Target Shopping List 12/25 – 12/31/11

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

This week, you can find a great price on oranges along with good deals on toilet bowl cleaner, storage containers and a Grey’s Anatomy DVD set. Plus, many of the deals in the “Ongoing Deals” section expire at the end of this week, so make sure to take advantage of them before the end of this week.

As you get started shopping at Target we’d recommend getting familiar with Target’s price matching policy and Target’s coupon policy. You may want to bring printouts of these with you to the store so that you have them in case you run into issues. If you are new to Pocket Your Dollars, learn how to read this shopping list or troubleshoot problems when printing coupons.

Remember that this is a starting list of deals for the week. As readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store or we get emails with deal ideas, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Target fanatics should check out the ever-changing supply of Target online coupons, be sure to sign up for Target’s text-messaged coupons and browse Target’s weekly ad online. Plus, if you have a Target card, you can get 5% off your total bill when you use the card to pay.

Your turn: What other great deals did you spot?


  1. Judy says

    Just a quick note… a good price for SD cards or microSD cards is $1 or less per GB. They go on sale online pretty frequently for $1/GB or less, and occasionally in stores.

  2. Josh says

    Does anyone know if $4.89 is the regular price for the Delimex Taquitos?

    I have a ton of the $5/2 Target coupons and before I trade for a bunch the $2/1 manufacturers coupons I want to make sure $4.89 is the regular price and not a sale price for this week only.

  3. says

    I picked up the 3DS bundle online yesterday for $179.99. It includes the Mario game, which retails for about $40. I've been watching sale prices all season, as I have been wanting to get one for my son's birthday in February, and this is the best deal I have found! If any of you are in the market, check it out!

  4. kelly says

    I can't find the coupon for the $2/1 Maybelline Baby Lips on the target website…only a $2/1 Maybelline mascara. Anyone else having trouble with that?

  5. Em says

    Does anyone know when will Target's Christmas items go on sale at 75% off? I know they are currently at 50% off, but am waiting for 75% or more :)

    • kelly says

      From what I hear they are supposed to go 75% off on Wednesday….but today at my target they were already extremely picked over. There were several things I was planning on stocking up on that were completely sold out.

  6. Mel says

    When I was at Target tonight it was an absolute zoo, way worse than before Christmas. The holiday section was an absolute mess and had clearly been hit hard today. I was hoping to get lights, stockings, and gift tags but they didn't seem to have any left.

  7. Mel says

    The Delimex deal is under the "Ongoing Deals" heading so I assumed that meant regular price. When I looked tonight at my Target, they were $5.37 and not marked down. Usually the prices listed here (other than the nationally advertised sale prices of course) are the lowest possible price you'd find at a Target and given Target's complex pricing structure they can vary by almost $1.00 sometimes from store to store.

  8. Kelcy says

    I just came from the Eagan Target and they had quite a bit of Christmas stuff left! It's not a SuperTarget, so it's usually never busy. I didn't see much for lights, but TONS of gift wrap, bows, bags, etc as well as candy.

  9. Stacey says

    I was looking for the lego deal today, spend $19.99, get a free small set, and Target was completely out of all of its lego city stuff – the shelves were bare. Hard to believe they advertise for something they have none of – very disappointing.

  10. Jenny says

    The website has a coupon for $5 off select Brita itmes, which includes 2 and 6 pack filters. The Brita website has a $2 coupon off filters, so all together you are looking at $7 off a 2 pack of Brita filters. Thats should make a great deal for the water filter users out there!

  11. Jane says

    Trade-in a working (but can be ancient!!!) digital camera to the mobile phone rep in participating Target stores this week, and get a $50 coupon towards any digital camera-valid only the day of trade-in. Check stock before you trade your camera in-they have very low stock in the lower priced cameras. You can check to see if your Target is participating by checking The mobile reps work limited hours.

  12. Shelly says

    Carrie – just want to say thanks for pointing out the Starbucks deal at Target a few weeks ago. With coupons for each, I got the 3 bags, kept two and gave one for a gift; received and immediately used the $5 Target gift card reward; I will use my empty bags to get a free coffee at Starbucks in the future; and I already (today) got my $5 Starbucks gift card which I will use tomorrow when meeting a friend. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!!! Thank you very much because I don't think I would have caught the part about submitting for the $5 Starbucks card.

  13. Jodi says

    The Bloomington, MN Target had TONS of Christmas stuff on clearance today. It is 50% off, but they kept bringing out more and more stuff from the back that hadn't even been put out for Christmas. I would guess that they will still have items once they hit the higher percent off. If anyone lives by there and can keep us posted, I would appreciate it! They had lights, wrapping paper, cards, gift tags, ornaments, wreaths, and lots of candy/cooking items.

  14. Erin Rose says

    Shoreview Super Target still had a ton of Christmas stuff today. I was also surprised to find a few more of the Christmas Kleenex Hand Towels left in the normal aisle. They are purple, teal, or green. They ring up as $1.50 and I there are coupons out there for 75cents off. My husband loves these in the car.

  15. alesha says

    Can someone explain to me how it works if you purchase somehting at Target and then say "two" days later the price goes down? Do you just bring your receipt in? Does it work on clearance items?

  16. Charlene says

    It does not work on clearance. Just bring in your receipt, they scan it and give you money back or credit your credit card. It's called a price adjustment.

  17. Lisa says

    Jodi – I was suprised to see so much left there! I hope it goes to 75% off by Monday (or sooner) so I can stock up on gift bags. I scored on a half dozen rolls of paper last year at 90% off. I'd love to do that with the bags this year, but I need them more than the paper now so I don't know how long I'll wait.

  18. Hilary says

    you can not get it on a clearance item. however if the item is on the shelf at the better price i buy that and take back the first item. sale price adjustments are easy, just bring receipt to cs.

  19. scat says

    I noticed today that the midway target was loaded with more Christmas stuff than they were a couple of days ago. Lots of gift bags, ornaments. No one seemed to be buying much. Maybe they are waiting for 75% off. They must have loads of stuff in the back.

  20. V says

    Has anyone gotten the coupon by signing in at Playtex for a $2.00 off coupon to use for the sippy cups? I relutantly printed the target coupon and then moved on to the Playtex site to register to get the $2.00 off coupon to get the good deal on those sippy cups….but after I registered on the Playtex sight about 3 hours ago…I have yet to get the coupon via email! :( I had a feeling to get them both printed wasn't going to work…did it work for anyone?

  21. Mary says


    I wanted to get the Grey's Anatomy Season 7, but I didn't see the 5 dollars off coupon when I followed the link. I tried different zip codes, but still am unable to locate it. Does this mean it is no longer on there? Could you tell me which zip code you used?



    • Emily Rinke says

      Mary, it is Carrie's policy to only use local zips for coupons. She believes it is unethical to use a zip other than ones own. If you are not finding it, it is probably no longer available, especially if it was a coupon.

  22. Angie says

    Target (in Monticello) is 70% today. I bought 3-pks of scotch tape for $.90, kleenex towels $.89 – $.75 coupon so just $.14! I also bought 3 tissues and used $.50/3. The kleenex aren't with the Christmas items and there's no sign, but they scanned at 70%. Also, cake mix was $.50 and expires March 2013.

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