that are B1G1 (2/2.79)

    There was a 75 cents off 1 box coupon in I beleive one of the march inserts!

    Use two of those and you are getting them for 2/1.29!

  18. jessica says

    Does anybody know what the deal for BallPark on Coupon Network where you can get up to a $2.00 catalina after purchase what that deal actually consists of? i know there are coupons for ballparks out there and would like to stock up soon.

  19. Katie says

    Didn't work in Elk River either. I think the only option is to just return the unopened pop, depending on if your store will take the return. Kind of a bummer, but oh well.

  20. Jennifer says

    Maruchan Yakisoba – Buy 1, Get 1 Free (2/$0.99)

    Buy 2 and use two $0.50/1 from 3/11 Smart Source insert

    Final price: Better than free after coupon

    Today I bought 6 Maruchan Yakisoba and handed 6 coupons to the cashier. The first 3 coupons rang up as $0.50 off, but the next coupons rang up as $.00. I asked the cashier why the 3 coupons rang as $.00. She keyed in 1 and looked back at my purchase. And then keyed in the other 2. In my purchase I also included a 3 lb Cub wings. So my total after every coupons was $4.85 ($0.03 from the Maruchan Yakisoba).

  21. Jennifer says

    ***Deal idea***

    Buy 4 Diet Coke Caffeine Free 12 packs for $3.99 each

    Spend $15.96, get a coupon at checkout for $5 off a future purchase for buying 4 as advertised on Coupon Network

    Final price: $2.74 each after money off a future purchase ($0.23/can)**

    **Or, if you buy 3 12-packs of Diet Coke Caffeine Free, then you’ll get a coupon at checkout for $3 off a future purchase

    I don't see this on any more. Maybe it is over.

  22. Joy says

    The Cub in Duluth has 2 liters of Pepsi on sale for 77 cents with a limit of 5. Use the 55 cent Pepsi coupon and they become 22 cents.

  23. Nicole says

    The pretzel crisps that are 2 for $5 in the cub foods coupon booklet can be paired with the B1G1 coupon that was offered on the pretzel company's Facebook page. Use the manufactur one first and it will take off 3.79 instead of 2.50! Making both bags together just 1.21!

  24. Sandi says

    The new Fresh Express salads advertised in the paper mention a $1 coupon available next to the salad display. Using it makes the salads $1.50 for an entire pound of high-end salad greens! Awesome!

  25. Sandi says

    The advertised new Fresh Express salads mention a $1 coupon near the salad display. Using it will have you paying $1.50 a pound for high-end salad greens. Awesome!!!

  26. Sandi says

    Also, if you take those $1/2 7-up coupons (on the Target list), at least at Cub at Eagan-Diffley has the mixed berry flavor for 59 cents, so the coupon makes it 9 cents for 2 litre bottle!!!

  27. Kathi says

    Wild Harvest frozen veggies are $2.69 and $2.99 but beware of that coupon – it added a penny instead of taking off $1.50 – the cashier caught it right away and manually entered it – but others might not notice.


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