Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick N Save Shopping List 6/12 – 6/18/11

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This deal has expired and may no longer be valid.

We are back to doubling 5 coupons this week on both Wednesday and Saturday.

If you are new to shopping Double Daze, be sure to read Roundy’s (Rainbow Foods, Copps, and Pick N Save’s) double coupon policy before you get started to understand all the restrictions of their double coupon promotion.

If you shop at Copps and your ad doesn’t match the items mentioned in this shopping list, then check out what we saw for sales last week.

Two things to remember about this list of deals. First, it does not include every sale-priced item that has a coupon. It only has those items whose final price is low enough for us to mention it. Second, it is a starting list: as we learn of more deals whose final price is low enough, we will update this list. Items that are added throughout the week will be noted as NEW. Items whose final price changes as a result of a new or modified coupon scenario will be noted as UPDATED. At least once this week we will send out a reminder to come back and check this list for the hottest new deals.

New to Pocket Your Dollars? Learn to read this shopping list. If you have issues printing coupons, then try the troubleshooting suggestions found here.

Your turn: Besides commenting on other sales you found this week, please let us know what your experience is with this new Monopoly game. Like it? Hate it? Win anything?


  1. Bridget says

    When going to Rainbow for the double coupon days, should I plan my $25 transaction based off of the current sale price or the standard price?

    • Lisa says

      Bridget, most stores go based on the regular shelf price, but people have posted on here that their store goes by the sale price. What store are you going to – maybe another Pocketeer will be a regular there and have a definitive answer for you.

    • Shannon says

      Bridget you need to plan off the shelf price. The issue you can run in to (or at least I have) is that sometimes it's the regular price and sometimes they change the shelf price to actually be the regular price in their system.

  2. Sue says

    Where in the Extra Values! Coupon Book does it indicate that Rainbow Foods stores are doubling 10 coupons on Saturdays through the end of June? I only see a calendar on page 2 and it shows only Double Daze on June 18th, not Double Double Daze.

  3. says

    I noticed a few times now that items are listed better than free… such as a few items on this week's list of grocery deals. I just switched from Cub to Rainbow and I was wondering if this is a typo or if Rainbow gives overage? Tia!

    • Rachel says

      Has anyone else redeemed their free milk coupon from last week's GM cereal deal? I did on Saturday, and my cashier checked the price of the milk and wrote it on the coupon. She only discounted the exact amount (which I didn't really care, because it was free milk either way). She said all the cashiers were supposed to do it, even though the coupon doesn't say "up to $xx".

  4. Sara says

    I'd like to pose a scenario: (3) 8 packs of coke for $9. I have a number of coupons that I found at Copps Antigo for $1 off when you buy (1) 12 oz 8 pack of any Coca Cola product and $4 Frozen Food. NOTE: These coupon do not indicate that they cannot be doubled.

    I'd like to purchase (3) 8 packs of coke for $9 and $12 worth of frozen food items (using coupons to lower this to $8 of less!) and then double the coke coupons making each 8 pack only $1 ($9-(3*2)=3/3=$1 each). Does anyone see any holes in my approach?


  5. Karen Mc says

    Thanks for getting the list up so quickly. I really appreciate the link to the coupon for Newman's Own lemonade – it is my daughter's favorite and I want to stock up for her Grad Party. Anyway, it did let me print three!!!!

  6. JoAnna says


    I have also heard it depends on the cashier. The register will double but the cashier will take the coupon policy into their own hands and override the doubling until $25 is reached.

  7. missy says

    Do other Rainbow stores stock the Hormel Compleats? Specifically the kids compleats- they don't have them at my Coon Rapids store!

    • Cassie B says

      I walked around the whole store (Coon Rapids) on Saturday looking for the kids compleats and didn't even find a spot for them on the shelves. I know that Blaine Rainbow has them (by the spaghettios, etc.), but last time I was there they were completely out of stock.

