Magazine Deals: Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health + More

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Usually the weekend doesn’t have enough good magazine deals to warrant a post, but today only (Saturday, 3/17) there are four magazine subscription offers available that are at the lowest price we’ve seen in the past couple of months:

Men’s Fitness is $3.65/year with coupon code PYD at Best Deal Magazines. This coupon code also takes 15% off the price of any other magazine on Best Deal Magazines, if you see another title that interests you.

Women’s Health is $3.99/year with coupon code HEALTH at Tanga. You can buy up to a 3-year subscription at this price.

Lucky is $3.50/year with coupon code 8728 at DiscountMags. You can buy up to a 3-year subscription at this price.

Popular Photography is $3.99/year with coupon code PHOTO at Tanga. You can buy up to a 3-year subscription at this price.

Check out TradePubs specialty magazines (check back regularly as they periodically cycle through titles) and other titles offered by ValueMags for more free magazine subscription offers.

Your turn: Which of these magazines did you grab today?

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  1. The Women's Health magazine deal did not work for me. I was charged $14.99 for a one year subscription. I entered "HEALTH" into the coupon code box, but clearly it did not register. Disappointing….

  2. Katie – Let me know if it doesn't work when you try it again. You can try contacting Tanga's customer service, too.

    • Laura, I decided not to try it again. I'm waiting to see if my cancelled order will be refunded to my account. If it's not refunded by Monday, I will take your advice and call Tanga's customer service. Thanks for following up!

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