Open Mic 9/22/11

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  1. JoAnna says

    Exciting news for Kindle owners and those who have the ap (it is a free ap). Amazon announced yesterday that 11,000 libraries now loan ebooks to Kindles!

    • Michele says

      JoAnna, you always make great contributions to this site. I just downloaded 2 Library books to my Kindle!! Thank you for the great information!!

      • JoAnna says

        Always happy to help, thanks Michele :) My county does not have ebooks so I am waiting for Hennepin County to approve my library card so that I can get ebooks, too. One hint–if you want to keep the book longer than the allotted time do not turn your wifi/3G connection on. The book will stay on your Kindle until you reconnect :)

        • Andrea says

          JoAnna — that's a great tip about not turning on wi-fi so you don't lose your library book until you're done with it! I thought I'd never get to try e-library books because I knew I'd never get them finished in time . . . thanks so much!

  2. Brandi says

    I'd love some advice on getting clothes for the kids. They're both at the size per year age and "gently used" is now a much smaller selection.

    • kate says

      if you have not checked out the JBFsales – you should – they have them in many different locations – the go through inspections ( good clothes -no stains) and I seem to do really well at the sales. they happen 2 times a year (spring/summer) and (fall/winter) woodbury sale is happening today (check out website for get in free coupon)- sat… and maplegrove sale is coming up in oct – great winter clothes – and halloween cosutmes – and when you are done with the clothes or toys you can sell them back with out haveing your own garage sale!

    • Anna says

      I wonder about this too. I do stock up on the cheap clothes at Target when they go on sale and can get pants for $4 a pair, nothing fancy but they work and seem to last until they outgrow them. I have friends who have had some luck just asking people via facebook or whatever and saying "I am looking to buy some used clothes in X sizes" and have had people just give them clothes. I personally give all of my kids stuff away when we are doen with it rather than sell it. Hoping someone blesses us soon! I personally have not had much luck with clothes at consignment sales, I find a lot of it overpriced for being used but have had some luck with toys, books, and movies. I also don't buy my kids a lot of clothes, maybe two weeks worth of shirts tops, a weeks' worth of pants and a couple dressier outfits. I wash their clothes a lot and only buy something else when it is needed. They are not in school yet though so they may need more clothes that happens. I wish I had better advice for you. One day, they can get a job and buy their own clothes! :)

    • SW says

      How about the local Family Center or ECFE or local hospital sales? There are a couple sales in our area each year and they only allow baby and kid stuff to be sold. Just an idea….

    • Kristi says

      I know this may not help you right now but in May Woodbury has a city-wide sale that is always gets a high level of participation and I always see TONS of kids clothes in really good shape! No kids to buy them for (yet!) :)

  3. Shel says

    I was able to buy a Sunday Star Trib on Tues – which I found bizarre, but the cashier said they leave them there to sell until Wed. Inside was an offer for a delivered subscription for 25 cents less per week than buying it at the store. Oddly enough I was looking to get it and the Pioneer Press delivered. Then I got a call from the Pioneer Press with an 'offer' – $2 a week the Sunday delivered and he couldn't believe that I buy the Sun PP for $1 at the store and was almost rude and said good bye and hung up. Just wondering if anyone has the PP delivered and is it really more expensive to have delivery or does it cost more at the store in your area?

    • Jane says

      wait for another PP call with a better deal. I just signed on for PP Thurs, Fri & Sunday on a promo for $12.00 for the YEAR. Maybe give PP a call and ask what better promos they can offer you. Maybe even mention your not so nice experience with the other PP rep as well….

  4. Anna says

    I have a question about how to save on dental bills. Is buying insurance a good idea? When I went for an exam in July I was told I had a small cavity starting to form, I said I would come back soon to have it filled. I haven't because we have not had an extra $500 that they quoted me to fill it. It is starting to hurt and I really need to have it taken care of. I thought that seemed like a lot of money for a filling and made me wonder about purchasing dental insurance. I am going to call around for some prices for a filling at other offices and am thinking I may just go to my hometown (a small town in southern MN) because I think it will be the cheapest there. What do other thrifty people do? I feel that regular exams and cleanings are very important and a necessity.