  8. kierstien says

    Chrissy- In my experience rainbow will give you overage up to the shelf price. Example: If you are purchasing the Ronzoni Garden pasta this week sale price is $1.25 and shelf price is $1.99 so the $1 coupon will double to $1.99 making $0.74 overage. But if you were purchasing something that was on sale for $1.00 and shelf price was $1.30 and had a $1 coupon it would only double to $1.30 does this make sense? HAPPY SHOPPING!

  9. Kyle says

    This week there are no Double Double Daze. You can double just 5 coupons on both Wednesday and Saturday.

  10. samantha says

    question regarding the double couponing.. For the Kellogg's deal it brings your total to mid $20's, but it takes an instant $10 off.. Soo question is what is my total so far for than for the transaction?? With or without the instant save

  11. Bill says

    I believe the Kellogg's Gas Rewards Card promotion is still valid, correct? If so, if you buy the varieties included, each box is worth $1.00 in rebates (after collecting 10).

  12. Deb says

    In the Fresh Summertime Fun booklet from Cub there is a 2 dollar off any 2 12 packs of Flavored coke products. It does not include Coke, Diet Coke etc. but does anyone know if all the coke products are 3 for 9 dollars for the 12 pack? With 2 dollars off they would be 3 for 7 which sounds like a pretty good deal. (19.5 cents a can).

  13. Phyllis says

    Just an FYI – Buy $50 Sears gift card at Rainbow and get $5. off your next order. Then spend $50 on mens clothing at Sears and get a $25 Sears gift card. This was in the Sears ad in the Sunday paper. I wouldn't think it would make any difference that you are using the $50. gift card to pay for it. I would assume this is good only this week.

    • says

      Melissa – At all stores it is based on the "shelf price" – which is the highest price listed on the tag hanging on the shelf. "Shelf price" is usually the full price of an item, but in some rare instances it is lowered to match the sale price. All that technicality aside, you can use regular price as a rule of thumb.

  14. Greg says

    Does anyone know the "select varieties" of Kellogs cereal that are included in this weeks special? I have a lot of printable coupons from Kellogs but want to make sure that those varieties are included before I make our list up for the week.

  15. Andy says

    I'm confused by the fuelperks bonus rewards since they added the "spend $50 and buy one of each" requirement.

    So you would need to buy at least one of each and then you could buy more of just one to get more bonus? Or do you need to buy the same number of each of the items to get the extra rewards?

    I bought some yoplaits a couple weeks ago because someone here said they weren't sticking to that requirement, but I did not get the bonus fuelperks so it does seem like the computers are following it.

    Anyone else have a different experience since the change?

  16. kelsey says

    i have a question, I am stocking up on cereal this week and getting 18 boxes should i call ahead and order ahead? or is that too little of an order to order ahead on, i'm not sure i've never purchased this much cereal in one trip.

  17. Rhonda says

    Sara, I had these coupons before and had no problem doubling them as long as I had over $4 for each coupon. You should have no problem doubling these with your scenario- Good luck!

  18. says

    Coupon organizing question. I file my inserts by date as Carrie recommends but when these cereal deals come along, I don't feel like I have a good way to find or use the ones I need. I'm thinking about having separate envelopes for Kelloggs and GM cereal coupons and when I see them in the weekly inserts, cut ALL of them out and put them in these envelopes so I can grab the whole thing when I go to the store. Does anyone do this, or have a different system for cereal? TIA!

  19. Mr Mom says

    If your milk was 2.59 then thats the price they take off.Look to see how much Kemps is,if it under 3.50 then you will get it for free.The coupon says that the milk can not be over 3.50.Plus the more expenssive the milk you pick the easier it is to get to a 25 dollar total to use your coupons

  20. Dawn N says

    I struggled with finding what worked for me and have heard so many ask this question. I think it comes down to what works for you. I know some print the list of what is in the inserts and put with those for reference and others have a baseball card type deal with coupons by catagory. Others have separate envelopes for each shopping trip (if you do more than one at Rainbow).

