*UPDATED* Vitacost.com: Free $10 Credit for Natural and Organic Groceries, Supplements + More

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Update 11/30 at 12:37 pm: It seems that only those who are entering an email address in the “referrer’s email” field are getting the $10 credit. If you want to use the Pocket Your Dollars’ referral email address it is affiliate@pocketyourdollars.com. I personally signed up for this using Laura’s referral link and email address and immediately received an email with a code for my $10 credit.


Vitacost.com is offering a free $10 credit toward any purchase on their site. They have lots of natural and organic groceries, supplements and vitamins, including Bob’s Red Mill products, gluten-free products, and much more. At sign-up you’ll need to enter the referrer’s email address. If you want to use ours it is affiliate@pocketyourdollars.com.

Plus, after you sign up for the $10 credit (which you’ll receive via email), you can use your own referral link to share this deal with your friends and family. For each person who makes a purchase with the $10 coupon you send them, you’ll also receive a $10 credit – it’s a win/win!

Vitacost is also offering free shipping on orders of $25 (exp 11/29). Combine this free shipping offer with the $10 credit to get some great deals, or just use your $10 credit and pay $4.99 or so for shipping.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Liquid Hand Soap is priced at $3.56 each. Add 3 to your cart, then enter the $10 code you received via email to drop the price to $0.68. With $4.99 for shipping, your total will be $5.67, or $1.89 each (60% off retail price).

There are some good prices on Bob’s Red Mill products and Seventh Generation products, too (whether you choose to order $25 worth of products or just get $10 worth with your credit).

The smaller boxes of Clif Kid ZBars were in stock a little while ago but have since sold out. You can always sign up for your $10 credit now and wait for them to be back in stock; Laura was able to get 18 bars for $5.38 shipped ($0.30 each) earlier this month.

You can also spend $15 for $30 worth of vitamins, supplements and organic groceries at Vitacost.com via Groupon for a limited time. Your voucher expires 5/23/12 and cannot be combined with the $10 credit, but you can use it for your second order at Vitacost once you try them out with the $10 credit.


  1. Anna B says

    FYI: A few weeks ago I was used another blogger's referral link and never got my $10 code… but I did get put on Vitacost's mailing list, sometimes receiving multiple emails a day. I've contacted Vitacost twice and was told that they would review the issue and see what they can do. The issue is yet to be resolved.

    Though I've heard from some that got their credit, there are many that have NOT, including myself.

    • says

      Anna – That's too bad :( I signed up myself through Laura's referral link last week and immediately got my $10 credit. Keep me posted on what happens as it's important to me that the merchants we talk about provide solid customer service.

  2. Ann G says

    This is a scam!!! They don't send you a $10 credit, they entice you to give up your friend's e-mail addresses (lucklily I only gave up one of mine!) and IF your friends order THEN you get a $10 credit! What a bunch of hooey!

    • says

      Ann – I assure you, it's not a scam. I did this same deal myself two weeks ago and received my shipment about a week later. Be sure to check your email as you receive the initial $10 coupon code via email (mine came from noreply @ vitacostrewards.com). And we did list in the post that your friend needs to make a purchase with their own code (which they will also receive via email once you send your referral link to them and they set up their own account) for you to receive the referral credit. Otherwise, people would just create email addresses and sign up for accounts to rack up a bunch of credit.

  3. Stephanie G says

    What a bummer. Like many others, I didn't receive a $10 credit – only a welcome email. I submitted an email to them asking to correct it. Hopefully I get a response.

    • says

      Stephanie – Let us know how they respond to your email. I am disappointed that the information they sent me about this offer, after I signed up with Laura's referral link and email address, did not mention a requirement to enter the referrer's email. I suspect that will make a difference and, like I said before, have updated the blog post to reflect that.

  4. Stephanie G says

    I just signed up again, using a different email address and then using the one you provided above as the referral email address. Sadly, still no code :( Nor a response from them. Maybe they were overwhelmed with responses and just decided to stop offering it without changing the text on their website?

  5. Kathy says

    Well, Vitacost has responded a few times now through email claiming I didn't signup and that I should try the link again, however when I do it says I already have an account. I emailed a copy of this screen, and now they are claiming I can create my own code in my account, but I do not see any way to do so. I emailed once again, I don't have much hope that this company will actually come through with the code. Carrie, did you get a referral reward in your account?

  6. Kathy says

    After numerous emails claiming that I didn't establish an account, they now say that I must not have used the referral link and will not give me a $10 credit. They have terrible customer relations, and I would never want to deal with this company since they can't resolve a small issue over a $10 credit. I have been bombarded with marketing in my inbox with offers offering a 10% discount which is what they offered me in my last correspondence with them. I will copy and paste their response below:

    Thank you for contacting Vitacost.com. I want to apologize for any and all inconvenience(s). After further researching this matter for you, unfortunately the site in which had the posted link is not associated with our company through the Vitacost Rewards website. As I certainly understand this has been a frustrating experience in trying to attempt to receive the code for the $10 reward, for the inconvenience I would be more than happy to offer you a 10% discount on your upcoming order that you were trying to place. Since you have not yet set up an actual account for placing orders with Vitacost, this information would not be notated in our system. Therefore, if you prefer to place your order on our website, please email me your order number that is assigned and I will be glad to refund the amount equivalent to the 10% discount on your order once it has been shipped for you. If you should decide instead to place your order over the phone with a representative, be sure to email them a copy of this email that I have sent to you so they know to provide you with this discount, and has been pre-approved for you. Again, I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this has caused you.

    If you need further assistance in this matter, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for choosing Vitacost.com for all of your vitamin and supplementary needs.

  7. Mark says

    Hi Carrie,

    Do you still have a $10 code available? I've tried signing up under you and never received my code. I guess you'll get the $10 right back since I'll be making a purchase anyways. Let me know please; thanks!

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