Open Mic 8/25/11

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    • sharon says

      stop at any of the information booths and get the pamphlet that lists all of the free (and close to free) stuff available at the fair.

  1. Mary says

    Does anyone know of any legitimate, honest places that will buy gold in the Saint Cloud area? I want to go to at least two to compare their offers.

    • Kelly S. says

      I've always gone to Security Coin & Pawn in downtown St. Cloud for years. I really haven't ever gone anywhere else. I have found though that any place in Waite Park will charge you a city fee for selling/pawning anything. Good luck Mary, hope this little tidbit of info helps at least a little.

    • Jane says

      If you have a Wedding Day, they do buy gold. There is a coupon on their site that gives you an extra 20% – so have them appraise first and then hand over the coupon for the "extra". My friend went here and was pleased with their prices…

      Someone went for diamond and was very disappointed with what they offered and said goodbye. However, they did offer to help facilitate if she wanted to post on Craigslist and then meet the person there to confirm the quality of the diamond free of charge and safer for her, etc. So, that was nice.

  2. Cheri A says

    For those that have a Kwik Trip nearby, did you know that they have a coupon flyer in the paper on the first Wednesday of the month? I was given a flyer by an employee this week that has coupons good until 9/14 for eggs, butter, a bunch of gas coupons, a free cookie, a free string cheese, etc.

    I plan on buying a paper on the first Wednesday of September.

  3. Nicole says

    I am fairly new to couponing and don't know all the best prices yet to look for. Could anyone tell me what a good price per ounce or price per load would be for laundry detergent? We use All if that helps. Thanks!

  4. sue says

    I need printer ink for my HP printer. I have looked at internet sites and my teenager tells me that if I don't buy HP ink we will run through the ink faster. Has anyone run into this issue?

    • brendaw says

      We have an HP and I tried a store brand (office depot or max?) and it didn't last as long plus was a pain to set up and wouldn't show my ink levels.

      I usu wait until Target or Walmart have a gift card w/purchase going on. A 2pk (black & color) usu costs around $31 but they give you a $10 GC along iwth it.

      So, in my situation, I was happier & could afford to get the brand type. YMMV

    • Sue says

      I have an HP printer that uses the 02 iink. It was a great printer til I used Carrot Ink. You get a warning that if you don't use HP ink your warranty is void. I used it anyway cause I don't think my printer was under warranty anymore. Since using the carrot ink I have had several weird error messages and my printer wouldn't work. Thankfully I have been able to fix it by google and pushing the right buttons, but it is very time consuming and frustrating. I've found good deals at Target when they have a gift card promotion or E-Bay if you have time. I also bring my empty cartridges to Staples to get a $2 reward and usually use my Rewards to get free ink.

    • sally says

      I have an HP printer & it will not accept any cartridge other than HP. I bought re-manufactured a couple of months ago to try & save money & my printer said "counterfit cartridge" & would not work. Thankfully I bought from a site that has guarantee & they refunded my money.I also use Staples for my ink & there is a $10 off coupon for this weekend if you spend $50. Every once in awhile Target has a gift card deal on HP ink.

      Hope this helps.

    • Melissa S says

      I have 2 dell printers, one won't accept the generic remanufactured cartridges at all, and the other one does, but it has all kinds of printing problems so I stopped using the re-fillable ones. I find they don't last as long and cause too many printing problems, so for me its not worth the small savings.

  5. Pam says

    do any other stay at home moms lose couponing momentum in the summer? I am a new stay at home mom, and before the kids got out of school, I was learning couponing and hitting it hard, It was GREAT! With the kids home full time this summer, I have stopped doing as much couponing. Hardly at all, actually, finding that the effort of taking the kids to the store with me is too much to deal with when searching for elusive products and paying attention to details. i plan on going back to it when school starts. but I was just wondering if I am the only mom that hit the summertime lull in couponing???

    • JoAnna says

      Pam–I'm the opposite. I loose momentum during the school yr when I'm back to work so I'm guessing you are not the only sahm to lose momentum in the summer. Welcome back to fall :)

    • Mary says

      Yes! Completely agree. I have thought the same thing many times this summer. I have used coupons for almost 14 years, have started using the blogs in the last few years to get even better deals. I do great during the school year, but during the summer, I do not have the energy to drag the two kids all over multiple stores. Plus we live about 20 minutes from the city where I can do all the shopping, so trying to break it up into multiple trips isn't feasible for me.