    I have found what works for me based on what others have done and a combination of ideas. I have a pocket deal that got at Target for $1 and in it the various stores I go to with lists and coupons. I also have another one for coupons I might use as they are high in value or things we use by catagory. (Med, candy, beverage…)

    The rest of my inserts are cut and in a photo box that got at Michaels ($2 on sale this week) that I put by date and then by insert then by edible or non edible. So for this week I have : 6/12 RP edible and 6/12 non edible, 6/12 SS edible and 6/12 non edible and they are clipped or rubberbanded with a paper on the front with the date and source. I know edible vs non. I bring both binders with when shopping. The binders and coated so work in the rain and I usually carry them in a reusable bag with ads.

    "To cut or not to cut" that was my big question and found cutting all at one time vs individually made more sense.

    I was inspired by Sally on here so have to give her credit for getting me thinking about what would work along with Carrie. Hope this helps!!!

    • Erin says

      Chaska is my usual store too, but I haven't noticed them changing it to shelf price. I guess it probably depends on the cashier.

  21. Jennifer says

    "Philadelphia Cooking Crème $2.00
    Use $1/1 from 6/5 Smart Source insert or $1/1 Philadelphia Cooking Crème printable
    Final price: Free after doubled coupon**
    **Plus, get an extra Monopoly game ticket for each item you buy."

    [comment edited] And the Monopoly game doesn't start until 6/16 (Thursday). So if you buy them on this Wednesday, you won't get the tickets.

  22. Nita says

    My Rainbow used to give overage but I noticed last week that when a product was $1.25 the coupon and I had a $1/1 coupon that it gave me $1 off and the doubled amount was only $.25.

    • Leann says

      I had the same thing happen with a Coke coupon I had. Very bummed not to get my full extra $1, but then my Coke was still free so I couldn't really complain.

  23. Lisa says

    I bought 12 Yoplait a couple of weeks ago when they were a Fuel Perks bonus, and I got the bonus for each one.

  24. Tonia says

    I have never requested a rain check before. Will Rainbow issue rain checks on all products or just sale items? Is there a limit and where do you get the rain checks?

    • Alissa says

      Tonia–you can get a raincheck at Customer Service for any item, though it only makes sense to get a raincheck for items that are on sale. There shouldn't be a limit to how many rainchecks you get (ex, 5 rainchecks for 5 different products that are out of stock), but Customer Service could limit the number of like products you get (ex, "limit 1" split chicken breasts; one would be at the raincheck price and any others would be at regular price). HTH!

  25. Sarah says

    Dont forget about the freebie on Crystal Light. In the ad for this week, advertised is 2/$4 Crystal Light/Kool Aid/Country Time. In the ads this last week was coupon for $1 off any 1 Crystal Light…when doubled, makes it free.

    Thanks for the postings. This website has helped me save on average about 60% each week. Striving for 80% but sill on the learning curve!

  26. Jessica says

    I was wondering how Rainbow's sale prices work: do you have to buy all ten yoplaits to get them for 60 cents each, or can you just buy 6 and still get them for 60 cents? There is a $1 off 6 yoplait at Recyclebank and I was just wondering if I could buy six and still get the sale price on them.

    • Shane says

      I'm sure you can buy 6 (still get the sale price- 60 cents for each)and use the coupon unless there is a sign like " 10 for $6 when you buy 10" sometimes.

    • Lisa says

      Jessica – I've NEVER come across it at Rainbow that you HAVE TO buy all 10 in a deal like this one, so definitely count on them ringing up as .60 each.

  27. Shane says

    Carrie, there is a coupon at COUPONS.COM for Milkway Brand Bar $0.50/2. Since the bar is one sale this week for 3/$1.98 ($0.66 each) it can be a good deal after doubling the coupon.

  28. Alesha H says

    Does anyone know if the Chaska Rainbow lets you do multiple transactions with the 5 doubled coupons? Letting you actually get more than 5 coupons doubled?

  29. Bridget says

    Boy! That really is tricky. Too bad we didn't know for sure if it was the regular price or sale price. I have been going with the sale price. Do you think that's okay? I will either be going to the Maple Grove Rainbox or the Blaine Rainbow (off Coon Rapids Blvd. near Northtown).

