Walmart Shopping List 8/7 – 8/13/11

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

This list contains any week-long deals (if advertised) and on-going deals at Walmart matched up with coupons from the Sunday paper, All You magazine, and online printable coupons. Please note: Walmart prices vary (often g-r-e-a-t-l-y) from store-to-store and region-to-region so some of what is included in the on-going deals may not reflect the prices in your store.

In addition to these great deals at Walmart, don’t forget to price match. Your Walmart will even match the advertised price for generics, as long as its Great Value item is the exact same size and quantity. Before you do your first coupon trip to Walmart, check out their corporate coupon policy.

Your turn: What other deals did you find at Walmart this week?


  1. Holly L. says

    Awesome list with matchup's! The best Walmart matchup's list I've come across! I will definitely be following you! Have a blessed day! :D

  2. DJ says

    Crayola Crayons (24 ct.) $1.97

    Shopko has crayons on sale for .26 a 24ct pack, you could price match at Walmart.

  3. Deal Finder says

    which Wal-mart store to you base this list off of? Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park? Or do you copy from another blog?

  4. HN says

    The link for the Finish Dishwasher soap isn't giving a $3/1 coupon only offering $1/1 making the product $3.97

  5. TJH says

    There are no more prints for this coupon

    __ $0.75/1 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta printable

    or this one

    ___Use Buy 1 Powerbar Harvest Bar, Get 1 Free printable

  6. TRISH says

    I went to Walmart in Brooklyn Park last night and I found the kids crest toothpaste for $1. The next size up was $1.97 so maybe Shannon was looking at the wrong size. I know I almost missed it myself. Anyway, I looked in the check out area and where all the other batteries were and I could not find that brand for .97. There was a red package but they were heavy duty or something. I didn't even notice an empty slot where they may have been. Any ideas?

  7. Jenny says

    Tampax Pearl Compax Tampons (18 ct.) $3.96

    Buy 2 and use Buy 1, Get 1 Free coupon from 7/31 Procter & Gamble insert (exp 8/31)

    Final price: $1.98 each after coupon

    For this deal, can you use the $1/1 coupon for one you aren't getting free? Or doesn't Walmart allow a BOGO coupon with a $ off coupon?

  8. Jennie says

    Has anyone found the trial packs of Cascade at their Walmart? I'm in Anoka, so I can easily get to the Coin Rapids, Northtown, Elk River, Blaine, or Northtown Walmarts.

  9. Tammie says

    I found Schick Hydro gift boxes…originally $10…on clearance for $5…and used a $2 off coupon to get the gift set for only $3!!!! It was the deal of the day for me. It includes 1 razor with extra cartridge…4 cartridge pack and a small shaving cream. This was in Mankato…don't know if they are at every Walmart or not…just thought I would pass it on. =)

    ps…both the razor and the cartridge coupons worked. I only used on coupon per gift set…but either one worked.

  10. Brian says

    How come sometime I hit a link and I get brought to It has to be the worst website I have ever been to! 99% of the time the coupon link I clicked on is not even there!! Am I doing something wrong?

    • says

      Brian – We link to coupons on that were available when we created the list, but often times they run out of their maximum number of available prints and then are taken off the website. If you can't find a particular coupon that we've linked to, you can leave a comment letting us know which one(s) are no longer available and we'll take them off the list. Thanks!

  11. Ellie says

    I just had such a horrible visit to Fairmont's Walmart last night. The mgr. on duty actually chewed me out for wanting to price match on a Friday evening (8pm). The poor high school boy checking me out had never done a price match or a BOGO free coupon so he kept calling her over. She was so upset she kept saying "Now, what is it?!" When it came time to scan my coupons he didn't even care if they subtracted and he dropped a bunch in between the counter and could/wouldn't get them out. He just said "Oh, well". It took about a45 minutes and I got bad looks. To to it off…when we got home items were missing. The next person in line must have got them. So frustrating!!!!

  12. Emily says

    That is TOTALLY unacceptable. You need to write corporate and tell them exactly what you wrote here. Ask them what they are going to do for you to make up for that horrible visit. And if you got the manager and cashier's name, include that too. Do not back down on this. This is shameful!

    • Ellie says

      Thanks for your support! I still feel awful last night with the way I was treated! I called the 1-800 number this morning. The person answering the line said they'd contact the store and the store mgr. would contact me in 3-4 business days. Not sure if they are passing the buck or if someone will actually call me. I'm still upset with Walmart!

  13. says

    I'm in Wisconsin. Just went to my local Wal-Mart in Jefferson. They do not have the Gillette mens body wash for $2.97, it was $3.97. I decided to wait for a better deal. Any idea if your sale ads are a week ahead of us?

    • says

      Jill – I don't think this was a weekly ad item, I think it was just a rollback price or everyday price that someone found in a store. Since prices vary according to region, some may find it at $2.97 and some may find it at $3.97. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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