      If I am going to Target, I will check the shopping list for it, and see what deals I can get. I've only made it to Walgreens once this summer. Plus I find that no matter how well behaved my kids are at the grocery store, I stil get distracted by their presence and get stressed or miss something on my list!

      Although I don't agree with a lot of the methods used by many shoppers on Extreme Couponing, I don't believe they fall into the category of the truly insane until I see them trying their marathon shopping trips with children in tow!

      • Amanda says

        I have 4 kids that come with me on my couponing adventures in the summer (7, 5 1/2, 3 and 5 months). In some ways it's a help…my 7 year pushes his own cart with his baby brother in the basket since his carseat doesn't fit on the top of my cart. We usually do 3-4 stores, but I like to get it done. We usually shop on Wednesdays for DD at Rainbow, and I try to let them "help" me. It's exhausting, but we usually have our Saturdays full. They are pretty good about not complaining because I tell them we must all work as a team because we all need to eat. They actually get excited to find me coupons. As for finding time during the summer to coupon…I usually spend 2-3 hrs a week TOTAL…but just find little pockets of time throughout my week to print coupons, organize and plan my trips. We've saved so much since I've upped my couponing a year ago that it's just become a part of my routine!

    • Sherry says


      I've always used coupons (but not near like I use them since finding this website) and spent many years bringing the kids to the store with me as I worked evenings at the office and stayed home with them during the day. I always planned by shopping trips ahead of time (the more organized the better) and always went early in the morning when the kids were "fresh".

      I found the easiest way to get through each trip was to give each child a "job". Think scavenger hunt . . . have each child search for a specific item and put it in the cart and then give them their next "assignment". If my girls completed their "jobs", they could have a cookie at the bakery department. I actually still do this even though they are now 12 and 15. If they are in the store with me and not looking at something else, they are assigned a task. Now it makes for a faster trip because there are two or three of us shopping. I've even had them do transactions for me, including coupons. It's nice to know that when my 15 year old goes out with friends she asks for a coupon for the movie/restaurant, etc. I know that I am ultimately teaching them good life skills by doing so. Lastly, have patients when you have the little ones with you and plan for a longer trip than if you were shopping alone. Before you know it, they'll be teenagers and you'll miss your "outings"! Good luck!

  6. JoAnna says

    Milk at lunds and Byerlys is $1.99/gallon today through the 31st. Web coupon not great though (spend $10 get $3.99 off sig coleslaw). Haven't received texted coupon yet though.

  7. heather says

    Hi –

    I am wondering if anyone has experience selling gold in the Twin Cities? Could use some advice on the best place to go???? Wedding Day, Gold Guys, place in Spring Lake Park. Any advice? I did call them – but they won't give a quote on the phone. Thanks!

  8. says

    I really want to get more $1/2 Morningstar Products from the 8/7 RP. Anyone have a recommendation for a coupon ciiping or coupon trading site?

    • Amanda says

      I get all my extra coupons from ebay and have had great success getting them just a few days after the auction is complete. Sometimes their are even ones with free shipping. Plus, you earn ebay bucks that you can use for more coupons. Just be sure you go with someone with a 100% rating and who has done lots of transactions. Good luck!!

  9. Jennifer M. says

    Get a BOGO free coupon for a 1.25 ltr. of Coke on your my coke rewards account for 0 points. Sounds like a limited time offer, so hurry!

  10. Tiffany says

    I have a 4 month old son who we have learned is lactose intolerant. I am breast feeding, so am staying away from dairy products. I'm finding that non-dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and ice cream are quite expensive. Anyone have ideas of where to get them at more reasonable prices, brands to look for that are less expensive, or places where there are coupons for this sort of thing?

    • Sidney says

      I've had pretty good luck finding coupons for lactose free "milk". I almost always can get a 75c coupon (sometimes $1 if I'm lucky) for a Silk half gallon – and if you can get it doubled that brings it down to a very reasonable price. I believe 8th Continent also has some printable coupons right now. If you have a Costco memebership their Kirkland brand soy milk is reasonable – and it's organic. Unfortunately I don't have any good advice for other non-dairy items (which it looks like you're specifically asking about – sorry!)

