Target Shopping List 1/29 – 2/4/12

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Target is having a big baby sale this week with gift card deals on diapers, pull-ups and formula. You can also pick up a number of deals on Unilever products, pet food and other grocery items thanks to the coupons found in this week’s coupon inserts.

As you get started shopping at Target we’d recommend getting familiar with Target’s price matching policy and Target’s coupon policy. You may want to bring printouts of these with you to the store so that you have them in case you run into issues. If you are new to Pocket Your Dollars, learn how to read this shopping list or troubleshoot problems when printing coupons.

Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Target fanatics should check out the ever-changing supply of Target online coupons, be sure to sign up for Target’s text-messaged coupons and browse Target’s weekly ad online. Plus, if you have a Target card, you can get 5% off your total bill when you use the card to pay.

Your turn: What other great deals did you spot?


  1. Sarah P. says

    Questions on the Ragu deal. In Cub's ad (back page) there is a coupon for $.99 on 1 Ragu. This appears to be a manufacturer coupon. Could this be used at Target?

  2. sandraT says

    First question do you feel It cheaper to Order Extra News Paper Subscriptions Or to Order Inserts or coupons & what do you get .then what areas did get this? as we can then order that insert online -Delimex Taquitos (25 ct.) $4.89

    Buy 2 and use one $5/2 Target coupon from 12/4 Smart Source insert (exp 2/5)

    Plus, use two $2/1 from 10/30 Smart Source insert (exp 2/15) (we didn’t receive this coupon in Minneapolis)

  3. Sandi says

    Did the Minneapolis/ St. Paul papers have the Old El Paso $.50/1 coupon you listed above (to use when buying the Green Chile Enchilada Sauce Can)?

    I cannot find it in the Minneapolis Smart Source.



    • Jackie M. says

      I can't find it in any of my inserts, either….I have inserts from the Star Tribune, Grand Forks Herald and the Bemidji Pioneer so I have a good regional variety.

  4. kris says

    The Target in Eagan has the Betty Crocker gingerbread mixes now marked down further to .44.

    Had I saved my .40 coupon I could have used that! I don't remember the exp date so check the database.

    They're on the far endcap in the food area. They've consolidated all the remaining "Christmas" items on that endcap.

  5. kris says

    Also a mini-rant.

    There was a clearance area with throws/blankets. There were many of the same kind, just different colors. Some were marked down with a label and some were not. I took two (the one I wanted which was not marked and the one marked which was not the color I wanted).

    I was told by the manager that only the marked one was on clearance. When I told him I thought that was deceptive he told me someone must have put it there. When I said there were MANY, all mixed in, he didn't really have an answer for me.

    In conclusion, no matter where items are grouped or what the rack says, unless it has the sticker on it marked down, it's NOT on sale. :(

  6. Jazz says

    There are Target scanners all over the place that can tell you what price something will ring up at. Since Target uses computer systems to price things, this is your best bet to make sure an item is on clearance even though it isn't marked. Sometimes certain items in certain colors go on clearance, but not the colors that will still sell well. Just because they are in the same area does not warrant your rant. People move items all the time, and employees accidentally place items in the wrong area at times. If it doesn't say clearance on it, but you suspect it might be a clearance item…scan it.

  7. Nancy says

    I used my $3 off Iam's cat food coupon at Target tonight with the trial sized bag and low and behold, there are $3 off coupons INSIDE the bags!! The exp. date on those is September… OR you can use them now to get more free bags.

      • Nancy says

        Hey thanks!! I won't tell you how far out I had to hold my hand while reading the coupon, so I'm glad you caught that!!! ;) It's still wonderful for me with 4 cats!

  8. kris says

    I think they're betting on people grabbing the item that's not marked down because they're not paying attention, getting to the register and then not wanting to walk back.

    Most of the time clearanced items are grouped together on an end-cap, however there were too many of the non-clearanced ones to have it be customers moving it. All were the same style of blanket, all lined up in rows according to color.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Target and I use the scanners all of the time to check prices as well..I just wanted to alert people to the fact that just because it's in the area with other marked down products it might not be.. Hopefully the item I wanted will eventually be marked down as well. :)

  9. JP says

    The huggies value packs in my store have $2.00 off peelies on them!! It made the deal even better! Also, my target allowed me to use (2) $5.00 off Target coupons. I used the $2.00 off peelies right away on this purchase but there is no size restriction. It can be used on ANY huggies diaper purchase!! This ended up being a great deal on diapers!

  10. Breanne says

    The $5 target huggies diaper coupon says that it is a limit of 1 manufacturers coupon and 1 target coupon per item, not per transaction. So it should be okay to use 2 $5 target huggies diaper coupons with the large boxes of diapers (deal with the $15 target gift card)

  11. Jackie M. says

    The Vicks Vapo Rub was priced $3.79 at my Target (compared to the $3.89 listed here). That made them $.12 each after coupons and gc!!!

