Open Mic 3/15/12

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  1. Brenda says

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a few wooden pallets? I don't even want to keep them… just want to lift boxes off my garage floor (just in case) until my garage sale in early May.

    Any thoughts?

  2. ebe says

    I feel I spend too much time couponing weekly at various stores. Sometimes I get my coupons and list ready, but never make it to the store and just wasted time. I'm thinking of switching to once a month grocery shopping. When during the month is the best time to get the best deals and at what store (Rainbow, Target, Walmart or Cub)?

    • ella says

      I feel the same way- have been couponing for awhile now but still find it takes a lot of time to get my coupons and lists together, even though I try to keep the process as quick and organized as possible. In the past I've prepared for my shops early in the week then sometimes didn't get there for various reasons- then have to re-file all those coupons which takes even more time.

      Now I usually prepare my lists just before I shop, and don't worry if an online coupon is no longer available. If the store is not along my usual route I try to determine if it's really worth the trip. If I've had trouble finding stock at certain stores on sale items, I try another time of week or a different store location or just stop shopping there. I usually only do big grocery shops once or twice a month, and store/freeze the extras. Taking a break from couponing also can help. I think it was Laura that mentioned one time that she had experienced coupon shopping burnout so she took a break from it, that helped me realize that others have experienced this. Sometimes I'll pinpoint the best deals or sales on items that rarely go on sale, or items that I need the most, and just go for those items and not try to get to the other stores, then get the rest of my fresh groceries for that week at Aldi, and also work down my pantry/freezer that week. I usually do my big shops at Rainbow (on double coupon days) and/or Cub (convenient for me), sometimes pick up some items at Target if there is something else I need there. I've been tempted a few times to get a membership at a warehouse club and just do my big shops there, but it's a bit out of the way for me, and I usually don't want to buy that much of anything, and I think I can do just as well or better price wise by shopping the deals at other stores.

      The best deals seem to rotate, I haven't noticed a time of month that's better than another. These deals often come around again, and sales are often seasonal, so don't feel like you've missed out, there will be other deals you can take advantage of later.

    • V says

      ebe~ I don't know if there is a best time of the month to get the best deals but as far as I can say from years of coupon shopping I have never noticed over all that any one time of the month that has better deals. I do remember reading (I think on here) that either the beginning or end of the month bread products are cheaper. Maybe some on here remembers.

      Other than that I must say I feel your pain as I too feel I spend a lot more time than what others say on here say they do in preparing for a shopping trip. And sometimes I end up not making it to the store too. I think on both counts that is just how it is. I do think I am getting a bit faster at getting prepared for the stores I am shopping at, so hang in there.

    • Cris says

      If you don't mind me asking, what system do you have for keeping your coupons? Maybe there's a more efficient method that would cut down on the time it takes to get together your list and coupons.

      I keep my inserts intact and file them in 3-ring binders according to date. I also have a binder of loose coupons that I've gotten with samples, or some that I've cut and haven't used. I have those sorted according to type (food, paper goods, laundry, etc.). I would say that once PYD posts my lists (I stick to Target and Cub) it takes me about 20 minutes or so to get things together to go shopping. Is it taking you longer than that?

      • ebe says

        Thanks for the comments. I cut the coupons I think I'll need (otherwise I'm tempted to buy something just because I have the coupon!) and then categorize by type. After PYD posts the lists, I organize and feel that I'm getting the time cut down. With 3 young kids at home my schedule often gets out of whack and I don't make it to the store when I think I will (like yesterday when I planned to go to Rainbow and then had two kids with fevers) and then before you know it the week is gone. As Ella said, then I'm re-filing, etc. As commented, perhaps I need to wait to match my list to the coupons until I know I'm heading out the door to the store and not stress about deals I'm missing. Again, thanks for the comments!

  3. Katrina says

    We are moving cross-country in May. Is there anyplace to find discounts for moving expenses, especially for truck rentals? Anything would be appreciated!

