Open Mic 3/8/12

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  1. V says

    I know this sounds like I am complaining; but it has been stated on here for well over a year now that the PYD site is going to add stores such as Hy-Vee for weekly match up but it never seems to happen. Carrie/Laura is it something you planned on doing but have decided not to? I have been doing the match ups on my own and then will sometimes view another sites match ups and they just do not do a good job at all. I know PYD would do it right; so I’d love it if you would add Hyvee.

    • says

      V – I hear you. We want to add a variety of new stores, Hy-Vee being the next one – as we added Coborn's and Cash Wise last summer. It will still be a few months before we get to it because, like you said, we want to do it right. This afternoon, actually, we are (finally) launching our new website (post coming in a bit about that) and I am very focused on writing my book – which is due June 4. My point: I've been caught up with other priorities.

      Here's what's really happening behind the scenes as to why we haven't done it yet: we have a system in place, using part-time people to help, to draft all the shopping lists each week. Laura and I are back up if someone is sick or can't complete their work. In total the entire team puts in somewhere in the 20+ hours to get them all done each week with that time being spent Friday – Sunday. Adding another store is a 3-4 hour week commitment. I don't take the commitment lightly, since I want to do it right, and that will require us to add a handful of additional people to our team so that we have back-ups in pace, etc. BUT, we learned through a round of hiring last year that we need to do something differently in our hiring process as a number of people that seemed like good fits didn't work out and we burned lots of energy as a result. So, I have to put some things in place in our hiring process, then hire a few people and Laura usually does the training of them. But, I just don't have capacity to do that stuff right now as I have to get this book manuscript done by June 4.

      Right, wrong or otherwise, that's what is involved with adding one more store (it's like adding one more takes us to a new level where we could then add a couple stores pretty easily, but getting there requires a push of energy that I can't do right now). I understand that the demand is there and I look forward to providing a solid list and facilitating the community around it as soon as I can.

      • V says

        Thanks so much for all the info…it really does explain many things and just reading it makes me tired for you and sheepish that I complained. I know how much work it is for me to go through the ads and my coupons and then search online for coupons there too so I can now see that it just doesn't just magically happen for you to put them together either. It sounds like a lot of work and much planning with hiring help etc…Plus with you having to do most of it on the weekend too….I haven't said it enough..Thank you thank you for everything you and your team do!!! I will be first in line to buy your book! :) I am very excited to read it~Good luck with the rest of your writting…it will be Super!

      • shannon says

        Thank you for all that you guys do!!! I think your reply is great. We all need to hear how much work goes into this website. You are such a blessing to us all. Thank you ladies!!!

      • JoAnna says

        I am excited to see the website go live this afternoon. PYD is the best–thank you SO much for all you do for my family :)

        • AP says

          Once working full-time in marketing (now a stay at home mom), I know first hand how time consuming it is to even maintain a website daily just the maintenance of it, let alone updating almost the entire content under so many tabs weekly, Carrie you and your staff are saints! Thanks for all of the work you do to offer this site, free of charge, to us noting that the work you do is time away from your families to make our lives easier and cheaper. I have used other sites such as Teri's list, which I had to pay for, and actually cancelled my subscription, PYD is the best! Thanks for the work you do! PS: Also enjoy your updates on KTIS!

    • Mary says

      Not trying to steer you away from Carrie's site, but until she has the Hy-Vee system in place, does a Hy-Vee List.

      I always come here first because I like the format and of course, because Carrie is in Minnesota and it's nice to have the local connection. I am thrilled that Carrie has added Coborns and Cashwise!

      • V says

        Mary thank you for the help but I have tried using that site for HyVee and the thing is I am finding a lot of deals on my own that, that site misses so then I wonder what else am I missing out on.

        • Mary says

          Got it. I don't live anywhere near HyVee so I've never looked at the list. I just subscribe to her on Facebook (along with PYD and other sites) to get up to the minute coupon and internet deals.

  2. Therese S. says

    With warmer weather coming and Spring starts in a couple weeks. When do the garage sales start?

    I have boxes full of stuff I want to get rid of and before I donate it, would like to see if I can make some money first :)

    • JoAnna says

      I would say May is when I start seeing garage sales. I am planning to organize a house declutter sale this summer :)

    • Carol M says

      Check and see if your area has a for sale/wanted page on facebook. I live in Red Wing, MN. and someone started one here about 6 months ago and has blossomed so much that they have divided it into different catagories. I don't think anyone that is on the site will ever have to have a garage sale again.