    • Ann says

      Anna – you may want to contact the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry for pricing estimates. Treatment is provided by supervised dental students and may be more reasonably priced than at a clinic.

    • wtfci says

      Oh yeah. Shop around. Share the price quotes from other dentists. A filling is to dental work what a brake repair is to your car. It's routine work with a large amount of price data to determine a competitive price.

    • A says

      Herzing University in Crystal also has a discounted dental clinic. Services are provided by dentists and supervised dental assisting and hygiene students.

    • sheepy says

      The U is a little cheaper, but in the long-run it is not a good deal. They always need to take their own x-rays, the appointments take a long time, and in my case I got an AWFUL student (which I knew within 3 minutes of meeting him but for some reason I didn't say anything and wasted all that time and money with him).

      However, if this really is a small cavity, I can't figure out why it is $500! My Mom has a lot of cavities that are being filled one or two at a time, and for two mollars being filled it was less than $300. Where do you live?

  5. Jane says

    Box Tops~ Thank you to several of you who emailed me online Box Top codes & mailed some to us.

    We are now at $95.00 of our goal of $160 for our school fundraiser. We can sell Avon or Papa Murphy’s Pizza coupon cards or submit Box Tops… Obviously, as a PYDer, I don’t purchase Avon or Papa Murphy’s….

    Could any of you contribute some Box Tops (online codes or physical tops)?

    Please email: THANKS!

  6. christine says

    Does anyone know where to get a Wild Jersey? Is it most cost effective to get one at the Hockey Lodge or somewhere else. I want a good one that wont wear out right away. Also I'm looking for Clutterbuck, so I know his is harder to find. Any ideas? I'm not too worried about price, but I also don't want to go overboard.

    • renlyn says

      Wild Jersey – if you live near Maplewood Mall check out the Wild Store on the upper level near JCPenney & Sears, last year I bought the white hockey jerseys for $45 from $130. They also had official hockey jerseys for about 1/2 off. I found that this is the best deal for any Wild items…Good luck

    • SarahBeth says

      I sometimes see coupons for Sports Authority – $10 off $50 an such. You can also check at Kohls and Dick's Sporting Goods.

  7. Jane says


    Does someone have or know where to find a Rock Bottom prices listing for organic food?

    Or could any of you PYDers out there provide me with your top 10 – 15 organic purchases?

    Our household is needing to switch off of processed to all natural and organic… exciting times over here :~) Of course I still plan to save funds on the other non-food items.

    Any tips are appreciated~

    • Emily Rinke says

      Jane, I'd highly recommend getting a Costco membership. They have lots of organic food, including a case (12 shelf stable containters) of vanilla soy milk for $11.99. I used to work at Lakewinds Natural Foods and their prices don't even come close to Costco. Also get familiar with Trader Joes. I would purchase spices at a co-op though. I get my cinnamon at Lakewinds and it tastes amazing and it is super cheap. This doesn't really give you rock bottom prices, but hopefully it does help!

  8. V says

    I have a lot of $4 and $5 off coupons for Monopoly, Candyland, Scrabble, connect 4 etc…they were in one of the recent papers…. they expire 10/9/11. I have not been able to find inexpensive games at Walmart like listed on the Walmart price match. Whenever I shop I am finding the games for at least $15.00. Anyone have any other stores where to get cheap games with these coupons?

    • says

      Candyland is $7 at my Target in Eden Prairie. Also at Target I purchased the Sorry card game, Monopoly card game, Scrabble card game and one other for $5.24 – so $1.24 after coupons.

    • Kristi says

      I found travel Battleship and Travel Connect Four at Wal-Mart (near the card games) for around $5 – $5.25 each and the coupons worked perfectly (no haggling with the cashiers lol) even the guy checking me out was impressed!

  9. MaryKay says

    Can anyone tell me how I change my email address for PYD daily emails and how I add a picture on here? I totally forgot since it has been so long since I have signed up!

    Thanks for the help!


    • JoAnna says

      MaryKay–at the bottom of all emails you receive from PYD there is a link that will take you to your subscriptions so that you can manage them. For pictures go to (something that has been on my to do list for a long time).

