Vitacost: $10 Credit Plus Free Shipping on Select Supplements

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid. is still offering a free $10 credit toward any purchase on their site, including a selection of products that ship for free.

Vitacost has lots of natural and organic groceries, supplements and vitamins, including Bob’s Red Mill products, gluten-free products, and much more. At sign-up you’ll need to enter the referrer’s email address. If you want to use ours, it is

Plus, after you sign up for the $10 credit (which you’ll receive via email), you can use your own referral link to share this deal with your friends and family. For each person who makes a purchase with the $10 coupon you send them, you’ll also receive a $10 credit – it’s a win/win!

After signing up for the $10 credit, head to the free shipping section to select from products that ship free (shipping is also free for any order over $49). While most of the items with free shipping priced under $10 are out of stock, you can still get a great deal with the $10 credit.

For instance, you can get this $11.90 bottle of 100 DHEA tablets for just $1.90 after the credit. That’s an 84% savings.

Your turn: What did you purchase with your $10 Vitacost credit?



  1. Kathy says

    I signed up last time you posted, asked you for a referral email address, you said I didn't need one, and they never issued a $10 credit. Contacted their customer service multiple times, and they never resolved, and flood your inbox with offers.

  2. Katherine B says

    I was able to get two bottles of children's probiotic chewables for just the $4.99 shipping. $2.50/bottle isn't bad at all considering the shelf cost of this product! Perfect timing as we just had a wave of illnesses that required antibiotics and I was going to have to go buy these anyhow! Thanks :)

  3. ambergiaco says

    After dealing with, I'm VERY apprehensive about these "deal" companies. Savemore started with their "enticing" "free" $10 credit, now look at everyone out money and dealing with their banks. I've learned, free isn't always free, and if its too good to be true, it just might be.

  4. Dawn N says

    I have ordered from them for awhile now and they are prompt and the savings is great. My Dr. had given me the site address. They offer deals throughout the month. I will be ordering more cq10.

    • Dawn N says

      It helps the heart and cell production. A normal does is 100mg daily but I take 1000 for my form of MD. I have also ordered LCartine and that is an indgredient in Fuse juice and helps with energy.

      Great site to get deals especially when they have the b1g1 specials.

  5. Dawn N says

    I don't see this site as a "deals" site not like others. More of a way to get supplements without the store mark up.

  6. steve johnson says

    In order to receive the $10 coupon, you have to be referred by someone and a link is sent to your email. Per the company. You do not get the $10.00 for just signing up.

  7. Crystal says

    I've ordered from vitacost MANY times. More than I can count. I like their gluten free products and wide variety of them. My first experience last summer many of my gluten free flours were damaged in transit. I talked to customer service and they immediately sent me replacement products. Overall they've been great to work with.

  8. Mary Kay says

    The deal for $10 at Vitacost is still going on with the link you have provided above.

    An exsisting Customer of Vitacost can also refer a friend to get $10 and the new friend gets $10 when they place their 1st order.

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