Walgreens Shopping List 6/12 – 6/18/11

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

Pick up several freebies this week at Walgreens, including Blistex lip balm, Colgate toothbrushes, Bayer aspirin and Walgreens allergy medicine. Plus, find good deals on Ragu pasta sauce, Rogaine and more.

If you’re new to Walgreens shopping, then learn how the Register Rewards program works and learn how to read this shopping list. Don’t forget that some other stores will accept Register Rewards like a manufacturer’s coupon. Also, it’s a good idea to print out Walgreens’ official coupon policy and keep it with you in case an issue comes up at checkout.

This is a starting list of deals for the week and is not a comprehensive list of every sale item and its coupons, but just the best deals (things at prices I’d actually pay). We will update this list as readers leave comments with bargains they found at their local store, we get emails with deal ideas or we read about other deals across the blogosphere. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week, we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

Walgreens is the one store where an advertised sale like “2/$4” usually requires you to buy two products. The first one rings at full price and the second product will ring at a lesser price to bring the total to $4, using our example. If you ever question whether you need to buy two to receive a sale price, ask the cashier to scan one item for you. If it rings at full price, then you know you need to buy two products. If it rings at the sale price, then you don’t.

Your turn: What other deals did you find this week at Walgreens?


  1. multiple_mother says

    Does anyone have the coupon for the W diapers from the infant care coupon booklet that they are not going to use? I was never able to get a booklet, and would love to be able to use the coupon.


  2. AmyS says

    Just give the cashier coupon code 2844, they can put it in manually. I've done this many times, no problem. (Except at the Maple Grove store on MG Parkway)

  3. Michelle D. says

    For those specials that say "Spend $15 on participating products, get $5 RR," do I assume that the $15 is BEFORE coupons is applied to the total? Or should I ask the manager before I purchase anything?

  4. Chris says

    There is a MIR in the 6/12 SS for the Bayer Advanced accompanying the $2 coupon (right next to the coupon in the insert). The rebate is good for your price paid – $2.00 for the coupon. So at Walgreens, it would cost $3, less a $2 coupon, for $1 out of pocket. Then get $1 RR back from Walgreens, and $1 back from the MIR, making this a $1 money maker.

  5. Anna says

    same question here- does anyone has a coupon for walgreens diapers? i would appretiate. can exchange for soem other coupon.. my walgreens does not have this coupon booklet :(((

    • sara says

      I asked my walgreens if they would accept the code and not the coupon (for the diapers). I got two different answers from two different people. I guess it depends on who you get!

  6. Lita says

    I bought a pioneer press and Star and Tribune and did not see the coupon for the dial body was. Did anyone get one?

  7. MP says

    I did not get the Schick Hydro coupon in the St. Paul paper's SS insert. I did get it in the SS that came in the mail on Saturday. Did anyone else see it in their Sunday paper?

      • says

        If anyone is interested, I have an extra Infant Care Booklet with the Walgreens diaper Q I would like to trade for few coupons $4 Gillette razor (P&G 6/5) or $1 Ivory soap (P&G 5/1). Email me at dealish.mail0346@recursor.net and we can also each add more coupons so we both can send the most for our postage.

  8. Kim says

    I tried to use a 2.00 off Gillette body wash coupon for the Shave to Shower gift set and it wouldn't take it – but if you use a 4.00 fusion razor coupon it worked and gave you the rr as well.

  9. Carrie says

    For the Buy $15, get $5 R.R. you have to buy $15 of the one catergory not of anything highlighted in green. I had a problem with it this morning but the manager was nice helped figure it out.

    • Dee Dee says

      I just picked it (Wal-fex) up at the Wags in Crystal….also, they have hanes socks 7 pks on sale BOGO and some of the Fusion Razors come with a few free sample size items so I have been LOVING wags today!!! The store phone number is:763-533-5804……I believe they had plenty of the Wal-fex when I was there at 4:30 PM today. I double checked my receipts and Crystal is where I bought it. On Bass Lake Rd.

  10. Amber says


    I bought it at Walgreens in Golden Valley and in Robbinsdale. Not sure the exact addresses. I have had no problem finding it. The Walgreens in Golden Valley had the lip balm while the other did not.

  11. Geesha says

    on the 20 or 24 ct bayer advanced aspirin she was right on the deal above but forget to mention the mail in rebate they will pay you back the difference so you get it free with the RR!!!