      • JoAnna says

        You can do the same on Craig's List–one of my friends has sold what I thought was impossible to sell.

    • Korene says

      I've definitely gone to garage sales in April. Especially if the weather is nice like it has been this winter/spring!

    • AP says

      Therese S. FYI, yesterday I went to Herbergers and they are currently doing their Goodwill sale. I took a box of clothes in, also for a garage sale I want to have this spring, and got 30 20% off coupons that can be used on sale, yellow dot clearance items and even cosmetics. I was able to purchase some many needed clothes for my husband I purchased all yellow dot, (about 80% off), and then get an additional 20% off that. I spent about $95 and saved about $502, such a great deal for name brand items such as IZOD, Nautica and Chaps! It is a nice way to stock up on clothes for the next season as well as donate to a great cause!

      • Therese S. says

        Thanks AP….that's an awesome idea. I forgot about Herberger's Goodwill promotion. Do you know how long this promotion will last?

        • AP says

          My coupons say they are valid until March 22, 2012 to purchase items. Not sure how long you can bring items in, I think until the 22. The Herbergers site says the sale is valid until the 22.

  3. Korene says

    LivingSocial has a deal today for They do weekly meal planning where they organize the recipes and create a shopping list. You can select a certain store and they try to match up the weekly sales with the meals. Has anyone tried this? I'm sure there are also free meal planning sites. Anyone use one that they really like?

  4. amanda says

    I want to start shopping at walgreens but the whole rr thing is so confusing! how many rr can you get in one transaction?

    • JoAnna says


      You can receive/earn one RR per item per transaction. For example–last week I earned the RR for vitamins, cookies and throat drops in one transaction. But, if I had bought 2 of each item I would only have earned the same amount of RR as buying one of each item. It sounds confusing but once you try it a few times it is not so bad. Using the RR is trickier. You can't use a Colgate RR to buy another Colgate item and earn the RR again–make sense?? And, you can only have one manufacturer coupon (this includes RRs) per item you are buying. So if you have 2 items with 3 coupons you need to buy a "filler" (inexpensive item–often on Carrie's list so that you have 3 items and 3 coupons). I usually look in the clearance aisle or get a pencil if the fillers on the list are something I don't need. Also, my CVS takes RRs so I like to use them there as they don't have an issue with how many I use per transaction.

    • says

      amanda, rr's are a little complicated and difficult to expain, but once you "get it" it's not difficult.

      You can get multiple rr's in one transaction, but not for the same item. For example, you want to by "x", "y", and "z" because you can get a rr for each making them free. in a single transaction you can buy one each of x, y, and z and get a rr for each of them. If you want more than one x and you buy two of them in the same transaction, you will only get one rr, so one of them would not be free. So, in order to get a second x free, you need to buy it in a separate transaction in order for a rr to print.

      Let's say you buy a second x in a separate transaction and you get a bunch of other things in the order, too. Or you just want to buy a second x only. Either way you have the rr's from your first transaction in front of you and you would like to use them to pay for your second transaction. If you use the rr from the first x that you bought, the catalina machine won't print out a rr for your second x because you used a rr from the same manufacturer from the same week. If you use the rr's from the first transaction that you got for y and z and they are made by a different manufacturer, then your second x rr will print out in your second transaction.

      That is where it gets a little tricky. Just don't use this weeks rr's to buy anything by the same manufacturer if you want to get another rr printed out for that item. Save them for next week and then it won't matter who is the manufacturer because last weeks rr's can be used to purchase anything (restrictions apply – see fine print on rr) and won't cause a rr to not print.

      What I generally do is get the rr's at Walgreens one week using separate transactions and save the rr's for Cub foods. SOme people have reported having trouble using their rr's at Cub foods lately, but I have had no trouble at my Cub. Maybe it depends on the cashier. Cub foods has traditionally taken rr's and even expired rr's. Mine still does, but I am not sure if the policy has changed. I think you should be able to find their coupon policy on their website. It should say right in there whether or not they take catalina's generated at competetors stores.

      I hope this helps and doesn't make it even more confusing!