  4. Sandi says

    I noticed lately that posts refer to Mr. Rebates or Ebates for moneu-back programs, but no longer, even though the rebate might be similar or greater. Is there a reason for this? (Not upset…just wondering!) Thanks for all the great work you do!!!!!

    • says

      Sandi – Carrie can speak more to this, but we're very careful about which cash back programs we promote and Shop At Home is one that we're not comfortable promoting. We've decided to stick with just mentioning Ebates and Mr. Rebates.

      • Sandi says

        Thank you, Laura! I've been having a tough time with that one too, but just assumed it was me. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Thank you so much for the quick response!

    • says

      Sandi – Laura is exactly right that I am VERY protective of the Pocketeers and only promote organizations that I feel 115% comfortable with – especially where cash back programs are concerned. Shop at Home is a long-standing player in the cash back arena and has a solid track record for paying what they owe people (not all cash back sites can say that). However, from another vantage point I am uncomfortable with them. Bear with me while I explain, as simply as I can.

      This site, and many other internet sites, are part of an industry called "affiliate marketing". Our industry has a trade association, professional conferences, etc. just like any other. Within the industry Shop at Home has a TERRIBLE reputation for doing shady and unethical things behind-the scenes. You, as a front-end customer wouldn't necessarily notice anything, but in terms of playing by common industry standards – they fall short, in my opinion. As a result I won't promote them.

      I only speak about them now because you asked. Otherwise I would have kept my not-so-positive opinion to myself.

      Good question and I appreciate you asking.

      • Sandi says

        Carrie, thanks so much for the information! I really love ebates, so I'm glad to hear they do good work on your side of the business! (I haven't used Mr. Rebates, so I can't speak to that.) I just finished reading "7" by Jen Hatmaker, and I am now making a concerted effort to support businesses that strive for ethical dealings all along the supply chain, so to speak. I hope I didn't put you in a bad position for answering.

        • says

          Sandi, not at all. I'll answer most anything when asked, but I don't feel it my place to spout off for no reason.

          About "7" – I haven't read it, but I saw the video trailer for the book and it made me want to read it. It also made me want a trailer for my forthcoming book because hers was really well done.

          • V says

            Carrie I just wanted to thank you for being the kind of person and site that when I see a deal or have to enter my info to get a deal I don't stop and think twice about whether it is for real or if it would be a bad idea to continue. I know if you promote it, I am confident it is safe for me to do.

            • says

              Awwww…shucks…*blush*…that is very kind. I work hard at that and in the rare event a deal goes bad, which has happened, I do everything in my power to make it right.

  5. Mikey says

    Any ideas on where to rent a tux at a good price? With prom just around the corner, we'd like to find something reasonable. Thanks.

  6. sally says

    I wonder if our unseasonal weather if the deals will get better for summer items earlier than usual like razors, veet or nair,sun block etc.

  7. jo says

    Question for all: I am sure with the warm winter/ soon to be spring everyone has dealt with the Box Elder bugs that won't go away. Usually in the winter we get a reprieve but have been finding them in the house all winter long. With the warm weather expected this week and next any suggestions on how to cope/deal with them other than going insane? Thank everyone.

    • Shannon says

      I am SO sick of box elder bugs so I feel your pain! We have tons thanks to the box elder trees in our neighbors yard. We have been spraying the outside of our windows when they get bad and that keeps them out for quite awhile (couple months per application). Unfortunately, its a chemical and I doubt its healthy or environmentally friendly. We try to keep spraying to a minimum but with hundreds of bugs in the house, you go nuts! Sorry, I can't find the bottle right now to tell you the name of it but the local hardware store had it. I've tried to find a more natural solution but nothing has worked…would love to hear other ideas/solutions!

    • Shannon says

      Box elder bugs love hot brick and light colored surfaces…which is exactly what our house is! We get them in swarms and sometimes even had to welcome our guests in through our garage door because the front door was covered. After trying all sorts of different sprays and homemade concoctions, I found that an exterminator was the best solution! I used Buggs Pest Control…they give you a 3 month guarantee and they'll come back as often as you want during that 3 month period. (I had them come back twice throughout the summer after the first initial treatment!) It cost around $70 though, but that was spray around our entire house and it got rid of ants and other bugs, too .