  12. Dee Dee says

    Wow, so I bought the Wal-fex and Blistex deals and paid for them with $5 RR…OOP paid 0.99. Then I used those RRs and coupon to pay for the Gilette razor (which had free sample items with it) and threw in some candy for filler. Did this whole thing twice and spent less than $5 OOP total. I was wondering if I would have had a 0.99 RR and used that also with the Blitex and Wal-fex if I could have done that deal completely free? Or, even if they won't allow a zero balance I could throw in a small filler and also the 0.99 RR and get my balance lower? Either way it was a lot of fun! I know I could have also used a printable candy coupon when I got the razor but I was too lazy to print it :)

  13. Amanda says

    Bummer! I only get the Pioneer Press. I was starting to think I was going crazy when I couldn't find the Dial body wash coupon in my Red Plum insert. Does anybody know if any place sells the Sunday paper still on Monday?

  14. Amber says

    Anyone see the $10 RR when you buy $30 of participating Neutrogena products? The Neutrogena cosmetics are 25% off and I need to some makeup items. Anyone know of any matchup coupons to make this an even better deal?

  15. axxiom says

    Bought rogaine for $19.99 and 3 100 grand bars for $.39 each. I applied one $10 off Rogaine coupon printed from the web. I applied a second $5 off coupon from the Sunday paper. Then I paid with $4 RR from the Wal-Fex and $2 RR from the blistex. I paid $1.61 and a $5 RR from Rogaine printed.

    I did this twice with a second transaction just to be sure. Using the fillers apparently is the key. I took the two $5 RR catalinas to Cub Foods which accepted them on the spot.

    I don't even use this product. I just wanted to test to see how Walgreens RR works with Cub Foods.

  16. axxiom says

    I tried to get the $10 RR for Neutrogena products. I don't know what qualified for the purchase. I tried three Neutrogena Grapefruit Body Clear body wash products and two Neutrogena for Men SPF20 moisturizer. It was $32 and change before coupons and tax. The $10 RR didn't print.

    Also, neither product was 25% off even though both of them are skin products. I didn't speak to the manager, but I'm going to stop by Walgreens today to ask about the catalina.

  17. Mary Olin says

    The Woodbury (Queens Drive) location has a tear off pad of coupons for $.55/3 Jell-o

    Use that with the in ad coupon $.59 each (limit 3)

  18. Clara Johnson says

    Did anyone have where the RR did not print out on the Air Wick Freshmatic? The manager even tried all of the different ones and none of them printed out the RR, so I

    he had to get a rebate form and I have to mail it in to get the 3.00 back. UGH

  19. FrugalCat says

    I found the Blistex for Men near the razors and shaving cream, not with the other lip balms. There was even a shelf tag for it next to the shaving cream area.

  20. V says


    I believe All You Mag has $3.00 off Neutrogena products. If you don't get a subscription to All You my Walmart has them on sale for $1.88 for the June mag….leaf through it and see if it is in there…. And on that note…I think I am paying that much per magazine with a subscription…..hmmmm….which is fine but it should be cheaper than news stand price. Either way there is pretty much always a $1.00 off coupon on White Cloud (it is for sure in the June and July ones) so just with one coupon you almost have it paid for….I love All You mag.

  21. Gretchen B says

    The Air Wick coupons in the paper and on the web are for the ULTRA kit which is not on sale this week. Was going to do the deal till I saw that. :(

  22. Toni says

    The Bayer Advanced was sold out at our three walgreens. If this is the case for you, don't forget you can ad-match the price at wal-mart, and use the mail-in-rebate to still it free (you won't get the $1 register reward, but it would still be free w/rebate if your walgreens is sold out)

  23. Katie Wilson says

    Went to Walgreens tonight was out of over half the sale items especially the soft scrub. However, found the Walgreens Summer Guide that had the following coupons all redemable at only Walgreens except the Softsoap is a MQ:

    $1 off Maybelline Fit Me Cosmetics

    $1 off Luster Premium White Luster Now! Instant Whitening Toothpaste

    $1 off Any Softsoap Brand Body Wash 12 oz or larger

    $1 off Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Prefecting Toner 16 oz

    $1 off Any Neutrogena healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer

    $2 off Neutrogena Healthy Skin compact Makeup or Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss

    $1 off Any Banana Boat Lotion SPF 15+ 4 oz or larger

    $2 off Hawaiian Tropic Lotion or Creme SPF 15+ 4 oz or larger

  24. Amber_Giaco says

    I have found at several south of the metro Wags, clearance Loreal Colour Riche lip gloss and pencil type eye liner. Lip gloss is $2.29, there is a $2 coupon that expires in July(I'm sorry I don't know when it came out) and the eye liner is $2.79, also a $2 coupon for that.

  25. Tami says

    with your soft scrub deal scenerio can I use the 3 b1g1 and use (3) 1.00 soft scrub any cleanser and (3) 1.00 for soft scrub gels. just one wondering.


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