  5. Kid says

    Hello country gals. I have a question for you. Does anyone have any experience with pressure tanks? The one in our house is acting up, it seems to run more often than it used to. I noticed this and kept quiet to dear hubby. Then he mentioned it the other day it was going. So now I know it is going and will need to plan on getting one soon. Does anyone have any idea what they cost. We are just a family of two. I know they have different sizes. I know I can google them but wondering your experience on gettting a new one. Can this be installed ourselves or do we need a plumber for it?. Thanks for any help in advance. At least we think it is the pressure tank…….

    • Vickie says

      Hi Kid…We had to replace our pressure tank in January 2011. We learned the hard way that you don't want a plumber to do the pressure tank, you need someone that works on Wells. We used Mork Well Company (763) 753-2530 and were very pleased with them. I talked to them on a Saturday and they were at the house that Monday getting it fixed. The cost of it is going to depend on the size of tank that you need. I liked Mork because they not only identified that the pressure tank needed to be replaced (and a size that was appropriate for us) but also that some of the pumps electrical connections in the house needed to be replaced (lightening kind of did a number on them!). Good Luck!

      • Kathy says

        It may actually be your well pump that is going, unless you see water around the pressure tank. Getting a larger pressure tank will extend the life of the well pump, so make sure it is sized appropriately.

  6. JoAnna says

    Head on over to GAP’s Facebook page (, “like” them, and click on the “Live in Color” tab to print a high value 40% off coupon, valid starting today 3/8 through 3/11. You’ll just need to share the coupon on your Facebook wall or via email in order to print the coupon. This is a rare coupon that should make for some great deals!

    *Offer valid March 8, 2012 through March 11, 2012 at Gap, GapBody, GapKids, and babyGap stores in the U.S. only (including Puerto Rico). Offer not valid online, at Gap Outlet, Gap Factory Stores, The Gap Generation stores, or in Gap 1969 stores located on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles, CA and Spring & Broadway in New York, NY.

  7. Anne says

    Want to give a quick plug for Pacific Pillows, and will keep it short. Bought four pillows from them in December. Not impressed. New thread came on yesterday concerning comforters from them. I responded that I wasn't impressed with the pillows. Was urged to contact customer support telling them I was a fan of PYD, and they went over and above! I am going to receive four replacement pillows – super stuffed down/feather pillows at no charge whatsoever, and I get to do with the first four unimpressive pillow whatever I want to! Wow!

    • Dealwagger says

      I love dealing with companies that stand behind their products, I will even bend spending rules because you know what you are paying for! Thank you for this tip :)

  8. JeniB says

    I just found out this week that I'm pregnant. When is the right time to start stocking up on baby stuff? I heard it was bad luck to buy anything before 20 weeks, but does that count if I'm getting diapers and lotions and such stocked up? Is it cheaper to go with cloth or disposables? I have no idea where to start! Thanks for any help you Moms can give me.

    • Karen says

      First off CONGRATS! I too had the "bad luck" fears. What I did to kind of by pass it was: if I did online shopping I had things shipped to my mom, or anything I couldn't pass up a deal on I stored there too until right before I gave birth.

    • ThreadyorKnot says

      I've used cloth diapers with my daughter since she was born, she's 2 1/2 now and love them. Cloth is not like it was when I was a baby!

    • Korene says

      Congrats! I don't know that it's bad luck to shop early, but it is easy if you are finding out the gender (approx 20 weeks) to wait until then. I didn't wait that long. I waited until 12/13 weeks to tell friends (I told some family earlier) because of the risk of miscarriage. For that same reason I didn't buy anything until after that either – mostly because I knew It'd be even harder to see it if I did have a miscarriage.

      I'd say stock up on diapers/wipes, etc whenever you find a good deal! Cloth vs. disposable is a personal opinion – and you'll find lots of opinions out there (just like pretty much every baby topic you ask)! For me it came down to what was cheapest/easiest for me, what my daycare was willing to do, and personal opinions.

      I personally got lots of blankets/lotions from my baby showers… But who knows what you may get there. If you are thinking of having a shower, maybe wait to buy some of the things and focus more on decorating the baby's room or something that you wouldn't probably get from a shower (like diapers).

      Good luck and congrats again!

    • Dealwagger says

      JeniB, I hear you–I didn't even tell my co-workers & friends until I finally started showing around 5 months! Even then, I waited until I was six months along to shop. I recommend sticking to items you can get really extra cheap so if your baby is grows really fast or has allergies to dyes or diaper ingredients you can put on a garage sale. Thinking about it this way is less likely to stress you by letting you focus on *sizing* as a concern instead :)

      Congratulations! I know a lot of women complain about pregnancy, but there is nothing like when you can feel your baby moving around and know she/he is safe and close.