    • Emily says

      Costco has the best deal on soymilk that I have ever seen! You can get 12 shelf stable cartons of vanilla or plain organic soymilk for $10.99. This beats any other deal, even if you have coupons. Do you have a membership? If not, perhaps a friend does?

    • Kathy says

      My daughter is allergic to milk not lactose intolerant, so I use alot of milk free items. She preferred 8th Continent Vanilla flavored soymilk. Can usually find $1 coupons on it that double to make it reasonable. I get mine at Woodmans in WI. Silk yogurt is a soy yogurt which is a bit more expensive and it doesn't often have coupons. We have found Eileens chocolate chips are dairy free, and we use Smart Balance Light since it contains no dairy as well. I gave up the dairy while breastfeeding and you lose some weight doing so. As for ice cream substitute I use Whole Fruit Sorbet. It was just B1g1 free a week or two ago at Pick N Save/Rainbow. My daughter also like Luigi's Italian ice as another frozen treat and they do b1g1 free sales occasionally on those that you can combine with coupons too.

  11. Wendy says

    Help!? We are heading up to Duluth this weekend for one last family hurrah and was appalled at the cost of "touristy" things to do. We'd love to go to the train station and Aquarium and wondering if anybody knows how to snag great deals to these places (before we go?). Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!

    • Sherry says


      I think there is a discount coupon in the Entertainment/Happenings book for the Aquarium if you have one. I believe the Aquarium may also honor a AAA discount if you are a member. Also, stop at an information booth or a hotel lobby – they often have pamphlets for the area attractions that contain coupons. Good luck!

    • brendaw says

      Check your current local memberships to see if they participate in the recipocity programs available. Our MN Zoo card has gotten us in for free/discount at the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Duluth aquarium.

      • Mary says

        Yes, the Milwaukee Zoo will give you 50% off admission and parking with the MN zoo membership.

        I've mentioned it before but I always buy a Duluth Children's museum membership because it's cheaper than the MN Children's Museum. I get the one with reciprocity at all the science and children's museums. That will get you into the Depot for free (you can buy the membership right there).

        The Maritme museum by the ship canal is free. Plus you can get all sorts of discounts for other places in the Twin Cities Happenings book. Several years ago, we stayed at The Edge and they asked if we were planning on going to the aquarium. I said yes, and they handed me two free adult tickets (saving us at least $40!). You can always ask your hotel if they have any deals on tickets.

    • j says

      Stop at the tourist info rest stop at the top of the hill just before Duluth they have a free coupon book also the website has some pretty good deals.

  12. Jen says

    Does anyone know a good, reliable, honest place to have jewelry value estimated? I have some items that were left to me that I would really like to know if they are worth anything. You hear these stories of places switching stones and stuff so I don't want to just take it anywhere. Thanks for any help!

  13. Melissa W. says


    If you have a Costco membership they have almond milk really cheap. The soy milk is also really cheap there. They also do carry some of the other items like ice cream, yogurt. You might also try Sam's. I had the same problem when my 1 yr old was little. Thankfully he outgrew it around 10 months. You may find that cheese and yogurt in small amounts don't bother him. That's how it happened with mine.

  14. Lisa F says

    I've been waiting for Open Mic to post this, but earlier this week, I was reading the April issue of Glamour at the gym (sorry, I'm behind on my mags). Anywho, there was a little blurb from Carrie in there! That was a nice surprise! And I was so happy to see Carrie get national exposure!! The short article didn't mention PYD, but rather mentioned her money-saving blog, I believe. Belated congrats, Carrie!

  15. sally says

    It would be nice if you all used the reply button to keep the posts organized for the rest of us. It takes alot of time to go through the posts on thursday & it would shorten the time to browse through if they're organized.

    Thank you

  16. Mary says

    Does anyone has advice on getting a laundry tub unclogged? or possibly an inexpensive plumber? Tried the plunger, boiling water, draino, wire hanger with no luck. I know i'm supposed to use a wire lint trap, but it's too late now :( Scared to drop potentially hundred(s?) at the beginning of the school year:(

    • Dealwagger says

      I know Carrie has recommended drain snakes for clogs. My husband unclogged a few awful clogs out of our bath tub drain with one. Depending on how bad it is, you may want to wait for a good deal on sale or after MIR at Menards.