  10. V says

    I downloaded two free books from Amazon to my pc. I was surprised how easy it was to do. Has anyone else done this and tell me it is a safe thing to do? I assumed when offers like this come from this site it is safe…but are there any cons to doing this?

    • Kristi says

      I second the recommendation for Aamodt's! Really friendly, lots to do, and NO admission charge! Make sure to get an apple cider doughnut too (hot if you can!) SO so so good!

    • JoAnna says

      Deardorf in the sw metro is great. I was just at Minnetonka Orchards last Saturday–would have been too spendy without the 1/2 price Living Social Deal though. Minnesota Harvest/Sponsels in Belle Plaine.

  11. Lisa F says

    Does anyone know the hours for Mirjana's Tailer Shop off of Robert Street in St. Paul? I wrote them down years ago and had them for a while, but I must have accidentally thrown them out. I can't find the hours online and when I call, there is no answer (because she's busy working, I'm sure!). Thanks in advance.

  12. Lori says

    If anyone is still waiting for the Snapple refund I would suggest calling them. I called a month ago and was told it was being mailed the following week which I did receive it then. My son still hadn't received his so he called today. They looked it up and said "it will be mailed next week". Interesting. The number is 1-866-309-6256.

  13. val says

    At Rainbow yesterday I was told the I could not use 2 coupons for the same item. So I could not stack the deal in the Rainbow booklet with my $1.00 off coupon. This was a change. Anyone else run into this?

  14. Erin says

    Is anyone else still waiting for the October issue of All You magazine? I've been noticing a few deals listed with coupons from that issue, and I still don't have it. Just wondering if I should be calling All You.

  15. marie says

    Does anyone want a ton of recently expired coupons (either for yourself or to donate to overseas military families) I usually send out my expireds to a variety of overseas military bases for them to use, but have not had the time lately to do so. They're piling up …plenty of great high value coupons, pets, baby..everything. Most are already sorted for shipping. Shoot me an email of you could use them. c o u p o n c l i p p e r 3 3 3 @ (take out the spaces ((for all those spambots out there ))

  16. Andi says

    I live in Prior Lake, and my kids are teenagers. But, I volunteer at a place in St. Paul with lower income single moms. I am looking for free/inexpensive activities in this area for the Moms to do with their (younger) kids. Any ideas anyone? I appreciate the help!

    • Andrea S says

      any of the regular stations like abc, cbs, fox have they're shows on there. Netflix for $8/month, sometimes youtube has shows on it.

  17. Kristi says

    Val – I stacked w/their coupon booklet and had no isses – maybe the cashier was inexperienced? I hate being a pain but in your case, I would have asked for a manager! You should always be able to use one store coupon and one manu. coupon.

  18. amyg says

    I make a killing at Herberger's. I only shop their yellow dot racks. If you go now and donate goodwill items you received a 20% off coupon for each item you donate, if you open a cc on top of that you receive an extra 20% off everything you buy the day you sign up. I rarely spend over $5 for articles of kids clothing. And I find if I buy an item for them to grow into and it never really works I get my money back and then some when I bring that item to a kids 2nd hand store. I also do well at Kohl's if I wait to receive a 30% off coupon. They mail coupons to your home about 6 times a year and if you hold out you eventually will get a 30% off. I usually stock up on underware, socks, sleepware and jeans when I get my K's 30% off.

    • JoAnna says

      I so agree about Herbergers! It is a bit of a drive for me but they have amazing deals for the whole family. Wish they carried shoes for kiddos, though. I have bought many pairs of nice shoes for me and they were only $10 each.

  19. kimm says

    Was the coupon from the Rainbow booklet a Store Coupon or Mfg coupon? If it was a Store Coupon and you were stacking it with a Mfg coupon, then it should have been fine. Was it a new cashier?

  20. Julie says

    I work for a magazine distribution company so I do know we are putting out All Yous in the Walmarts today and tomorrow. What's the usual timeframe for subscriptions vs. newstands?

    • Lisa says

      I don't know the timeline but I usually see my mags on the newstand before they get delivered to me, and that is so annoying!

  21. Julie says

    I'm starting to experiment with Dollar General and Family Dollar. I got about $30 worth of merchandise on their last $5 off $25 Saturday and am already gearing up for this Saturday's promo. Anyone having a lot of success in these chains?