  9. Shannon says

    I'd at least start watching the sales right now so you can get an idea of a "buy" price for things. Previously, PYD listed the rock bottom price for diapers as 7 cents a piece but I find this is no longer even remotely possible. A good price for wipes is one cent a wipe. I like the Huggies wipes and hate the Target brand wipes. The best Huggies deal is usually when they have the boxes of wipes on sale at Target with gift card deal and a coupon. That's when I stock up. The best time for Huggies diapers is if you can get a gift card deal plus have a Target coupon and a manu coupon but it's rare that these all line up anymore. Target brand and Luvs are the cheapest overall but rarely go on sale or have coupons. Also, Luvs don't come in the smallest sizes. Our twins are in size 5 diapers and I usually end up paying about 12-16 cents per diaper. For our newborn, we can sometimes get 10-12 cents but it's unlikely. Also, it's hard to know how long your baby will be in newborn versus size one. If you have a 6 lb baby, you will be in newborn longer but our 8 lb baby we were only in newborn for a few weeks. One other thing to think about is how many newborn diapers you want to stock up on. Our baby ended up being really sensitive to the regular pampers and huggies and we had to switch to the pure and natural or sensitive diapers. Overall, I'd say stock up when you can get down to 10-12 cents a diaper and 1 cent per wipe. If you're newly pregnant you'll have time to figure out what your buy price is. Congratulations!! Enjoy every little kick, roll and punch from that little one!

  10. says

    I have a code for a free 8×8 Shutterfly Photo Book ($29.99 value) for new Shutterfly customers. I am not sure if it includes shipping. First person to leave their email address on this post gets it!

  11. Linda Probert says

    I got a great deal yesterday- and hopefully it is continuing. I was at the Rainbow in Coon Rapids/Fridley? (the one by Northtown Mall). In the entryway was a rep for Pioneer Press. By signing up and paying on the spot, I got: 26 weeks of Sunday paper delivered for $26. But the best part is that he gave me $25 of Rainbow gift cards right then. So I am getting the 26 weeks of the paper for $1.00. Plus I saved $25 on the purchase of my groceries. I have found that there are sometimes less coupons in the PP, but for $1 for 26 weeks, very worth it!! I just don't know if they are doing it at other locations too or not.


  12. Lori says

    Emily – I would lOVE the code for the shutterfly book – and after linking to your blog am excited to follow!


  13. sarah says

    Did anyone receive the PHILIPS Sonicare rebate? I haven't received mine and I don't know how to check on it.

  14. Jen A. says

    I want to stock up on Always Pad's this week and am trying to figure out the best deals out there – seems like there's a lot – and with the P&G rebate too, I want to get the best possible deal. Anyone come across the best scenario? I've checked the lists and most stores have some deal. Any thoughts on what's best??

  15. Melanie says

    I am looking for a new mattress for my husband and I. There are so many places to look and prices vary so much. I am looking for advice as to where to look, what to look for and anything else you think might be helpful. TIA!

  16. Jeanine says

    Where would you say is the best place for reasonably priced, high quality furniture in the Twin Cities area? My son desperately needs a new dresser or chest of drawers. The one we bought him was a cheap one from BRU, and it is now falling apart so badly, I'm afraid it's going to fall on him. I would rather not do Craig's list because we don't have a truck, and there would be no one to help my husband carry it upstairs. Also, I'm wondering what to do with the falling-apart dresser. Do furniture places take away old furniture?

    • Jen A. says

      Wow, that was fast! I think the new site looks great. Will have to spend some more time looking in detail, but from what I see, so far, so good! I like the 'toolbox' and the link for local deals. Nice new pic's too – good choice! :)

  17. Grace says

    Does anyone have a recommendation on the best place to purchase rubbermaid-type storage bins? We're trying to make room for baby #2 (due next month…eek!) and storing our older son's baby clothes in trash bags is not going to cut it anymore! We need some large, stackable bins to store clothes and several sizes of smaller bins (preferably transparent) to store books, toys, art supplies, etc.

    Target has a decent selection of sizes and has a few varieties on sale this week. I've also checked Home Depot but don't like their selection. Any other suggestions?

