Holiday Gift Card Promotions 2011: Get Bonuses for Purchasing Gift Cards

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**Update: We’re reposting this one more time (complete with the latest updates) so that you can pick up any last-minute offers in time for Christmas. Please leave a comment if you know of any other deals we haven’t mentioned.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, gift cards are one of the most requested gifts for holidays and birthdays. There are several gift card promotions going on right now that can give you a little something in return for purchasing them. By popular request, we’ve brought back the gift card promotions round-up this year on Pocket Your Dollars.

Here is a list of this holiday season’s gift card promotions that we’ve rounded up for you, separated by restaurant offers, retail store offers and other offers. We will do our best to keep this list updated throughout the holiday shopping season.

Your turn: What other restaurant or retail store gift card promotions do you know of?


  1. Erin says

    We might have to keep an eye on it, but for the last two years if you spend so much at the Mall of America you can take your receipts to guest services and get two free wristbands to the amusement park. I haven't seen anything yet, but it's worth keeping an eye out for.

  2. Nicole says

    Has anybody seen Caribou or Starbucks gift cards at Costco this year? The past two holiday seasons they had $100 of Caribou cards for $80 I beleive.

  3. sheepy says

    AMC also has a sale on the AMC Stubs card, so if you are giving a gift card to someone who goes there often, a membership for $6 might be a nice addition.

  4. Kelly says

    This is on the Nickelodeon Universe Facebook page: We are excited to announce our 2011 Holiday Shopping promotion: spend $250 at Mall of America between November 24-December 24 and receive 4 FREE 20 Point Passes ($80 value)! Visit for more info.

  5. Dick says

    I keep asking Costco employees and they keep saying soon.

    Today I noticed several employees huddled around an unmarked box of gift cards, examining them, so I walked over to ask. The cards were discretely covered and the guy said Costco is not going to sell Caribou cards this year.

    Don't know whether to believe him or whether the sale of Caribou gift cards is imminent.

  6. Angie says

    Free $20 gift card when you buy $100 to use at any of the shops at the Westend in St Louis Park. There are only a limited number available for sale and the sale begins Friday some time. Can be purchased at guest services.

  7. Angie says

    Here is the deal with the Westend gift card since I just bought one. There is a $1 fee per card, so I did not break the $100 purchase into smaller gift cards. So, my total was $101 and I got the 1 card with $100 and the 2nd card is my free $20. I plan all $120 at the Rainbow foods on double coupon Wednesday!

    Guest services is on the main floor of the theater, but they have regular business hours. One gift card per person per day until the supply runs out!

  8. says

    AMAZON gift cards- you can buy just about anything with them.
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    11/25/11 ONLY

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  9. Stacia says

    McDonalds had a deal this am if you bought an ARCH card (didn't seem to matter how much), you got a coupon for a free small coffee or hot chocolate.

  10. Kris E says

    I posted about the Arby's deal last week and have purchased 20.00 GC's for a free meal 3 times since. It runs through the end of the month and they offer the deal when you order a meal

  11. Kris E says

    Just did the Holiday Gift Card deal for my sons car. I purchased a Holiday Gift card, but they have around 12 other Gift Cards. The Holiday Gift card is good ONLY on gas.

    Transaction #1: Purchased 50.00 gas card and received 12 pack of pop.

    Transaction #2: Paid for 15 gallons at $3.11 – .05 per gallon Cub gas discount on max 15 gallons..

    If you deduct 2.50, which is what I'll pay for a 12 pack of pop, my per gallon price came to $2.90. Gave the balance on the card to my son for emergency gas :)

  12. fusilli says

    Just saw on CPK facebook updates. Tomorrow only (12/7), double rewards card promotion for facebook fans between the hours of 11-12 and 2-3 PST with a purchase of $100 or more. You'd get $40 in rewards card instead of the usual $20.

  13. Renae says

    I asked at Costco in St. Louis Park yesterday and they said No – they would not be getting any in before the Holidays. They apologized and said it would make everyone happy if they could.

  14. Emily says

    Fudrucker's in Edina had a special where if you purchase $25 in gift cards, you could get a bonus $5 gift card for you.

  15. Eudora says

    Cupcakes Actually at Fairfax Corner in Northern VA…Buy a $20 or more gift card and get a $15 one for yourself to be used in the month of January (one per person, restrictions apply)

  16. Naina says

    Au Bon Pain – Spend $25 or more in gift cards, and get a $5 coupon off your next visit. The coupon is valid till mid-march.

    Boloco (mostly in the northeast) – For every $25 you put on your boloco card, or buy a new $25 card, you get a free menu item.

  17. Aga says

    Has anyone purchased the blueplate certificates to be able to share what the $100 of coupons is? And do you have to specify which of the restaurants the $100 is for or can it be used at any?


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