  30. Bridget says

    Hi Carrie-

    I'm having trouble planning my Rainbow trip. I'm really not sure if I should go with the regular shelf price or the advertised sale price. Is there any way you or Laura could post some scenarios for "newby" Rainbow shoppers like me :o)

  31. Kierstien says

    A great way to make the kellogs deal even better!!! I noticed at my Rainbow that the Rice Crispies were $3.49 each so my plan is to buy 12boxes (two sep. trans) and use a total of 6 $1/2 coupons.

    making each transaction for cereal $4.49 after double coupon (ofcourse i'll have to get a few other things to get to the $25)

    Then I'll submit for the $10.00 rebate here http://www2.kelloggs.com/AARP/rewards/

    and i'll buy all boxes that have the cars promo on it and submit for 3 of the $5 gas cards (you can enter 8codes per day and 30codes total)

    So after both rebates and double cpns it will be a $15.12 money maker now cant beat that!!!!!!!!

  32. kierstien says

    at Rainbow in lakeville they do not have driscoll strawberries.

    but i did notice driscoll blueberries for $1.88 (for pt i believe) making it $1.38 after $0.50/1 cpn. (it says DND)

  33. Tessa says

    The DiGiorno deal w/ coupln for free milk on next purchase does not apply to the Pizza & Cookie and Wyngz combos.

  34. holly w says

    I saw them at the IGH and Eagan Rainbow! On double coupon day they would be $0.09!! The price tag says NEW ITEM! :)

  35. Anna says

    i did 2 transactions last week at Chaska and the cashier i had was very coupon friendly! doubled 20 coupons!

    I am planning 2 trans this week too, but this week i will prolly do the cereal deal and then take it to the car and then go back in for another trans.

  36. Kristi says

    I have 1 coupon for $1/2 kelloggs cereals it has the same backing/size/exp date as the $1/3 that was posted did some papers have a better coupon? or is it from some other date? (I was hoping to find more but that was already clipped & in my organizer)

  37. Amanda says

    I took my hubby shopping with me, and he spotted a tear pad of $1/1 sugar free Koolaid, on a display in the aisle right next to the Kool-aids and crystal lights on the shelf. It's $2 this week-so free! I love it that he likes couponing too!

  38. Danielle says

    I might do the "buy 6 kelloggs cereal, get a free gallon of milk" deal. Do I bring the milk to the register, or does a catalina print out for my next transaction?

  39. Cathy says

    You can buy just 6. I use that RecycleBank coupon all the time. I just used 3 of them last Wed. It's a great deal when they are doubled!

  40. Brenda says

    Shane – I think Milky Way is a MARS product… the ad makes it appear just Hershey's bars are on sale.

      • Brenda says

        Sorry – I missed that on the back of the Monopoly page (since those don't go on sale until 6/16). I was focusing on the deals for Wednesday (which have Hershey bars 3/$1.98). Sorry – my mistake.

        • Shane says

          Yeah, I am planning to shop on Sat~~~

          BTW, I'm not sure about those products listed in the Monopoly Game page. Does that mean those products are on sale till the game is over???

  41. Alex says

    There was a coupon for $1/1 Half Gallon Organic Valley Milk on Mambosprouts a while back (it's no longer available). If anyone printed this up and still has it Organic Valley half gallons will be $.79 after doubled coupon this week.


  42. joy says

    THANKS so much for the info!! I added this to my list pick them up this morning and already sent for the gas cards,,, Thank you!!

    • kierstien says

      You're very welcome!!!! It is a great deal that is for sure :) I dont Need the cereal but a $15mm i cant really pass it up!

  43. Tracy says

    Kashi Cereal, Granola, Cereal Bars or Granola Bars $3.00

    Use $1/1 Kashi printable available for 100 points from Recyclebank

    Final price: $1.00 after doubled coupon

    The only Kashi coupon that was available to me on Recyclebank was $2/1 any Kashi product for 125 points.

