Best Buy: Amazon Kindle for $139.99 + $30 Best Buy Gift Card (Exp 7/30)

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

**Update: This deal is no longer available.

If you’ve been holding out for a good deal on a Kindle, Best Buy is offering a great deal on a Kindle this week only (through Saturday, 7/30). You can get the Amazon Kindle 3G AT&T WiFi eBook Reader in Graphite with Special Offers for $139.99, plus you’ll receive a $30 Best Buy gift card with your purchase. Please note that this offer is available in retail stores only; you can check online for availability at a Best Buy store near you.

The “Special Offers” that come along with this version of the Kindle mean that special offers and sponsored screensavers will be displayed on the screensaver and the bottom of the home screen – they won’t interrupt your reading. Offers may include a $20 Amazon gift card for $10, eBooks for $1, a $10 Amazon gift card when you spend $10 on eBooks, and more.

If you don’t have a Best Buy location near you or would rather just purchase it online, Amazon itself is offering the Amazon Kindle 3G AT&T WiFi eBook Reader in Graphite or White with Special Offers for $139.00 + free shipping.

Your turn: Have you considered getting a Kindle? If you have one already, what do you think of it?


  1. JoAnna says

    So worth it! The special offers will more than pay the full price of the Kindle before the gc deal. And there are SO many free ebooks available.

  2. Sandi says

    I love it!!!! Like Laura, I'm an English major and a book addict! I think I have several hundred Kindle books that I got for free. The battery life is AMAZING (lasts 3-4 weeks and takes about 1/2 hour or so to re-charge). Get a cover, and it feels just a book; you don't realize that you are reading a "device." I see Amazon is trying to get Kindle books in libraries, so that will be another awesome option!

    • says

      Sandi – This comment almost (almost!) has convinced me to finally get one myself. I've been reluctant because I just don't want to give up that "holding a book" feel. I'm going to think about it a bit more but may get one this week at Best Buy. Thanks for the feedback. :)

  3. Lisa says

    I was so close to buying one over the weekend. I had it in my Amazon cart and everything. Thank goodness something told me just wait a bit.

  4. Suzy says

    I just called the Eagan Best But to check availability. They weren't aware of this deal and advised the only Kindle with a gift certificate is the one selling for $188.99. Think I'll need to talk to them in person and see if they'll honor this deal!

  5. TM says

    I am glad I went to Apple Valley instead of Eagan like I planned originally. I just bought the 3G/wifi Kindle from the Best Buy in Apple Valley. They had a sign by them saying that they were honoring the deal they had in their ad. I think they were originally supposed to be $189 with a $30 gift card, but Amazon had a recent price cut.

    I originally was considering a Nook, but couldn't pass this deal up.


  6. TM says


    I know what you mean about the "holding the book" feel. The Kindle is supposed to look the most like a real book page of the e readers. Also, if you get a cover for it, it will be more like an actual book.

    One other thing to note is that Amazon is working on making it possible to borrow e books at libraries. You can currently do this on the Nook. This should also be available on the Kindle later this year.

  7. Erin says

    I absolutely love my Kindle! The space it has saved by eliminating any more paperbacks on my bookshelf is priceless. It's not backlit, so it really feels like reading a real book. Like another person already said, there are so many free ebooks.

  8. Sheila says

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and have loved it! Before you buy one at Best Buy, I would encourage you to call the Microsoft Store at MOA. At Mother's day they ran an awesome deal of any Kindle with a free cover- regular or lighted! The covers protect them very well and the lighted ones allow you to read in the dark! I bought one that week for my husband for his birthday and then my dad went and bought one for my mom. (The free lighted cover saved me an easy $60!) You do need to call and ask if they have any specials. They don't even list the Kindle online to purchase- but it's located just inside their store. I have found customer service to be very good there too. Worth checking out-

    • JoAnna says

      Amazon also has amazing cs. They will stand behind the Kindle even when purchased from another retailer. If you are a person who buys extended warranties you should check out square trade. They often run discounts and if you sign up for their email list you will get a disc.

  9. Sheila says

    I agree with you JoAnna, Amazon has great CS! When they had a recall on some covers due to the prongs resetting the Kindle, they simply gave you a credit to get a new lighted cover rather than just replace the unlighted one. I had not even gotten the cover at Amazon- they just gave me the credit, told me to throw the old one away and choose whatever cover I'd like with the $59.99 credit! They just don't run any specials on their Kindles- just their everyday prices.

  10. Jenny says

    Ok… so do you need to purchase a monthly subscription to use the kindle after you buy it? Or do you just buy the kindle… download books and the only cost after the original purchase is to buy more books?

  11. Sheila says

    You just pay for the Kindle upfront and then download books as you go. Since Christmas I have downloaded more than 200 free books. The book prices range from free to $15+, but there is a website that watches and lets you know if any free top 100 books change- then they send you an email notifying you. (Jungle Search) The Kindle holds 35,000 books so if I choose not to read the downloaded ones, I am out nothing. The public library system is supposed to be moving towards allowing you to check out books for the Kindle, right now it's only allowed for the Nook and a few other e-readers. This is supposed to happen by the end of the year, according to Amazon.

  12. says

    I thought it was the no ad-

    Kindle for 189.00 was the one you get the $30.00 gift card with at least that is what The Best Buy sale paper says in my state (NJ)/area. Does anyone know if you can apply it to the Kindle usually not but thought I would ask:.

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