  12. Tarah Huston says

    Peelie alert…there is a $3/2 Triaminic manufacturer's coupon on some packages at the Buffalo Target. Might make a good deal at some point…they are currently priced at 4.99 each?

  13. Chris says

    Market Pantry Boxed Macaroni and Cheese $0.59

    There's also a $1/1 Market Pantry Boxed Macaroni and Cheese Target printable coupon, and a $1/3 Any Market Pantry Item Target printable coupon that can be used for some cheap mac & cheese.

  14. Dawn N says

    I got a coupon book from target with many coupons including : $1 off any $1 fruit & one for vegs plus many more. Anyone else get yhisbooklet mailed to them? Good deals with the coupons & not sure how or why I got the booklet. :-)

  15. Julie S says

    I got the booklet too. I thought they were great coupons. I'm wondering if I got it because I recently (just before Christmas) signed up for a Red Card debit card….

  16. SJ says

    Is anyone else having trouble printing coupons off Targets site? It worked fine the other day and now it's telling me "Unfortunately, you’re trying to print to a device that is not valid for printing coupons. If you have a multi-function printer (fax, copy, print), please make sure that “Printer” is set as the default function on your computer." I have uninstalled and reinstalled both my printer and the coupon activator. I only have one printer that is set to default. Not sure what the problem is all of a sudden so i was wondering if this was happening to anyone else.

    • Laurie says

      SJ ~ I had the same problem with the Target coupon site on Saturday. I was never able to print the coupons from my home computer I wound up doing it at my work instead. Not sure what the issue is.

  17. Breanne says

    I am referring to the huggies target coupon that was in the paper on 1/8, not one that can be printed on the target website.

  18. Dawn says


    Tried the Always Thin Wrapped Unscented Liners (20 ct.) $0.94 deal in Stillwater, but the cashier would not do it. Said it had to be a bigger package…even though the coupon had no size limit. Grrrr. I thought the customer is always right?? So I told them they could take all 8 off my transaction. lol

  19. Sarah says

    Great deal on the Vitamin's and Vicks-worked beautifully. Also there was a price cut on the Kraft blu cheese and ranch dressing so the MQ for $0.75/2 combined with the target 1/2 Q printable made them about 1.02 each.

  20. Mel says

    How frustrating – I hate that! The one thing I will offer, if it is any help in the future, is that Target does have the price scanning machines which I've found invaluable for clearance items because the tags seem so random sometimes. Those used to be helpful in finding the right "Buy X, get X gift card" sales too, but I heard they changed that so now you can't see it.

  21. Mel says

    I wondered this too, but since it doesn't give the size in the ad, I'm thinking it won't work, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask!

  22. Mel says

    I got one in the mail, so did my parents a few miles away, but they're different booklets! Both have the fresh veggie and fresh fruit coupons and some of the same ones but Target sure likes to keep us on our toes!

  23. Chris says

    The $1/3 Market Pantry Item is for particular products (it doesn't show on the screen but when the coupon prints, it lists the products on the coupon – it does not include the macaroni & cheese).

    But there is also another $.50/2 Market Pantry Boxed Macaroni & Cheese Target printable now.

  24. Mel says

    I'm hoping to get a great deal on the H&R Block At-Home Deluxe software. Target's price is $44.99 I'm pretty sure. There's a $10 gift card deal, a $10 target printable coupon, and a $10 MQ that I found as a single sheet in with the ads and coupon inserts last Sunday 1/29, which would bring it down to $14.99. It is also in the Walmart ad from last week for $36 so if you have the ad to do a price match, it would make this deal FABULOUS at just $6!

  25. Chris says

    Alexia Frozen Sweet Potato Fries, Potato Puffs or Onion Rings $3.09 (Price Cut until 2/11)

    There's a $1.25/1 Any Alexia Foods Item on

    And a $1/1 Alexia Frozen Potatoes or Onion Rings Target Printable coupon.

  26. augusta says

    Target at Knollwood Mall has bundles of Vaseline products, glade candles, aveeno body wash, bic shavers, & degree for amazing prices! Be sure to check a Bodega near you as everything is clearanced.

  27. Chrissy Carlson says

    Does anyone know the price for Centrum 60 ct. vitamins? I believe I've found a moneymaker!! There is a $3 man. coupon (1/1 RP) you can stack with a $2 Target printable, PLUS there is a $10 mail-in rebate wyb 3 (1/29 RP). I know Wal-Mart sells 80ct for around $6.50/ea. Looks promising to me! :)


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