School Supply Deals 7/17 – 7/23/11 (Includes Price Comparison Chart)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

This week we’ve added a “Lowest price this season” column and number of school supplies to our comparison chart. We’re now tracking prices on almost 40 items at 10 stores.

Below is a scrollable Excel-type look at this week’s comparison chart (only one page is viewable below. You’ll need to print the pdf or download the Word doc to see all three pages). You can also print a pdf version of it to carry with you as you shop.

Download (DOCX, 24KB)

In situations where you need coupons or want to find out more details, then check out the complete list of school supply sales and deals for each store:

Dollar General
Office Depot
Office Max (Plus, learn about some additional free-after-MaxPerks rewards)
Rite Aid
Toys ‘R Us

Your turn: How are you coming along on your school supply shopping?


  1. Laura says

    I just made my BTS purchases at Walmart. Glad to know I had most of the best prices! Thanks for this list!

  2. Jenny says

    The highlighters and pencils and packs of pencils are a penny right now, not 10 cents. If you're a teacher, they'll let you get 25 of each of the penny deals if you show your id!

  3. Brigette says

    I am wondering where a Rite Aid is in the twin cities? I can't find any even in Minnesota. Thanks!

    • says

      I apologize for the confusion. There aren't any, but folks read the blog and are using this list from across the country so I left it on the compare chart.

  4. MommyGio says

    Just went to Target to get some school supplies. There are the prices in the Chicagoland Area. Also got the Target Debit card which gives you 5% off your purchase.

    Target 24ct Pencils $0.94

    Target 2ct Erasers $0.97

    Papermate Pens $1.00 Use $1/1 from Target site = FREE

    Crayola Skinny Markers $0.99

    RoseArt 6ct Glue Sticks $0.80

    Crayola Washable Markers $1.99

    RoseArt Glue $0.20

    RoseArt 24ct crayons $0.20

    RoseArt Color Pencils $0.75

    Target 2pk Scissors $1.42

    Scotch single roll Tape $0.50 Use $0.50/1 from Target site = FREE

    Bic crystal Pens $0.50 each Use $1/2 from Target site = FREE

    Folders $0.15 each

    **Still have highlighters and dry erase markers to buy, but they were a little on the high side.

    • s says

      where were they hiding the 6ct glue sticks for .80? i was there this morning and didn't see a package of ct, just 4 or 12. thanks!

      • MommyGio says

        They were hanging with the rest of the glue sticks, in my store. They had two rows of them. They were out of the 16ct paint, though.

  5. s says

    is this in their ad? i don't seem to see it….also do you have to spend a certain amount to get the penny deal for the highlighters/pencils?

    • Jenny says

      My friend told me about because we are both teachers. I did the purchase myself with no problems. You have to spend at least $5. At Office Max, they will double the quanity limit for teachers. So if the limit is 2, teachers can get 4. A sales clerk told me this.

  6. Shari says

    I just went to Walgreens and they were pretty much out of everything in the downtown Minneapolis store, so I brought the ad across the street to Target and they matched everything. The only item I couldn't find was the 5 pack of Papermate mechanical pencils, they had a 6 pack at Target. I brought all my items up to the customer service desk and she rung them up with the new prices. She did mention that the 3 ring binder wasn't the same brand (actually none of the stuff I bought was) and I just said that it hadn't mattered in the past as long as it was the cheapest item….she just rang it up and didn't say anything more. Also, in the dollar bins they have 2-packs of black dry erase markers and 3-packs of multi color mini dry erase markers. Yahoo! I love getting deals!

  7. Jennifer says

    Your list is great. I think it would be helpful to include prices on washable markers and crayons also.

  8. Angie says

    menards put out there back to school add today. 10 pk blue or black pens are free after mail in rebate. Check out there website for the ad

  9. jenn says

    I agree with the washable markers/crayons comment. My kids are going into K & preschool respectively, and they MUST have the washable Crayola stuff to be exact!

    Has anyone seen where you can get Scotch brand glue sticks? Their school prefers this brand over the disappearing purple Elmer's brand…

  10. Kristen says

    I think Costco sells them. It is a pack of 24 for a decent price (maybe $6?). As a teacher, I will say that the Scotch glue sticks are good!


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