  8. Molly says

    I just love it when Carrie tells us when it is a good deal. It makes it so much easier to decide if I should buy it or wait for a better deal. Thank you


  9. Christine says

    Is there anyone in the Mankato area or going to Mankato that would be willing to go to the box office for me? I am looking for tickets for a concert in May, but Ticketmaster is charging $12.00 per ticket on $22.00 tickets. Thanks

  10. Colleen says

    What is a good price for parmesan cheese? Amazon had a 12 pack of 8oz cans for $23.70. Does it ever go on sale in the grocery store for lower?

    • V says

      This is the deal Carrie has posted for Target this week:

      Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese (3 oz.) $2.19

      Buy 2 and use $1/2 Kraft Cheese Items Target printable (void in CA, TN and LA)

      Plus, use two $0.55/1 from 2/12 Smart Source insert (exp 3/15)

      Final price: $1.14 each after coupons

      • SC says

        Yesterday I was at Rainbow and the 8 oz Kraft Parmesan Cheese was $3.79. I purchased two and used two $1.00/1 from the Smart Source insert both of which doubled for a final price of $1.79 each.

      • JoAnna says

        The Amazon price is still best ($0.25/oz) as compared to the Target price of $0.38/oz. That being said you may not want to buy a huge quantity at one time either.

  11. Bree says

    Does anyone have advice on getting a good deal on appliances? I am open to buying used off craigslist, but am worried about not having a warranty if something needs to be repaired. Anyone with prior experience???

    Has anyone bought from appliance smart or a similar scratch and dent type store? I don't need top of the line appliances, and I'd like to get as good of a deal as possible.

    FYI – I will need ALL kitchen appliances as well as washer/dryer. Thanks!! :)

    • Sarah says

      I've shopped Appliance smart and was happy.

      Since you need all appliances, try asking for a "bulk" discount if you go through a store. We ended up buying all kitchen appliances and washer/dryer from Warners Stellian. We got free delivery and was able to get a a good deal. (We knew which specific appliances we wanted and they did price match on top of it!)

      I have seen "Complete" kitchens on Craigslist (just as few as a couple of days ago…) Might be worth it if you know the brand and it's reliability.

    • Kid says

      Hi Bree, I am not sure when you need them. Right away or awhile down the road. But worked for me when we were doing our kitchen remodel was research and patience. I knew what I wanted in specifics and what I could live with out. Then I formed a "base" price for the particular models I liked and watched the sales. For about 2 1/2 months I looked at websites, circulars, watched and googled appliances online etc. Then bought when I saw it at the lowest price. I have been watching ever since and have never found the particular models at a lower price since then. I ended up going with Home Depot. Free delivery and set up plus free haul away. I couldn't be happier . Hope you have the "extra" time too. But I know that may not be the case. Good Luck

  12. V says

    Can someone tell me the ins and outs of Ebate and Mr. Rebates? I see it on here but I don't know how they work and if it is for me.

  13. Shannon says

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a builder/construction company to build a sun room/porch onto our house.

  14. Cris says

    I was reading an article on Earth911 and saw at the bottom that I could get Recyclebank points for reading the articles! It looks like you can also get points for signing up for their newsletter. I love Recyclebank for the Cub Foods and Kashi coupons, so I'm pumped for any opportunity to get points!

  15. mark says

    Cub is going to change its policy of expired coupos on April 1st !!!! It is currently accepting Manufacture coupons up to 90 days past expiration date. It will be changing to only 30 days past expiration date for Man. coupons. Cub is going under new management and more changes maybe coming as well. So use all of your Manufacture coupon dating back to mid December as soon as you can at CUB. Purex laundry detergent is $2.99 for the 72 oz. bottle. Cheapest I've seen in a while. Great time to stock up or get a rain check if they are out of stock. Rain checks are good for 30 days. Use your $5 off $50 purchase Store Coupon with a big order as well.

