96% Off a 6′ HDMI Cable Needed to Stream Movies from the Internet on Your TV

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I know that a stellar deal on an HDMI cable is slightly random, but I was so excited to get this 6 foot HDMI cable shipped to my house for $1.75 that I have to share. This offer is on Amazon, but sold by DVI GearDVI Gear has a 4.5 star rating after more than 4,200 reviews.

I bought one of these cables so I can connect my laptop into our TV. From there we can watch shows and movies streamed via our Netflix subscription. For those that don’t have a $7.99 per month Netflix subscription, you can stream content via Amazon with their pay-per-view model. (Side note: I am a huge fan of this $8/month Netflix plan with a one-month free trial after having lived without cable for y-e-a-r-s because we hesitated to spend the money.).

I’ve hesitated to spend $50+ on a Roku box, which connects the TV to the internet, but won’t need to now. For less than 2 bucks my problem is solved. I hope someone else who has been waiting for a low-cost solution to the net streaming problem is as happy about this cord as I am.
If the idea of watching shows and movies from the internet on your TV is new to you, then read the post I wrote last fall about how to reduce your cable bill.

Your turn: How do you watch content streamed from the internet on your TV? Or do you stick to watching it on a computer or iPad?


  1. lara says

    we watch through our Tivo

    i'm not happy about the netflix change in pricing. we haven't been watching too much streaming, i'm hoping they build up their library more to make it worthwhile.

  2. Katherine says

    Thanks! I know these are super expensive and we have needed them in the past, so at the risk of not needing one right now, I am going to buy one for our inevitable need for one in the future!

  3. Andrea says

    That's a great deal even with free shipping I bought 4 and it's under $10. You really shouldn't pass this great deal up.

  4. Leann says

    For the heck of it, I mentioned this to my husband thinking he would say "No. Why?" Well, I just got done ordering two. lol Thanks Carrie!

  5. Erin says

    This is probably a dumb question, but does this cable work with any TV? Or does it have to be an HDTV? My TV is about 15yrs old. Thanks!!!

  6. debra says

    When I click the link to 6" cable or DVI, I only see the cable cord by Cmple, not DVI gear. Can anyone tel me how good these ones are rated?

    • Jana says

      Are you clicking on the link right up above these posts? I click on it and it brings me right to the DVI Gear $1.75 HDMI Cable.

  7. Erika Minnick says

    Is there any reason to get more than one? Or is it a cord that can be hooked up and then unhooked/or moved to another tv easily? Thanks! I just bought one but am thinking "maybe I need more at such a good price?" :)

  8. says

    I am soooooo excited about this. I really want to get Netflix but didn't want to spend the money on the box to make it work. I paid with my Amazon visa reward points so no out of pocket expense. wooohoooo

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