    • brendaw says

      Our laundry tub has been notorious for clogs. I've had the roto-rooter guy out a few times over the years. Last time I noticed he had a high powered drain snake (may have even had an air compressor) and charged me $100+ for about 20min of work. Next time I was at a rental place I took note that they rented them for about $20 for 4hrs. Worth looking into (something like Crown Rental) and that's what we'll try next time.

      They also tried to sell me some drain maintenance stuff that was basically de-clogger that you used to keep it from closing up (so every few months). But you can do the same thing with OTC products for less. HTH once you're runnin freely again.

    • Lisa says

      My roommate got a nasty sink clog out with her boyfriend's drain snake. I'm not sure how much they cost to buy, but it's probably something good to have around the house.

    • sharon says

      we rented a snake from Home Depot. I don't recall the cost, but it was very messy and stinky and I remember thinking that it would have been worth it to hire a plumber – no matter what the cost.

  17. Sara Jane says

    Hi Carrie! I just wanted to thank you for posting your weekly shopping lists! Although I am not really a couponer, I do appreciate your shopping lists as I shop the loss leaders each week and then plan my menus form there! If I find nothing on sale, I then go to my freezer for meats and frozen veggies I have stocked up on during sales or to the pantry for a Pantry Meal! SHOP ON!!!

  18. Mary says

    Related to this- I was wondering what are some of the best kept secrets of pyd-ers as far as best value etc at the fair, in food or otherwise? Personally I love the apple cider freezies for about $1.25 in the 4-H building. So sweet and cold especially on a hot day. And of course, the all you can drink milk! Happy Fair Days! :D

    • Bobbie says

      May not be an option for you, but I tend to use Kohl's regular 15, 20, 30% off deals to buy household items like this.

    • scat says

      I've been happy with Dirt Devil vacs, usually at Menards or Target for $40-50. When they croak I just get a new one. They all lose suction after awhile and I've never had an expensive one that I liked better or lasted longer than a Dirt Devil. Sometimes Menards has rebates on them. The last one I got ended up around $30. With Labor Day coming up it might be a good idea to watch for ads.

  19. Shannon S says

    When considering your rock bottom price you will also want to consider gas and multiiple trips places. I take that into account when I am already at the store and see something that we need at a good price, but maybe not rock bottom. Would I pay more in gas if I have to come back next week or is it better to go two weeks in-between.

  20. Nicole says

    Thanks for the tips. Currently I am nowhere near a rock bottom price. The cheapest I have gotten laundry detergent for is $3.99 for 40 loads. Is this an ok price? It just seems really high to me.

      • Violet says

        I agree, it depends on the brand. You can get laundry detergent cheaper for sure, but I love Tide and I jump for joy when I can get it for $4 or less. Two weeks ago, Rainbow had a store coupon for Tide for $5 and you could stack it with the $1 off manufacturer's coupon from the P&G insert. With the doubled coupon, Tide was $3.

        I was so excited, I did this deal three times. And the cashier gushed about how good the deal was and how she had done it, too.

    • scat says

      It is high. With coupons I usually get a 32-40 load jug for less than $2. The "bargain" brands are not really a bargain, just more water. The coupons seem to go in streaks so this one thing I load up on when there are a lot of coupons. Right now I've got enough for about a year.

  21. CB says

    Hello, can anyone recommend a good mechanic in the north metro? I live in Andover, and we need to have some scheduled 100k mile maintenance done. After paying $400 for a simple sensor at the dealer, we need to find a cheaper, but honest, mechanic! Thanks for your help!

    • tag says

      CB – I don't have a recommendation for you. Sorry. But I remember seeing some north metro mechanics mentioned on Open Mic in the last month or so. Try the archives.

    • Bobbie says

      I live in Andover as well, and we recently had brake work done at the place on Round Lake near the intersection with 161st. They were fast, did great work, and were reasonable. Sorry I can't remember the name of the place now–I hate getting old! :)

  22. Korene says

    We were in Duluth a couple weeks ago for our vacation and I bought the Happenings book for there. We ran out of time and didn't end up using the Aquarium coupon or the train coupon (there are 2 train things in Duluth and one has a Happening coupon) – so you could have it if you'd like. We're in Cottage Grove (I work downtown St. Paul, husband works in Hudson) if that helps. Email me: kolefor @ hotmail dot com

    There are some other coupons in there as well, but we didn't use much. We spent a lot of time at the Maritime Museum/Canal Park and watching the ships come in. We also enjoyed the zoo – which was a great deal with our Minnesota Zoo membership – less than half price.