  16. sally says

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the pink slime their putting in our hamburger? I just had a conversation with my Sister & she said the only stores that aren't putting in the hamburger is Cosco & Whole Foods. Is this right? I guess there was a news piece on TV in the last couple of days and my Sister & my niece said they almost threw up. I guess my hamburger days are over.I wonder what Oprah would have to say about this?LOL.

        • sally says

          My Sister said it's in the Cub/Rainbow/Target ground beef. I know I saw something on the internet about schools being able to opt out of it in the schools. If I had kids in school I would be screaming about this and then pack them a lunch. We already eat too many things that are not good for us but, this is just nasty.I don't know if they have to mark it in the store or not. But I know I won't be buying it.Next they'll be grinding up the hoofs and hair & put that in too.

          • Sarah says

            I saw this on another website-not sure which one-I'll try and hunt it down, But Target apparently does not get meat with that pink slime stuff. They put out an official statement emphatically denying it. Cub/supervalu unfortunately does-probably rainbow too.

      • ella says

        Another way to avoid additives in ground meats is to buy it in slab form or chunks and grind it yourself. I am also not happy with the saline water, etc. added to chicken, turkey and pork.

  17. Tracy says

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a copy of the "All You" magazine that is referenced in so many of the shopping lists? I'd like to take a look at the magazine before I subscribe. I looked at Target today and didn't find it by the registers or back by the books. Thanks!

    • mark says

      I spoke to the floor manager at the Cub in Fridleyyesterday . New management is bringing changes to the coporate stores . She said a while back that Cub accepted manufacture coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date. The manager informed me the changes are going into effect at the start of April to 30 days over expiration. I'm going to the Blaine location tomorrow to talk to the store manager as well. I saw a discussion in this web-site comment section under Cub in the " Print Shopping List " from earlier in the week. This was the first I heard of the new coupon policy changes at Cub and went to go to talk the floor manager yesterday. I hop these changes do not go into effect !

        • JoAnna says

          I am very thankful that they accept expired coupons. The problem is when stores/cashiers/managers follow corporate's coupon policy willy nilly. It is frustrating to prepare coupons according to their policy and have them not accepted due to an unofficial policy they have devised.

  18. Jen Knox says

    I second Warner's Stellian! They were great! I found our dishwasher that we bought at WS on sale online at Sears and called them up on the last day of the price guarantee period (I don't remember exactly how long it was) and I asked them if they wanted me to bring in a printout of the Sears price and they said they'd look it up on their computer and just process a credit to our credit card for the difference! I nearly didn't look for a comparable price and was glad I did on that last day. They were great in every way and I would absolutely buy from them again.

  19. Anna says

    Yes, You can get up to 3 points a day reading articles on Earth911 .

    I love offers from recyclebank for things you normally do.

  20. scat says

    Kid — I agree, the more research you can do before buying, the more likely you will get the best price. I also like Warners Stellian, but last time around I needed a refrigerator with very specific dimensions which was hard to find. I got lucky at one of Appliance Smart's sales and got a good price because I then also bought the kitchen range from them and got an extra 20% off. It is relatively easy to do your research on the internet to narrow your choices and then watch for sales.

  21. Dealwagger says

    V, I use Ebates and you register using your name, address, and email. Then when I am about to checkout so I know for sure I am making a purchase, I go to and log in. I go to the search box and find the site I am using, if it is available through ebates. Then I click on the link and it lets me know a new "tracking ticket" has been openned. The items I already added in my cart show up on the new link I opened with the tracking ticket so I simply check out!

    Sometimes it takes a couple of days to see the cash back, but you can see it under the "My Ebates" link on their website when you're logged in. They send you a "big fat check" once you have at least $5.01 in cash back, or you can have opt to have it sent to your Paypal account. If you don't see the credit in your cash back, you can hit "Contact us" and choose "Where is my cash back?" and simply cut and paste the text from your order/shipping confirmation order and sometimes they instantly credit you and sometimes it takes a day or two. So far, I have gotten all the money I expected back.

