Cub Foods Shopping List 2/26 – 3/3/12

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

According to Cub Foods’ official coupon policy, their stores accept manufacturer-issued coupons up to 3 months past their expiration date (and in some cases up to 5 or 6 months past), so some of those referenced on this list are expired. If you are new to Pocket Your Dollars, then learn to read this shopping list. If you are having issues, troubleshoot problems printing coupons here.

Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Your turn: Are you getting the freezer deal this year? Have you gotten in on it during previous years’ sales?

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  1. Coborns has has same freezer "homelife at $159.00 with $180 in coupons.

  2. Hope they still have the salad dressing by the time I can make it to Cub on Friday :)

  3. I bought one of the freezers a few years ago it was horrible never worked…kept going off…not sure of the brand…hopeful it's a different one this time otherwise I would suggest not to do it!!!

  4. Tombstone pizza regular price is $6.49 each at the Woodbury location

  5. We also bought the freezer deal 3 years ago and ours is going strong!

  6. Kraft coupon 55 cents off any two items. Not sure when it is from, but it makes for an excellent deal on kraft singles!

  7. The Kraft coupon is in the 1-12 SS save .55 on 2

  8. they were out of the one I like in the regular isle, but they have more in the deals isle.

  9. The Kraft coupon is from SS 1-12 and is for .55 cents off 2 items

  10. the galbani cheese coupon doesn"t print what am I doing wrong??

  11. Wow..the Eagan (Cliff Road) Cub self-check outs will no longer let you scan your own coupons. You must have a cashier come over and do it and ours was angry.

    Apparently, she said someone (not sure which Cub) scammed them by taking lots of register rewards, scanning them and then putting blank slips of paper in the coupon slot.

    Not sure if she had the accurate story, but anyway, it's more time consuming having to wait and have them scan in each coupon for you.


    • Someone will come out with a better self check-out machine. When I used this, I thought how easy it would be for someone to scam the system. I guess someone without morals finally did it. Too bad for everyone

  12. Seems early for the freezer as I thought in previous years was at Easter. Been saving for it so hope to get one! Thanks for Coborns info in case cub is out.

  13. Was anyone able to find this coupon:

    Delimex Taquitos (18-25 ct.) $4.99

    Use $2/1 from 10/30 Smart Source insert

    Final price: $2.99 after coupon

  14. I had the same story at Cub-that someone(s) was abusing the system and so the cashier now has to do it for you. She was very very unhappy as well-because the midway cub is always busy and she has to be constantly scanning coupons. I can't imagine that it was only because of one person-how could have made such a huge difference that they spent the $$$ to change the software in all their stores. So far the cub in Circle Pines is the still allows you to scan your coupons, but I'm sure that will change. The cashier told me that they were updating their machines.

  15. I'm not sure we got that in the twin cities. I remember hunting for it last year when Target had that great sale and not finding it.

  16. Flannel guy says:

    My 2 yr old Igloo works great.

  17. LOL @ the MORON scammer.

    First of all I'm sure the person's finger prints are all over the black paper.

    Secondly I'm sure the store has forwarded security camera images of the person in question to all cub foods locations….the scammer will most likely get caught.

    Did anyone else hear about the Tide thief who stole $25,000 worth of tide from the West St. Paul Walmart over the past 15 months???

    Last week I went to buy 2 jugs of Tide from Walgreens and they have them LOCKED UP because of that jerk! I had to wait for a store employee to open the case for me and asked why and it was because of him.

    Oh well…at least now he doesn't have to worry about paying for the detergent to wash his prison jumpsuit!

    • Of all things to steal! Can't imagine that there is that good a black market in Tide. Maybe it's some sort of weird fetish.

  18. Josh-thanks for the story. What to do with all that Tide???

    Happy couponing everyone :)

  19. Just got a flyer from cub today-with 2 $5 off 50 Q.

  20. Good to know–if it is out in reg aisle I will look around. On their website they do mention that they offer rain checks if product is out.

  21. I am new to this. Where do I find Smart Source Insert?

  22. Jennifer says:

    When I was at my closest cub foods to buy the early Sunday star tribune on Saturday morning, I saw a wall of them on display on the sales floor.

  23. Jennifer says:

    In your sunday paper.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Too bad that there is not any Coborns store closed to where I live.

  25. There is a new cub coupon book that starts today with $132 in coupon savings. Be sure to watch out for it as it has $5/$50 purchase on the front. They should also be in the stores however they don't have the $5/$50 coupon.

  26. hey no coupon for ken's salad dressing on cool savings also they have 10+ pages of hoops to look at

  27. I'm glad I didn't make it to Cub last night, that extra $5 off is going to be sure nice to have and use!!

  28. If you're looking for a great deal on cheese, a new catalina started today where you get $2 off your next shopping trip when you buy 3 Kraft products, $3 off your next shopping trip when you buy 4 Kraft products and $4 off your next shopping trip when you buy 5 Kraft products.

    ***Deal idea***

    Buy 2 Kraft Singles for $1.79 each

    Buy 2 Kraft Shredded Cheese for $2.49 each

    Use in-ad Kraft Shredded Cheese Cub coupon to get sale price

    Plus, use two $0.55/2 Kraft Cheese products (I think it was from the 1/15 Smart Source or Red Plum insert – I can't find it anywhere in either the Coupon Mom database or PYD database)

    Spend $7.46, get coupon at checkout for $4 off your next shopping trip at check out

    Final price: $0.87 each after coupons and money off future shopping trip

    Also, the Kraft manufacturer's coupon, I believe, is a few days expired, but my local Cub takes expired coupons. Hope this helps someone!

  29. I knew I read this somewhere this morning! I just wanted to say that this morning when I was at CVS all of their Tide detergents had a security ring around 'em. It looks like other stores have heard about this scam too!


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