    There is also this coupon book which has discount – just not very big ones (although better than nothing!). It is printable or the tourist information booths sometimes have them (we saw them at the Superior tourist info desk).

  23. Dannielle says

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a great affordable daycare option for an infant near North End or Como Park in St. Paul? Thanks!

    • Joy says

      I don't think affordable and daycare go together. But my 2 children attend the Kindercare on Rice Street in Roseville. I am huge fans of the teachers in my children's rooms. Also, don't be afraid to ask for a discount, at many centers they offer employer discounts, multiple child discounts, military etc.

    • says

      Thank you so much! But I did get all I need from the above poster, another wonderful lady. But does anyone use a clipping service? I am interested in recommendations.

  24. Dealwagger says

    Do you or anyone you know attend college? My school offers discounted tickets ($15 for adults), but you are required to show a student ID. Ask student life or whoever co-ordinates student events.

  25. Dawn N says

    FYI: I went to Cartridge World to use up a credit on ink cartridges that didn't work and they told me that there is a lawsuit I believe he said in CA that deals with this issue. Hopefully it will change. If you don't have your printer to automatically update when available then the filled cartiridges generally work. I had trouble with Walgreens but usually can get some at cartridge World to work on my HP but not my Canon or Lexmark. Sometimes I have to exchange them if dont work so can be a hassle but they are very helpful.

  26. Kay says

    I am new to a subdivision and recently have had a number of kids come to the door selling things to raise money for various things (volleyball, football, a number of fundraisers, etc). Most of it is stuff that I do not want, and I could definitely get cheaper at the store! I can't afford to buy something from everyone. Some of the kids babysit for us, some are friends kids, some are neighbors…

    I am curious how readers handle these situations….

    • Jane says

      In the past I have said…I'm not interested in anything, but can I give you a donation for your cause? Most say yes… I feel good at helping them and I don' t have to buy something I don' t want or need. good luck

  27. Dawn N says

    Does anyone on pyd use shopkicks for cell phones. I have it on my phone and getting some points but wonder if there are ways to earn faster. It seems pretty new.

  28. Diane says

    Keep checking this site as there have been several Renaissance delals posted lately–including buy one get one free. I went to the Renaissance last Saturday and you could get a free ticket for donating blood onsite so you may want to check into that option. Employees of many local corporations get discounted tickets (know anyone who works at 3M? My daughter got buy one get one free tickets this way). Finally, check the promotions page of the Renaissance website as there are many $5 off deals on certain weekends for things like being a boy scout, having a motorcycle license etc. One Friday in September they are having "school days" and adult tickets are only $13. Donate canned food and get $5 off on certain weekends including this one.

  29. AmyS says

    I'm wondering how others use their 20% off CVS coupons. It's not good on sale items, and non-sale items are usually extra expensive, but I hate to not use 20% off. Anyone have a good deal they can pass along?


    • Ann says

      Amy – I use this type of CVS coupon on Hallmark cards. Greeting card prices are pretty standard so the price is not any higher at CVS than it would be at a Hallmark store. Not a huge savings but it helps.

    • Violet says

      My husband usually [unintentionally] sabotages my CVS trips by coming along and insisting on buying random things. The 20% off gets used on those things.

  30. Kristina says

    Does anyone know of a moving truck company such as UHaul, Ryder, etc. that offers discounts? We need a moving truck to go one-way to Arizona. I am not sure if there are discounts available somewhere? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  31. Erika says

    I saw some at Subway yesterday. I was at the downtown Gaviidae location, but they are probably at other locations as well.

  32. ES says

    I was in a similar boat. I just skipped the cheese and yogurt, but for milk I would get half gallons of almond or coconut using coupond and doubling them. Almond Breeze has 55cent off coupons at Cub in the dairy area and Silk often does Catalinas. Use coconut oil in place of butter (if your son reacts to butter). You can buy it on with subscribe and save.