    One more thing, even if you need help completing your online order and call whatever site you're shopping through's 1-800 number, you still get credited cash back for using ebates, just make sure it went through or you will have to do the "Where's my cash back" item. Usually you don't run into all this hassle, but I wanted to give you all the details I wish I had known :)

  22. Sarah says

    I thought Carrie had checked with corporate and they told her that this was not the case and there was no change in their policy as far as taking expired coupons upto 90 days. I'm with JoAnna on this. It's extremely frustrating when the local stores and corporate are on different pages!

      • mark says

        Hello Carrie. I love your web-site and I check for updates everyday. I went to the CUB in Blaine today and talked to the store manager to get the lastest about the Coporate manufacture coupon policy. He told me that currently coupons up to 90 days past the expiration date are being accpected. But on April 1st the policy is going to change to up to 30 days past expiration date. He said that it is not been announced offically on their website yet , but all but guranteed me it is going to happen. The cashiers around us were listening in and had no idea that these changes were coming. I'm grateful that any store will take expired coupons . I would just like to know the rules. If this is true, couponers will need to use up high valued coupons dating back to Dec. 31 over the next 2 weeks. Keep up the good work Carrie !

        • Sarah says

          If this going to be the case from April 1 out, that's really a bummer. So many coupons now have such a short expiry date, that Cub providing the 90 extension was really a big help. 30 days will help but still bummer!!

    • Denise says

      Just wanted to say, we used cloth with our twins, and LOVED it!!!! So many cute diapers/brands/types to choose from, too!

  23. Jen Knox says

    Does anyone know what the regular price of Udi's gluten-free bread is at Rainbow? I've never purchased it there and we're doing a gluten-free diet for my son. Wondering if it's worth it to save my coupons for the double days.

  24. jo says

    That's exactly what I have Brick front and back and light colored south wall- gets all sun all day so the BE bugs are in heaven there.

  25. BG says

    Not sure what "reasonable" is to you, but we did our wedding tuxes at the Men's Warehouse and they were much cheaper than most other options.

  26. says

    Ella – It was definitely me that mentioned taking a break. I actually am just getting back into coupon shopping now after taking a four-month break from it. There were coupons dating back to October in my coupon box that I hadn't cleared out yet!

    I realized after having my second child in April that there just isn't time for me at this point in my life to devote to going to every store every week and getting every deal. I've decided that I'm going to stick to shopping at Aldi for most of the groceries that we need each week, but I'll still venture out to Cub/Rainbow and CVS/Walgreens as I have time and as I see really great sales.

    For example, last week I stocked up on granola bars at Cub as we go through them SO quickly and I could get them for $1/box or less (I usually get them at Aldi for $1.89). I go to Walgreens as I have time and try to use up my Register Rewards in the same shopping trip so I don't have to go back by a certain date.

    The deals will always come around again, and even if they aren't exactly the same deal later on, they're probably still pretty close. :)

  27. Carol M says

    Does anyone have any extra Blue Diamond Almond $1 coupons that they won't be using. Would like a few if anyone has any.

  28. david says

    As I recall, when we last moved, we used a coupon from the Entertainment Guide. Just called around to the big one-way rental companies, and found the best deal with the coupon. For us, it was Budget. Need to watch out for drop-off charges.

    Next biggest expenses will be gas and hotel. For gas, it's usually cheaper to get off the toll way and fuel up. Hotels will offer you a great rate if you show up late (like 9pm) as ask for their best rate for that night. Most would rather give it to you for a huge discount instead of letting it go unoccupied. You can even negotiate the rate on the spot, and it doesn't hurt to offer less than they're asking. The risk here is that you may have to do a lot of searching.

    Other ways to save $ are to use the fast food coupons that you get in the mail all the time, or pack meals. Coupons are usually valid at any location.

  29. says

    I know you've gotten a lot of responses, but I'll chime in anyway. I did/do have problems the same as everyone else. After having to re-file coupons a couple of times I realized that my time is way too valuable to do that ever again. If I put deals together, from here on out I am going to get to the stores come hell or high water. So I make sure I can commit before doing the lists. This means that often I am scrambling to get lists done, but honestly, that is the story of my life.

