5 New, Legitimate Online Survey Companies to Help You Earn From Home

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Online survey companies are a way to legitimately make some money from home. I found five new, legitimate survey companies that meet all the criteria I use for vetting.

New Survey Sites

American Consumer Opinion

MySurvey Panel

Opinion Square  (they don’t pay in cash, only in gift cards and prizes)

Pure Profile

Survey Head (reviews online say that payments from this company are a little slower than others because they require that the survey close entirely before they credit your account. Then, when you request payment they take a few weeks to verify your account before issuing a check. They do pay, but the process is slower than others)

Survey Panel Group

Tips for Getting Started

As you get started with these companies, keep the following things in mind:

Create a new email address
You will likely get a lot of email, especially if you join multiple survey companies. Open a new email account and dedicate to this kind of thing so you don’t feel overwhelmed in your main inbox.

Provide accurate and complete profile information
You are participating in market research. As such, surveys are targeted to people based on all sorts of demographic information they provide. You are more likely to receive a higher quantity of surveys, and thus opportunities to earn some money, if your profile is all filled in.

Set reasonable income expectations
You’ll earn a little side cash for your time taking surveys, but I doubt you’ll be able to pay your mortgage with the income. Especially at first you’ll have to take enough surveys to reach the payment threshold with each company. Only you can decide if it is worth your time. I think that those with more time on their hands, than money in the bank, might take the opportunity to make every extra penny they can.

Other Legitimate Survey Sites

If you haven’t joined the other survey companies that I am aware of and have vetted, feel free to check them out as well:

Consumer Village

Ipsos I-Say Panel: for Men

Ipsos I-Say Panel: for Moms

Ipsos I-Say Panel: for Everyone Else

Mindfield Internet Panels

National Consumer Panel

Opinion Outpost

Synovate Global Opinions Panel

Toluna (They are, by the standards I described above, a legitimate firm, but word on the street is that it takes longer to earn rewards with Toluna than with some of the other firms and they are slower to pay)

Valued Opinions (They pay out in gift cards to stores like Macys and Blockbuster versus others that pay in cash)

Your turn: How much time do you spend taking surveys each week or month?


  1. Kathryn says

    I was wondering how someone would pay taxes on this? Are the gift certificates tax freee too? Is there anything special you have to do for tax preparation?

  2. Sophie says

    I first wanted to say how much I love your site! I'm just starting out in couponing, I'm a Twin Cities gal as well and you've been a big help! I've been very good at finding online shopping deals but grocery shopping hasn't come as easily to me :) So thanks for putting up this great site! I have a few suggestions and a coupon code for you. I wasn't sure where else to submit them.

    I would like to suggest another site, it isn't a survey site (though that is one of the ways you can earn). It's called swagbucks.com and it gives you bucks for searching the web, shopping online, watching videos, and several other things. I've been with them for almost two years and have earned at least $200 in amazon.com gift cards (I stopped counting) by using them as my default search engine and linking to them for shopping. [comment edited] It takes a little getting used to at first but it can end up very addicting without really taking away from your life.

    With school coming up again I have a coupon for anyone who is a college student like me and has to pay for those horribly expensive textbooks- half.com is very cheap and this 10% off coupon is a nice bonus- 'BTSJUL10A' minimum of $50 purchase (not hard to do with textbooks!). My books would've been $300+ in stores, on this site they'll be $60.

    Also, for my fellow ladies out there I'd like to suggest eyeslipsface.com for makeup. It's very very cheap, animal friendly and there's almost always a great coupon code out. Their basic line starts out at $1 per item. Their higher quality line items are $3. some things are hit or miss but all have reviews to help you decide. Shipping is a bit high but if you stock up (free shipping over a certain amount) or go in on an order with a friend it's not bad at all. I highly recommend their mineral line and $1 lip gloss. Being on a tight budget is hard but at least I can still indulge myself now and then!

    Sorry for being so long-winded and thanks again for your wonderful website!

  3. says

    I have used Panda Research and Vindale Research for a while now. They are legit and I have made $150 so far. ll of your advice applies—slow payout, time consuming, but they DO pay

  4. says

    I'll vouch for Panda Research and Vindale Research and the others on this page including Opinion Outpost, MySurvey Panel, Valued Opinions and some others I'm promoting as well. InboxDollars being one of my favorite among others. I earned a few hundred dollars before I started promoting them on a website I created. I'm a long time member of many of them and there's a few I haven't had a payout, but they are reputable and I like them although I've been spending most of my free time on the website. This is a cool blog , good job!

  5. Charlotte says

    I have tried ALL of the above listed websites and have had ZERO luck making anything! They NEVER have surveys, their customer service is non-existent and you'll NEVER make enough to cash out. All these people are doing is taking your information and passing it on to advertisers. Do NOT join these panels!

  6. Jeremy says

    I have been a member of Inboxdollars and Sendearnings for as long as I can remember. I started out with those two when I was about 15 years old and needed money to help out my parents. Since I didn’t have any money on the side, it was hard getting started because most of the ones that pay out nicely require you to sign up for a free trial, which requires credit cards. :)

    Now that I’m older, I’ve joined even more sites. I still do not take advantage of everything as I am currently working both full time and part time but I also wanted to share that I’ve recently become a big fan of Sweepstakes. One of my favorite websites is luckycontests.com. Since I’ve began just within this past year I’ve won a about $100 in various gift cards. Best blessings to everyone who signs up! :)


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