  44. samantha says

    Just went to pick n save for the kellogg's cereal and asked if the $10 off counts towards my total. Their response it does along with any in store discounts.. kind of a disappointment; has anyone else had this happen at pick n save??

  45. Nicole says

    Went to Rainbow Foods for the first time in my life today. Thought since I was able to get the day off from work I would try this double coupon thing. I called the store in advance to find out how many transactions they allow. They said 3 at a time, and if I step out of the store and come back in I could do 3 more. I planned 5 seperate small transactions. I got them all before coupons to betweeen $25-$26. I was able to get them all knocked down at least 50%. I would have spent almost $150 and instead I spent $70. I've never saved so much on groceries. I think I can maybe make the 40 minute trip once a month to do this. I was able to get 5 dan-o-nino yogurts for free, 5 crystal lights for free, and a cooking creme for free. For .50 cents a bottle I picked up two lysol kitchen sprays. Got 4 bluebunny ice creams (sandwiches and cones) for $1.00 each (was able to find a $1.00 off coupon online can't remember where though), 3 corn dogs for $1.00 each and 4 popsicles for $1.00 each. I had a blast even with my 3 young children in tow. I wish there was a store closer, since I usually always work Wed and Sat. It would be nice to be close enough to be able to go before or after work :( The cashier was impressed also by it being my first time doing this. YAY for me!!! Definetly can't wait to plan another trip to stock up our freezer.

  46. Linda says

    The Frigo Cheese printable coupon now says "this offer is expired" & "coupon is no longer available."

  47. jess says

    Does anyone know if Cub will accept the free milk coupons that print out with the cereal deals? It says 'redeemable at Rainbow' but not 'only at Rainbow'… Just curious since I have a few of them and I doubt I'll need that much milk before they expire and Cub takes expired coupons! thanks in advance to anyone that answers! :)

  48. Ashley says

    If you have the coupons that came from when you bought 2 Johnson & Johnson products at Walgreens and got the free first aid bag…there is a coupon in the bag for $1.50 off any one Band-Aid product. These are manufacture coupons, not Walgreens coupons, so it would make the bandages 50 cents this week.

  49. scat says

    Generally if it is a manufacturer's coupon ( and I think it is), then Cub will take it, but if it is expired, that might be a problem. Suggest you call the Cub you go to and ask. Unfortunately there is not a lot of consistency in the way stores apply the rules. I have even had the same cashier accept a coupon one day and then question the same coupon the next day.

  50. Benny says

    Are those deals for Oscar Mayer listed the same deal or seperate deal?

    Spend $10.00 get $3.00 off and buy X number of packages and get more money off?

  51. Jessica says

    You can get a good deal on powerade, I found a link for $1 on five (http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?bt=vi&tqnm=yflrdyy52852210&o=87346&c=SV&p=1E709sai). Unfortunately I didn't find this deal soon enough and already purchased the 15 for $10, so if anyone decides to print this coupon please let me know what the expiration date on it so that I can decide whether or not to print it (the local stores sometimes have the same deal and we had to make an hour trip to the nearest rainbow).

    • nikki says

      i subscribed to the cub newsletter and got a $1 off of 5 coupon in my inbox. i plan on using 2 of those along with the cub summertime coupon to get a total of 17 for $6 or 35 cents a piece!

    • holly w. says

      FYI, I tried to use the in add coupon for the buy 10 get 5 plus the 2/$1 off 5 and was denied. I didn't realize the in ad coupon in a MQ and it specifically says get 5 free when you buy 10. If it works for anyone else cool, but after speaking to the cashier for awhile, it really does make sense that I could only use the 1.

  52. Sandy says


    I just want to congratulate you on a job well done…and with three kids in tow that is quite an accomplishment! It will get addicting and you will get better and better at it. You remind me of what it is like to be new to Rainbow and all the rules you have to follow or learn. It is so fun to get free items and also to cut your grocery bill in half or more! Your post made me smile! Great Job!