  22. scat says

    After an initial special deal on the Pioneer Press, I signed up for Sunday delivery plus everyday e-mail of the paper for $14.00 every 13 weeks. If you like going through the daily paper as well, this is a good deal.

  23. Dawn N says

    Good job. I wondered about them too. I go to one dollar store that calls a list of us when scrapbook stuff comes in which is really nice. I have heard it isn't a good idea to buy food items but wondered on savings.

  24. Dawn N says

    Anyone know of an inexpensive apartment-place to rent that is on main level in Coon Rapids/Blaine area that they have had good experience or heard good things. Or place to search , not finding much online with search. Thanks

  25. Beth says

    Sign up for the email clubs of your fav spots to eat or for some places that you'd really like to go to. Make sure you do it a few weeks or better yet a month before your birthday. I get free, BOGO's, or other great deals at a number of different restaurants during my birthday month!!

  26. Jen says

    Does anyone know of anyone selling discount cards in Eden Prairie? In the past the HS football team would sell these discount cards. Thanks!

    • JoAnna says


      I heard that it is open for apple picking still this yr but that they don't have the store, food, activities…..anymore. could be wrong though.

    • Melissa W. says

      Sponsel's is still open. There is road construction, but you can still get there. Just drive on the road anyway. They are trying to keep it open, so anyone who can go and support them it would be greatly appreciated. They just redid the store area, and are supposed to be having live music.

  27. Dealwagger says

    Hello, I am just hanging skeletons on my doorway! I printed these and glued onto cardboard (used toner so it won't run in the rain though hopefully the overhang will keep it dry).

    Anyone have any other handy, inexpensive Halloween decorating tips?

  28. Dealwagger says

    While you're at Aamodt's, try the apple brats, they are so good! If you have kids, they do have a petting zoo so you may want to bring your own hand sanitizer in case they are out (they usually provide some). In my experience, sometimes the closest trees as you walk out are mostly picked from so walk further if this is the cas (if you go soon, this will probably not be an issue). Have fun!

  29. Theresa K. says

    Always cross-check organic and natural foods prices on Amazon. There are often great sales and specials ( is a great blog to follow for Amazon deals, btw) and be sure to utilize the Subscribe and Save feature. I buy gluten-free foods in bulk on Amazon and save about 50%.

  30. JoAnna says

    Anyone have extra Occuvite coupons ($5/1) from 9/11 smart source insert #2? If yes, let me know as they are spendy and my mom needs to take them. Thanks!

  31. says

    JoAnna, email me your mom's address. I have either 2 or 4 but I'm camping right now and don't have my coupons. I will send in mail on Monday. (I'm assuming you have my email considering you are an admin)

  32. Barb says

    does anyone have a phone number to contact All You magazine? I have not received my October issue either. I combed through the magazine and cannot find a contact number. thanks.

  33. Holly says

    I had a Free One/sample with coupons delivered today courtesy of PP for 4 weeks each Sunday . After this trial the paper can be ordered for 0.95 each Sunday for 13 weeks/$12.35 total at 651-717-7377. I'm going to do this offer in Apple Valley for home delivery and then stop at the end of 13 weeks by marking my calendar.

  34. Holly says

    I don't have mine yet either. Looked at Walmart 9/24 10:30 PM and they still had the Sept./Pumpkin issue still on the newstands so maybe Minnesota hasn't been mailed yet.

  35. Holly says

    I used many coupons from todays inserts.Used the .75 Target logo, and .50 Tide ones despite the .75 print stating not valid for travel size. Used the $3.00 one from Pantene for shampoo and conditioner. Crest Complete with $1.00 coupon. Internet/homepage for Target Kleenex travel pack coupon for $1.00. Secret $1.00 cpn,

    Had 13 items in travel sizes and paid .92 overall. Had to spend some money and support the store . Used $13.50 in coupons.

    Did an afternoon walk and left the coffee shops along the way with 6 inserts left on tables.

  36. Holly says

    Shout 4pk wipes are on clearance for .62 at Apple Valley Target before the Pharmacy area on a end cap. This is a money maker with todays coupon. They have oodles! I don't have a need for these but may keep a few for laundy shelf or office .

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