Walmart Shopping List 8/14 – 8/20/11

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

This list contains any week-long deals (if advertised) and on-going deals at Walmart matched up with coupons from the Sunday paper, All You magazine, and online printable coupons. Please note: Walmart prices vary (often greatly) from store-to-store and region-to-region so some of what is included in the on-going deals may not reflect the prices in your store.

In addition to these great deals at Walmart, don’t forget to price match. Your Walmart will even match the advertised price for generics, as long as its Great Value item is the exact same size and quantity. Before you do your first coupon trip to Walmart, check out their corporate coupon policy.

Your turn: What other deals did you find at Walmart this week?


  1. Kris E says

    I'm seeing the Johnsonville Brat Burgers priced from 5.50 to 6.00 each at the 2 wal-mart's I've visited, making them an even better deal than listed. Excellent product BTW

  2. V says

    I do not see any Idahoan $1.00 off four coupon from that link for the following deal~

    Idahoan Potatoes $0.42

    Buy 4 and use $1/4 Idahoan Potatoes printable

    Final price: $0.17 each after coupon

  3. Emily says

    Just wanted to give a bit of helpful info. I know a lot of people are having trouble finding the 3 pack of cascade at Walmart. Well for $0.10 more you can buy a 4 pack at Target. It is in the travel toiletries section.

  4. V says

    I don't know if there is a way to fix this…but here is what happens to me when using these pages such as walmart ….I go through each item…if I want it I check the box …then along comes a printable coupon such as the Rayovac coupon link; I click on it and find out I am not allowed to print it and it won't let me back on the PYD site and I lose all my checked boxes and have to start completely over by going back on to the home page, click on the Walmart link and start over looking for the deals I wanted. I know I could go about it the other way…but it should let me use the back button to get back to the page I was on. Or if I decide midway as I see deals to add comments I lose all my checked boxes too.

  5. Emily says

    When you see a link, like a printable, that you want to check out RIGHT click your mouse and select OPEN IN NEW TAB or OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. This way you will never navigate away from your page.

  6. shelly says

    Does anyone have extra $1 off 2 jars Ragu Pasta sauce coupons? I have a friend in need of these she would trade other coupons.

  7. Tirza says

    The only place I've seen those is at Target I've seen the Cascade 'travel size' was in the detergent aisle at the Target on the east side of St.Cloud (not the Crossroads one). They were 1.09 for a 4pk (then -$1 coupon).

  8. Melissa says

    I went to Walmart in Shakopee. I couldn't find the Olay soap for the shaving cream deal, but they did have bottles of Olay body wash in the travel section for .97. The coupon doesn't exclude travel size so that's how I made this deal work. Awesome deal on that and the Johnsonville Brat patties. They were $5.49, so a little better deal than what you had listed.

  9. Nicole says

    They have them at the Wal-Mart in St. Cloud. They are back by the household cleaners. I picked some up last Friday. I also found them at the Target in the Mall (can't remember where, though).

  10. Jessie says

    Anyone having luck with the earthbound coupon? I'm so frustrated – it won't let you get the coupon until you get 100 on the quiz and then they don't support the printer drivers on a Mac – I just spent 15 minutes trying to get a $1 coupon.

  11. Wendy says

    Just spent over 45 minutes trying to convince the cashier, assistant manager and manager at Walmart in Shakopee they take other store catalinas. Brought a copy of the coupon policy and everything. Left with my catalinas and no cash in my pocket. Help!

  12. Emily says

    Wendy, I had this same issue at the EP Walmart. The problem was that there was nothing about Cats in their "official" coupon manual. I kept showing them the print out of the policy from their website and finally relented. But they made me feel like a criminal so I wrote corporate but never heard back. I would recommend calling corporate.

    • Wendy says

      Thanks Emily. This is what I have learned; catalinas from other stores that say for example ($1.00 [or more] off your next purchase) are not accepted, but catalinas that say for example (Save $1.00 on Jell-O) are accepted. So the catalinas that are like cash can only be used in that particular store where you received them. It's tricky how they word it on the coupon policy. Hope that helps. If anyone knows different please let me know:)

  13. mo says

    Can't find the first Sundrop link coupon anywhere on the site.

    The next link says there are out.

    Boohoo, love Sundrop pop, very tangy!!

    Also thanks Emily for explaining the right clink thing!

    Have had the same problem as V.

    LOVE PYD!!

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