  53. Stephanie says

    I have a question. In today's pick n save flyer here in Metro Milwauke area there is a coupon for buy 10 powerades, get 5 free. I was able to print 2 of the $1/5 MQ's sometime last week. So can I use those $1 off coupons in conjunction with the buy 10 get 5 free? That would make it a great deal on double daze for these drinks

  54. Susan says

    I didn't read through all the comments so just disregard this if it is a repeat. I noticed there aren't a lot of good deals this week on pop, but there is a new Fresh Summertime Fun book at Cub. There is a coupon for a free 7.5oz 8-pack mini sleek with the purchase of any (3) 12 packs of Coca-Cola products. That would go well with the 3 for $9 on a 12 pack of coca-cola products this week.

  55. Terri says

    Hi – yesterday at Woodbury Rainbow Fresh, A1 Steak Sauce was $3.79 sale ($4.19 regular) for 10 oz. My 6/5 SS coupon is for 10 oz or greater.

  56. VO says

    Bridget, My store bases off the sale price. Remeber gift cards count, so if your short of the $25, buy a gift card to use on your next shopping trip.

  57. kierstien says

    if the coupon in the add says Manufature coupon on it you cant not use that w/the $1off coupons. hope that helps!

  58. kierstien says

    Per cubs coupon policy they will accept these. it says they wont accept coupons w/competitor logo on them w/the exception of catalina coupons (which is what these are) So yes you can use these at Cub foods and since they are a manuf coupon you should have NO problem using them past ethe expiration date. I have used these and the egg coupons and work just fine!

  59. kierstien says

    Lakeville Rainbow had them on the rice krispies and choc. rice krispies. but honeslty i didnt look at any other flavors.

  60. kierstien says

    but it is still to be used on a future transaction!!! What I do with these type of things is do two transactions and bring milk up with me so that after I get the cpn i use it right away (during my 2nd transaction)so i dont lose it.

  61. kelsey says

    dear friends, i buy 4 papers a week 2 pioneer press and 2 star tribbune. most of you sound like you have many more multiple coupons than just 4, do you buy ten papers? i'd ask my friends and family but they also coupon. is ther something i'm missing? whats the secret to having so many of the same coupons from the same week?

    • Benny says

      Yeah, I personally buy 10 of each paper.

      I then staple the coupons and use a guillotine cutter.

      I then sort them alphabetically by what is "noticable" ie Kellog's in the K, Dawn in the D, Tide in the T, A1 in the A, Kraft Dressing in the K, etc. Some products such as Crackerfuls will go in the C instead of R for Ritz. Basically when I look at the product where I would think about putting it so it is easier to recall.

      The coupons in the paper I buy come only in a Saturday Edition which is nice to help get orders to $25.00 when we don't have double double coupons going. $0.75 for paper that always contains all the inserts.

  62. Chad says

    You marked the Dixie coupons as expired. There is a new booklet that also has dixie coupons in them (the same $1/2), but they all say DND.

  63. Ilene says

    In shopping at WSP Rainbow yesterday I used a couple Mfg. coupons, couple from their booklet and two I had gotten the previous week for milk and eggs UP TO a certain amount( $3.50 for milk and $2.50 for eggs).

    Later in the day I checked the receipt and saw I did not get credit for the milk and eggs. I should have checked while still in the store but the cashier was having trouble with one of the booklet ones, had to call customer service and shoppers were piling up behind me and evidently he overlooked scanning those two.

    So today I took back everything I could , including last weeks receipt showing I did purchase the cereal that kicked out the milk and egg coupon and tried to explain what happened although I dont think Customer Service was much interested in what I was saying. She did credit me with free milk and eggs but seems in the past the full amount indicated on the coupon was credited. Maybe they no longer do that.

    I was somewhat taken aback , even though I did get a credit, there was no apology and I was made to feel they were being bothered. I have to say I have felt more respected by my dentist and physician.