  33. ES says

    I have never had internet at home, but would like to start. How can I get internet on the cheap? I don't have a land line or cable. Also I want something that isn't super slow

    • says

      If you don't have a phone line or cable, the only options you really have is going through a cell phone provider (I think they make a device that you can hook up to your computer) or satellite internet. Unfortunately neither will be cheap. Do you have wiring for a phone?

    • Kelly says

      If you have a smartphone you can download a software that tethers the internet to your computer. It is a one time fee in most cases and never uses minutes.

    • Julie W says

      I used re-fillable ink and went through it significantly faster than HP ink. I wouldn't do it again. One thing I was told today that I haven't seen mentioned……Best Buy has ink 50% off on Wednesdays. That was at Northtown at least. I don't know how long that sale goes……

  34. tag says

    Speaking of kids: My parents used to "pay" my sister to clip and find coupon items at the store. She received the face value of each coupon. (She was also paid commission for the chores she completed at home. No work, no dollar.) She made some really good money and talk about motivated! She's turned out to be one of the best deal hunters I've ever met.

  35. tag says

    Graham Jewelers 800 East Lake Street

    Wayzata, Minnesota 55391

    The owner, Chris, is a certified gemologist.

    He's an excellent brother-in-law AND he's an excellent jeweler.

  36. CHRIS says

    Lunds/Byerlys has a $3/4 MFG in today's flyer Ritz crackers/Nabisco snack crackers/Ritz Crackerfuls filled crackers/Honeymaid Grahams/Oreos. valid 8/25/11-8/31/11 Anyone know of low prices on the above products this week?

    • says

      I was wondering that myself, Chris. I have been out of town since last Friday so I feel out of touch with this week's grocery sales. If I spot a great deal I'll mention it, but I hope someone else might know of something.

  37. marla says

    Hi i have points with SWAGBUCKS and want to redeem them for gift cards to amazon. The problem is that i don't know if i should get or amazonca. Can anyone tell me the difference between them? Thanx you

  38. Joy says

    If anyone is heading to CVS, you may be able to score a deal on a hair dryer. I purchased a Conair Infiniti Blow Dryer priced at $30.99, and it rang up at $7.74 and printed a $5 ECB!!

    May be worth a stop if you need a spare or a gift!

  39. Violet says

    If you have kids, go to the Little Farm Hands on the north end. It's free and fun for them (they pretend to farm) and at the end, they get a free treat such as an apple or small box of cereal. It's one treat per kid, so if you have five kids, you could get them five apples and entertain them!

  40. Rebecca says


    I highly recommend American Rare Coins & Collectibles near 494 & Penn Ave. They advertise their "buy" price online for gold. My mom and I sold a few pieces to them and made $1,000 each. They cut you a check on the spot. I shopped around and their prices were 30% or so better than Gold Guys, Wedding Day and Wixon Jewelers. HTH

  41. Sue says

    I'm pretty sure Centurylink (formerly QWest) has high speed internet with no phone line (or cable) required. It caught my eye when I was on their website cause I've been thinking about canceling our land line since we rarely use it. I haven't checked into it though.

    • JoAnna says

      Sue–you are correct. You can get high speed internet with no landline thru Centurylink. We've had them for a few yrs (they were Embarq, before that Sprint). It does cost at least $10 more when not bundled with a landline. We have considered dropping our landline but I am hesitant due to 911 service.

  42. Kathy says

    I orderd the coupon books that The Blind Squirrel was offering, it was one of your posts. I ordered 3 for $20, well they arrived and they sent me 4 books since they said they were slow to ship them out. Also, the coupons don't expire until June 2012! What a deal, that is 8 free pizzas and 4 oil changes !( I am actually planning on sharing them with my friends and family.)

  43. Mary says

    Thanks all! The darker side of being a homeowner is having to deal with these sorts of things yourself, right? Lol! Missing that handy on-call maintenance number right about now :)

  44. Shelly says

    The last time I needed a change of address card at the post office, I remember getting the form in an envelope with a number of home and moving related discount coupons. I believe it had a coupon for a moving truck rental.

  45. Chanda says

    Thanks for this heads up! We live a couple blocks from Lunds and we ran out of milk yesterday, I was so glad I didn't have to go any further to pick some up!

  46. Cris says

    I don't know if this would work since you've already got a bad clog, but I've heard that if you pour a can of Coke down your drain every month or so, that can keep it clear of clogs. Something about the acid eating away at all the nastiness in the drain. Hearing that tip made me reconsider drinking the Coke!