    • Joy says

      Basically wait for a good sale. My buy price is $5 for a 20 gallon bin. Target should soon be having a "spring cleaning" sale. Just make sure they are big enough to hold the clothes but not too big to be clumsy. I also found some nice ones with wheels at Kmart last year. Also at Target in the dollar section, they some times have nice fabric boxes that hold alot of clothes and stack easily for $2.50

  18. Michelle R says

    While I do like the new color scheme – it seems a bit jumbled and busy compared to the old site, but hopefully I'll get used to it. I have 3 couponing sites that I 'live' on every day and this is one of them – and the one I check first because it's local!

  19. dime time says

    Random questions because sometimes you just have to ask more than once to remember the right answers:

    1. Do all CVS take expired CVS bucks? I have $4 that expired on Monday and I'd like to put it to use either Saturday or Sunday, just to make sure it gets used.

    2. Is it still YMMV for Cub Foods redeeming Walgreens rewards? One friend says Cub stopped altogether, another said she's not having a problem. I have been on a Walgreens diet for a while so I haven't had to burn any off.

    That's all that comes to mind right now. Wish I had more time to chase the deals!

    • JoAnna says

      CVS–Edina said no but Chanhassen said 3 months expired.

      Cub in Chanhassen said yes to RRs last wk as long as there aren't too many.

  20. dime time says

    i'm in hopkins so that helps… the chan CVS isn't so far away… i'll have to visit it when it fits into a costco trip. thanks!

  21. says

    Looking good! I like how it's easier to click to the shopping lists on my mobile phone. I did like them at the top of the page, but I'll adjust!

    I really like the look of this readers comments section. Much easier to follow the posts!

    • says

      MKD – Truth be told, I like them at the top of the page too. I took them off for two reasons: 1) it limits the number of items that can be included in a sub-menu because they are static and chew up real estate on the page, and 2) it is not web standard and there's no need for me to be doing some random one-off thing when the whole entire web operates differently (I told myself at the start of the redesign process that I would try to emulate a "standard" website as much as possible since people are used to using/searching/navigating sites a certain way (FYI – I looked at hundreds of sites at as I thought about each element of the site – navigation, page layout, information organization, etc. If anyone ever needs to design a site, I'd recommend that process. It was SO useful). So, I let it go, but I will certainly miss it sometimes too :)

  22. Bree says

    Hi everyone! I am purchasing my first home in a few weeks! I am looking to see if anyone has advice on how to save money on moving costs, etc.

    I am going to need:

    -all appliances (it's a foreclosure)

    -lawn mower

    -snow blower/shovels/winter accessories (I would like to buy this stuff at end-of-season sales this year if possible even though I won't need it til next year.)

    I'm also going to need to do:

    -change locks

    -clean ducts

    If anyone has any advice on how to save on any of these costs, or tips on getting the best deal, I would sincerely appreciate your time and advice! :)

    Thank you!

    • says

      Congrats on your new home! I just bought my first home this past October. I didn't need the same things you need, except for the lawn mower, but I did need to do/get a lot for my new house. For appliances and lawn mower, do you have to have new or are you ok with used. I'd try craigslist if used is ok. A while back I bought appliances at Appliance smart. They have scratch and dent inventory that is very reasonably priced and the scratch and dent areas were not even visible once my items were installed. Menards has great prices on shovels. I believe that all of your locks can be "re-keyed?" I'm not sure that is what it is called, but you can have your current locks altered so you can keep them. Not sure if that is cheaper than buying new. I was told it costs about $100 for a set of 2 new locks. I ended up not having to do either because I was told by the seller realtor that the previous owners never even had keys to their locks. They always used the garage door to gain access to their home. The seller realtor had to have keys made for me. I can't help with the other 2 things you need. My driveway isn't big enough to justify getting a snow blower.

  23. SarahBeth says

    Hey Pocketeers! There may be a post coming soon, but if anyone knows in advance of some fun and free or cheap things to do in the Twin Cities the weekend of 3/17 and 3/24 I would LOVE to hear them. I'm having out-of-town guests visiting me and want to find some fun and free or cheap things to entertain us.

  24. Jessica says

    I got 3 Always Maxi Pads

    $5.99 each, use 3 $1/1 from P&G and one $1/3 Target coupon, get $5 Giftcard.