    I stopped going to every store every week a long time ago and now focus only on stores that have enough deals that interest me to make it worth my time to go. I also only go shopping every other week to give myself a much needed week off in between coupon weeks.

    I always hit walgreens the weeks they have their arizona tea half price as my daughter lives for that stuff, and I usually find a few other things to buy. I don't shop at Rainbow often anymore because it causes me more anxiety than it is worth. I am no longer willing to open the place on Wednesday mornings and by the time I get there on double days, most of what I want is gone. Idon't always have luck with rainchecks either. It's just not fun. Target is my new favorite store. Between the sales, store Q's, and manu Q's, I almost always save at least 50%. It is so much fun! I tend to go there once or twice a month.

  30. says

    I was tickled pink to find them for cheaper at my Target store the other day. They were $1.99 instead of $2.19 before coupons. I've been able to get decent deals on parmesan cheese almost since I started to coupon.

  31. Valerie says

    We have gotten a fridge, washer and dryer from Appliance Smart. All are working well, were reasonably priced, and good customer service.

  32. tag says

    I think I may have a solution to your problem. I run through the check-lists here on PYD. Then choose Print. The list opens in another window/tab. Review the list. If I still think its worth a trip to the store (and sometimes I don't) then I print out the list, go hunting up the coupons and leave for the stores.

    When I first started doing this, I was floored by how many 'great deals' I was going for that we didn't even need or use! I've gotten much more discerning in my hunting and have saved myself hours of time. Like they say, "Keep it simple."

  33. tag says

    Best bet: Locate and get rid of the box elder trees on your property. They are 'low quality' trees: drop large branches, harbor bugs, and just generally dump junk on your property. Talk to your neighbors about getting rid of theirs, too. If you need to, perhaps you could go in together to hire someone to take them down. The saved aggrivation could be well worth the cost and no chemicals.

  34. tag says

    We went cloth for our last one and saved THOUSANDS of dollars over the three years he was in them. PLUS no mystery chemicals next to our kid's reproductive organs! Plus, 21st century cloth diapers are completely adorable and use hook and loop closures. no pins.

    BTW the chemicals aren't really a mystery. One of my chemistry friends had an assignment when he was in college to identify the chemicals in disposable diapers. We didn't know each other well when we had our son and my friend, mr. shy, felt strongly enough to approach me about what his class had found in the diapers. Not good and very scary. Until the USDA makes manufacturer's lists what's in that 'gel' I will not be putting a disposable diaper on any child.

    Plus, 21st century cloth diapers are completely adorable and use hook and loop closures. no pins. So cute.

  35. Barb says

    Just in case anyone is in the market for new tires, I thought I'd share my recent experience. My old van was going to soon need new tires. Having read on PYD that Discount Tire was good, I made that one of my stops. I also checked Tires Plus and Sam's Club. For my vehicle, Sam's had the best quality name brand tire with the longest warranty at the best price than any of them. Discount Tire's price was next closest but it was for a less-warranted, non-name brand tire. Tires Plus was the highest priced. So for anyone needing tires, check out Sam's club. It is worth the membership fee for the difference in 4 name brand tires. I don't shop there much, but just mostly use it for gas and the gas savings alone more than pay for the membership annually.

  36. says

    Shannon, My husband is on the vol fire dept here in Becker and a fellow fire fighter does construction and in fact last year gutted and redid our master bath as well as many other people we know. He does it all though and is very thorough and reliable. He recently built his father's retirement home in N Dakota. His name is Matt Weber and business name is H2O PRO, LLC. 763-482-6210. If you call you can say Debbie Reid gave you his number. Worth getting a quote to compare prices.

  37. Chris says

    I had a lot of problems with the great prices I was getting when I started couponing on meat goods. With a family of three, we were getting great pricing, but I was not using an entire package of meat and were disposing of the extra meat that was cooked and not eaten as left overs. I then bought a vacuum sealer and started separating out the meat before I froze it and it works great. I am able to put just enough in a package and seal it up for a dinner, premarinating often times also.