  64. Aaron says

    Little new here, just wondering if when I go and buy 6 boxes of the Kellogs cereal and the total before the $10 instant is 22.64 and I add on 4 dollars worth of extras. Am I above the $25 I need to be ($26.64) or am I only at 16.64?

    • Erin says

      In my experience, it goes by the amount BEFORE any deductions are made from promotions or manufacturer coupons. So if you have $25 before they take the $10 promotion off, you should be good.

  65. kelsey says

    Aaron you will be fine with just the 4 dollars of stuff for instance i bought the 6 kellog cereals and the 2/4 crystal lights and my coupons all doubled i ended up paying arpund 5 dollars, along with recieving the 3.50 milk coupon :) so all in all 6 boxes of cereal, 2 packages of crystal light, and milk for all around 5$ very happy with this purchase!

  66. Michelle says

    I've been waiting for the Philadelphia Cooking Cream to go back on sale, as I have several $1/1 Q's. Does anyone know if it freezes well?

    • Toni says

      I haven't personally tried this, but according to my mom, it changes the texture of the product a little, but if you're using it in recipes, then it's probably okay.

  67. Kris says

    I'm seeing the Satruday edition coming without coupons in 3 different places last week. I heard from a lady that they've stopped putting ciruclars in the Sat paper.

    • Benny says

      The paper I get in my area doesn't have a Sunday edition so they would be getting rid of coupons entirely which would be awful because it is the only one in my area that has all the inserts.

  68. Denise says

    Not sure if this has been posted or not, If it is a duplicate – please disregard- at Pick n Save they have Crystal Light drink mixes 2/$4. In the 6-12 smart source add there is a coupon for $1/1. FREE if doubled. (If a store price matches and/or accepts expired coupons, you could combine this with buy 2 get one free coupon that expired 5-31-11.

  69. Amanda says

    Rainbow is no longer the coupon police.. they are accepting expired coupons!! It doesn't matter what the date is.

  70. holly says

    I also get two Pioneer Press and two Star Tribune papers delivered each Sunday. If I find there are great coupons, I will go buy more papers (I ALWAYS look in the paper to make sure there are coupons before I buy). I also get coupon inserts from my extended family.

  71. holly says

    I don't care for the WSP Rainbow. I like the Eagan or IGH one, the people there are much nicer. :) I am sorry that you had a hard time.

  72. Sarah Burrill says

    Regarding DiGiornio pizza deal– the pizzas that come with the wings and cookies NOT on sale for $5.50 (found that out the hard way) but reg price in the $8.50 to 9.19 range. The free milk deal is only with the rising crust pizzas. Sorry if this is redundant—- no time to read all the posts!

    • Jessica says

      Wow, expensive pizza! I live in an expensive area of Wisconsin and my prices are usually more. Our Diogiorno pizza with sides are 7.79 regular price. (I got some $2 off coupons from Facebook and bought 1 of these at the regular price since I've never seen them on sale).

  73. sheryl says

    Regarding Brut deo…I buy this at the AV Rainbow and regular price is $2.39 each. So after free one and double coupon it should be less than 20 cents each. I stock up on these $1.00 coupons as much as possible because its my husbands fave deo. Does anyone know if the free ones count towards the $25? I am thinking they don't like the cereal.

  74. Jessica says

    Nope, we have BBQ sauce at 4/$5, but not marinades. There were 2 type for marinades at 2/$5 but the other types were the regular price of 2.99

  75. Benny says

    If you are near a picknsave and having this last sale run through Wednesday.

    Nabisco Snack Sacks or 10/$10

    In the 6/18 Smart Source was a $1/2 Nabisco Product that the snack sacks qualify for making them Free.

    I picked up 20 Snack Sacks myself!

  76. Rachel says

    Pick n Save is my best bet for saving on groceries in my area. I only go on double coupon days. Not sure about any of your Pick n Saves, but this week the 26th ours is doubling up to $10. Woo hoo!

    Is anyone having luck with the Monopoly Game? So far I have only won a few extra tickets and some candy corn. No winners on the board so far. What do you all think about the game?


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