  47. Lisa F says

    C – I agree with Scat. I bought a Dirt Devil on Black Friday about 4-5 years ago for $35. I think it probably retails for about $60. It doesn't get heavy use, but it's still running well. I have no complaints about it.

  48. Dawn N says

    I got 20 swagbucks for downloading the checkpoints software and will get additonal swagbucks when I scan because I registered using swagbucks as my bonus code. Also got 300 points to start. Yeah! Will see how it goes.

  49. Sara Jane says

    TGIF Ladies, Just curious, has anyone started Christmas/Holiday shopping yet? Just wondering if there are any great sales out there I should be aware of? I usually start in October as the "back-to-school" clearances start then! Any tips? Thanks!!

    • JoAnna says

      Are looking for something in particular, Sara Jane? I shop all yr long and pick up the best deals when I find them. Though I am cautious for picky fam members as if things are purchased too early they can't be returned at many stores come January.

      • Sara Jane says


        No, not looking for anything in particular, just loking for great delals! For example, Macy's had a home clearence sale yesterday and I got a Marth Stewart silver plated picture frame for $4.72 (reg price $19) and a child's baking set for $7.87 (reg $24.99) and that got me thinking I need to stock up on these "generic" gifts for Christmas! Works great because Macy's has such a liberal exchange policy, like 180 days, that I feel I can get started holiday shopping! Do you have any recs for bargain shopping for hte holidays? Thank you! SJ

        • JoAnna says

          I'm pretty much always on the look-out for possible presents (Christmas, bday…). Kohl's has a never ending return policy so I can always count on them–though their prices are ridiculous if the item is not deeply discounted (crazy mark up going on there). Today I scored some great deals at Gymboree–all discounted items are an extra 20% off and I had a 20% coupon–most of the items I bought ended up being at least 75% off. I always shop the end caps and back corners of stores looking for the clearance items :)

  50. Jenny says

    I have a manuf. coupon for Beneful Prepared Meals Buy 4, Get 2 Free. There is a printable Target coupon for Buy 2, Get 1 Free. I was just wondering if these could be stacked and how does that work? How many would I be buying and getting free? Thank you.

    • JoAnna says

      Buy 6 (pay for 3 and get 3 free)–2 will be free with the manufacturer coupon and 1 will be free with the Target coupon.

    • JoAnna says

      Costco has great prices, extends the manufacturer's warranty another yr and has the best return policy (3 months, can be opened, and no restock fee).

  51. says

    Another way to save on laundry detergent is to use less per load. Almost every item you buy comes with a serving size or amount to use per load, etc. I have found that for many of these items it is not necessary and even wasteful to use the manufacturer suggested amount. I use half the recommended amount of laundry soap and my clothes come out smelling fresh and looking clean – and this is using the off brands that I can get at a really good price. Also, you can make the detergent stretch more if you add vinegar to each load. If you are brand loyal or use the higher end brands such as Tide, you are probably not going to find as good of a deal. But I have been completely satisfied with brands like Xtra.

  52. Jen says

    I need to buy a new camera, because my old one is no longer working.

    I'd love to stay under $250. Any suggestions??


  53. says

    Pocketeers, I need some help. I need a mom or dad that packs healthy brown bag lunches for their kids on the cheap for a TV segment. They want to film the story in the next few days and I am desperate for a lead to someone who could help. If that's you or if you know someone who would be great, please email me using the contact form on the site (

    I'd prefer you to email me rather than leave comments here as I am going to the State Fair today and will get email on my phone, but not comments on this blog post.

    Send me a couple of your brown bagging tips and contact info. Thanks everyone!

  54. says

    Hi Pocketeers. I need some advice. About twenty years ago my relatives had a geneaology (sp?) book made for our family. It is huge; at least 300 pages long. Well we have over 50 family members interested in it but only one book. So I want to scan the pages and burn them onto a cd. Can anyone think of a more efficient way to do it than using my home scanner. It is going to take forever!!

  55. Mary - says

    Similac must think that I'm pregnant or recently had a baby – They keep sending me coupons for formula! I've got a few $5 off coupons – wondering if anyone can use them? Please reply to this thread if you're interested and we'll figure out a way to get them to you.


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