    My problem is that I used up all the bags that came with the machine and saw the prices they charge at the store for these sealable bags. Anyone have any other suggestions or cheaper place to get these bags? I prefer the kind that I can cut to make fit what I am putting together, but will entertain other options.

  38. sally says

    I also hate the prices on these bags. The best option I have found is sometimes I get a coupon or other deal straight from The other option is Kohls when they have their 15% or 30% off & get a $10 gift card when you SPEND $50. that's the best I can do. Maybe someone else has another option? Not to many coupons out there.

    • JoAnna says

      I usually purchase them at Costco but have not done price comparison shopping on them other than knowing they are less at Costco than at Target. I will check the price against Kohls though–great idea to use the 30% and earn Kohl's cash.

    • sally says

      Yes I have emailed you at least three times . I mailed your coupons today but you obviously have not received my address? Is there something wrong with your email? I've never had this problem before.My return address is on the envelope.

  39. Sue K. says

    I hear you, between the Box Elder Bugs and Asian Beetles, our house has been overtaken. My hubby used spectracide to spray around the foundation and all the way around all doors and windows last weekend. It has helped keep new ones from coming in, we still need to vaccum up the ones that are already in the house (remember to stuff a rag in the end of your vaccum hose after vaccumming or they will just climb back out.) My cousin started me on the spectracide she also sprays inside her house around the windows, doors and along the floors of the outer walls.

  40. AP says

    This was just posted on Facebook via the Cub Foods Fan Page,

    "Hi Cub Fans! We have some important news regarding upcoming changes to our coupon policy. As you may know, we’re excited to be one of the only grocers in Minnesota that allows customers to redeem expired manufacturer coupons, as we know that our shoppers value using expired coupons at Cub Foods. Despite requests to discontinue accepting any coupons past their expiration date, we will still be accepting expired manufacturer coupons up to 30 days past the printed expiration date. This new policy will go into effect on April 15th, 2012. While accepting any expired coupons is rare in the grocery industry, we know that our shoppers appreciate this extra savings opportunity. Thanks again for shopping at Cub Foods!"

    JoAnn I agree with you as well, hopefully this new change will also spark some consistency with their coupon policy.

  41. AP says

    I agree with NN. At first I would race all over southern MN to get the "hot" deals. Then I realized how exhausting that was and I would bring my kids with me which made me more anxious than anything. Not to mention there would always be mistakes made at the register because I was trying to put my bags in the stroller, give my baby a bottle, open a snack for my two year old etc… then I would be upset about the coupon that did not go through and it was not worth carting my kids back into the store for a dollar, which then made me feel like a coupling failure.

    Now I have resolved to the fact that I go to the stores that are most convenient for me. I have a Coborns up the road and do the rest of my shopping about 20 miles away at Cub and Target. I only go to Walgreens if they have a really have a stellar deal I find that once getting my register reward it takes more time and energy to drive the 20 miles to use the $5 I got in RR. Also, I really do not go to Walmart very often. I like it, but am finding that so does everyone else, and it is a 40 minute drive for me. Also, it is hard to put your list together to get there and only get half of what you wanted because some items are out of stock. Then I had the desire to go back that week to see if they were there to find they still were still out of stock…frustrating. An Aldi is about an hour away and Rainbow I am not that familiar with so it takes me a while to prepare and shop there.

    So I have resolved to shop at Coborns, Cub and Target simply because they are close location wise, I know the store coupon policies, and when I get there I can usually get everything that I went for because the product is stocked and if not all of the stores are great in giving my rain checks. I prepare my lists and coupons right before my trips and usually set a budget per week on what I am willing to spend. My husband and I also set money aside every year for charity, so if there are really "hot" deals and I am out of my weekly budget, I dip into the charity budget and give those products to food shelves. I enjoy the "game" of couponing as well and consider it a hobby so why not coupon for charity as well…so much fun!

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