    3 packages for $8.97! And you get about $18 toward the P&G rebate.

    You could get a better deal if you get Always Infinity Pads as the coupons are better.

  25. mags says

    Like the colors in the new site. I am noticing tonight, the font style or color is a bit on the light side for older eyes (smile). Thanks for all you do.

  26. Jen Knox says

    Just wondering if anyone knows what the coupon policy is at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville? I've looked for something about it on their site and only found their own printable coupons. Does anyone know if they take manufacturer coupons (specifically Internet printable) and can they be combined with the Valley Natural coupons?

  27. says

    Michelle – It is really different to have the newest content broken up into three categories below the feature box (every new post will show up in one of those three places). Very few coupon blogs have this sort of layout (but then again – very few had sub-menus of any type when I started blogging 3 years ago). Although it isn't popular with blogs (yet), it is the primary way that news sites are organized – links across the top and then featured categories/topics down the page with headlines from the last few stories. I'm hopeful that with some education and a little time we'll all adjust, but if the site needs to be modified, then I am flexible to adapt to it.

  28. says

    V – Thanks. There is a funny story to the colors. I started this process by having the logo redesigned first, then we built the new site after that. When I needed to pick colors for the logo I looked at tons of examples at I saw some that had a similar palette to what we ultimately went with and passed those on to the designer. Then, when I got samples back from her I realized what I'd done. Ha! Cranberry and gold where the colors in my wedding. I owned a cranberry-colored car (until we sol it last year). The kitchen of my old house was cranberry and the accent walls/color was a fleshy/taupey/goldish color. Without consciously doing it I had AGAIN picked derivations of the same colors I've picked for so many other things. I thought it was kind of funny :)

  29. Shelly Sylvander says

    Has any one heard about Roundy's changing their coupon policy? Some one told me they heard they were making big changes that would hurt the coupon users? I did some google searching and found Roundy's also owns Piggly Wiggly. The Piggly Wiggly has been seen on many Extreme Coupon episodes for offering double coupons up to 300 items (or some crazy number). Roundy's is in debt over 80 mil and they are looking to trim the marketing budget (double coupons).

  30. Sarah says

    I love the infinity ones-so I did the deal at Rainbow $3.98 a pack and use the $1/1 Q that doubles so $1.98 . Then its $3.98 X however many you buy towards the rebate!

  31. betty says

    Carrie, love the new website!! You & your staff are such a blessing to many couponers,,I don't know how I did it before w/o this wonderful website!!

  32. Korene says

    Has anyone used Coborn's Delivers? Can you get all the same deals with delivery that you do in the store? When they say coupons print on the bottom of your receipt, do you still get that with delivery? Also, can you sign up for the mailings? Our Coborns isn't too far away (just the next suburb), but I've never gotten any ads for them.

  33. jo says

    Nice picture of you holding a $100 Bill – hope that went right back in the bank after the photo shoot.

  34. scat says

    Bree — I have found it is very easy to change locks on an existing door. You can usually find locks on sale at any one of the home improvement stores. You just have to make sure you are getting the same type as the one you are replacing. All you need is a screwdriver.

  35. Susie says

    What's up with You can't use promotional codes to purchase diner of the month subscriptions for gifts anymore?

  36. cindy says

    I have a RAOK – from Holyland Deli purchases — 9 25 cent coupons (worth $2.25 total) to donate to nonprofit organization (like BTFE, IMO) and 6 $2 off $5 coupons for the deli itself … its $2 off a $5 menu item. No expiration date noted. The coupons are off the cardboard wraparound from hummus and other dips. The writing is missing from the bottoms of some of the coupons, but I would think they would be fine. PLMK by email if you are interested, first one will get them. cindyjo1959 at yahoo dot com

  37. says

    I was told by Rainbow (because they take RR,too) that the coupon needs to be from a company that Rainbow carries. So if you get RR courtesy of vitamins found at Walgreens but not Rainbow, Rainbow cannot take the RR.

    Does that make sense?

    • says

      Thanks for that information. I think I tried to use a RR at Rainbow a long time ago and they just told me they don't take them. I will keep this new info. in mind so I can try again sometime.

  38. says

    That guy drives me CRAZY!!!!! (I believe that's Blaine) I get PP now and I'm so glad that I can tell him I already get it. The coupons are different, but for an extra paper to potentially get double coupons is fun!

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